Christopher Cane
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General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Occupation(s): TV show host, actor
Series Information
First appearance: Blooptorious
Last appearance: Blooptorious
Portrayed By: Jake Farrow

Christopher Cane is the fictional alter ego of Rex, who hosts the episode Blooptorious. Cane has a British accent and interviews the main cast members. He is known to play the part of Rex.

In the episode, Christopher is depicted as an actual actor playing the part of Rex, rather than being a ventriloquist dummy. He is slightly altered from the way Rex is in the show, because he has an accent, is slightly larger, with longer arms that can move on their own accord. Most importantly, Christopher speaks and moves on his own, without the aid of a ventriloquist, further implying his sentence.

A running gag in the episode is that Christopher Cane constantly interrupts the person he is interviewing, insults them, and has them shooed away (he's especially rude to Daniella Monet and Matt Bennett). However, he treats Victoria Justice nicely and states he loves her.

Another thing that Christopher loves is apple juice, which he continuously tries to offer to the cast members (who all refused except for Victoria but when she had asked, Christopher said he was out of it). He refers to the drink as "juiced apples" at one point.

Christopher Cane also hosts iCarly's second blooper episode, "iBloop 2 - Electric Bloopaloo". According to that episode, he dislikes most of the cast except for Gibby, who he is a big fan of. He continuously tries to promote his own salsa. Apparently, he also auditioned for the role of Spencer on iCarly.

He also does interviews on TheSlap and one interview on In his interview with Elizabeth Gillies, it it shown that he also fancies her along with Victoria Justice.


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