Cat Tells Jade a Joke is a video segment on TheSlap in which Cat tries to tell Jade a joke after Jade spends the night at her house. When Cat wakes Jade up, Jade tackles her and they roll around on the bed. Jade scolds Cat for waking her up but eventually gives into Cat wanting to tell her a joke, but when Cat tries to tell Jade the joke about a purple bathtub, she gets interrupted several times.


  • Cat's first attempt fails when Jade replies "Come in." to Cat's "Knock, Knock!".
  • Cat's second attempt is interrupted when Jade asks why her brother is wearing her bra.
  • Cat's third attempt is cut when Jade replies, "I hope a purple bathtub falls off a building and lands on you."
  • Cat's fourth attempt is interrupted because her brother is drooling, and Cat asks him to get a rag and wipe it off his chin.
  • Cat's fifth attempt fails when Jade says 'Knock, knock' and Cat yells, "That's my part!"
  • Cat's sixth attempt fails when Jade tricks Cat into asking "Purple bathtub who?" and Jade replying, "I don't know; it's your joke."
  • Cat's seventh attempt fails when Jade screams "BOO!" and scares Cat.
  • Cat's last attempt ends when Jade laughs after 'purple bathtub' and leaves the room, leaving Cat by herself.


Cat Tells Jade a Joke

Cat Tells Jade a Joke

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