"It's about a clown... and a parachute... that doesn't open."
— Jade talking about her play to André and Tori in Prom Wrecker.

Clowns Don't Bounce was a play written by Jade about a clown with a parachute that doesn't open. The list of props needed, acquired by Cat's Brother, included a power drill, a clown costume, and twelve gallons of fake blood (though real blood was acquired). While Jade had intended to debut it on a Saturday night, the time slot she had wanted was instead used for Tori's Prome (though exactly how this scheduling conflict occurred is unclear). When Jade was unable to have Tori cancel the Prome, she seemed to instantly abandon the play, which received no mention in any following episode, and instead focused her energies on a failed sabotage of the Prome. The play didn't appear to be very popular as literally no one but Jade, not even Sinjin or Cat, was eager about its debut, possibly implying that it might have been cancelled due to low ticket sales.

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