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"Oh, shut up hippie!"
— Ponnie to Sikowitz.

Crazy Ponnie
Season 3, Episode 12
First Aired June 9th, 2012
Production Code 310
Writer(s) Dan Schneider
Warren Bell
Director(s) Clayton Boen
Viewed By: 2.6 million
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"Tori Goes Platinum"
"The Blonde Squad"

Crazy Ponnie is the 12th episode of Season 3 of Victorious and the 46th episode overall. It aired on June 9, 2012. The episode premiered to 2.603 million viewers, the fourth lowest amount of viewers for a Victorious episode.


Ponnie in the stall.


Trina has a head cold and has been keeping Tori awake with her endless sneezing, causing Tori to come to school looking tired and awful. After Trina sneezes on Tori in the hallway, Tori goes to the bathroom to wash her hands, and she hears someone crying in the nearby stall. Upon investigating, she discovers a girl sitting on the toilet, eating a sandwich and crying. The girl's name is Ponnie (played by guest star Jennette McCurdy). Tori befriends Ponnie and invites her to eat with her friends. But as Tori shows up at the lunch table with her friends André, Beck, Jade, Robbie, and Cat, Ponnie vanishes. When Tori tells all five of her friends about Ponnie, they don't believe her cause she wasn't there. They start teasing her about Ponnie's hair color being blonde. Later, Tori bumps into Ponnie again and Ponnie explains that she chickened out due to her shyness and also explains to Tori they have Sikowitz's class together but Tori and her friends have never noticed her. Her kindness causes Ponnie to develop a friendship with her when Ponnie touches Tori's belly button. Tori offers to walk to class with Ponnie together, but once Tori reaches the classroom, Ponnie vanishes again, and Tori's friends begin to question Tori's sanity, as she insists there is a Ponnie, and Tori's friends and Sikowitz insist there's no one named Ponnie currently at Hollywood Arts. She shows them the contents of Ponnie's backpack (as Tori offered to carry it for Ponnie) to reveal inside an ear of corn, a Klingon dictionary, and a doll made to look exactly like Tori who is evil. Tori runs out into the hallway to look for Ponnie, only to discover her locker has been vandalized, with it now saying "Make it Rot". Tori brings Sikowitz and her friends to her locker to prove that there is a Ponnie, and to Tori's horror, the locker has returned to normal, once again saying Make it Shine. Later at Tori's house, Beck, André, and Robbie try to calm Tori down, as she continues to persist there is a girl named Ponnie. The food her friends have ordered arrives at the door, and, to Tori's horror, the delivery woman is Ponnie in disguise. She shows this to her friends, but the delivery woman claims her name is Linda, and Beck, André, and Robbie believe Tori is crazy. To prove Ponnie's existence, Tori goes outside onto the porch along with the delivery woman, and the delivery woman reveals herself to be Ponnie after all. Ponnie kicks Tori in the shin and dumps the food onto her head telling her to get out of her school. Tori rushes back inside to tell her friends, and Beck, André, and Robbie believe Tori has lost her mind. She kicks them out of the house. That night, Tori talks to her mother about the Ponnie incident and they set a trap with Tori's dad's partner Gary in the police force. She comments that he is handsome, causing Tori to get embarrassed.

The next day Tori wanders into the hallway alone, attempting to lure Ponnie out. She begins to buy a drink from the vending machine, only for a hand to grab Tori through the slot. Ponnie emerges from the vending machine and reveals to Tori her name is really Fawn Liebowitz. Fawn is angry because Hollywood Arts kicked her out to make room for Tori, and Tori's locker used to be Fawn's locker. Tori calls for help, and police rush out to arrest Fawn. Sikowitz rushes over and recognizes Fawn, explaining to Tori that they kicked Fawn out because she was crazy, not to make room for Tori. Gary tells her mother and comments that she is very sweet, also embarrassing Tori. He explains that she kept strange things in her backpack, and called everyone Debbie for some reason. Fawn is led out of the school, and Tori is relieved that it is all over. But as Tori and Trina are driven home by one of the officers, the driving officer is revealed to be Ponnie in disguise as an officer, as an evil smile spreads across her face.

Subplot 1

Cat holding her leftover hair.


Crazy Ponnie Jade Has No Eyebrows & Cat's Hair Gets Cut Off

Scenes from the Cat and Jade subplot.

During an evening when Cat and Jade are hanging out together, Cat accidentally waxes Jade's eyebrows off when asked to do a makeover on them, so Jade runs around at school trying to get back at Cat. Jade starts by chasing Cat in the halls but is restrained by Beck and André several times, or when she is handcuffed to the table during lunch. She then ambushes Cat by the window in Sikowitz's classroom and proceeds to violently attack an unknowing Cat. At the end of the episode, when Cat falls asleep at the study hall, Jade finds her and removes all of Cat's hair as revenge for waxing off her eyebrows.

Subplot 2

Trina has a fever and sneezes and coughs blowing her nose in a tissue, everywhere she goes.


  • This is the mysterious Jennette McCurdy episode that was once thought to be Driving Tori Crazy.
  • Jennette McCurdy guest stars as Ponnie. She is the third iCarly cast member to guest star, not including IParty with Victorious, which was iCarly produced.
  • This is the first time that Jennette portrays someone crazier than her character on iCarly.
    • It is also stated that Jennette is the first iCarly star to star longer than a cameo appearance.
  • This episode was filmed the week of Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 16–20, 2012).
  • Jennette stated that her character is different and something new from what she usually does.
  • This is the second episode title to include the word Crazy in it, the first being Driving Tori Crazy.
  • Instead of Tori's locker saying "Make It Shine," it says "Make It Rot." The locker originally said "Make It Die" but due to the controversy over the topic of death, Dan may have decided not to put it in the
  • The episode was promoted as a part of Just Jennette Night marathon on Nickelodeon, which also featured a new episode of iCarly and a new one-hour episode of Bucket and Skinner.
  • This is also the sixth episode to air immediately following a new iCarly, after Robarazzi, Helen Back Again, Who Did It to Trina?, Tori Tortures Teacher, and April Fools' Blank.
  • This episode aired the same night the Victorious cast performed at Universal CityWalk in Orlando, Florida.
  • Ponnie may possibly resemble Nora Dershlit, an antagonist from iCarly. Ironically, Jennette McCurdy's character on iCarly, Samantha Puckett, antagonizes her.
  • The Talking Tori doll is a parody of the Talking Tina doll from the "Talking Tina" episode of The Twilight Zone.
  • Ponnie's real name is Fawn Liebowitz.
  • Jade does not have eyebrows for this whole episode.
  • Jade is still mean to Tori in this episode because she teases Tori about Ponnie's hair color and says "Where can I get one (of the evil talking Tori dolls)?" This also happens in The Blonde Squad. However, both of those episodes were produced before Tori Goes Platinum where they appear to be friends.
  • This episode marks the second appearance of the Hollywood Arts girls' bathroom, after April Fools' Blank. Although this is the first time the bathroom was seen in an episode considered canon.
  • This episode should have marked the first appearance of the Hollywood Arts girls bathroom, since the production code of this episode is 310, right before April Fools' Blank's production code, 311. However, episodes air out of production order.
  • This is the fifth time Jennette and Victoria worked together. Once on Zoey 101, twice on iCarly: the episodes iParty with Victorious and iFight Shelby Marx, once on The Penguins of Madagascar, and now.
  • This is the fourth time Daniella and Jennette worked together. Twice on iCarly: iPyscho and iParty with Victorious, once on FRED: The Movie and now.
  • This is the third time Leon and Jennette worked together. Twice on iCarly: iCarly Saves TV and iParty with Victorious, and now.
  • This is the second time the cast of Victorious worked with Jennette after the cross-over episode iCarly: iParty with Victorious.
  • This is the ninth show/movie in which Jennette appeared on Nickelodeon. Zoey 101, The Last Day of Summer, iCarly, True Jackson VP, FRED: The Movie, Best Player, BrainSurge, and The Penguins of Madagascar. She then brought it up to 10 with Bucket & Skinner, which premiered after this episode. She also appeared on the new series Figure It Out, bringing it up to 11, and will star on the spin-off show of iCarly and Victorious, called Sam & Cat, giving her a so far total of 12 appearances on Nickelodeon.
  • Ponnie said that she was in the big showcase with Tori; however, considering the fact that she is crazy, this may or may not be true.
  • Cat wears the same blue dress she wore in The Gorilla Club.
  • Ponnie wore a blonde wig in this episode, although this could very well be Jennette's real hair pinned up and put into a hat.
  • This is the third time Tori's hair is straightened, the first being the Pilot, and the second being Driving Tori Crazy, however, in this episode it is only straightened for the first three quarters.
  • Sinjin was most likely playing a very off key version of "Careless Whisper" by George Michael on his saxophone.
  • Ending tagline: Lick my loafers, Debbie!
  • The Hand Dryer show in the restroom at Hollywood Arts is a World Dryer Model A.
  • Mrs. Vega owns a Brown PearPhone XT.
  • Mrs. Vega may be having an affair with Gary. This was shown when the two compliment each other, causing Tori to get embarrassed.
  • This episode features the first time that the kids "who sit in the back and just react to stuff", also known as the "reactors", actually speak.
  • The evil Talking Tori doll used in this episode is actually an American Girl Doll.
  • Viewership: The episode received 2.603 million on its premiere night, which is a bit more than the 2.367 million its lead-in iCarly got. It also performed over a million better than its lead-out, Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures, making it the top-rated show on Nick for the night. Still, the episode is the second lowest-rated episode of season three, slightly ahead of How Trina Got In. [1] Competition-wise, it aired during a Boston/Miami NBA Playoffs game which was #1 on cable for the week.
  • When Cat's hair grows back, it was brown since she hasn't dyed the hair that hadn't grown yet.
  • This is the second time Tori has had a meltdown, the first being in Ice Cream for Ke$ha.
  • Jade is apparently strong enough to carry Cat.
  • If you look closely at Robbie when Jade tackles Cat to the ground in Sikowitz's classroom, he is eagerly pumping his fist and appears to be cheering.
  • The ending to this episode (Ponnie driving the police car) is quite dark for a Nickelodeon show.
  • When Tori and Ponnie are arguing, Ponnie says It's my time to be. This might be a reference to iCarly's Theme Song (So wake up the members of my nation, it's your time to be).
  • The Talking Tori doll having an evil voice could foreshadow Fawn's hatred towards Tori.
  • Crazy Ponnie could be a spoof off of the character in the Disney Channel's TV show, Jessie, Creepy Connie


  • When Holly Vega finds Tori downstairs, she says it is around 3:30 in the morning, but she looks like she just did her hair and make-up.
    • Of course, they look like this for the TV, but most characters of shows are depicted with messy hair like Tori in Jade Gets Crushed and The Bad Roommate when they wake up or are tired.
  • Trina's tissue moves about the locker between shots.
  • In the classroom scene, one of the extras has Nike shoes on. This logo should've been covered up or edited, as most of the merchandise logos are to avoid being sued.
  • Jade wouldn't have found Cat in the study hall as no one knew that she was in Study Hall. Although there's a possibility that Jade was continuously looking for Cat and eventually found her, even without the help of other people in the school.
  • It would actually be illegal for Ponnie to dress up like an officer, and drive a registered police car, so if Ponnie tries to do something like driving Tori and Trina somewhere else than the police officer, or home, the cops will notice and come after the car (as that every police car is connected with the others). Although there is a possibility that this happened off-screen, after the episode ended.
    • Aside from stalking Tori it is likely that Ponnie also had stealing a police car and impersonating a police officer added to her charges.
  • Ponnie said she continued to eat her lunch in the janitor's closet, but she flushed her sandwich in the toilet and she was in the Asphalt Café with no lunch with her. She could have bought lunch in the grub truck but it is unlikely she did because she said it's her first time in the Asphalt Café. Despite this, even though this may be unlikely, Ponnie may have had more food in her backpack.
  • Even though it's said Beck has never experienced true fear, he gives more of a frightened reaction than the easily frightened Robbie when Jade jumps through the window and screams.
  • Jade could not possibly make Cat completely bald with just a pair of scissors. She would have needed a razor and wax to make her completely bald. If she did use razor and wax, Cat would've woken up and noticed Jade shaving her head off since razors have loud sounds and waxing is painful.
  • When Cat came to the classroom saying Jade is gonna kill her, you can see the door opened in one scene and when Jade came out the window the door was closed.
  • When everyone is outside having lunch, Jade reaches for Cat with the handcuffs on, then the camera cuts to Cat. When it cuts back to Jade, her water is gone. The camera cuts to Robbie, and then it cuts back to Jade. Strangely, her water appears again.
  • It is very obvious that Cat is wearing a bald cap.
  • When Ponnie dumped the Chinese food on Tori's head it missed. So some of the Chinese food got digitally placed on top of her head to make it look like it was all over her head.
  • Trina should have stayed home instead of coming to school since was super sick and possibly contagious enough to get other people sick.
  • Ponnie wears glasses, but she was not wearing glasses when she was in disguise as Linda, so she should not be able to see clearly.
    • She could have been wearing contacts or they were fake glasses.

Running Gags

  • Correcting people that Fawn's fake name is Ponnie, not Bonnie.
  • The gang saying words starting with the "b" and changing them to words that start with the letter "p"
    • Blonde
    • Brunette
  • Ponnie disappearing when there are other people around.
  • Cat running and hiding from Jade.
  • Holly and Gary being way too nice to each other.
  • Trina complaining about her used tissues.
  • People saying "This stall is taken" in the girls' bathroom.
  • Cat saying "She's trying to kill me!" and/or screaming when Jade appears.


Beck: Well, I'm not agreeing that you look tired and awful.

André: But why do you?

Tori: You wanna know why? Okay here's what's going on in my life right now. (Sinjin plays his saxophone) First, I'm supposed to- (to Sinjin) Do you have to play that now?

Sinjin: Yes.

Cat: Well, Jade and I were hanging out last night and she asked me to do her eyebrows.

André: Do what to them?

Cat: Make them look neater and nicer! Girls do that; we groom each other like monkeys.

Tori: Ponnie?! Ponnie?! Ponnie?! Why was there corn in your backpack? Ponnie! (Tori then sees her locker in horror) M-Make it. Ro. Rot. Sikowitz! André! (Tori bring the whole gang to her locker, which Ponnie then changes back to Make It Shine) Come see it! It says Make It Rot! And I know Ponnie did it. Look! See, my locker says 'Make It Shine'. What? (Tori stunned) I'm not crazy! My Locker said 'Make It Rot' just a second ago! And Ponnie did it! I know Ponnie did it!

Rex: It is just me or Tori a lot hotter now that she's crazy?

André: What was that about?

Beck: (to Jade) Why are you so mad at Cat? (Jade turns around and Beck and André see her face without eyebrows; they look at her in shock)

Jade: Don't... say... a WORD!

Ponnie: Do you wanna eat lunch here with me?

Tori: No... I-

Ponnie: There's room for two in the handicap stall.

Ponnie: My name is Ponnie with a P. Ponnie!

Tori: Oh, that's different.

Ponnie: I know, I have a bad name! (starts crying)

Tori: No, you have a great name! I always wished my name was Pori!

Ponnie: I guess this is what it's like to have a friend.

Tori: Yeah but... you don't have to touch my belly button.

Ponnie: I don't mind.

Tori: (to André) Her name is Ponnie! With a P!

Jade: What color was her hair? Plonde?

André: Or Prunette? (everyone starts laughing, except for Tori)

Cat: (referring to Jade) Ah! She's right behind me. Please help me, she's going to kill me!

Sikowitz: What? Did you just say that someone was going to- ah, you kids work it out yourselves?

Sikowitz: (to Jade and Cat) You girls knock it off!

Jade: (to Cat) I'll get you!

Cat: (replying to Jade) I don't wanna be gotten!

Robbie: (singing while playing the guitar) Tori oh, Tori, my insane little bunny, your paranoid delusions are kind of sad funny. Tori oh, Tori, my psychotic little bunny, kiss me one time before they take you away.

Tori: Who are you? What is your deal?

Ponnie: My name is Fawn Leibowitz.

Tori: Well, I don't even know you!

Ponnie: I used to go to school here. Until you showed up.

Tori: Huh?

Ponnie: (points at Tori's locker) Your locker. Used to be my locker. Yeah, I got kicked out of Hollywood Arts so they could make room for you. Well, guess what Tori? I'm angry about it!

Tori: Yeah? Well, you guess what! (blows whistle but it won't work) Whistle?! Why won't it...?!

Ponnie: (holds up whistle ball) Looking for this?

Tori: How did you get my whistle ball?

Ponnie: The only thing you need to know is, I belong at this school, not you. (yelling) I WANT TO MAKE IT SHINE! IT'S MY TIME TO BE!

Tori: To be... ARRESTED! GARY!

(Tori starts making siren wails as several police officers rush & handcuff Ponnie, Sikowitz & Lane arrive)

Sikowitz: What's going o... (sees Ponnie) Fawn Liebowitz?!

Ponnie: (referring to Sikowitz) Ah, shut up, Hippie!

Holly: Tori.
Tori: What?
Holly: It's 3:30 in the morning. Why are you up?
Tori: Why are you up? (Trina blows her nose very loudly from upstairs)
Trina: (from upstairs) Oh, it's so thick and green!

Tori: Well there's this weird girl at my school. Her name is Ponnie.
Holly: Bonnie?
Tori: PONNIE! Anyway she's, she's like been tormenting me and I'm just, I'm just so worried that what are you doing? (Tori sees her mother looking on her PearPhone XT)
Holly: I was checking my email.

Sikowitz: No, she didn't get expelled from Hollywood Arts to make room here for you.

Tori: Then why did she get kicked out?

Sikowitz: She's crazy! A Looney Bat! She stole things, put weird things in her backpack, calling everyone Debby. (directed at Ponnie) A real nutcase!

Ponnie: (to Sikowitz) Lick my loafers, Debby!

Cat: I fell asleep during Study Hall. (Her friends react shocked and concerned.) Jade found me. (Holds out pieces of her hair)

Sikowitz: Oh, don't be sad little one! I think your hair looks great like that!

Cat: Of course YOU do!

Ponnie: (After dressing up as a fake Chinese delivery woman & spilling Chinese food all over Tori) Get out of my school!

Cat: Jade, I just wanna say, I really appreciate you having lunch with us. And... thank you André and Beck for handcuffing Jade to the table.
André: Sure.
Beck: No problem. (Jade roars angrily and attempts to attack Cat, who shrieks, scared.)

Cat: Yes, girls do that, we groom each other like monkeys!

Jade: My eyebrows are gone!
Cat: No, they're not, I told you, they're right here!

Robbie: And here's a nice song, to calm you down, and make you feel maybe a little bit less crazy.


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