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General Information
Shipped Characters Cat Valentine and Robbie Shapiro
Length of Relationship 2008-present (Friendship)
Status Very Close Friends
Rivals Rebbie

"Robbie: Can I tell you a secret?
Cat: Sure.
Robbie: [leans in and kisses Cat] "
— An exchange between Robbie and Cat in One Thousand Berry Balls

Cabbie is the pairing of Cat Valentine and Robbie Shapiro (Ca/t and Ro/bbie). Although less commonly used, another term for this pairing is Rat (R/obbie and C/at). Cabbie is one of the most supported and popular ships on Victorious. These two characters are sometimes linked together because they are picked on more than the other characters. Since the show started, Robbie and Cat have been good friends, nice to each other, and have gotten along well for the most part. Robbie has proven many times that he likes Cat as more than a friend; he asked her to Prome in Prom Wrecker, owns several cut-outs of her (including one called 'Flirty Cat') as seen in Jade Gets Crushed, and suggested they make out in Tori & Jade's Play Date. In The Blonde Squad, he sings her the song, "I Think You're Swell", showing that he has a crush on her. Cat has shown a few subtle hints that she may like him back, including a kiss on the cheek in A Christmas Tori and in the The Hambone King, giving him gum that she had already chewed in The Breakfast Bunch, and even flirting with him a couple of times in episodes such as Driving Tori Crazy and Wanko's Warehouse; but so far, she has never vocally admitted any feelings for Robbie. Cat is also the nicest girl to Robbie and shows him respect, unlike Jade, Trina, and sometimes Tori. It has also been noticed that Robbie mostly wears solid blue shirts, whilst Cat almost always wears solid pink outfits. Also, all of Robbie's PearProducts are blue, while all of Cat's are pink. This is a symbol for a traditional, common relationship - a boy and a girl who like each other. Ariana Grande confirmed on Twitter that Cat and Robbie will become a couple in a future episode,[1] but this never occurred before the series was cancelled. Since the Sam & Cat spin-off has also been canceled, the relationship remains in the hypothetical future.

This ship has many loyal and supportive fans and is one of the most popular couples on the show, as it is often loved regardless of the fan's preferences in the Tori/André/Beck/Jade love square.

See Mariana (Ma/tt and A/riana) for the real-life pairing of the characters' actors, Matt Bennett and Ariana Grande.

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Cabbie Moments

Season 1

Cat (w candy) next to robbie.jpg
Cabbie yey!!.jpg


  • While Tori wants to ask Cat where the class is, Robbie is the one who gives Tori directions.
  • Cat and Robbie are sent to get Tori and André to tell them to return to class.
  • Rex makes fun of Cat saying, "And you wanted a date to the prom last year but you didn't get one, did you?" to which Cat turns to Robbie, shrieking, "Tell your puppet to quit being mean to me!"
  • Robbie yells at Rex after he insults Cat.
  • Cat and Robbie are both examples Tori uses to explain why Hollywood Arts is not a normal school.
  • After Cat loses the Alphabet Improv game and takes the piece of candy Sikowitz gives her, she happily sits down next to Robbie.
  • Robbie smiles at Cat when she sits down next to him.
  • Both applaud Tori kissing Beck and getting back at Jade.

The Bird Scene

  • Cat says that it's gross that Rex, possibly Robbie, hits on every girl in school.
  • Rex states that he never hits on Cat. This could mean 3 things: 1) It's known that Robbie thinks of Rex, his puppet, as a separate person, so a possible reason why Rex never hits on Cat is because Robbie doesn't like it when other guys hit on Cat. 2) Since Rex may represent another part of Robbie, Robbie may want to respect Cat since she thinks it's gross. 3) Robbie is too shy to make a move, even through Rex.
  • Cat seems offended when Rex says that he never hits on her, as she probably knows that Rex and Robbie are practically the same person. Cat might be upset that Robbie doesn't flirt with her and even seems worried that Robbie might not be attracted to her.
  • Cat looks with concern at André and Robbie walking into the classroom, after their ballet incident.

Stage Fighting

Kissy Cabbie.jpg


  • Cat is the only one in the gang who pays attention to Robbie and Trina's situation. She seems sort of frustrated that Robbie is so focused on trying to get Trina to go out with him, possibly a sign of jealousy.
  • Cat and Robbie sit together alone at lunch.
  • Robbie comes to Cat to talk about his "relationship" with Trina, possibly to make her jealous or to get her advice.
  • After Robbie stalks Trina for a while because he believes their stage kiss was real, Cat tries to make him understand that his kiss with Trina was just a stage kiss and meant nothing more.
  • When Robbie says that girls can't fake that kind of passion, Cat interrupts him by kissing him. She may be using the excuse of trying to prove a point as an opportunity to kiss him because she likes him, and she may also have been very jealous that Robbie liked Trina. It can also be away to demonstrate the difference between a stage kiss and a real-life kiss.
  • After the kiss, Robbie asks Cat to meet his parents, and she almost chokes on her carrot.
  • The way he reacts to Cat's kiss means that she either showed more 'passion' than Trina did, or that he likes her better, as Robbie only asks Trina to go out with him, starting a relationship while he asks Cat to meet his parents, usually suggestive of a serious relationship.
  • Cat doesn't seem too phased by the fact that Robbie asked her to meet his parents. In fact, she continues to sit next to him for the remainder of the scene.

The Birthweek Song

The Birthweek song2.png
  • The subplot of this episode focuses on Robbie and Cat helping Robbie's grandmother with her computer.
  • This episode takes place right after Stage Fighting, the episode in which Cat kisses Robbie. Notably, after the kiss, Robbie states that he wants Cat to meet his parents. This trip to his grandmother's house could be a venture for his family's approval of Cat, after developing feelings for her.
  • After Cat says to Tori, "What are you doing?" and she doesn't respond, Cat and Robbie look at each other and Cat smiles.
  • While Tori is trying to figure out what to get Trina for her birthweek, Robbie and Cat are walking down the stairs when Rex says something disrespectful. Cat helps Robbie give Rex a 'time out' by putting him in Robbie's backpack, acting very much like parents punishing a misbehaving child.
  • Robbie and Cat are going to get iced coffee together.
  • After Robbie says that he has to help his grandma and asks the others to come with him, Cat is the only one that volunteers to go with him (because 'she likes it when elderly people shake when they pour their juice', She also may have just wanted to spend more time with Robbie).
  • After Cat says juice, Robbie gives a slight smile to her comment, implying that he maybe was happy she said that she would go with him.
  • Robbie's grandma keeps criticizing Cat throughout the episode and when she first sees Cat, she thinks that she is Robbie's girlfriend. When he denies this, she says, "Good, you can do better." Cat gets offended a lot throughout this episode, possibly because she thinks that she and Robbie would not be a bad match.
  • Throughout the episode Cat tries to gain Robbie's grandmother's approval.
  • During class, when Robbie is about to start his presentation on Vaudeville, he says, "Hello, everybody." Cat is the only one who says "Hi" back to him.
    IMG 0234.png
  • When Robbie becomes embarrassed when his grandma attempts to video chat with him in front of the class, Cat giggles at him along with the rest of class, but unlike everyone else, she says that she thinks it's cute.
  • When Cat sees Robbie's grandma's apartment, she says to him, "you said you were taking me to play baby golf!" in a disappointed tone. She may have come because she thought she and Robbie would be going alone to play baby golf together, like a date.
  • Cat is really upset that Robbie's grandmother doesn't like her.
  • Robbie knows that Cat likes to play baby golf, as he tricked Cat into going to his grandma's house a second time.
  • When Cat was sad that they weren't going to play baby golf, Robbie said that they were only going to be there for a half-hour, maybe implying that they would play baby golf after.
  • Robbie's grandma believes that Robbie and Cat are dating.
  • On their last visit to his grandma's house, she says that she doesn't want to go in there and be made fun of. However, Robbie insists that she comes in, and pulls her inside by the arm. When his grandma makes fun of her again, she turns to leave, however, Robbie grabs her wrist and pulls her back. His grandma and Cat continue to fight, so Robbie cuts a wire to disable the Internet in his grandma's house, claiming the company shut it down and the Internet no longer exists. He takes Cat, and they both run out of the apartment while holding hands.
  • When Cat and Robbie's grandma are fighting, Robbie's grandmother says, "Over my dead body would I let my grandson ever marry..." (implying that she may still think that they're dating).
  • When Cat is at lunch, she giggles flirtatiously at Robbie whilst he's talking to his grandmother on the phone.
  • Cat gets pretty upset when Robbie points out that she doesn't take criticism well, possibly because she doesn't want him to see her in an unfavorable light but forgives him quickly.
  • Robbie apologizes, and Cat happily accepts his apology for "offending her."
  • Robbie thought to warn Cat about his grandma being critical because he knows Cat doesn't take criticism very well.
  • When Robbie comes up to do his report, there's a shot of Cat smiling sweetly at him.
  • Robbie looks at Cat with an astonished face when his grandma exclaims that she doesn't want him to end up with "one of those" [Cat]; he looks offended his grandma would say that about Cat.
  • After Robbie grabs her the first time, Cat looks like she wants to turn and leave again, but sighs and decides to give in and stay.
  • Cat tells Robbie that his grandma hates her, and Robbie attempting to comfort her (Cat) responds, "She doesn't hate you."
  • Cat looks sort of exasperated when Robbie's grandma tries to set Robbie up with Brenda.
  • Even though just a couple of moments before she was arguing with Robbie's grandma, she looks concerned when Robbie yells.
  • Robbie doesn't take Rex to his Grandmother's house, but he does take Cat. This implies 2 things (1) That Robbie cares more for Cat than Rex and (2) He wanted to spend some uninterrupted time with Cat.
  • Cat decided to stay with Robbie even though she wanted to leave.

Jade Dumps Beck

  • Although Cat is absent for the episode, Robbie has a picture of the animal cat in his locker.

Tori the Zombie

  • Cat and Robbie aren't able to interact much throughout the episode due to Cat driving to the factory with Trina, but they are dancing together during the ending number, Finally Falling, in the musical.


  • Cat does not seem as angry as the others about Robbie spreading rumors about the group, although she doesn't like that the Robarazzi (Robbie's freshman) were taping her receiving a package from the Sky Store.
  • Robbie did not release any rumors about Cat in the first Robarazzi video.
  • Cat does not go with the rest of the gang to crash Robarazzi.
  • The rumor about Cat's addiction to Sky Store was true, while the other rumors about the rest of the gang were either blatant lies (André's ketchup addiction) or gross exaggerations of the truth (Tori's pimple or Bade's toxic relationship) perhaps hinting that Robbie wanted to make people aware of the addiction so Cat could receive help.
  • Robbie makes a joke about Cat's hair color not being natural when Cat has specifically stated that it wasn't a natural color, which could mean that Robbie didn't want to make up a rumor about Cat.
  • After Robbie yells at Cat, she seems really upset as if she is about to start crying.
  • Robbie doesn't say anything as hurtful to Cat.

Survival of the Hottest

Tumblr ldw07nsnKJ1qfg2g1o1 500.gif
  • At the end of the episode, Robbie hugs Cat after she opens Beck's RV door.
  • When Cat comes to sit down with Tori, Beck, and Robbie, she sits down next to Robbie. (When she sits down, she carefully moves Robbie's PearPad and he stares at Cat while she does.)
  • When Jade squirts Rex with sunblock, Cat laughs while looking at Robbie.
  • At one point at the beginning of the episode, when at the table, Robbie and Cat are so close that their arms are entirely against each others'.
  • In the RV, Robbie loudly asks, "Where can Cat be?" as if he really was worried about her. He also says, "She's been gone for 20 minutes."
  • Robbie seemed pretty worried about Cat when they were trapped.
  • Robbie seemed relieved that Cat was alright once they got out of the RV.

Wi-Fi in the Sky

  • Cat was going to tell Robbie the same joke she told the others, but he reminded her that she told him yesterday. Cat looks upset after he says this.
  • Since Cat told the joke to Robbie first, this shows that she wanted to tell him before anyone else.
  • Cat doesn't seem to mind that Robbie is continuously trying to interrupt their video chat.
  • When Robbie enters the chat the first time, Cat is seen brushing her hair and not looking up. If you watch her you can see her nervously putting her hair in her mouth.
  • Cat looks upset once Tori removes Robbie from the chat.

Beck's Big Break

IMG 0066.png
  • Cat's very worried about Robbie's sleeping problems/ nightmares, so she tells him to go to Lane for help because he helps her with a lot her of emotional problems.
  • Out of all of Robbie's friends, Cat is the only one who shows real concern about Robbie's nightmares.
  • Cat wants to know what Robbie is dreaming about and was upset that he wouldn't tell her.
  • When Cat wants to know what Robbie's nightmares are about, Robbie says "None of your business!" possibly because he doesn't want her to worry, or maybe because he thought the nightmares are embarrassing and does not want her to see him in a negative way. After he says that, Cat gets all offensive and says, "What's that supposed to mean? I'm trying to help!"
  • Cat seems pretty upset when Rex tells her that she is still a mess.
  • Lane says that Cat has been talking to him about Robbie's nightmares. This shows that she cares about Robbie a lot, in the fact that she refuses his attempts to avoid counseling and even alerts Lane, for his well-being.
  • When Robbie is sleeping in class and the bell rings, all of their friends leave. Cat is the only one who stays behind and wakes him up. Then she says in a concerned voice, "No sleep again last night?" Robbie says, "I can't stop having those disturbing nightmares." And Cat says, "Okay, you gotta talk to Lane about this!" It seems as if she is going to force him to go, which she does. She tells Lane and Lane calls him up.
  • They both seem to truly care for each other, even forcing the other to do something against their will for their well-being.

The Great Ping Pong Scam

Tumblr llfqqe6a9B1qae0kxo1 500.png

Robbie's arm is across Cat's body.

  • The flashback scene shows that Cat and Robbie have been friends for at least over 2 years.
  • When the episode starts, Cat is laughing and playing with Rex's foot. (Robbie rarely lets people play with Rex, but always lets Cat).
  • When Robbie gets hurt during practice, Cat is the first one of their group to show concern.
  • Cat gasps and her mouth drops when Tori hits Robbie in the groin. Notably, Cat is ecstatic when Tori easily beats and humiliates André and Beck.
  • When the gang finds out what Robbie did, Cat screams out Robbie's name.
  • When Tori and André sing, Cat switches chairs and sits next to Robbie.
  • During André and Tori's duet, Cat and Robbie dance together in their seats.
  • Cat is sitting next to Robbie and holding Rex's hand.
  • When Tori is singing, Cat and Robbie both scream at the same time.

Cat's New Boyfriend

A fan-made image of Cabbie.

  • Robbie is not there when Cat first introduces her friends to Daniel, maybe because he didn't want to meet him, as he may possibly wish Cat was dating him instead or she was worried about what he'd think.
  • Robbie tells Tori about the cheese fountain, and it causes Tori to see Cat kissing Daniel and ruin their romantic night. It's unclear if Robbie planned on leading Tori to the cheese fountain. It should be noted that before Robbie told Tori about the cheese fountain, he looked over at the cheese fountain and possibly saw Cat and Daniel making out by the fountain.
  • After Robbie tells Tori about the cheese fountain, he looks back at the cheese fountain, possibly seeing Cat and Daniel making out, looks at Tori again, and then walks away sighing, putting his head down while shaking it.
  • Robbie calls Tori out for "playing smudgy face" with Cat's boyfriend.
  • When Tori asks why Cat is ignoring her, Robbie defends Cat and seems angry at Tori for upsetting her and perhaps also at himself for giving Tori the idea.
  • At the end of the episode, Cat feels Robbie's foot longer than anyone else's.
  • Throughout the episode Robbie didn't seem to care for Daniel, at some points he even looked annoyed with him, which could indicate jealousy.

Freak the Freak Out

FTFO 01.png
  • After class is over, you see Cat happily going over to talk to Robbie.
  • When Robbie and Rex are singing at Karaoke Dokie, Cat watches and looks as if she's really enjoying their performance.
  • After Robbie (and Rex) finish singing, Cat cheers very loudly.
  • When Rex tells everyone to give his and Robbie's dates from Northridge some "love", Cat applauded with a look of annoyance similar to the one she gave in The Birthweek Song when she almost left Robbie alone because Robbie's Mamaw insulted her. (This is probably because Cat is jealous of Rex and Robbie's dates.)
  • When Hayley and Tara win the competition, Robbie (through Rex) defends Cat by declaring that "Those scrounges [Hayley and Tara] can't sing!"
  • When the boys find out they are stuck with Trina, Robbie says he doesn't want to spend Saturday with Trina, showing that he has indeed gotten over his crush on Trina.
  • When everyone finds out that the only reason why Cat and Jade lost because one of the winners' father owns Karaoke Dokie, Robbie (through Rex) chants "Fix!" and gets the crowd to agree with him.

Rex Dies

Cabbie RexDies.png
  • Cat asks about Robbie's date, possibly because she was jealous.
  • Cat screams out, "Rex!" when Tori turns the machine on in reverse and she points at Rex.
  • When Tori reads the status from Robbie's date ("Worst date ever...") Cat smiles, possibly glad he is single again so that she could date him.
  • Cat, along with Jade and Sikowitz, hold Robbie back when he tries to get Rex out of the large fan.
  • While Cat, Jade, and Sikowitz are holding Robbie back, Cat looks at Robbie in a shocked face as if she has never seen him like this. Also, she is touching his arm and saying, "Robbie, Robbie, it's okay."
  • Cat seems extremely worried about Robbie and the state of Rex, while Tori felt guilt and the others felt sorry for Robbie.
  • Cat offers to go to the hospital with Rex.
  • Robbie is reluctant to give Rex to Tori until Cat promises that they will take him to the hospital.
  • Cat is serious about taking Rex to the hospital, while the others are just kidding.
  • Cat seems upset when Beck says that they are not taking Rex to the hospital.
  • When Jade suggests killing Rex, Cat seems offended and even says "Jade" in a sad tone, probably because she doesn't want Robbie to be upset for losing Rex.
    T D B C 0 2.png
  • Cat doesn't seem to agree with killing Rex until Jade says it would be good for Robbie's mental health, proving that she cares about him enough to hurt him, for his own good.
  • When Cat says that Rex is not a puppet to Robbie, it could mean that she cares about Robbie's feelings.
  • Cat is the only one to understand Robbie and how he feels (especially since Rex is real to him). Beck, André, and Jade would never understand while Tori would only learn by the episode's end.

The Diddly-Bops

Cabbie TheDiddlyBops.png
  • Further possible evidence of Cabbie compatibility is shown in this episode, when Robbie almost obsessively tries to make their children song about broken glass. This strange behavior, taken together with the "Rex" phenomenon, may mean that Robbie and Cat are both equally insane.
  • Cat stands very close to Robbie in the beginning.
  • Robbie stares at Cat throughout most of the beginning of the episode.
  • Cat looks like she's enjoying Robbie's performance until the lyrics get more violent.
  • Cat doesn't complain about Robbie's song, however, she does look stunned when he performs it.
  • Robbie seems almost envious when Cat appears to be enjoying André's song, and he quickly brings her attention to his song.

Wok Star

  • When Cat remembers the name of the sauce, she looks happily up at Robbie.
  • Robbie had a confused look when Cat says the name of the sauce she remembered.
  • Cat and Robbie stand very close to each other while in the janitor's closet.
  • When Cat thinks of a plan, Robbie smiles and nods in agreement.
  • When Cat apologizes to André, Robbie made a confused look.

A Film by Dale Squires

A F B D S C 0 1.png
  • When Robbie arrives late to class, Cat has a concerned look on her face.
  • Throughout this episode, they are always sitting next to each other.
  • Cat is the first to speak to Robbie and asks him why he is late.
  • Robbie and Cat sit next to each other when they're watching the film.
  • When the film ends, Cat looks at Robbie.
  • During the film Cat and Robbie are seen talking to each other, while Tori says "Just because you say my bad doesn't make it okay."
  • Before they start to film the movie, Cat walks over to Robbie, and they have a conversation.
  • When Dale explains to Tori why he took all the credit, Cat and Robbie immediately look at each other in shock. Also, while Tori is telling Dale that the students did all the work, Robbie glances at Cat, but she is seen looking at Beck. Robbie retreats his look after this.

Sleepover at Sikowitz's

IMG 0273.png
IMG 0270.PNG
  • Cat wears a shirt that says "I love nerds," and Robbie may be considered a nerd.
  • Cat comes up with Robbie's character for Sikowitz's sleepover challenge.
  • When Robbie questions Cat's idea for his character, Cat looks down, giggles, and says "Yeah, I'm creative," as she walks to her seat, and unlike the others, Robbie doesn't seem very disappointed about his character.
  • When Robbie walks by Cat to announce Beck's character, Cat is still looking down and giggling while playing with her hair and slightly covering her face with her notepad.
    IMG 0281.png
  • Cat and Robbie are sitting next to each other when Beck and Jade arrive.
  • While Beck talks to Sikowitz and Jade talks to Tori, Cat and Robbie are having a conversation in the background.
  • When Sikowitz falls through the window, Robbie gets up and touches Cat's shoulders (almost protectively) before going to help Sikowitz.
  • Cat and Robbie, along with some other people, watch a movie at Tori's house, though Cat specifically mentions that Robbie had invited her to watch the movie. Even though she had a date, she chose to go to watch the movie with Robbie.
  • Cat goes to the movie with Robbie, even though she could've gone somewhere else with her date.
  • When they invade the Vega's house, Robbie has his leg on Cat, even with Cat's date nearby. This shows that Cat doesn't mind having Robbie close to her even when she has a date.
  • Cat seems to be paying more attention to Robbie's speech about the future than Tori.
  • When Robbie's "jelly legs" act up, he falls down, and Cat seems both surprised and worried about what happened.
  • Cat and Robbie are the first two to break character, first Robbie, followed by Cat.
  • In the program information for this episode, it says that "Cat and Robbie sneak away from the party and confront their feelings for each other, inevitably engaging in a passionate kiss". Even though this doesn't happen, this suggests that the producers were considering putting that in this episode, that Cat and Robbie "engaging in a passionate kiss" is "inevitable", and that they do have feelings for each other.

Season 2

Beggin' on Your Knees

250px-Tumblr ln0rpi2kIF1qkd2n2o1 500.jpg
  • When Robbie asks what's wrong with him and why girls don't want to go out with him, everyone else gives a list of reasons, but Cat stays quiet and looks away the whole time, hinting she might not know a reason why, or she doesn't want to hurt his feelings.
  • When Cat is on the phone, she looks at Robbie the whole time.
  • In the scene after Robbie tells Cat to call the paramedics, she smiles and touches his arm in a cute way, telling him he's right.
  • While Cat is on the phone, she smiles at Robbie.
  • Cat is the only girl who Robbie talks to who isn't rude to him throughout the episode.
  • In the official music video for "Beggin' on Your Knees", Cat and Robbie are seen having a lot of fun together, even feeding each other cotton candy.

Beck Falls for Tori

252px-IMG 0249.png
  • Cat knows Robbie's pants size and tells him that size 4 is how girls' pants are measured.
  • Cat and Robbie both agree that Beck, disguised as Tori, looks cute as he was running away.
  • After Rex makes a jab at Robbie for not being able to ride a bike, Cat looks away and smiles as if she were diverting her smile from Robbie (likely because she wanted to save him from embarrassment, and she didn't want to hurt his feelings).
252px-Tumblr llhgg4x2CJ1qbfppso1 500.png

Ice Cream for Ke$ha

  • The episode starts off with Cat and Robbie having lunch together.
  • Robbie doesn't want Cat to be mad at him and even wants to know what's wrong and encourages her to talk to him.
  • Cat has a dream about Robbie, which most likely means that she has been thinking about him a lot.
  • Cat is upset that in her dream, Robbie let children eat her in order to save himself.
  • Robbie was going to apologize for what he did in Cat's dream, even though the situation was weird. This shows that Robbie understands Cat, even when she says or does odd things.
  • Robbie begins to say that he would save her, but then changes his mind. Cat looks hopeful and even smiles as he begins to apologize.
  • When everyone is talking about André eating ice cream to meet Ke$ha, Cat tries to change the subject by saying that Robbie let children eat her in her dream. She is probably trying to get Robbie to apologize to her again.
  • He says that the dream children probably thought she was delicious.
  • Cat smacks Robbie on the arm right after he said "but why shouldn't they eat you first?".
  • When Robbie gets up and leaves the table, Cat doesn't look at Robbie the whole time. In fact, it looked as though Cat purposely looked away from him.
  • After Robbie fails to apologize for what he did in Cat's dream, Cat seems upset for the rest of the scene even when other people begin talking about their situations.
  • Cat's dream might be indicative of her fears that she can't trust Robbie.
  • When Robbie says some mothers beat him with sticks, Cat repeats "Sticks" like she knows it would hurt a lot. Maybe this was her forgiving Robbie, because in her dream he let children eat her, but then the children's mothers beat Robbie up.
  • Cat walks over to where Robbie is sitting while explaining where her mom buys her brother's Funky Nut Blast from.
  • At the Ke$ha concert, Cat and Robbie are seen dancing together.
  • Cat and Robbie sit near each other throughout the episode.
  • Right when Robbie came back from moms beating him up, Rex was with Cat sitting next to her, as if she took care of him when Robbie wasn't there.
  • When Robbie says that there are things he really, really wants to do, he says "Ride a pony, take a cooking class..." He looks at Cat, and she looks at him, "...other things." He then looks away, embarrassed. Hinting that he probably wants to do those "other things" with her.
  • It can be assumed that Robbie apologized to Cat for letting the little kids eat her sometime after the opening scene, because Cat was not mad at Robbie the for rest of the episode.
  • When they are celebrating for Cat finding the H, Robbie brushes his hand on her arm before quickly withdrawing. He is also the only person to make any sort of physical contact with her in this scene besides Tori.
  • Beck and Robbie appear to get into a little "cat fight" when they both reach for Cat at the same time (possibly showing that Robbie didn't want Beck touching Cat).

Tori Gets Stuck

153px-IMG 0091.png
185px-Robbie and Cat2.png
  • Cat says that she wants to see Robbie when Lane tells them about the incident.
  • Cat wants to know what kind of toy car Robbie had swallowed.
  • At the beginning of this episode, when André grabs the cast list, Cat walks over to Robbie and they stand close to each other and both look at the cast list.
  • Cat and Robbie sit next to each other on the steps.
  • When Cat is laughing saying that squirrels sound like girls, Robbie nods while grinning at Cat.
  • In the scene where everyone is doing the final rehearsal for the play, Cat is behind the stage, until Lane announces that Robbie is in the hospital and she runs out worried.
  • Cat comes running in and saying "What!?!" when Lane announces Robbie is in the hospital.
  • Cat doesn't seem annoyed when it is said that Rex sent the text to Lane, unlike the others.
  • Cat comes running in when she hears Lane say that Robbie is in the hospital and looks very worried.
  • When Cat is dragged away by Trina, even though she agrees to go with her, she looks back at Robbie and extends her arm out as if she really doesn't want to go, or she could've just done it to say goodbye.
  • When Tori asks if the doctors got the toy car out of Robbie, Cat replies "They sure did, Tori", showing she found out before Tori, which may imply she wanted to know or she was maybe even the first to know about Robbie's condition.
  • Robbie is the only one to ask why Cat's brother had painted himself purple when she mentions it.
  • Cat goes to visit Robbie in the hospital.

Prom Wrecker

Robbie asking Cat to Prome

184px-IMG 00885.png

Cats face after Robbie left

  • When they are planning the Prome, Robbie keeps looking at Cat.
  • Robbie is nodding at first when Cat is explaining her "Prome" theme idea (even though it doesn't make sense).
  • When Cat is sad after Tori rejects her idea for a Space Pirate-themed Prome, she has her hand above Robbie's, as if waiting for him to hold it and comfort her.
  • Robbie asks Cat to the Prome.
  • Robbie seems nervous about asking Cat to the Prome, then Cat's comment on her giraffe made him laugh, which probably makes him comfortable enough to finish asking if she would go to the Prome with him.
  • Despite the weird comment by Cat about the giraffe, he still asks her to the prome, showing that he is determined to ask her to Prome and truly wants to go with her.
  • Cat smiles sweetly at Robbie when he walks up to her.
  • Cat is holding a giraffe, possibly hinting that the "young giraffe who learns to love" she has mentioned in previous episodes, perhaps professing her feelings for Robbie.
  • Cat says to Robbie that she would love to go to the Prome with him if she didn't already have a date.
  • Robbie looks really upset when Cat rejects him because she's already got a date to Prome.
  • Cat looks really disappointed as she's walking away from Robbie, thanking him for asking her to the Prome. Possibly because she wishes she could go with him and/or she's attracted to him.
  • Robbie thanks Cat for "responding" to his date offer.

    Cat is staring at Robbie

  • Robbie walks over to the step, sits down, and laments not asking Cat to Prome before Tug did.
  • Robbie initially believes that Cat is being truthful about already having a Prome date, showing that he has that much faith that Cat will be honest with him, before Rex makes him doubt her.
  • Robbie is very upset and angry when Rex tells him that Cat was lying about already having a Prome date.
  • Cat and Robbie are sitting next to each other during the Prome meeting.
  • After Robbie said "Balloons are fun...", he put his hand right under Cat's hand, maybe because he wanted to hold it.
  • Robbie looks at Cat when Jade storms in.
  • Even after rejection from Cat, Robbie didn't go to the "Prome" with anyone else, meaning that he didn't want to go with anyone but Cat. In fact, he didn't even ask anyone else.
  • Robbie confronts Cat at the "Prome" about Tug who he thought Cat made up, and Cat looks sad at the thought of Robbie thinking that she's "fibby."
  • After Tori welcomes everyone to the first "Prome" when they show Cat in the crowd she seemed to be trying to smile, like she really was sad or had something on her mind, like Robbie not believing her.
  • Cat and Robbie were both dancing alone when Doug, the diaper guy, was dancing.
  • Cat looks like she's about to cry when Robbie accuses her of lying and tries to convince him many times that she's telling the truth.
  • When Cat sings the line "Sometimes I feel like he might make a move" in Best Friend's Brother, she looks out into the crowd and at the area where Robbie is standing. She does this during a few other lines of the song as well.

Locked Up!

185px-Robbie and Cat.png
  • At the beginning of the episode when Cat and Robbie are in Tori's kitchen, they stand next to each other, and Robbie keeps glancing at Cat.
  • When Cat says it's a Yerbanian custom for two people to sniff each other's hands to greet, Robbie does it to Rex suggesting that he trusts that Cat is giving the right information.
  • Cat grabs onto Robbie when the bellman tries to take Robbie with him and as the police drag the bellman away, she yells "Robbie, Robbie!"
  • Cat is the only one who isn't upset to find Robbie in the girls' bed and says "Hi" to him while smiling; in fact, she seems very happy that he is there. It is also important to note that Cat's tone changes when she says hi, it sounds like she is nervous.
  • Cat keeps glancing at Robbie while they were in bed together.
  • Robbie appears in between Cat and Trina when he was in the girls' bed, when it would have been much easier for him to have gotten in the bed on the edge next to Tori since it was the spot closest to the room's door.
  • When the escaped prisoner jumps through the window, Robbie extends his arm in front of Cat as if he is trying to protect her. He did the same for Trina though.
  • When Robbie mentions that he found a lizard in the bathtub the boys made him sleep in, Cat says "A lizard?" in a concerned tone.
  • Cat and Robbie stand next to or near each other throughout the episode, and they sometimes glance at each other.
  • After Cat says "Your shoe hit the chancellor!" and Robbie finishes "In his last good eye!", Cat touches her chest, then puts her hand on Robbie's shoulder.
  • In the scene where Robbie is wearing a pink shirt, Cat's outfit matches his shirt, like they were a couple wearing matching outfits.
  • When Robbie accidentally kills the chancellor's octopus, he has a look of fear, and Cat looks at him with a worried face.
  • Cat pats Robbie's arm before she runs off to teach her prison gang how to dance.
  • Robbie asks Cat where she's been in a worried tone.
  • Cat looks at Robbie in fear when they're in the jail and gets very close to him.
  • Cat grabs Robbie's shoulder and puts her other hand on her chest, seeming as if she is scared and needs his comfort when they are telling Tori that she hit the chancellor in his last good eye.
  • When Beck, Trina, Cat, and Robbie are trying to pull Tori away from the soldiers, Cat and Robbie are in the back, leaning against each other.
  • Originally, Cat, Robbie, André, and Tori were supposed to be going, so it seemed like a couples' trip until Trina, Beck, and Jade decided to come.

Helen Back Again

  • Though Robbie asks Tori, "If this were my bike, would it make you want to date me?" He could be asking because he wants to impress another girl, possibly Cat because out of their group Cat and Tori have similar likes and dislikes.
  • Robbie is doing stand-up, but he isn't doing the jokes well. In Wi-Fi in the Sky, Cat didn't get her joke at first. This shows that both Cat and Robbie share a similarity that they are both not good at telling jokes by themselves.
  • Both Cat and Robbie's auditions go differently than they planned.
  • Cat and Robbie's auditions were something no one else did. Tori and André sang, Beck and Jade acted. Cat acted, juggled, sang, and danced, while Robbie was a stand-up comedian.
  • Cat's little scene was never specified as to where it came from. It is possible that it is a little skit she wrote about her and a boy she loves, possibly Robbie.
  • They are constantly glancing at each other throughout the episode.
  • Cat and Robbie stand next to each other while Tori is cleaning out her locker.
  • When Tori is taking everything out of her locker, Cat is looking at Robbie with a worried look on her face.
  • When Tori asks Beck, André, Cat, and Robbie to help her inform Trina that she is kicked out of Hollywood Arts, Beck, André, Cat, and Robbie all left. While Beck and André leave by themselves, Cat and Robbie look like they are leaving together, side by side.
  • Robbie goes after Cat to audition.

Who Did it to Trina?

158px-Robbie and Cat3.png
157px-Awwww CABBIE.jpg
185px-Cabbie FOREVER.jpg
  • When Jade says that Tori threatened Trina, Cat, and Robbie both gasp.
  • Cat is taking care of Rex while Robbie is doing the play.
  • Cat, being the only other person to hold Rex for Robbie, implies that Robbie only trusts Cat with him.
  • During the play, while Robbie was saying his lines, she looks impressed and seems to enjoy his performance.
  • When Trina is swinging around, Cat covered her eyes and asks "Is it over?", possibly because she does not want to see anything happen to Robbie, too.
  • When they are lifting the wall off of Trina, Cat is hugging Rex and rocking a little, possibly because she finds comfort in something of Robbie's.
  • Both Robbie and Cat laugh in Tori's flashback.
  • In Robbie's flashback, Cat was jealous because Trina was flirting with him.
  • When Robbie, in turn, flirted with Trina, Cat became extremely angry and ran away.
  • In Robbie's flashback, Cat was flirting with Robbie and feeling his muscles, and she also claimed that Robbie loved her (since it was Robbie's flashback, this may or may not be true).
  • In Robbie's flashback, when Cat claims that Robbie loves her, this may be Robbie's way of telling Cat about his feelings.
  • Robbie accuses Cat of causing the incident, but is reluctant to say that it could have been her, saying in a soft, sad tone that she may have had a reason to do it. One can also assume that Robbie was only accusing her to take the suspicion off of Rex, and that it wasn't anything personal.
  • After Robbie's flashback Cat says that was not how it happened, but her flashback is of an episode of Drake and Josh. She then went on to say that she doesn't know what happened with Tori and Trina, so she doesn't explain what really happened between her, Robbie, and Trina.

    Cabbie gif!

  • In both Jade and Tori's flashback, Cat and Robbie are doing something together behind the wall, giving many possibilities as to what they are doing alone together back there, where no one could see them.
  • In Robbie's flashback, Cat was in love with him, showing that he might want her to be in love with him in real life.
  • In Robbie's flashback when Robbie had his arm around both Cat and Trina he stood with a confident look and never reacted to anything they said, but when Cat said "He loves me!" he reacted with a shocked face.
  • Through all of Robbie's flashback Cat stares at him lovingly.
  • In Robbie's flashback, Cat pets Robbie, felt his muscles, and touched his shoulder many times.
  • Robbie could have chosen any other girl (Tori or Jade), but instead, he chose Cat to be the one to fight over him against Trina.
  • Robbie and Cat both agree when Jade stated that Tori said "I'm gonna kill [Trina]," and Jade points at Cat and Robbie, saying that they're witnesses.
  • Neither of their flashbacks helps to solve the mystery.
  • Neither would want to hurt Trina.

Tori Tortures Teacher

  • At the beginning of the episode, when Cat walks into the room, Robbie is the first one to greet her by saying, "Hey, Cat."
  • When Cat is telling her knock-knock joke, Robbie is the only one who participates in the joke (Robbie asks "Who's there?" and he makes Rex ask "Isn't who?").
  • After Cat finishes her joke, Robbie smiles at her, whilst the others act confused.
  • When Tori's friends are leaving after refusing to be a part of her next plan to make Sikowitz happy, Cat follows Robbie, like she wants to go wherever Robbie is going to go.
  • At the end when Robbie says, "He loved her CAT!", he really emphasizes on the word "cat" and looked towards Cat, perhaps implying his feelings toward her in a subtle way.
  • As they chat with Sikowitz in the end, Cat seems to stare at Robbie a lot, seeming almost as though she couldn't take her eyes off him.

Jade Gets Crushed

185px-Cabbie 1.jpg
  • They stand near each other during André's song.
  • Robbie has several cutouts of Cat, one of which he called "Flirty Cat".
  • When Tori asks if Cat knew that Robbie had the cutouts, he says "No" in a very dreamy way.
  • When Cat discovers the cutouts of herself during Tori's Tech Test run-through, Robbie gets scared and accidentally ends up telling Cat that they are his cutouts, even though he had denies it before. Robbie getting nervous like that and not wanting to tell her in the first place could be a sign that he really likes her and seems nervous around her.
  • Cat looks stunned at all the cutouts of herself when she "bounces" into the room.
  • Cat knows Robbie was tutoring Tori and she checks up on them maybe to see if they are doing anything else.
  • Cat doesn't seem alarmed at all when Robbie is trying to explain to her about the cutouts. In fact, she might have been too absorbed in her Jupiter boots to even notice that they were Robbie's cutouts. Basically, she was either too distracted to care or she didn't get creeped out of all the cutouts of her made by Robbie.
  • When Tori asks Robbie where he got the Cat cut-outs he said 'at home,' and later continues that she shouldn't ask him what he does at home, meaning he feels his feelings for Cat are personal, intimate, and private.
  • For the tutoring, Robbie could have had any kind of random standee to work with but he wanted to use his Cat cut-outs.
  • If you listen closely, when everyone is hugging André, Cat says to Robbie "He was so good!" and Robbie says, "And now it's over." (to which Cat replies "Aw.") This implies that maybe he was jealous that Cat liked André's performance.
  • During the ending credits Rex is on the stage singing the theme song from Drake & Josh, and Cat is dancing/bouncing and laughing.

Terror on Cupcake Street

it looks like they're kissing

  • When Robbie shows his app, Cat says his name.
  • Robbie's app lands on Cat's face, and he seems really happy when it does.
  • Robbie thinks the costumes Cat chose are "rad cool." He also seems to be the only one who thinks this.
  • When Robbie says that he thinks the Candy Jammies are "rad cool," Cat extends her arm up to him.
  • After the confetti cannon goes off, Robbie goes and sits right in front of Cat, next to her feet.
  • When Sikowitz laughs at Beck and André in their Candy Jammies, Robbie is sitting on the steps, and Cat walks up in front of Robbie very close, making it look like they are kissing because their heads are out of the frame.
  • Cat and Robbie are sitting next to each other on the steps when Beck and André startle them.
  • Cat eats a key in this episode, and Robbie was made to swallow in Tori Gets Stuck, showing that they both swallow very unusual things.
  • It is possible that Robbie rigged the spina-majig to pick Cat to make her happy.

A Christmas Tori

Cabbie Hug

Cabbie kiss! Click for gif

  • Cat and Robbie greet each other at the beginning of the episode.
  • Robbie comes into the classroom and greets Cat by saying "Ho, ho, and ho." Cat smiles at him, and responds "Hi, hi, and hi," and then taps him on the nose.
  • When André knocks Robbie off of his seat, Cat looks concerned.
  • After Jade says "It happened to me in 8th grade," Cat and Robbie laugh at the same time.
  • When Jade says she likes slapping perky redheads, referring to Cat, Robbie frowns.
  • When Robbie calls out Cat's name in the hall, she jumps up and down and yells out in excitement, extremely happy that he was calling her name out.
  • When Robbie reveals that he is Cat's Secret Santa, he makes sure everyone knew by using a bullhorn, meaning that he wanted everyone to know and wasn't too shy to express himself about Cat.
  • When Robbie reveals that he is Cat's Secret Santa, Cat yells out, "OH MY GOD, YAY!" most likely because she was glad that he was her secret Santa.
  • Robbie is Cat's Secret Santa and buys her a cotton candy machine and hires a man to operate it; he seems to have put a lot of effort into giving her a good gift.
  • When Cat gets her Christmas present, she screams in excitement.
  • When Robbie gives Cat the cotton candy machine, Cat hugs Robbie and kisses him on the cheek.
  • When Cat hugs Robbie, her arm is around his neck in a very loving way.
  • Cat isn't afraid to express her gratitude to Robbie in front of everybody.
  • Robbie looks pleasantly surprised when Cat kisses him on the cheek.
  • Cat calls the cotton candy machine that Robbie gets her "The best Christmas present ever."
  • When Cat taps Robbie on the nose he at first regards it with a little confusion, but then he smiles at her, and then Robbie skips away happily behind Cat.
  • Robbie doesn't have Rex with him when he gives Cat her present, possibly so that Rex wouldn't make fun of Cat.
  • The cotton candy machine is most likely the 2nd most expensive gift out of all the gifts exchanged among the gang after Cat's gift to Jade (If the movie was successful)
  • While everyone is being given their gifts, Cat is still obsessing over the cotton candy machine, meaning that she really likes Robbie's gift.
  • When Cat told everyone about her present, Robbie smiled at her while folding his arms.

Season 3

The Breakfast Bunch

Tumblr lysoetmOBA1rljhgfdnuh6fo1 500.jpg
  • Throughout this episode, the two seem to be each other's love interest.

The way they look at each other <3

  • Cat frowns when Robbie says that he can't get past level 23 on Grumpy Gerbils.
  • Cat looks amazed when Rex catches the spit Jade spat in the air.
  • When Robbie is talking to Mr. Dickers about the tuna fish, Cat smiles slightly; however, when Mr. Dickers yells at Robbie, she frowns.
    Tumblr m6lvtylbeW1qjuvj6o2 250.gif
  • Cat slightly frowns when Robbie gets another detention.
  • It is revealed that they both are vegans.
  • It is revealed that neither of them has ever had a taco before.
  • When Jade is bothering Cat too much, Robbie angrily asks her why she has to keep bothering people.
  • Robbie defends Cat about her being a vegan.
  • Cat is the only one who never questions Robbie's crying and calling Tori conceited.
Tumblr m8f1w53D0r1rrz1fpo5 500.gif
  • When they get the tacos, Robbie asks Cat if she approves of it.
  • When everyone is running and stopping, Robbie puts a hand on Cat's back to steady her when she stops (he also does the same to Beck).
  • Robbie doesn't want Tori to know he's a vegan, but he's okay with Cat knowing, possibly because he is more comfortable around her.
  • When everyone is eating their tacos, Cat says that she'll try one if Robbie will try one, and they take bites of their tacos slowly at the same time.
  • When Cat starts to cough after tasting some hot sauce, Robbie says in a weird voice, "Chicks cannot hold their hot sauce."
  • Cat points and tells the others to look at Robbie when he starts to go crazy, as Robbie is laughing.
  • When Robbie walks into the library with his new look, Cat does a double-take.
  • Cat smiles at Robbie's new look, then they both get on and crawl across the tables toward each other, and Robbie touches Cat's nose.
  • When they are crawling, Cat closes her eyes, making it look like she wants to kiss Robbie.
  • Robbie taps Cat's nose like Cat did to Robbie in A Christmas Tori.
  • Whilst they are walking out of detention, Cat and Robbie are walking next to each other, talking and looking at each other constantly in the process. They both seem to be oblivious to everything else around them because they are so absorbed in each other, which is a sign that they like each other.
  • At the end, Robbie and Cat walk over to Robbie's bike, they stare at each other for a moment, then Cat gives him her gum and Robbie starts to chew it.
  • At the end when Mr. Dickers is reading the letter, and you hear Cat say, "And Meeeeee" Robbie (speaking through Rex) says that she can't be seen and calls her baby.
  • Robbie stares at Cat when the gang is saying goodbye.

    cabbie <333

The Gorilla Club

Tumblr m4htn4dcpt1qiloezo4 250.gif
  • When Cat is watching Tori rehearse, she is holding a purple giraffe, the official Cabbie animal. It's possible that now that the giraffe is purple, its ability to love may have changed, which means that Cat may have learned to love.
  • When the gang is playing cards, Cat says they she wants them to dress up like pirates, and Robbie says that he'll play pirates with her. (It is unknown how they play pirates)
  • After Robbie says that he'll play pirates with her, he has an excited expression on his face.
  • Cat says no because she doesn't like how Robbie plays pirates, meaning that Cat and Robbie have played pirates together before.
  • Robbie seems disappointed when Cat says that she doesn't like the way he plays pirates.
  • Cat looks at Robbie several times when they are playing cards.
  • Cat looks at Robbie when he is doing the MC Hammer dance.

The Worst Couple

  • When Cat makes a comment about dolphins on "Queries For Couples", Robbie, along with André, joins in, and they have a little discussion about dolphins.
  • Both Cat and Robbie say that they saw Detective Blowhole, and this possibly means they may have gone to see it together.
  • When Robbie imitates a dolphin, Cat watches him and then does the same thing.
  • After they imitate the dolphins, Robbie moves towards where Cat was sitting, possibly because he wants to sit with Cat.
  • Cat and Robbie smile at each other while imitating a dolphin.
  • Cat stares at Robbie when Beck and Jade are fighting in Tori's living room.
  • Cat calls the Northridge girls "not smart" maybe because she is jealous of all the attention Rex and Robbie give them.
  • Cat agrees with Robbie about starting the acting class without Sikowitz, and she says that they should do the ending scene of Titanic.
  • Cat seems to be the only one who is not annoyed when Robbie takes forever to plug in Tori's charger; in fact, she was smiling.
  • Cat and Robbie sit across each other in Sikowitz's class.
  • When Robbie falls, Cat turns to him with a sad face, and her body is facing towards him with her knees just inches from the ground.
  • Cat gasps when Robbie falls.
  • Cat constantly stares at Robbie and sits in front of him during the poker game.
  • When it's André and Cat's turn to answer the question in the dating show, Robbie looks at them possibly with jealousy.
  • When Cat hugs André, Robbie has a sad look on his face.
  • Both Cat and Robbie have negative physical reactions to Beck and Jade's constant fighting: Cat faints and Robbie cries.
  • During Tori and Robbie's turn, Cat frowns when Tori hits Robbie.
  • Cat keeps watching Tori and Robbie during the game show.
  • Cat watches Robbie take Trina off Beck.
  • Cat frowns when Robbie gets onto Trina.
  • After Tori walks off to throw her Pear Phone GX away, Robbie walks over to Cat and stands next to her; their shoulders touch, and neither seem to mind.

André's Horrible Girl

  • Cat calls Robbie for help when Jade accidentally breaks the guitar and the window.
  • Cat thinks that Robbie is able to fix things while Jade, on the other hand, is doubtful of Robbie's abilities.
  • Cat had Robbie's phone number to call him with.
  • When Robbie comes in, he shouts, "Cat, hey Cat!" in a cheery tone.
  • When Jade says "Robbie can't even work the zipper on his own pants," Cat giggles, but nervously, as if she knew from first-hand experience that he had trouble with zippers.
  • When Jade and Beck are arguing, Cat says, "Why is Robbie's zipper down?" This may mean that she has been watching Robbie a lot.
  • Robbie seems like he's trying to impress Cat with his new PearPhone XT's virtual assistant.
  • When Beck and Jade are arguing, Robbie is smiling shyly at Cat.
  • Robbie looks sad and guilty when he and Jade broke a lot of things in the house, knowing that he is getting Cat in trouble.
  • Robbie says "I heard a buzz," maybe because he is worried that Cat will get in trouble.
  • Cat looks back at Robbie when she is talking on the intercom with her mom's boss.
  • Robbie tries to cheer Cat up by saying, "It's gonna be okay."
  • Cat looks back and smiles at Robbie when he says that the earth is "quaking."
  • When Beck protects Cat from the lamp explosion, Robbie looks at them with an upset look on his face, possibly an expression of jealousy.
  • When the boss says, "Son, your zipper," Cat looks back at Robbie and starts to smile at him.
  • Robbie seems extremely sad and helpless when Cat started to cry.
  • Robbie tells Cat's mom's boss, "I'm Robbie," maybe because he wants to get the approval of everyone in Cat's life.

Car, Rain & Fire

  • Cat and Robbie don't interact in this episode. However, Cat sat near Robbie's locker when she was sad about Mona Patterson; possibly because she wanted to think about Robbie to cheer herself up.

Tori & Jade's Play Date

Tumblr m0daxusPxK1r09zs6o1 250.gif
Tumblr m0daxusPxK1r09zs6o2 r1 250.gif
Tumblr m0daxusPxK1r09zs6o3 250.gif
  • Sikowitz picks Cat and Robbie to present the bad news.
  • Cat whispers in Robbie's ear to tell him what to do.
  • Robbie likes Cat's idea, exclaiming, "That's good!"
  • Cat laughs at Robbie when he says "fetch", but not in a mean way.
  • They both agree that it's fun singing together.
  • When Cat says "by telling them in a language they don't understand," Robbie nods and points at her, like saying that she is right.
  • Robbie and Cat get very happy and smile at each other whenever their songs cheer someone up.
  • When Sikowitz gives Robbie the card, Robbie and Cat stand close to each other.
    IMG 2182.PNG
  • Cat and Robbie are seen talking to each other very closely on the stairs when André walks up to them, and they continue to stand close to each other while talking to André.
  • Cat doesn't understand what André meant, so she turns to Robbie, and he explains it to her.
  • Cat stares at Robbie the whole time when he talks about cleaning the urine in Beck's car.
  • Cat and Robbie sing to a smelly boy.

    Cat whispering in Robbie's ear

  • Cat and Robbie make up a song on the spot while trying to cheer a little boy up.
  • Cat and Robbie go to Trina's house together at night and sing to her because her date canceled on her.
  • When Trina goes and breaks Robbie's guitar outside, Cat and Robbie stand close to each other and gasp.
  • Right when you hear Trina destroying Robbie's guitar, Cat pats Robbie on his arm for a quick second.
  • Cat and Robbie sing to Beck about how his car now smells like pee.
  • Cat and Robbie thought of "now comes the bad part!" at the same time while singing to Beck.
  • Cat and Robbie sit next to each other at Sikowitz's play.
  • After Cat and Robbie finish singing to Beck, they jump up and down and say that it was fun.
  • Cat smiles at Robbie when he says "now hear some news" in a funny way, and she turns away, possibly so that she doesn't burst out laughing.
  • Robbie happily suggests that they should make out sometime, and he doesn't seem like he's joking when he says it.
  • After he says that, Cat pinches his cheeks and says "Robbie, you're so gross!" in a happy tone, but she never says that they shouldn't make out.
  • Cat seems happy that Robbie asked her to make out with him.
  • Robbie looks upset when Cat said that he is gross.
  • Cat and Robbie sing four songs together.
    IMG 2128.PNG
    • Though in a deleted scene, Cat and Robbie sing a song to a school bully. That technically makes it 5 songs, tying with Tori and André for the most duets between a pair at the time of this episode.
  • In a deleted scene, Cat noticed that Robbie had peed in his pants and Robbie denies it in a very shy way, probably because he didn't want Cat to know about it. Rex then says that his leg is damp, which could show that Robbie doesn't want to lie to Cat.
  • The two sit next to each other at the play.

April Fools' Blank

Cat & Robbie are next to each other

  • When Cat is in the bathroom, Robbie comes out and says, "Don't be scared, Cat." Cat then asks, "Robbie, who are you?" Robbie replies, "I'm Robbie," then Cat says excitedly, "Hi, Robbie!"
  • André tells Cat to punch Robbie and she does, then gasps and pulls him back up.
  • Cat looks at Robbie and Jade when they are arguing, and Cat smiles at Robbie.
  • When the whole cast is singing and it's Robbie's turn to sing, Cat and Robbie look at each other in amazement.
  • When everyone falls to the floor, Cat and Robbie are facing each other about three feet apart.
  • Cat played Dorothy in The Wizard of Wazz and Robbie played the scarecrow. Do note that in the original film Dorothy states that she'll miss the scarecrow most of all.
  • In the movie, the scarecrow and Dorothy were originally going to date each other.

Driving Tori Crazy

  • Robbie seems to be the only one interested in Cat's box.
  • When Robbie turns around after buying a drink, he stares at Cat for a while, and they smile at each other while Beck and André wonder why Cat had a box full of C batteries.
  • Cat gives Robbie batteries.
  • Robbie seems interested in how Cat got the C batteries.
  • Robbie knows the app Cat is talking about.
  • Cat asks Robbie to help pass out C batteries.
  • Robbie asks for a hug from Cat in return for helping pass the batteries out.
  • Cat says maybe she will give Robbie a hug in a flirty tone.
  • Robbie helps her anyway despite the fact that he may not get a hug afterward, or potentially even the possibility of getting hugged by Cat means enough for Robbie to help her.
  • Cat asks Tori if Robbie drove her to school, possibly showing that she cares about Robbie.
  • Robbie (through Rex) defends Cat by telling Tori to not be a grunge.

How Trina Got In

  • Robbie appears to be the only one who knew Cat keeps candy in her bra.
Tumblr m4a5o2Vz5q1qjhgnwo1 500.png

Tori Goes Platinum

  • Right after the class watches the video of Mason's announcement, the viewer can see the class get up and Robbie's telling Cat something.
  • When Sikowitz tells the class to sit down, Robbie sits next to Cat.
  • Robbie turns to look at Cat after answering Sikowitz in the beginning and smiles.
  • When Tori walks into class in her new outfit, Cat and Robbie turn around at the same time.
  • Robbie wants to give Cat bibble, even though she is clearly not allowed to have any.
  • Ironically, Robbie is the one to notice that Cat wants to PearChat with Tori.
  • Robbie doesn't wait for Tori to allow him to PearChat with Cat, on Tori's PearBook.
  • Robbie seems to be looking at Cat in a loving way whilst they are PearChatting.
  • Robbie called Cat "cutie" during the PearChat session.
  • Robbie calls Cat "Little red thing" with a smile on his face.
  • Cat smiles and says "hi" to André and Robbie after Robbie calls her "little red thing", but her smile is mainly directed towards Robbie.
  • Robbie gives Cat bibble.
  • Cat has a surprised look on her face when her "Bibble Guard" pushes Robbie.
  • Robbie calls Cat out for eating bibble, probably to keep her from getting addicted.
  • During the video chat, Robbie is always looking at the screen with a big smile on his face, meaning that he never takes his eyes off Cat.
  • Robbie keeps calling Cat pet names throughout this episode, which is usually what people do when they're in a relationship.
  • Robbie might have wanted to go to the Platinum Music Awards because he wanted to see Cat.
  • Both applaud Tori after her performance.

Crazy Ponnie

  • Robbie and Cat sit next to each other at lunch.
  • When Robbie asks what happened to Jade, he looks at Cat, and even though she was explaining the situation to everyone, she mostly looks at Robbie like she's only talking to him.
  • When Jade tries to attack Cat while handcuffed to the table, Cat appears to almost bury her head in Robbie's shoulder, almost like she sees him as a protector.
  • When Jade and Cat are fighting in class, Robbie just sits there, and it looks like he's about to laugh.
  • Robbie tries to comfort Cat after Jade shaved her head.

The Blonde Squad

So damn cute.png
  • Several pictures were posted on of Cat and Robbie for this episode, one with the caption, "Sweet Serenade Aww, could this finally mean romance for Cat and Robbie?! You'll have to watch to find out!"
  • In this episode, Robbie reveals that he has a crush on Cat.
  • Robbie wrote a song ("I Think You're Swell") about Cat.
  • Robbie does not bring Rex to school at all in this episode, possibly because he wants to tell Cat how he feels without Rex interfering or commenting.
  • Cat hugs Robbie (and Tori and an unknown student) while she's giving out free hugs to everyone. When Cat is giving out free hugs, she wraps her arms around Robbie's neck, and he lifted her off the ground a bit.
  • When Cat complains about her wig hurting in the beginning, Robbie comes out just before Tori is about to fix her wig and starts yelling at Tori because he is the "Wig Master", and no one else should touch the wigs. He acts possessively as if he doesn't want anyone else but him to touch her.
  • After Cat finishes hugging Robbie, her arms linger around Robbie's neck slightly longer before she pulls away.
  • Whenever Cat talks about her date with Evan, Robbie becomes visibly upset or jealous.
  • When Cat is worried Evan Smith won't go out with her once he finds out she's not really blonde, Robbie stands up and objects, telling Cat that he is tired of hearing her bring herself down, that she is adorable and any boy would be lucky as cheese to date her.
  • Cat tells Robbie that he's really sweet, but he doesn't know how guys think, then Robbie gets offended and leaves the table.
  • Robbie fixes Cat's blonde wig, despite the fact that he wants to date her, possibly because he cannot say no to her and/or wants her to be happy.
  • When Cat realizes she never told Evan she wasn't a real blonde, she starts to cry, which triggered Robbie to put a hand on her shoulder in an effort to comfort her, which she slapped away in pain. Afterward, when Tori tells Cat to tell Evan the truth, Cat starts to feel sad again, and Robbie pats her shoulder. Cat lets Robbie comfort her this time.
  • When Cat hugs Robbie, he looks pleasantly surprised and says, "Someone's a happy Cat", smiling brightly at her. It's possible that, after seeing Cat being super happy, he felt he had a better chance of telling her his feelings while getting a positive response from her and going into a relationship. Or he just might like seeing her happy.
  • Robbie says that he thinks Evan is pretty dumb for not seeing how great Cat is.
  • Robbie and Cat at the end of the episode were alone in the Blackbox Theater.
  • When Robbie asks Cat if she wants to hear the song he wrote she refuses, and then Robbie quietly asks, "Please?" and Cat says, "Okay."
  • Robbie comforts Cat after Evan turns her down by singing her a song he wrote for her, about her.
  • They are looking lovingly at each other during the song.
  • Cat is seen blushing and laughing throughout the whole song.
  • After the song is over, Robbie looks at Cat in almost a nervous way, as if he wonders if she knows that the song was about her and what her response will be.
  • When Cat thinks about dying her hair blonde, Robbie winces and shakes his head. This could be because he didn't want her to change who she was and/or that he failed at telling Cat how he feels.
  • Robbie, along with Tori, follows Cat out of the theater.
  • Cat is holding a purple giraffe, the Cabbie animal, during I Think You're Swell.
  • When Tori is telling Cat that any guy would be lucky to date her, Robbie nods and adds, "Lucky as cheese."
  • Robbie helps Cat take off her wig before she confronts Evan.
  • When they are walking to the bathroom, they almost look like they're holding hands and Robbie comforts her while they're walking.
  • Jade knows that Robbie played pirates with Cat and seemed to know what actually happened between them when they played pirates the first time. This may be because Cat told her or some other unknown reason.
  • Cat and Robbie were both visibly upset at the lunch table, although each of them had a different reason to be upset.
  • Robbie tells Cat that she's being silly when she's worried about what Evan would think of her without the wig.
  • When the bird lands on Cat's head, Robbie smiles before getting worried and going to help her. This may be because he knew that losing the wig would blow her cover, and he wanted her to be herself. Also, when the bird lands on her head, Robbie is the first to notice this, but that would be sort of impossible since no noise was being made (if anything, her date should have been the first to notice). It's possible that the reason he turned around was to check on how Cat was doing with her date, or that he had been watching her the whole time.
  • Throughout the episode, Robbie is constantly staring at Cat and comforts her often, even when sometimes it benefits her more than him.
  • When Tori says "He'll think you're amazing," Robbie smiles in agreement.
  • Robbie calls Cat by her full name at the lunch table. This is the first time anyone (besides Cat herself on TheSlap) has ever called her by her full name on the show.
  • When Cat asks Robbie to fix her wig, he says "okay" in a sad and reluctant way.
  • When Robbie and Cat are leaving so he can help her remove her wig, he holds her wrist loosely.
  • When Cat and Tori are talking about Evan, Robbie sadly says, "Oh, you met a fella?" Probably because he was planning on telling her how he feels, and he couldn't if she was dating someone else.
  • After Robbie sings the song to Cat, she puts a hand on his arm and keeps it there until the end of the episode.
  • Robbie's face lights up when Cat reacted to the song, thinking that she had figured out what he was trying to say.

    The Blonde Squad Robbie Tells Cat How Adorable She Is

    Robbie telling Cat how adorable she is

  • Robbie sounds worried when Cat tells him and Tori that she didn't tell Evan about the wig or the contacts.
  • When Tori confronts Robbie about the wig, Robbie says that he is the wig master and that it is his duty to help people with their wigs. This could very well just be an excuse for helping Cat because he wanted her to be happy.
  • Cat laughed about the lyrics of I Think You're Swell, but not in a mean way.
  • When Tori and Cat are talking about bringing Evan to the premiere of The Blonde Squad (Beck's short film), Robbie chimes in and says, "I was the wig master," probably because he wanted to be included in the conversation or he wanted Cat's attention and to stop the conversation from revolving around Evan.
  • Robbie was acting differently in this episode due to his feelings for Cat.
  • When Robbie is saying that his song is about a girl (Cat), he leans against a locker and looks away dreamily. He was probably thinking about Cat.
  • When Trina assumes the song he wrote was about her he tries to correct her that it was in fact not for her at all showing that any crush he had on her before is now over.
  • Cat reminded Tori and Jade that Robbie had to take off their wigs before going to Nozu, even though the girls could've just taken them off themselves without Robbie's help. But Robbie probably wouldn't let them.
  • Robbie still sings his song to Cat even though there was a higher chance of rejection with what happened with Evan.
  • Even though they didn't get together in this episode, Ariana Grande tweeted after this episode aired that Cabbie will happen in a future episode of Victorious.
  • Part of the song I Think You're Swell says Cat is a baby giraffe, which could mean she is the giraffe that learns to love.
  • Robbie's song was sweet, but he made it funny so Cat would laugh.
  • Cat listened to Robbie's song despite the fact that Robbie was partly responsible for Cat getting rejected.
  • This is the first episode to have major hints of Cabbie possibly happening sometime in the future.
  • One of the lyrics in Robbie's song is "And later if you're hungry, I'll make you some spaghetti." Cat asks Robbie, "Would there be meatballs?" Robbie says, "There would."
  • Robbie looks upset when Cat thinks about dying her hair blonde instead, suggesting he likes her the way she is and/or he doesn't want her to get Evan back.

Season 4

Wanko's Warehouse

  • Cat and Robbie stand particularly close to each other throughout the episode.
  • Robbie seems upset to the point of frowning when Tori told André to "restrain" Cat.
  • When Tori walks off to talk with Sinjin, Robbie gestures Cat (in the background) to come over and they have a conversation with each other.
  • When André says that they are all trapped behind the laser beams like caged animals, Cat asks if she could be a hippo-pata-moose, the word she claims to be hippopotamus in French. Robbie makes a face to this as if he bought it.
  • When Cat is about to lick the laser beams, Robbie grabs her and pulls her away from them.
  • Robbie could've just let go of her after he pulled her away from the lasers, but he instead kept her by his side in his arms. It can be inferred by this that Robbie is very protective of Cat.
  • When Cat laughs about wanting to lick the laser beams, Robbie somewhat smiles at her, while the rest of the group seems annoyed.
  • When André and Beck slide Robbie under the lasers and he crashes, Cat gasps and looks concerned for him, and when Tori threw his walkie talkie at him, she gasps again.

    Cat touching Robbie's chest <3

  • Though Cat calls Robbie's walkie talkies stupid, she admits to liking them.
  • When Cat tells Robbie she likes his walkie talkies, she strokes his chest comfortingly. Robbie reacts with a shy look on his face and they almost seem couple-ish.

The Hambone King

  • Cat finds it "so weird" that people are talking to Robbie.
  • Cat (along with Tori) helps Robbie with his hambone routine by tap dancing.

    Cabbie high-five of friendship! :)

  • Cat seems sad after Robbie yells that he doesn't want to breathe "her air."
  • Cat looks amazed at Robbie's hamboning skills when she watches his video and says "That's so fun!"
  • Cat and Robbie go to Nozu together (along with Tori).
  • While they're at Nozu with Tori, Cat and Robbie constantly smile at each other.
  • Cat and Robbie talk about how Cat's brother and Robbie's grandmother both take naps in the bathroom while Tori is in the restroom. After realizing they have something in common, they give each other a friendly high-five.
  • After Tori leaves Cat and Robbie to themselves, it is secretly shown just by their in common communication, how well they would be as a couple and how easily they could get along at the best of times.
  • Gerald calls Cat Robbie's "girl", which could mean that he thinks they are dating.
  • When Gerald's friend gives Cat a "tornado", Robbie looks appalled and angry.
  • Robbie asks Cat if she wants to be his girl, but she says, "I'm good". This clearly shows that Robbie has a crush on Cat, and that Cat knows about it.
  • Cat's reaction to Robbie asking her to be his girlfriend is much gentler than Tori's reaction, which could be a sign that she's warming up to him.
  • Cat looks scared for Robbie when Gerald and his friend were being mean to him.
  • Cat tries to defend Robbie when Gerald says he is the Hambone King.
  • Cat looks at Robbie for help right after the guy did a tornado in her face.
  • Cat finds it cute that Kwakoo asks Robbie for his autograph.
  • Cat looks impressed when Robbie is battling Gerald and disappointed when Gerald does well.
  • Cat goes to Jade and André about Robbie because she gets worried about him being alone outside with the two guys. Then, she goes with them to help Robbie when he goes outside to hambone with Gerald.
  • Even though Robbie asks Jade to get him a crate, Cat gets one for him instead.
  • Cat brings up the restroom conversation when Robbie asks where Tori was.
  • Cat screams, "Go Robbie!" when he is fighting Gerald for the first time.
  • Cat gasps when Robbie gets injured.

    Cabbie cheek kiss gif <3

  • Cat runs to Robbie when he is on the floor and says, "Robbie, come on" while gently touching his side.
  • When Robbie tells everyone to go after losing his first hambone match, Cat looks sad and is reluctant to leave him.
  • Robbie accepted the hambone challenge to defend Cat.
  • Cat kisses Robbie on the cheek and wishes him good luck before the competition.
  • After Cat kisses him, Robbie is pleasantly surprised and appears to be more confident about battling Gerald.
  • Robbie was willing to fight Gerald and Merl alone to protect Cat.

Three Girls and a Moose

  • Robbie asks Cat to be his magician's assistant for the benefit, and Cat agrees to do it.
  • Robbie wants Cat to come to rehearse the magic act after school with him. It can also be a sign that he wants to spend some time with her, alone or not.
  • Robbie gets mad and replaces Cat with Sinjin when she doesn't show up for the rehearsal.
  • Cat is hurt when she hears that Robbie had replaced her in the show.
  • While singing LA Boyz, Cat sits on Robbie's lap and sings to him for a little bit.
  • Robbie is happy that Cat sat on his lap during her performance.
  • When Robbie says "It was very sweet," he looks more at Cat than he does at Tori.
  • Robbie chooses to sit with Tori, Cat, and Moose at Karaoke Dokie instead of with Beck and André possibly because he wants to sit with Cat, even fighting Jade a bit to sit near Cat.
  • Cat (and Tori) sing LA Boyz to show her/their appreciation and love for Robbie (and Beck, and André... and all the boys part of the Tinkle-Aid).
  • Cat and Robbie both have concerned and hurt faces when the boys confront the girls about skipping their rehearsals.
  • When they're in Karaoke Dokie, Cat says that she loves hamburgers. Right after she says this, Robbie immediately tries to call the waiter, maybe because he wants to please her.
  • Robbie says that the girls' (Tori and Cat) singing was sweet, while André says it was hot and Beck says it was cool.
  • Robbie is very jealous of Cat flirting with Moose, contrasting his only slight jealousy at Tori flirting with Moose.

Cell Block

Tumblr me47chYfid1ru0676o1 250.gif
Tumblr mdvqk64Ptg1rpinpvo6 r1 250.gif
  • Robbie and Cat sit very close together in Sikowitz's class.
  • Cat and Robbie sit away from the rest of the group in the beginning.
  • Cat and Robbie (and Jade) are all going to be in a play together.
  • Robbie goes to sit next to Cat when Sikowitz interrupts their rehearsal.
  • When Robbie takes his shirt off, Cat does not take her eyes off him.
  • Cat keeps smiling as she stares at Robbie with his shirt off.
  • When Sikowitz demands their phones, Cat gives Robbie her phone so he can put it away. He doesn't seem to mind doing her the favor, either.
  • When Cat is playing with the toy phone, she claimed she was getting texts from Robbie's friend, Billy Kwan, from Asia, who Robbie only briefly mentioned to Beck and André. This shows that Robbie told Cat about Billy first before anyone else and shows their close friendship.
  • Cat and Robbie sit next to each other at lunch and Robbie attempted to cheer her up when she misses her phone.
  • At one point, while restraining Cat, Robbie has his hands on Cat's stomach and hips.
  • When Robbie says that girls are weak, Cat agrees.
  • Out of the whole gang, Cat and Robbie are the most affected by Sikowitz's dare.
  • When Robbie goes into the Black Box in his Scuba Fairy costume Cat immediately starts to laugh almost uncontrollably.
  • Cat wants to take a photo of Robbie's Scuba Fairy costume.
  • After the group restrains Cat and her shirt rides up, Robbie softly pulls it down.
  • When the girls are having a pretend conversation about Trina posting a pic on the slap of Tori's butt mole, Cat in one instance is distracted and looks at Robbie to see his reaction. Tori and Jade have to give her a look to make her pay attention to them.

Tori Fixes Beck and Jade

  • Cat happily greets Robbie when he walks into the school carrying his sister's butterfly.
    Tumblr mec82rhgjc1rqy6q8o5 250.gif
  • Robbie tells Cat that she has to whisper around the butterfly and thanks her when she complies.
  • The subplot of the episode is that Robbie helps Cat remove a butterfly from her ear.
  • Cat allows Robbie to hold a banana up to her ear in order for him to feed the butterfly.
  • Cat flirts with Robbie (wrapping her hand around his neck, playing with his shirt as she is close to him, and stroking his hair) in order for him to show her his sister's butterfly.
  • Cat screams for Robbie when the butterfly begins to flap its wings inside of her ear.
  • Robbie looks alarmed when Cat begins to scream about the butterfly.
  • Cat mentions how Robbie's cousin almost got attacked by a tiger at the zoo. This could mean that Robbie chose to share that with her or that Cat was with Robbie and his cousin when that happened.
    TFB&J 4.jpg
  • When Robbie walks into the Blackbox Theater with the Butterfly Motel he says "Looky, looky, what I got." Cat then immediately covers her eyes and says, "No I don't want to see that thing again. Put it away." (It is unknown what Cat didn't want to see).
  • Cat puts her head in the Butterfly Motel after Robbie tells her that it might make the butterfly crawl out of her ear.
  • Cat is happy for Robbie when they finally get the butterfly out of her ear.

gif- Cat flirting with Robbie :)

  • During Jade's performance at one point, you can see Robbie pat Cat affectionately on the back (see gif on the right).
  • Cat seems to be the only one interested in Robbie's butterfly. She's the only main character that acknowledges it.
  • Cat and Robbie spend almost the entire episode together, and they only interact with Sinjin and André's grandmother and don't directly interact with any of the other main characters.
  • Robbie seems worried when he finds out the butterfly is in Cat's ear.

One Thousand Berry Balls

  • The plot of the episode is all about Cabbie: Robbie wants to ask Cat to the dance, but asks someone else instead when she keeps avoiding him.
  • Robbie is seen chasing Cat through Sikowitz's classroom.
  • Cat does not want to ruin her friendship with Robbie by going to the dance with him.
  • Robbie keeps chasing Cat even though she keeps running away from him.
    Tumblr mes8g17dQD1rrori1o1 250.gif
  • Robbie catches her as she tries to run away from him in the Blackbox Theater.
  • Robbie and Cat are alone once again in the Blackbox Theater when he chased her.
  • When Robbie chases Cat through the class, he stretches his arms to Cat's waist.
  • Robbie pets Cat's forehead bump (probably to make her feel better), and Cat thanks him for doing that.
  • Throughout Tori and André's performance, Robbie and Cat are dancing and holding hands.
  • Robbie asks if he can tell Cat a secret and kisses her after she says "Sure".
  • Cat kisses Robbie back.
  • Robbie is the first one to react when Cat got kicked.
  • Robbie kneels by Cat until Lane comes and stays with her even after he leaves.
  • This is the second time Cat and Robbie kiss (on the lips) in the show, the first time being Stage Fighting.
  • This is the first time Robbie kisses Cat (instead of the other way around).
  • This is the fourth time Cat and Robbie have had some form of a kiss so far.
  • Cat gasps and runs away after Robbie kisses her. This could mean that she is conflicted about her feelings for him and that she may possibly feel the same way but doesn't want to admit it.
  • Cat throws and destroys a chair against the wall at the after Robbie mention he got a date with another girl.
  • Robbie looks extremely disappointed when Cat runs off.
  • Cat wants Robbie to stay with her after she got kicked in the head.
  • Cat holds his hand while they sit down and doesn't care when he says that his hand is all sweaty.
  • Cat goes to Jade (and Beck) multiple times for advice on how to deal with her feelings for Robbie.
  • Cat's jealousy gets so obvious to the point that Jade tries to have a disinterested Beck comment on it when Cat goes dancing with Sinjin.
  • Cat says "GABRIELLA" in an angry and jealous tone after throwing the chair against the wall.
  • When Cat goes to get fruit punch, she constantly looks back at the dance floor to see what Robbie and Gabriella are doing.
    Tumblr mes19vi9BF1r97yy1o4 250.gif
  • After seeing Robbie having a good time with Gabriella, she throws the hot dog in the punch and storms away.
  • Cat asks Sinjin to dance with her so she can make Robbie jealous.
  • While Tori and André were introducing the song "Here's 2 Us" Cat and Robbie are still holding hands while cheering for Tori and André to start the song and continue to do so throughout the performance.
  • While Cat is dancing with Sinjin, she tries to get Robbie to notice her by doing things such as holding him close to her, laughing even though Sinjin never said anything, and comment on how Sinjin's dancing is better than Robbie's. It is clear to see from this point on that she was jealous of Robbie's date.

    That touching moment :)

Robbie Sells Rex

  • Cat twice accompanies Robbie to Mason Thornesmith's office. The first time he went, it was only the two of them.
  • Cat seems really worried about Robbie's feelings.
  • Robbie gets worried when Cat asks Mason's assistant if she could have some bibble. Also, Cat listens to Robbie's warnings when he stops her from eating bibble.
  • Cat is offended when Robbie appears to seriously consider selling her to Francis Thornesmith. Even then, she is shocked at the idea of Robbie and Rex being separated.
  • Even though Rex has treated Cat badly in the past, she still says goodbye to him (possibly because she knows how much Rex means to Robbie).
    Tumblr mf581xQu6e1roqlbso4 250.gif
  • Rex (really Robbie) doesn't insult Cat when he says goodbye to her.
  • Cat helps drag Robbie out of Mason's office after he faints.
  • When Robbie sees Rex's face on Cat's face, he starts walking towards her as if he is in love with her.
  • Cat is the first one he saw with Rex's face, possibly showing he connected one thing he loves with another thing he loves.
  • Cat tells André that Robbie called her in the morning asking her "What do I do?" multiple times and she answered him back "I don't know" the same way. This shows he values her opinion on important decisions.
  • When André says Cat's a good friend for Robbie for the aforementioned, she agrees. This also shows that Cat and Robbie match each other and would be good for one another (in a way) judging by how she treated the situation.
  • When Robbie asks Cat if she is going to leave with him out of Mason's office, she tells him she would meet him outside, showing she traveled with him.
  • Cat tells to Robbie to wait for her outside.
  • Their posts on TheSlap are used as scene transitions during the episode.

The Bad Roommate

Tumblr mg79ud4LEG1rpinpvo4 r1 250.gif
  • Cat gets mad when Robbie (and Beck) doesn't notice her and says "Hi!" angrily.
  • Robbie greets her happily, despite the fact that she sounded mad at him.
  • Cat and Robbie (and Beck) laugh together because Jade looked like she was picking her nose on PearMaps.
  • Robbie shows her the PearMaps app on his PearPad.
  • Jade gets mad at both Cat and Robbie numerous times for saying that she "picked her nose".
  • Robbie looked concerned when he saw Cat eating the bush peas.
  • Cat stands really close to Robbie when she greets him.
  • When Cat looks up and waves, Robbie looks in the same direction, probably wondering to whom she is saying hi.
  • Cat and Robbie are wearing opposite color schemes in the other's usual color. Robbie usually wears solid blues and Cat usually wears lots of pink. Here Cat wears blue and Robbie wears dark pink.

Brain Squeezers

Tumblr mgkqzubmt51rrndj1o1 500.gif
  • Robbie looks at Cat's phone to see what she's doing.
  • Cat lets Robbie take her phone from her and doesn't seem bothered at all when he does so.
  • When Cat approaches the table, Robbie says hi, but Cat pinches his lips together shut.
  • Cat sits next to Robbie at the lunch table.
  • While on hold, Cat says "What if I find my one true love?" Robbie starts to say something about love, but Cat shushes him before he can get the chance to say anything. It was possible that he was going to try to hint to Cat that he loves her.
  • Both Cat and Robbie seem the most desperate to be on Tori's Brain Squeezers team, as they both directly stated their interest in being on Tori's team, while everyone else only subtly implied that they wanted to be on Tori's team.
  • They are both concerned about each other when they're doinked on "Brain Squeezers"
  • Cat grabs Robbie's arm while he begs Tori to let him be on her team.
  • When Cat tells Robbie to shut up, he looks hurt.
  • Both look worried when the other is doinked.

The Slap Fight

Tumblr mgxpgaoBeN1rkg0iyo1 250.gif
  • After Sinjin's short film and the class is dismissed, Cat immediately goes over to Robbie and they smile to one another.
  • When Cat and Robbie leave Sikowitz's class to get more followers, they hold hands.
  • When Tori asks where they're both going, they make up excuses and sound like they're lying. Given that they left together, this could be another potential sign that they're secretly dating.
  • When the gang is about to shoot their short film the first time in class, Cat is doing Robbie's makeup and Robbie compliments her and she swoons at that.
  • Cat asks Robbie if her doing the make-up hurt, and she looks concerned.
  • Cat and Robbie stand very close to each other during the entire episode.
  • Cat knows that Robbie has no butt-pimples.
  • Robbie is mad at Cat for tweeting about him, and by the tone he used, it almost sounded like he felt betrayed (i.e. he trusted her like a girlfriend- as they acted that way in this episode).
  • Cat knows that Robbie has hated himself for years.
  • Cat and Robbie act a lot like a couple in this episode by smiling, laughing, and being close.
  • Robbie yelling at Cat showed a side of Cat we rarely see, she stood up for herself and loudly said "It's not my fault Tori's the one who started this godforsaken followers war."
  • When the group angers Tori enough that she's about to fire back, Cat and Robbie look terrified.

Star Spangled Tori

  • Cat and Robbie sit next to each other in Sikowitz's classroom.
  • Robbie (and Jade) help Cat out with her home troubles.
  • Robbie is the first one to notice Cat enter Tori's house and alerts Jade about it before Tori sings the national anthem.
  • Robbie sits down next to Cat on her bed when she talks about her parents going to Idaho.
BBjef9hCYAAdbf .png
  • Robbie plays cards with Cat in order to keep her company.
  • Robbie accepts Cat's corn nuts when she offers them to him.
  • Robbie (and Jade) are concerned about Cat living in an insufficient, rat-infested place.
  • Robbie (and Jade) follow Cat into Hollywood Arts, even though they could've gotten in trouble for doing so.
  • It is suggested that Cat and Robbie played multiple games with each other besides cards, possibly meaning that Robbie had been staying with Cat for a while.
  • Robbie tries to play pirates with her again, but she screams in fear when he puts his eye patch on.
  • Robbie looks sad for a while when Cat screams at the idea of playing pirates.
  • Robbie tells Jade that he saw Cat brushing her teeth in the girls' bathroom in the morning. After she replied with "Why were you in the girls' bathroom?", he looked back at Cat and immediately tried to change the subject. This could imply that he follows Cat.
  • Robbie (and Jade) appear to be surprised and worried when Cat told them that her parents were going to be gone for a long time.
  • When Cat tells Robbie he can go because she was all right, he refused to leave and said he won't leave her alone; this suggests that he worries about her.
  • This episode proves definitively just how much Robbie cares for Cat, being willing to even stay in the attic with her and quickly noticing her odd(er) behavior.
  • Robbie (and Jade) chase Cat all over the halls.
  • When Jade and Robbie call for Cat in the Blackbox Theater, he says "Here, Kitty kitty kitty." "Kitty" could be yet another nickname that he uses for Cat.


Hug gif! <3

  • When Cat tells the class that she got a Pajelehoocho from a commercial, Robbie immediately finds it and shows it to her and the rest of the class.
  • Robbie explains to Cat that a “gross” is 144 and seems very concerned that she'd bought so many.
  • While Cat could have called anyone's name to hold them back, she chose Robbie.

    Aww Cabbie hug.

  • When Cat asks Robbie if he wants a Pajelehoocho, he accepts (though this is mainly because of “Sikowitz’s Yes bet").
  • When everybody runs out of the classroom, Cat calls Robbie's name and he responds to her quickly, he could have run but decided to stay.
  • When Cat asks Robbie if he wants a Pajelehoocho, Robbie says "Cat..." and smiles sadly at her, meaning that even though he didn't want to wear one, he was originally going to refuse Cat's offer nicely and sympathetically.
  • The two are seen in the halls together wearing matching Pajelehoochos.
  • Cat sounds deeply offended when Robbie confesses to initially viewing Pajelehoochos as stupid.
  • When Cat and Robbie are walking through the city together, Robbie comments on how he likes the Pajelehoocho now, which makes Cat extremely happy. They embrace and Robbie swings Cat around in a circle while she laughs.
  • When the thugs ask for their Pajelehoochos, Robbie refuses before Cat reminds him of their bet with Sikowitz.
  • After two thieves take their Pajelehoochos, they hide behind some trash cans together because they are only in their underwear. Robbie asks Cat if she wants to “snoodle” together. She laughs at this at first, but then says, “Gross.”
  • Even though Cat's response was "gross" to Robbie's question, she never flat out said "No" to his offer.
  • Cat and Robbie use a trash can to get themselves home without anyone seeing them half-naked. They are very close together while in the trash can. Robbie also has his arm around Cat.
  • Usually, couples wear the same thing; Cat and Robbie were both wearing Pajelehoochos.
  • Cat and Robbie are seen walking together in the night, possibly on a date.
  • Cat and Robbie are not fazed by the fact when they saw each other in their "underwear".
  • Cat and Robbie spend the entire time together.
  • Cat and Robbie seem to have fun in their garbage bin ride together, talking and shouting "Wheeeee!" as they roll down the street.
  • Robbie ensures Cat that they'll get home safely.

Other Programs

iParty with Victorious

  • When Robbie was rapping and told everyone to put their hands up, Cat was the only one who put her hands up.
  • Cat doesn't like that someone threw a potted plant at Robbie and it knocked him down.
    • She expresses this by typing "I realize Robbie was bad, but was it necessary to throw that plant at him?"
  • In the extended version of this episode, there was a scene cut out where Cat says through her app Speechy Keen that she wishes someone would pay attention to her and Robbie looks at her, hinting Cat wants Robbie to pay attention to her.
  • Along with André and Trina, they're very supportive of Tori/Steven contrasting their usual indifference to Bade.


  • Jade states, when she shows Sam a picture of Robbie, that Cat has a crush on Robbie for forever.
  • Not only does Cat return Robbie's feelings but mentions that she knows that the song is for her, and their kiss.
  • Cat is angry when Robbie is singing "I Think You're Swell" to Sam and later Cat says she thought she and Robbie had something special.
  • Robbie was jealous of Freddie spending time with Cat like a boyfriend and even punches Freddie in the stomach twice despite being physically weaker.
  • Cat says that she knows that Robbie's in love with her.
  • Cat realized that Robbie was singing the song he made for her.
  • Cat says twice angrily that Sam flirted with Robbie.
  • Cat doesn't want Sam to jump the tuna. It's only after Sam kisses Robbie that Cat says to Sam that she can jump the tuna and she doesn't care what happens to Sam because Cat got jealous.
  • Cat freaks out/starts screaming and looks away when Sam kisses Robbie.
  • Cat is concerned when Robbie is still in the tank and goes to save him, only to be knocked down by the tank.
  • Robbie asks Cat to go out to dinner with him, just the two of them and Cat says yes.
  • Robbie knew what food she would like to have, which was meatballs.
  • Cat referred to Robbie as her "kinda boyfriend."

Episodes with a Cabbie Plot/Subplot

  • The Birthweek Song: Robbie and Cat visit Robbie's grandmother to help her with her computer.
  • Beck's Big Break: Even though she wasn't fully part of Robbie's subplot, Cat was the only one who was concerned about Robbie's nightmares and she made sure Robbie went to Lane.
  • Prom Wrecker: Robbie asks Cat to the prom, but is rejected due to the fact that Cat already has a date. Robbie is then convinced she is lying and gets upset with her.
  • Who Did It to Trina?: Robbie gives a flashback in which Cat is in love with him, suggesting that he probably likes her.
  • A Christmas Tori: Robbie was Cat's Secret Santa and got her a fantastic present, which must have cost a lot (a cotton candy machine with a man to work it), Cat gives Robbie a kiss on the cheek.
  • The Breakfast Bunch: Cat and Robbie seem to be in love with each other in this episode.
  • Tori & Jade's Play Date: Cat and Robbie create a business in which they tell bad news in the form of a song.
  • The Blonde Squad: Robbie sings the song I Think You're Swell to Cat in this episode, revealing that he is in love with Cat. Robbie also compliments Cat and comforts her and cares for her throughout the whole episode.
  • Tori Fixes Beck and Jade: When Robbie's sister's butterfly flies into Cat's ear, he must help her get it out.
  • One Thousand Berry Balls: Robbie wants to ask Cat to the dance but asks someone else instead after she keeps avoiding him. Cat gets jealous of Robbie and his date in this episode and acts unlike herself, later revealing by her actions that she has a crush on him. Later on in the episode, Robbie kisses Cat, but she runs off.
  • Star Spangled Tori: Robbie (along with Jade) is concerned about Cat when finding out she lives in the attic, and keeps her company while Jade helps her to stay with her Nona.
  • Victori-Yes: Cat convinces Robbie (because of Sikowitz's bet) to wear a Pajelehoocho with her. Later on, they are forced to give their Pajelehoochos to two criminals and have to find a way to get back home while wearing only their underwear.


  • As a result of Jade's absence in the final scene of #TheKillerTunaJump, Cat and Robbie are the last two Victorious characters to be seen in any show.

Fan Representation

Cabbie TheBirdScene.png
  • Colors: Pink & Blue, because Cat wears mostly pink, and Robbie wears mostly blue. They are also the colors for a boy and a girl, hinting at a pairing.
  • Animal: Giraffe, because that's what Cat's holding when Robbie asks her to the Prome and also because the "giraffe" learning to love could be Cat. She also holds the giraffe while Robbie is singing I Think You're Swell to her. Also, in I Think You're Swell, Robbie sings "you're a baby giraffe and I'm a safety ranger." Note: This is the animal that the majority voted for. (Though this is also the Candre animal)
  • Food: Cotton Candy, because in the "Beggin On Your Knees" music video, they both feed each other cotton candy. Also, Robbie gets a cotton candy machine for Cat in A Christmas Tori. Another one could also be Spaghetti because Robbie says in his song "And later if you're hungry, I'll make you some spaghetti," and Cat stated her favorite food is spaghetti.
  • Mascot : PearPad, because that's what both of them use a lot in the

    Robbie and his PearPad 1.

    show to inform people.

    Cat on her PearPad 2.

  • Song: I Think You're Swell by Robbie Shapiro, because this is the song that Robbie sings to Cat when she's feeling down about Evan dumping her. Another reason is that Robbie wrote this song specifically about/for Cat. Hints

Robbie calls Cat hot :)

  • On TheSlap, Robbie posts that he's gonna ask Cat to Prom and wishes for luck; his mood was hopeful.
  • On the "Beggin' on Your Knees" gallery there's a photo of Robbie and Cat where Cat's looking at him the same way she did in one photo with her and her ex-boyfriend Danny. She is also looking up the same way at Evan Smith in The Blonde Squad gallery.
  • On the gallery "We Partied With iCarly", Robbie says the talking headband makes Cat look even hotter than usual.
  • When Robbie said no one ever writes on his board, Cat does.
  • Cat and Jade sing back-up for Robbie's song about strangers.
  • Robbie uploaded a video of Cat partying on the beach.
  • Robbie (and Beck) were playing "rocket ship" with Cat.


  • When Rex calls Cat ditsy, Robbie seemed mad at him and orders him to be nice to Cat.
  • There is a picture of Robbie and Cat as the Diddly Bops, where Cat is biting Robbie's costume.
  • When Cat uploaded a picture of Robbie crying, he commented saying that he just had something in his eye, to which Cat responds saying that when they went to go see "The Sketchbook" (indicating that they went to the movies together once) she caught him crying. Robbie then says that it was a very sad movie.
  • Robbie comments on Cat's profile video saying, "Cool Video."
  • Robbie wonders what soup Cat was eating.
  • On Cat's board (Page 4), Robbie posted "Cat, write on my board! No one's writing on it!"
  • On Robbie's board (Page 5), Cat posted:

Cat: "Hi, Robbie! I was watching this show last Saturday night, this live show thingy, and I saw this guy that looked EXACTLY like you!" To which many of the others replied. It goes like this:
Robbie: Was his name Andy?
Robbie: I DO NOT look like him!
Beck: Oh yeah, you do look like that guy!
Jade: I thought you were going to bed early on Saturday. If you ACTUALLY went to bed early, you wouldn't have seen THAT late-night show! So, what were you doing?
Rex: Ha! I'm lovin' this!

  • On Cat's board she wrote,
    Cat: Cut myself shaving my legs today. :( Why don't guys have to do this? So unfair.
    Robbie: We have to shave our faces...
    Rex: No WE don't. And she said "guys." She wasn't talking to you.
    Robbie: I AM a GUY I've told you!
  • Cat posted a new gallery called UNICORNED! with pictures of other people edited to look like unicorns. The caption for Robbie's picture says " Robbie: UNICORNED! Hahaha. As if Robbie wasn't CORNY enough!".
  • When Robbie posts that he has cookies on his page, Cat is the first one to comment.
  • IMG 0441.png
    Cat posted that she thinks mashed carrot baby food is delicious. Robbie replies saying that his favorite is creamed peas, suggesting they both like and eat baby food.
  • During the mustache weekend on TheSlap, Robbie posted a status saying that his mustache made him look more manly and how he wished he could grow one in real life. Cat commented saying she agreed that it made him look more manly and that he could probably get more girls if he could grew one for real. The way she typed it made it sound almost like she was flirting. He then replied (most likely sarcastically) "Thanks, Cat".
  • In Cat's status she said she likes to being tickled but she can't tickle herself and Robbie told her he could tickle himself.
  • Robbie asked in his status if anyone was up for a tea party at his house. Cat responded saying that she was, even though Robbie said it was only for guys.
    Tumblr lgzledlstN1qcqg9so1 500.png
  • Robbie posted that it's not weird that he has cutouts of Cat, because he has cutouts of all his pretty girl friends.
  • Cat posted a video on TheSlap called "Tweet Time With Cat 2". One of the questions asked what good qualities were for a boyfriend, and Cat responds, "Well, he should be really nice and smart and that's all that really matters." This seemed to fit with a description of Robbie.
  • In Cat's new video on TheSlap, she goes to Jade's house when Jade doesn't really want her there. Cat makes her sing a song with her. Kind of like when Robbie came over to Tori's house when she doesn't really want him there, and he makes Tori do an improv scene with him. They are very alike.
  • In this picture from the episode A Christmas Tori, Robbie and Cat dance together.
  • Cat posted that she bought some non-prescription glasses because she wants to look smart. She may have bought them because Robbie wears glasses.
  • Robbie posted "Sometimes I feel like Rex and I share a brain. " Cat responded, " Wait I'm confused... you don't".
  • Cat is in Robbie's song Stranger on a Bus and she dances when he sings. She also looks at him for a while.
  • Cat's latest update is, "Having a bad day? Feeling down? Let me and Robbie cheer you up thru song! La! La! La! (See you feel better already!)".
  • Cat posted pictures of a segment called "What's in my hand?" and she posted a picture of Robbie saying "Proof Robbie's Got A Brain." In the description, it said, "Are people who carry around an extra brain TWICE as smart?!?" meaning that she thinks Robbie is smart.
  • Cat posted a picture of herself and a garden gnome. She says that his name is Ben and doesn't like being called a "Ga-nome" (and says that "the G is silent, people!"). Robbie constantly says that Rex doesn't like being called a puppet. This shows another similarity between Cat and Robbie- they both have objects that don't like being called certain names.
  • On a video on TheSlap called "Pranking Sikowitz", Cat says Robbie's last name while pranking Sikowitz.
  • Robbie posted a pic of Cat form Tori goes Platinum where he admitted that Cat looked cool in glasses even though his grandma disagrees.
  • Cat made everyone's face into a fruit except Robbie's.
  • In Robbie's most recent TheSlap video (Robbie Sings "I Think You're Swell"), the caption reads this: "I wrote a song to cheer up my favorite little redhead. It's maybe sort-of about her."
  • In Cat's photo album "The Blonde Squad," she says that Robbie sang her a really sweet song and that she loved it. She also includes a lot of pictures of Robbie and captions about him.
  • According to Cat, Robbie told her that they would "make beautiful music together." However, Cat didn't think so since she can't play the guitar that well.
  • Robbie's most recent status update states "I kind of have a crush on a cute little redhead whose name rhymes with "splat." If only she knew." Cat then replied by saying, "Awww, I'll let Pat know."
  • Cat's newest update is 'I just found out what an e-book is. For the longest time I just thought it was a book about the letter "E"', and her mood was 'nerdy'. Robbie is considered a nerd, so it's possible that they have that in common.?
  • In this Video, Cat and Robbie are seen singing a "Bad News Song" about moles. In the video, they sit very close to each other and are constantly laughing and fooling around.

    Click for Gif! Ehehe. <33

  • In the same video, Robbie calls Cat cute and little, and Cat smiles at the compliment.
  • Before singing the song, Robbie and Cat call each other by their full first names. This is the second time that Robbie has called Cat "Caterina" and the first time Cat has called Robbie "Robert"- however, Cat thinks that the name "Robert" is gross.
    Cabbie cute 964.png
  • In Cat's latest Random Thoughts video, Cat says that her favorite food is spaghetti. Given that Robbie mentioned spaghetti in his song that he sang to Cat, it is possible that Robbie knew her favorite food was spaghetti ahead of time or that Cat changed her favorite food to spaghetti after Robbie sang his song to her.
  • In latest Bad News Song, Cat & Robbie sing together and constantly laugh and look at each other. Cat also calls Robbie 'my boy'
  • In Robbie's Magic Show, Robbie is dressed like a magician and Cat is his assistant. This suggests that Cat made it up to Robbie after leaving him in Three Girls And A Moose. Robbie is seen putting his arm around her waist. Although Cat annoys Robbie numerous times, Robbie doesn't seem to get too irritated.
  • They're latest Slap updates are both about each other.
  • In the gallery for One Thousand Berry Balls, Cat posts a picture of Robbie and his date, Gabriella. The caption is 'I only put this pic up to point out how terrible Gabriella's outfit is. What, are you too cool for full length sleeves? Pssh' Cat didn't not go to the dance with anybody. This suggests that she would only go to the dance with Robbie. This also suggests her vehement feelings for him, since she only posts the picture to insult Gabriella.
  • In this picture, Cat and Robbie are seen laughing together and staring lovingly at each other. Cat also compares her and Robbie's knees. She also made an angry comment towards a pic with Gabriella and Robbie, hinting at her jealousy of them taking a pic together.
  • Robbie suggests taking Cat out to lunch as a date.
    • Cat: I wish they made plates out of bread. That way, after you eat lunch, you don't have to do any dishes. You just eat your plate!
    • Robbie: You know they have bread bowls, right?
    • Cat: OMG! Where do I get one of these bread bowls???
      Tumblr mfrrs7JOqd1rt7aw1o1 500.png
    • Robbie: I'll take you out to lunch at my fave place.
    • Cat: I changed my mind. Bread bowls sound weird. Who would want a bread bowl? Not me.
  • In the photo gallery for Robbie Sells Rex, only Robbie and Cat's names have an exclamation point. Since the gallery was created by Robbie, this suggests he thinks Cat is special.
  • In Disappearing Cat, Robbie once again calls Cat his “lovely assistant” and they stand very close. Despite her continuously messing up the trick, he doesn't get too mad (though he is quite irritated.)
  • In the gallery for Victori-Yes, Sikowitz asks if Cat and Robbie are dating because he can never tell with teenagers. This shows that even in-universe characters think they look like a couple.

Hints from Dan Schneider/The Cast

Cute couple? Yes? No?

Aww <3

  • Dan Schneider tweeted a link to one of his Facebook pics. It was a picture of Robbie and Cat. The tweet said: "Pic! Victorious. Good couple? Yes? No?" When the original link wasn't responding, Dan re-tweeted the link of the picture with the same description. Dan Schneider may be thinking about making Robbie and Cat a couple and he wanted to get the fans' opinion on the couple. Since the picture was uploaded, most of the comments say that Cat and Robbie would make a good couple.
  • Dan also tweeted a link to a video of Matt and Ariana standing very close to each other posing for a picture (although Dan was actually videotaping instead of taking a picture). Even though he was videotaping the actors and not the actual characters, he says this in the tweet: "Video! Do you want to see a particularly CUTE video of Cat and Robbie? WATCH THIS." This may be a hint from Dan that Cat and Robbie are cute together and would make a good couple. Dan posted this a second time a couple months later (February 2012) while also showing videos from The Blonde Squad, therefore making the hint an even more obvious sign of Cabbie to come.
  • On TheSlap, there was a video in remembrance to the events of Victorious during 2011. One of the highlights in the video was the moment where Cat kissed Robbie's cheek and Robbie acted pleasantly surprised. This may be a way of Dan saying that he likes Cabbie since he put that moment in a montage video paying tribute to the best parts of Victorious during 2011.
  • On the day that The Breakfast Bunch aired, Dan tweeted "Wow -- 'Cat and Robbie' is climbing up the worldwide trending chart. Hmmmm ;)" and showed a picture proving that to be true. Later on, he tweeted the same message and included Sam and Freddie in the same tweet. This tweet could confirm that Dan likes the idea of Cat and Robbie as a couple and will make them get together in the future. This also confirms that a lot of people like the idea of Cat and Robbie as a couple if they were on the worldwide trending chart.
  • Dan was holding an all day long Twitter session on February 13, 2012, and he posted this picture of Matt Bennett and Ariana Grande during the rehearsal of The Blonde Squad.
  • When a fan tweeted Dan asking why Robbie had cardboard cutouts of Cat and what he did with them. (seen in Jade Gets Crushed) Dan replied with "He looks at them and smiles. Maybe he dreams of dating her? I don't know. You'd have to ask Robbie. :)"
  • When a fan on Twitter asked Dan if Cat and Robbie would ever become a couple, he replied "@shanjac21 Honestly, I'm not sure yet. SHOULD Cat & Robbie be a couple? Or maybe it's more fun watching him chase her. Hmmmm..."
  • Dan posted a photo on his twitter and said "Pic! Check out this never-before-seen Victorious pic. LOOK:" The picture is of Cat and Robbie (or Matt and Ariana) hugging, and the caption advertised an episode that's airing on March 24. Also, Ariana is wearing a blond wig in the picture, so this picture could very well be from The Blonde Squad. This could be another sign that Cabbie may happen in this episode; however, it is unknown at this point if the picture is of Cabbie or Mariana.
  • Liz Gillies tweeted that the Cabbie scene made her cry, and Dan retweeted: "@LizGillies I knew it would! So cute when he sings that song to her. :)"
  • Dan's cat's Twitter account @JaxieCat tweeted a 'secret' video of the cast filming for up coming episode One Thousand Berry Balls it features Cat and Robbie sitting close together, being affectionate, holding hands, hugging and Robbie placing a bandaid on Cat's forehead. Since Dan's cat presumably cannot operate twitter on its own it's most likely that Dan posted the video himself or at the very least someone posted it on the cat's account with Dan's consent.
  • Ariana did an Interview with JustJaredJr. and one of the question was "In future episodes, will fans get to see Cat and Robbie’s relationship heat up?" and Ariana replies "Yeah it will…he kisses me! Cat doesn’t really know how to handle it, she's like, “I don’t know!” I think deep down whether they decide to go anywhere with it or not in the long run they're in love. I think Cat loves Robbie a lot and I think Robbie loves Cat."
    Cat and robbie dan.jpg
  • Dan posted a picture on his Facebook page of Cat and Robbie sitting at their lunch table and they are both laughing. Robbie is also looking at Cat with a very loving expression. Dan asked fans to rate the picture on a scale of 1 to 10, most likely asking the fans what they think of Cabbie.
  • Ariana said this on ask. fm " She didn't run away because she didn't like it. She loved it but didn't know how to handle it! Cat is scared cause she doesn't want to jeopardize their friendship. She loves Robbie! "

Cabbie Videos

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A fan made image of Cabbie.

Cabbie Fanfiction


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Cabbie Quotes

Cat and Robbie before Robbie's guitar was broken (Tori and Jade's playdate)

Cat: It was just a stage kiss! She was acting!

Robbie: You didn't feel the kiss. A girl can't fake that kind of heat! I don't care if she tells me a thousand times that it didn't mean anythin-

(Cat kisses Robbie)

Cat: See?

Robbie: I want you to meet my parents. (From Stage Fighting)

Robbie: Alright, before I take you in there, I should warn you.

Cat: About?

Cat calls Robbie :)

Robbie: My grandmother. She can be...critical.

Cat: That's okay. I take criticism really well.

Robbie: ...No, you don't.

Cat: What's that supposed to mean?!

Robbie: Just that you don't take criticism very well.

Cat: Why don't you just kick me in the face!?

Robbie: Alright! I'm sorry. I take it back.

Cat: (smiling) Okay. (From The Birthweek Song)


Robbie: Can you at least tell me what I did?

Cat: It's what you didn't do...( From Ice Cream for Ke$ha)

Robbie appears from under the covers of the girl's bed. In between Cat and Trina.

Tori: Dude!

Trina: ROBBIE!!

Cat: Hi! (smiles at Robbie) (From Locked Up!)


[In Robbie's "flashback"]

Cat: (about Robbie) He even makes math hot.

Trina: Robbie's mine!

Cat: He loves ME! (From Who Did It To Trina?)

Tori: (about the cutouts of Cat) Does Cat know you have these?

Robbie: No. And don't tell her! (From Jade Gets Crushed)

Tori: Rex is just a puppet!

Cat: Not to Robbie. (From Rex Dies)

Cat (Jumping up and down): That was really fun!!!

Robbie: Yeah, maybe we should make out sometime!

Cat (laughing): Haha, Robbie, you're so gross! (pinches his cheeks and walks away, still laughing.) (From Tori & Jade's Play Date)

Cat (happily): Robbie, come help me pass out these batteries!

Robbie: Will I get a hug?

Cat (flirtatiously): Maybe...

Robbie: I'll take that chance! (walks away with her, ready to hand out the C batteries.) (From Driving Tori Crazy)

Cat: (Logs on) Hiiii!!

Robbie (During a PearChat Session): Hey Cutie!

Cat: (giggles) (From Tori Goes Platinum)

Robbie: That does it! (throws his water bottle down and stands up) Caterina Valentine, I will not sit here anymore and listen to you talk bad about yourself! You're adorable! Any guy would be lucky as cheese to go out with you. (From The Blonde Squad).

Robbie: Come with me. (Takes Cat's hand and starts walking)

Cat: I don't know about this...

Robbie: It's okay.

Cat: But I don't like controversy.

Robbie: I know, I got you. (From The Blonde Squad).

Robbie: I think that Evan guy is really dumb for not seeing how great you are. (From The Blonde Squad)

Cat: Wait, your name is Robert?

Robbie: Yes.

Cat: Gross. (From video More Bad News Songs)

Cat: It's ok, I like your stupid walkie-talkies. (Rubs Robbie's chest)

Robbie: (Smiles shyly at Cat) (From Wanko's Warehouse)

Robbie: I need to get some air.

Cat: There's air in here.

Robbie: I don't want your air!

Cat: What's wrong with my air? (From The Hambone King )

Robbie: Can I tell you a secret?

Cat: Sure.

Robbie: (leans in to kiss Cat) (From One Thousand Berry Balls)

Cat: What if the person I'm on hold with is my one true love?

Robbie: Well, you know what they say about-

Cat: Shut up! (From Brain Squeezers)

Cabbie Songs

Tumblr lo35194FZ41qbkyn3o1 500.png

Vιcтorioυѕ caт'ѕ goт тнaт one тнιng. ι need тнaт one тнιng.

Cabbie: One Thing

  • About You Now - Miranda Cosgrove
  • Accidentally In Love - Counting Crows
  • All I Can Do - Jump5
  • All I Ever Wanted - Basshunter
  • Animal - Neon Trees
  • Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not- Thompson Square
  • A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
  • Beautiful Mess - Jason Mraz
  • Blush - Aly & AJ
  • Bottom Dollar - D-Pryde
  • Boyfriend ft. New Boyz - Big Time Rush
  • Boyfriend - Justin Bieber
  • Brighter Than The Sun - Colbie Caillat
  • Butterflies - Michael Jackson
  • Can't Stand It - Nevershoutnever
  • Catching Feelings - Justin Bieber
  • Clarity - Zedd
  • Closer To You - Adelita's Way
  • Complicated - Avril Lavigne
  • Count On You - Big Time Rush
  • Crush - David Archuleta
  • Daydream - Miranda Cosgrove
  • Die In Your Arms - Justin Bieber
  • Don't You Forget About Me - Victorious Cast ft. Victoria Justice
  • Doth I Protest Too Much - Alanis Morissette
  • Everything About You - One Direction
  • Everything I Want - Matthew Puckett
  • Fallin' For You - Colbie Cailat
  • Falling Over Me - Demi Lovato
  • Forever - Breaking Benjamin
  • Forever and Always - Parachute
  • Forget It - Breaking Benjamin
  • Free Fall - Illenium
  • Happy - Nevershoutnever
  • Hear Me Now - Hollywood Undead
  • Heartbeat - Scouting For Girls
  • Heartbeat - Enrique Iglesias and Nicole Scherzinger
  • Here's 2 Us - Victoria Justice
  • Her Eyes - Pat Monahan
  • Hey, Princess - Allstar Weekend
  • Hummingbird - Nevershoutnever
  • Hummingbird Heartbeat - Katy Perry
  • I Could Get Used To This - Everlife
  • I'd Lie - Taylor Swift
  • If Eyes Could Speak - Devon Werkheiser
  • If My Heart Was A House - Owl City
  • I Got Nothing- Darius Rucker
  • I'll Be There - A Change of Pace
  • I Love You - Avril Lavigne
  • I Love You 5 - Nevershoutnever
  • In My Mind - Illenium
  • Infatuation - Maroon 5
  • Into Your Arms - The Maine
  • Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder
  • I Think You're Swell - Matt Bennett (Main Cabbie Song)
  • I Wish - One Direction

    Vιcтorioυѕ сαввiε's ɾεlατiønshiρ in τhε вløndε sqυαd

    The Blonde Squad: Cabbie

  • Jet Lag - Simple PLan ft. Natasha Bedingfield
  • Jump Then Fall - Taylor Swift
  • Just The Girl - The Click Five
  • Just The Way You Are - Billy Joel (Played in the background of a Cabbie video Dan posted)
  • Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars (Also covered by Pierce The Veil)
  • Kiss the Girl - Ashley Tisdale (Little Mermaid)
  • Kissing U - Miranda Cosgrove
  • Lego House - Ed Sheeran
  • Levitate - Hollywood Undead
  • Lift Me Up - The Afters
  • Lovesick - Emily Osment
  • Love Story - Taylor Swift
  • Love You Like A Love Song - Selena Gomez
  • More Than This - One Direction
  • Meteor Shower - Owl City
  • Must Have Done Something Right - Relient K
  • My Boo - Usher
  • My Cat - Jack Off Jill
  • Nightlight - Illenium
  • Oh Darling - Plug-in Stereo ft. Cady Groves
  • One Thing - One Direction
  • Only Girl (In The World) - Rihanna or Ariana Grande
  • Only One - Illenium
  • Only Now - Seven Lions
  • Out of My League - Stephen Speaks
  • Parachute - Ingrid Michaelson/Cheryl Cole
  • Perfect Two - Auburn
  • Play Me That Song- Brantley Gilbert
  • Pretending The Stars - Mindy Smith with Daniel Tashian (except for the beer part)
  • Realize - Colbie Caillat
  • Replay - Iyaz
  • Right There - Ariana Grande
  • Romeo And Juliet - S.O.A.P.
  • Save You Tonight - One Direction
  • Shakespeare - Miranda Cosgrove
  • She - Parachute
  • She Is Love - Parachute
  • She Moves In Her Own Way - The Kooks
  • She's Got You High - Mumm-ra
    TheSlap.com_-_Deleted_Scene_Extra_Bad_News_Song - Deleted Scene Extra Bad News Song


  • She's So High - Tal Bachman
  • She's So Lovely - Scouting For Girls
  • Silent Skies - Seven Lions
  • Smile - Avril Lavigne
  • So Close - Jennette McCurdy
  • Somewhere Only We Know - Keane or Glee
  • Spirals - Illenium
  • Spooky - Classics IV/Atlanta Rhythm Section
  • Stick Around - Graham Phillips & Ariana Grande
  • Straight For The Heart - Toto
  • The Bird and the Worm - Owl City
  • The Mess I Made - Parachute
  • The Story Of Us - Taylor Swift
  • The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson
  • The Yacht Club - Owl City
  • Trouble - Nevershoutnever
  • Two Is Better Than One - Boys Like Girls ft. Taylor Swift
  • U Remind Me - Usher
  • Under a Paper Moon - All Time Low
  • Use Somebody - Kings of Leon
  • What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction
  • Whenever I Call You 'Friend' - Kenny Loggins and Stevie Nicks
  • When I Look At You - Miley Cyrus
  • Why Not - Hilary Duff
  • Wild Ones - Flo Rida ft Sia
  • Will You Be Mine - Kolohe Kai
  • Worlds Apart - Seven Lions
  • You and I - Lady Gaga
  • You and Me - Feldberg
  • You Da One - Rihanna
  • You Don't Know Her Like I Do- Brantley Gilbert
  • Young Love - JEDWARD
  • You Had Me At Hello- Luke Benward (Girl Vs. Monster)
  • Like A Friend - Pulp


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