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Shipped Cast:

Daniella Monet and Avan Jogia


Close Friends

Programs Together:


Davan is the real life pairing of Avan Jogia and Daniella Monet (Da/niella and A/van). They are very close friends. The pairing can also be called Aviell (Av/an and Dan/iell/a).

This ship has nothing to do with Brina, however some fans might think so.

Davan Moments

  • Daniella posted a picture of Avan on Twitter with the caption "Isn't this hot?".
  • Liz asked Daniella on Twitter if she and Avan were still in NYC together.
  • They attended the Transformers 3 Premiere together.
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  • At the end of an interview between Popstar and Daniella, Avan, Matt and Leon, Daniella puts her head on Avan's shoulder for a quick moment.
  • Daniella tweeted "@ATJogia Hope you're having an amazing time! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures!".
  • On the Bop & Tiger Beat video at the Teen Wolf premiere, the cast was shouting their hello to the camera at the same time but Avan looked a little lost/confused. However, when Avan admitted that he was a little lost, Daniella said to him "That's okay, I got you." meaning that she has his back.
  • When Avan mentioned on Twitter that his charity, Straight But Not Narrow, had almost 100,000 views on YouTube and that maybe their next PSA would be of a female celebrity, Daniella commented and said that it was exciting. A couple of days later, she revealed on her Twitter that she will be shooting a PSA for Avan's cause.
  • Avan uploaded a video to his charity's (Straight But Not Narrow) YouTube channel, in which Daniella voiced her support for the cause.
  • Avan tweeted "Check out my good friend @DaniellaMonet on the new Fred movie "Night Of The Living FRED tonight at 8PM on NICK.".
  • Avan tweeted "@ATJogia: Happy Birthday @DaniellaMonet have yourself a wonderful day!".
  • When Avan tweeted "Watch @DaniellaMonet work her hosting skills on the orange carpet this Saturday at the KCA's." Daniella replied "Thanks! Can't wait!" about seeing him there.
  • Daniella tweeted "@ATJogia just saw you driving in big SC. Have a good weekend!".
  • Daniella and Avan were both on Figure It Out on July 3rd, 2012.
  • Daniella tweeted:"@ATJogia happy birthday!!" And Avan replied:"@DaniellaMonet Thanks Daniella :)."
  • In a 2009 interview with Total Girl Philippines, Avan described Daniella as "sweet".
  • Daniella tweeted:"Happy belated birthday @ATJogia!! I remember when you were just a kid"


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