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Forever Baby
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Artist(s): Matt Bennett
Episode: Freak the Freak Out

Rex Dies

The Wood

Tori Goes Platinum

"Tell Me that You Love Me"
"Number One"

Robbie and Rex at Karaoke Dokie.

Tori and Jade singing Forever Baby in Spanish.

Forever Baby (also known as Move Your Body[1])is a Victorious song that appears in the episodes Freak the Freak Out, Rex Dies, The Wood and Tori Goes Platinum. It has been sung in both English and Spanish.

Robbie and Rex sang it together at Karaoke Dokie in the episode Freak the Freak Out.

Tori and Robbie sang it to Rex in Rex Dies.

Tori and Jade sang it to Festus after trashing his car in the episode The Wood. They started to sing it in English, but Festus then told them to sing it in Spanish.


Move your body right next to mine
Feel the beat and we are lost in time
I am yours and now you are mine
Forever baby
All the things we want to do
Never gonna let go of you!
Meant for me and I'm meant for you
Forever baby

Pon tu cuerpo cerca del mío
En el tiempo perdámonos
Yo soy tuyo y tu eres mío
Por siempre baby
Yo no se que vamos a hacer
Nunca te dejaré
Eres para mi y yo para ti
Por siempre baby


  • In the Latin American version, the lyrics of the song are not the same as the Spanish lyrics from the English version.
  • Rex is briefly shown singing this song for his audition tape in Tori Goes Platinum.
  • The song could also be called "Move Your Body" because Dan Schneider made a blog about upcoming Victorious episodes and mentioned that Matt Bennett would be singing the song, which he called "Move Your Body".
  • According to Matt Bennett during a March 2021 Twitch livestream of Rex Dies, there is a full 3 minute recorded version of "Forever Baby".


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