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Candrobbie is the tri-pairing friendship between Cat, André, and Robbie (C/at, Andr/é, R/obbie). The trio seem to be the most caring characters on the show, and they seem to be quite good friends.

For the individual pairings, see Candré, Cabbie, and Rodré.


  • Cat, André, and Robbie all can't tell good jokes (Cat and Andre in Wi-Fi in the Sky and Robbie in Robarazzi.)
  • They're all good friends.
  • They all like the movie Detective Blowhole. Perhaps they went to see it together.
  • Both of Cabbie and Candré's official animals are giraffes and official colors are red.

Candrobbie Moments

Season 1:


  • Cat and Robbie come tell André (and Tori) to go back to class.
  • Robbie wants to suggest a starting letter for the Alphabet Improv that Cat and André are in.

The Birthweek Song

  • Andréand Cat both think it's cute that Robbie's grandmother keeps calling him for computer advice.

Wi-Fi in the Sky

  • Cat, Robbie, and André all appear on video chat together.

Survival of the Hottest

  • Robbie hugs Cat after she lets them out of the RV and André lifts her into the air. Later, we see André patting Robbie's back as he recovers from the ordeal.

The Great Ping Pong Scam

  • Cat, André, and Robbie are seen talking to each other in the beginning of the episode.
  • All three of them are on the "ping pong team" together (along with Jade and Beck).

Cat's New Boyfriend

  • Robbie and André explain to Tori why Cat is upset with her.

Season 2

Tori Gets Stuck

  • The 3 sit together on the stairs.
  • They cutely shush each other.
  • Cat and André are part of the group that go to see Robbie in the hospital.

Season 3

The Worst Couple

  • The three all discuss the film Detective Blowhole and imitate the dolphin by waving their arms and squeaking.
  • André is aware of the negative physical reactions that both Cat and Robbie have to Beck and Jade's constant fighting.

Tori & Jade's Play Date

  • André dances along to Cat and Robbie's "Go Cart Song".
  • André asks Cat and Robbie to tell Beck bad news for him and they happily agree.
  • André gives a compliment on Cat and Robbie's ability to tell people bad news through song.