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Cooking With Beck
is a new segment on TheSlap created by Beck Oliver, featuring his cooking recipes.

Cooking With Beck

In the first video (it is unknown if there will be others), Beck starts the video, but is interrupted by Tori greeting the 'slappers'. He tells the slappers to rewind the video and look at the close-up of Tori's nostrils.

He then says that he frequently gets asked by guys how to make girls go crazy over them, like they do for him. Beck says that girls love a guy who knows his way around a kitchen.

He begins by making some cereal and milk, which causes Trina to come running downstairs, asking if she can have some cereal, and claiming that it's the best cereal she's ever had.

Beck starts making his next recipe, which is chips and salsa. He says that most people put chips in a bowl, but he just opens the bag. As he opens the bag, a crowd of screaming girls start knocking on the Vega's glass door. Tori says that they're going to break the door, and Beck opens the door quickly and throws the bag of chips out to them.

Beck cooks his third recipe, which is canned soup, which he had prepared ten minutes earlier. He starts dishing it up, when Robbie enters and asks who's cooking soup, and says that he loves Beck's soup. Beck puts the soup back in the pot and tells Tori to cut the video.


  • This is the first TheSlap segment that is run by Beck only, although Tori films, and Trina and Robbie appear in it.


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