Daisy Lee
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Occupation(s): Student
Angel in Well Wishes
Family & Friends
Family: Mrs. Lee (Mother)
Enemies: Tori Vega
Jade West
Series Information
First appearance: Wok Star
Last appearance: Wok Star
Portrayed By: Jade-Lianna Peters

"I'm Ready!"
— Daisy in Wok Star

Daisy Lee appears in the episode Wok Star. She is Mrs. Lee's daughter. She could not go to Hollywood Arts because the judges for the auditions said she was "talentless and irritating". Mrs. Lee forced Jade to add the role of a guardian angel for Daisy to play in Jade's play, Well Wishes, or else she wouldn't pay for Jade's play production.

According to Mrs. Lee, Angelina Jolie tried to adopt Daisy, after ordering wonton soup at her restaurant.

She talks in a very soft and polite manner, which her mother dislikes. Her mother is always encouraging her to have "more power".

Mrs. Lee wanted her to have a part in Well Wishes as a guardian angel to the girl that fell in the well. Because her part didn't make sense and her singing was mediocre at best, Jade and Tori did not want her in the play, but Mrs. Lee was paying to produce the play, so they send a fake celebrity (Trina in costume) to stall her at her restaurant while they show the play how it was originally scripted. During the first night of the play, Daisy is held up by her harness, waiting for a cue that will never come. It is unknown what happens to her role on later nights, but Jade and Tori said they would show Mrs. Lee the play with Daisy in it.

In André's Horrible Girl, Mrs. Lee appears and remembers Tori as the girl who left her daughter dangling from the ceiling. Mrs. Lee threatens to get revenge on Tori because of this.

Daisy is portrayed by Jade-Lianna Peters


Daisy: Hi.
Mrs. Lee: More POWER!!
Daisy: HI!!

Mrs. Lee: Say thank you.
Daisy: Thank you.
Mrs. Lee: More POWER!!
Daisy: THANK YOU!!!

Daisy: I'm ready!


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