Fawn Liebowitz
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Ponnie, Linda, Bonnie
Family & Friends
Enemies: Tori Vega
Erwin Sikowitz
Other Information
Talent: Mentally and physically attacking others
Series Information
First appearance: Crazy Ponnie
Last appearance: Crazy Ponnie
Portrayed By: Jennette McCurdy

"Oh shut up hippie."
— Ponnie to Sikowitz

Fawn Liebowitz[1] (aka Ponnie) is fictional character who appears in the episode Crazy Ponnie. She is a student who befriends Tori but disappears when other people are in sight, making Tori’s friends think that Tori is losing her mind by imagining Ponnie. She has lunch in the girls' bathroom and tells Tori that she was in the spring showcase with Tori, has been going to Hollywood Arts for three years, and that she was kicked out because they needed to make room for Tori. However, it was later revealed that the real reason she was expelled was because she is mentally insane. She stole things, kept weird things in her backpack, and called everyone Debbie, according to Sikowitz. She keeps an evil Tori doll, an ear of corn, and a Klingon dictionary in her backpack. It is also known that Fawn and Sikowitz are not very fond of each other, as she calls him "old hippie" and he calls her a "real nutcase."

André, Mrs. Vega, and Tori mishear her name as "Bonnie" because they do not believe that Ponnie could be an actual name.

She is portrayed by Jennette McCurdy.



Fawn has a shoulder-length, dark brown hair with bangs. Her skin is pale and her eyes are brown.


Fawn is a very bitter and mean girl, who is mentally insane, though she's also very clever. She can act believably, like when she shows up at Tori's house with Chinese food, she remains in character, making André, Beck, and Robbie believe she's Linda, a random delivery girl. She also is able to change Tori's locker front in record time, and always appears one step ahead of Tori.


  • Ponnie resembles Penelope Taynt from The Amanda Show.
  • She may be a spin-off character of the crazy Nora Dershlit from Dan Schneider's other hit show iCarly.
  • She has the same last five letters in her last name ("owitz") as Sikowitz. Liebowitz is actually a real name.
  • She likes the smell of the cleaning products that are seen in the janitor's closet.
  • She's portrayed by Jennette McCurdy who plays Sam Puckett on iCarly and Sam & Cat.
  • The name Fawn Liebowitz comes from a character in the movie "Animal House".



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