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Divertisimo is a Mexican T.V. show on the Spanish Language Channel. The word divertisimo roughly translates as "extremely funny" in Spanish. It was only shown in Victori-Yes


The name of the episode Trina appeared in was "El Queso Guapo" (The handsome cheese), which was episode #214. Trina gave the impression that the series was a contemporary Mexican series produced in the United States reminiscent of shows such as "Studio One" and "Playhouse 90," claiming it was "high-quality television" with "top-notch acting."

When Jade and Tori were browsing televsion channels, Jade discovered Divertisimo was on the Spanish Language Channel, meaning Trina lied to them that the show really did play in America, and not only Mexico. After watching it for a few seconds, the two paid a visit to Trina at the studio. When they arrived, the director asked Tori to join Trina as a Cheese Girl with Jade forcing her to accept due to the group's bet Sikowitz and Tori soon using the same bet to rope Jade in. Once the two had joined Trina on stage, one of the mice children provoked Jade enough that she chased him off-stage.


Trina Vega: Cheese Girl

Jade West: Cheese Girl (she and Tori were guest stars)

Tori Vega: Cheese Girl (she and Jade were guest stars)

Mariachi Band

Mice #1

Mice #2

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