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Cat and Jade's Bedtime Story is a video segment on TheSlap about Cat and Jade telling a bedtime story. Jade is spending the night at Cat's house because her house is being fumigated for bugs. Cat says that when she was little she used to love to hear bedtime stories, so her and Jade are going to improvise their own.

Oh no, Jade's smiling and Cat's frowning.


  • The story is about a girl that dreams of being a princess. Jade decided her name was Blotus.
  • Jade decides that the girl is hit by a bus.
  • Cat then said that Blotus had a magical bunny that healed all of her injuries.
  • Jade said that the bunny was stepped on by an elephant, but Cat protested that the bunny was okay.
  • They pause the video and return, with Cat stating that they agreed that the bunny was okay.
  • Cat then says that Blotus needs to meet a prince to become a princess, and Jade replied that she tries to meet one on an online dating service, but when the prince showed up he was 37 years old and on parole for vandalism (Specifically, a gas station men's room).
  • Then Cat said that Blotus woke up on her birthday (Jade interrupts saying "With cramps"), and saw a beautiful rainbow outside her window.
  • Jade ends the video by discussing her infected finger that she had pulled the nail off of.




Cat and Jade's Bedtime Story! Victorious

Cat and Jade's Bedtime Story! Victorious

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