Buster 023
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Brown and White
Eye Color: Brown
Family & Friends
Family: Aunt
Series Information
First appearance: Opposite Date
Last appearance: Opposite Date

Buster is the dog from the episode Opposite Date. He is Beck's Aunt's dog. Beck's aunt needed Beck to take Buster to the pet hospital, Pet Mergency, in Sherman Oaks. Fortunately his medical emergency is not too bad because his nurse, Maureen, says that he "should be as good as new in about a week" and all he needs is some ointment.


  • Buster is the fourth dog to be featured in Victorious after Jade Dumps Beck, Wi-Fi in the Sky, and Andre's Horrible Girl.
  • Is implied to have a medical problem with his butt that requires ointment.
  • His appearance on the show resulted in Beck and Jade confronting their break up.
  • His name is revealed by his vet Maureen.
  • Needs ointment to be rubbed on him every four hours.
  • Seems to have a good temperament as he does not bark once, lets Tori pet him even though he doesn't know her, and lays on the ground and does not try to run away when Beck let's go of his leash.
  • His portion of the night for Beck and Tori was seen a perfect repellent for a date.


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