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5 Fingaz to the Face
Artist(s): Victorious Cast
Episode: Driving Tori Crazy, Tori the Zombie
Album: Victorious 2.0: More Music From the Hit TV Show
Released: June 5, 2012
Writer(s): Micheal Corcoran

Eric Goldman Dan Schneider

"Shut Up N' Dance"
"The Joke Is On You"

"5 Fingaz to the Face" is a rap song by the 90's one-hit-wonder rapper Dr. Rhapsody. Although the name and artist were revealed in Driving Tori Crazy, the first few lines were already sung by Cat and Trina in Tori the Zombie. The song was cut short then because Cat considered one line (Which was revealed to be "I'm a pirate and you're my booty" in the full version) to be "dirty" and refused to sing it. In context, this was Dr. Rhapsody's only hit. In real life this song is written by Micheal Corcoran, Eric Goldman, and Dan Schneider. Burf used this song for his PMA (Platinum Music Awards) Audition in Tori Goes Platinum.

In the Show

A movie was being filmed around Tori's neighborhood and Tori is forced to ask her friends for rides due to her not having a driver's license. Thanks to Cat's coupon app, she is able to get a bus ride to school with her friends. The driver is revealed to be Dr. Rhapsody and lets them perform his song during the ride.


Cat and Trina: You know I flaunt ya
cause' girl I really want ya
Trina: And ya lookin' nice
Cat: Got me cooler than a bag of ice
Both: Now freeze, freeze, freeze
Now go, drop it fast and move it real slow, ho! What?!
Trina: You smell so fruity ...

Dr. Rhapsody (Episode)/Andre (Studio): You know I flaunt ya
'cause girl I really want ya
Tori: And you lookin' nice
Got me cooler than a bag of ice
All: Freeze, freeze, freeze
Trina: Now go!
Robbie: Drop it fast and move it real slow
All: Ohhh!
Girls: What?!
Trina: You smell so fruity
Andre: I'm a pirate and you're my booty
Robbie: Argh!
Beck: So move it in close
Robbie: And let me have my daily dose
(Girls: *Gasp*)
Andre (spoken): Girl, I've been thinking 'bout you, thinking 'bout me
Rex (spoken): What you think about it?
Cat: 5 fingaz to the face!
(Robbie: Eh, eh, reh, rew)
Cat: 5 fingaz to the face!
(Robbie: Woo, eh, eh, ehh)
Andre: Oh, it's like that
Tori: 5 fingaz to the face!
(Robbie: Yip, rih-pih-pih, reh rew)
Jade: 5 fingaz to the face!
(Robbie: Eh, eh, eh, ehh)
Beck: I love Martina
Boys: Vanessa and Georgina
Andre: It's a lady's choice
So I'm a make sure to make some noise!
Boys: Oh, oh, oh!
Robbie: And now we're sweatin'
Rex: Got my turbo engine revvin'
All: Vroom!
Jade: They stop and stare
All the haters think it's just not fair
Robbie: That I'm 6 foot 1 and I'm tons of fun!
Rex: And I'm about to put this club in gear
Andre: So fellas, grab a cup
(Boys: What!)
Rex: All my ladies, you know what's up
(Girls: Yeah!)
Robbie: Put your hands in the sky if you're feeling fly!
Beck and Andre: And tell me that you
(Girls: what!)
Andre: Cause I'm the man in charge!
Jade: And you know I'm living large!
Tori: I've got a big white house and a fancy yacht!
Trina: And garage full of classic cars
Tori (spoken): What you talking 'bout, boy?
Rex (spoken): Oh, calm down!
Cat (spoken): I know you don't think you can just come up in here and buy me!
Andre (spoken): C'mon!
Jade (spoken): You know what I got for you?
Cat: 5 fingaz to the face!
(Robbie: Eh, eh, reh, rew)
Cat: 5 fingaz to the face!
(Robbie: Woo, eh, eh, ehh)
Tori: 5 fingaz to the face!
(Robbie: Yip, rih-pih-pih, reh rew)
Girls: 5 fingaz to the face!
(Robbie: Eh, eh, eh, ehh)
(Beck: Yeah!)
All: Ohhh!
Cat (only in studio version): Word


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  • Dan Schneider has said on his fun facts blog on "Tori the Zombie" that really Trina and Cat were going to sing "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot, but it cost too much money, so the writers created their own song.
    • Indeed, the song is rhythmically similar to "Baby Got Back."
  • After Driving Tori Crazy, this song was the second highest Trending Topic on Twitter. It also double trended.
  • This is the first and only Hip-Hop influenced song of the series. This is also one of the few songs of Victorious that stray from the show's typical teen pop genre.
  • On TheSlap, the song is listed on The Tunes page as "Five Fingaz".
  • This is the second song where the entire main cast, including Trina and Rex, all have singing parts. The first was Shut Up N' Dance. Although this is the only song by the entire main cast to actually be included on a Victorious soundtrack.
  • Henry and Jasper can be seen singing it in the Henry Danger episode "A Finata Full Of Death Bugs"
  • Despite being a song by Dr. Rhapsody, there's no full recording of his version existing at all.


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