General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: 1994
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Danny (most people)
Cat's New Boyfriend
Family & Friends
Family: Parents
Friends: Cat Valentine
Tori Vega
Jade West
Beck Oliver
Relationships: Cat Valentine (Ex-Girlfriend)
Tori Vega (Ex-Girlfriend)
Series Information
First appearance: Cat's New Boyfriend
Last appearance: Cat's New Boyfriend (On-Screen)
The Wood (Indirectly Mentioned)
Portrayed By: Matt Angel

Daniel, also called "Danny", is an ex-boyfriend of Cat Valentine who made his only appearance in Cat's New Boyfriend, though he was first alluded to on TheSlap. He is also Tori Vega's ex-boyfriend. Not much is known about Daniel other than he seems to be a pretty relaxed, laid-back, and normal guy. He goes to the Sherwood High School where Tori used to go.

Relationships with Other Characters

Tori Vega

C N B D T 0 1

Tori and Daniel kissing


Tori and Daniel used to go to school together and dated for a time, long enough for Tori to be comfortable in calling him "Danny", before Tori chose to end their relationship. The two did not remain close after their break up, as indicated by their awkwardness when interacting, but seem to have left a good deal unsaid as both seemed to remain quite attracted and drawn to the other, both risking their relationship with Cat to kiss each other. He also appears a bit protective of Tori as he was willing to take all the blame for the kiss and affirmed to Cat that Tori is not the jealous type. (See: Toriel)

Cat Valentine


Cat and Daniel met sometime in Season 1 and began dating, however none of her friends seemed to know his name. The two appeared to have a close relationship as indicated by their frequent physical contact and they remained in relationship until at least The Wood. Sometime between this episode and Sleepover at Sikowitz's, they broke up. A Slap post mentioned that he was angry about Cat forgetting their dinner plans for Valentine's Day, and indeed forgot that the two were dating, suggesting that he broke up with Cat due to how scatter-brained she was. (See: Caniel)

Jade West and Beck Oliver


Outside of his ex-girlfriends, Beck and Jade are the first Hollywood Arts students that Daniel meets. Jade seemed to enjoy teasing Daniel about his past relationship with Tori, much to Beck's dismay. By contrast, Daniel reacted to Jade with confusion often staring at her as if trying to make sense of her or why Beck was dating her. By the time of the Kick Back, he appears to have decided to tune out the couple. (See: Janiel for more about Jade and Daniel)


  • Tori claims that he does not like brownies yet ate some of Cat's. It is unclear whether he revised his stance on the snack or was simply indulging Cat's sensitive nature.


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