General Information
Gender: Female
Age: Elderly
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Black
Occupation(s): Household Maid
Family & Friends
Friends: Beck Oliver
Series Information
First appearance: Jade Dumps Beck
Last appearance: Jade Dumps Beck
Portrayed By: Kiyoko Yamaguchi[citation needed]

Consuela is Beck's housekeeper. She only had one appearance, which was in Jade Dumps Beck.

When Tori first arrived at Beck's RV and knocked on the door, Consuela asked who it was and Tori thought that it was Beck, but then Consuela comes. Beck thanks her and she welcomes him.

Consuela is portrayed by Kiyoko Yamaguchi.[citation needed]


  • On his blog, DanWarp posts: "For some reason, I decided to make Beck's housekeeper an Asian lady who speaks Spanish. I'm a weird dude.
  • She is seen cleaning the front of Beck's house.
  • She may be a parody of a house maid of the same name in the popular animated sitcom Family Guy.
  • Her only lines were, "Who is it?", and "De nada."
  • Consuela was a name previously used in Dan's other show iCarly in the episode iStage an Intervention In which Freddie chooses not to forward a chainmail from Gibby, called 'Consuela's Revenge'.
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