Cat's Profile Video is Cat's profile video on TheSlap.

Victorious - Cat's video profile-0

Victorious - Cat's video profile-0

Cat's Profile Video

The video begins with Cat saying, "Hey, people people!" andintroducing herself. Then she laughs because she remembers something funny. She does part of her video profile sideways (to be different from her other friend's videos). The video ends with Cat singing "La!" and sayingoufe.

List of things she covers in the video


Cat making her video profile.

  • "I just turned sixteen, which means that I'm one of the youngest kids in my class, but I'm mature, so...whatever, y'know."
  • "I love to perform, and I love to sing!'s some of my favorite notes to sing: LAAA!"
  • "A lot of people ask me if this is my natural hair color--no, it's not. I make it this color 'cause I love red velvet cupcakes, and this is the exact same color of a red velvet cupcake!" *puts hair in mouth* "...But it tastes like hair."
  • "My brother is sooo weird! Sometimes it's a funny kind of weird, but other times, it's more like: "Uh-ohh...!"
  • "My dad is always telling me that I say wayyy too many words. He thinks that I say around like, nine thousand words everyday, and he thinks I should cut back to around like, fifteen words a day."
  • "I went on a vacation with my family--well, a road trip--and they accidentally left me on the side of the road. It was funny!...until it got dark outside. And...then it got less funny."
  • "My favorite foods are cupcakes, noodles, candies, and potatoes."
  • "One time, I was at a restaurant, and I ordered the popcorn shrimp, but it turns out that they have nothing to do with popcorn. They're just these little bitty fried shrimp!"
  • "Here's another note I like to sing: "LAAA, LAAA-AAA-AA-AA!"
  • "This has been Cat, which is me! And this is my video profile. LAA-AA-AAA, OOH-OOO-OOOH!" *claps* "Whooo!" *giggles*


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