General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 33-35 (Possibly)
Birthday: 1976
Address: Florida
Family & Friends
Family: Bunny(great aunt)
Relationships: Erwin Sikowitz (ended)
Series Information
First appearance: Tori Tortures Teacher (mentioned only)
Last appearance: Tori Tortures Teacher (mentioned only)

"Ew, no she had sores on her neck!"
— Erwin Sikowitz describing her in Tori Tortures Teacher

Catherine is Erwin Sikowitz's ex-girlfriend in the episode Tori Tortures Teacher. She broke up with him during a play that Tori, André, Jade, and Beck had brought him to, as she had moved to Florida. Sikowitz didn't miss Catherine as she had sores on her neck.

She has a pet cat named Bunny.


Catherine never appeared in any episode of any season but was mentioned in the episode Tori Tortures Teacher by Sikowitz. The only way she had made contact with anybody in that episode was by texting Sikowitz during a play.


Erwin Sikowitz (?-2011; Ex-Boyfriend) Catherine had a relationship with Erwin Sikowitz from ?-2011. They broke up during a play when Catherine had texted Sikowtiz, saying that she moved to Florida and they had to break up. This caused great depression and pain for Sikowitz as he didn't miss Catherine at all, but her pet cat.

Bunny (?-?; Pet) "Cutest little creature you ever saw. Used to sit on my lap - hop around the apartment! Such a silly!"

- Erwin Sikowitz commenting on Catherine's pet cat, Bunny in Tori Tortures Teacher

Catherine had a pet cat, (Tori thought Bunny was a rabbit) whom Sikowitz loved and adored, but when the cat had left LA to go to Florida with Catherine, Sikowitz became very depressed, which affected his life and caused him great pain. Bunny has three legs. Catherine named Bunny after her great-aunt Bunny.

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