General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Birthday: January 28
Family & Friends
Family: Sgrodis (brother)
Friends: André Harris
Cat Valentine
Tori Vega
Jade West
Enemies: Robbie Shapiro

Trina Vega

Series Information
First appearance: Beck's Big Break
Last appearance: Locked Up
Portrayed By: Marco Aiello

— Festus to The Wood producers in The Wood

Festus is a minor character in Victorious. He's the Yerbanian-American owner, and sole employee, of The Grub Truck, Hollywood Arts's secondary food service for its students.


Festus first appeared in Beck's Big Break, selling food to Tori and André, joking that he can only sell burritos. He makes a major appearance in The Wood, where he was injured by Trina and Robbie, causing them to be his replacements for the Grub Truck while he was in the hospital. Tori and Jade accidentally destroyed his car and had to push Festus home using a wheelbarrow. He likes to listen to the radio in Spanish, so he had Tori and Jade sing Forever Baby to him in Spanish while pushing him in the wheelbarrow. He has his own page on In Locked Up, he has another larger role by telling Tori about his home country, Yerba, and recommending them to go there for vacation during semester break. He also reveals he has a brother named Sgrodis. Festus seems to confuse the children sometimes.



  • He talks in a Yerbanian accent like all the other Yerbanians. Like his fellow countrymen, he holds the Chancellor's deceased octopus in high regard, mentioning on his Slap profile that he plans to spit in Robbie's food forevermore as a form of revenge.
  • According to TheSlap gallery for Locked Up!, he once went to jail in Yerba, but the reason is not mentioned.
  • It is revealed in The Wood that he likes Spanish songs.
  • He has his own profile on TheSlap. He mentions on it that he'd like to have a food truck on the PCA campus, suggesting that he either wants to expand his business or that, for whatever reason, he doesn't like working at Hollywood Arts.
  • His only two major appearances are The Wood and Locked Up!, the latter being his final appearance, with him being unmentioned for the remainder of the show.


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