Dale Squires
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Director
Family & Friends
Family: Parents
Enemies: Kendra
Series Information
First appearance: A Film by Dale Squires
Last appearance: A Film by Dale Squires

Dale Squires is a popular Hollywood film director who visits Hollywood Arts, appearing in A Film by Dale Squires. According to the Theater Department faculty at Hollywood Arts, he directed the film Butter Face, as well as a film that the students at Hollywood Arts performed, but has an unknown title. He was very selfish in the beginning of the episode, giving all the credit to himself even though Tori directed "his" film. He eventually gave credit to Tori and her friends who worked on the movie during his appearance on Up Late with Mack Murphy. André's overbearing and loud cousin, Kendra, beat him up, not knowing the plan for Squires' comeuppance was canceled. He is portrayed by Stephen Lunsford.


  • Dale attended Hollywood Arts when he was in high school.
  • According to the episode, he has his own website. It also appears to be loved by fans, as he mentions that there are many comments and people love him. This could be, however, another example of him exaggerating his own fame.
  • He directed the short film entitled Butter Face, which is a popular film.
  • He has been a guest on Up Late with Mac Murphy at least once.
  • He is working on a movie with Johnny Depp.
  • Dale is very similar to Drake Parker from Drake and Josh.


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