Drake Bell is an American actor and singer. He makes an appearance in the Victorious episode, April Fools' Blank, The episode s

Drake Bell with Dan Schneider

tarts off normal enough in Sikowitz’s classroom. Tori tries to prank the clas
Drake Bell

Drake Bell

s with a fake stub of her arm, but the class yawns it off. They don’t really participate in April Fools Day. Cat uncharacteristically yells at Tori to shut up and let Mr. Belding (yes, THAT one) teach. He teachers for a bit…and knocks Tori down and steals her purse. Then there’s a goat on stage.
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And Robbie floats away in the sky. And Drake Bell comes by and help Tori up after she falls from her chair due to Cat’s trumpet playing. And Sikowitz explodes. He picks up Tori after she falls off her chair, and then he runs awa
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y. When Drake Bell runs in and "saves" Tori, Sikowitz asks, "Was that the Bell? He starred in Dan Schneider's older show Drake & Josh along with Josh Peck, his real-life best friend. It was seen when April Fools' Blank aired, his scene was cut off.
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