Evan Smith
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Family & Friends
Relationships: Cat Valentine (ex-girlfriend)
Pet(s): Blue-eyed dog with blonde fur
Other Information
Interests: Blondes, Sushi, Video Games
Series Information
First appearance: The Blonde Squad
Last appearance: The Blonde Squad
Portrayed By: Max Carver

Evan Smith is a character who appears only in The Blonde Squad. Cat bumps into him at Nozu while she is wearing her blonde wig from filming with Tori and Jade. They like each other, but Evan thinks she is naturally blonde, and Cat goes on a second date with him still wearing the wig, afraid that he won't like her red hair. After being persuaded by her friends, Cat reveals her red hair to him, and Evan tells her that she's beautiful but that he is only into blondes, so he leaves.

He is portrayed by Max Carver.


  • Evan is only into girls with blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • It was rumored that he would be played by Burkley Duffield.
  • He attends Briarwood, a school mentioned in iCarly in the episode "iMight Switch Schools".
  • He has a SplashFace account, where there is information about him.
    • He has a blue-eyed dog with blonde fur.
    • He likes sushi and video games.
    • He dislikes people who pretend to be something they aren't.
    • All of his former girlfriends were blonde with blue eyes.


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