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General Information
Shipped Characters Beck Oliver and Trina Vega
Length of Relationship N/A
Status Acquaintances/Frenemies
Rivals Bade
Beck and Trina

Brina is the pairing of Beck Oliver and Trina Vega (B/eck and T/rina). It is also commonly known as Treck (Tr/ina and B/eck) or Teck (T/rina and B/eck). It seemed as though Trina liked Beck when he and Jade broke up. In Car, Rain & Fire, the two kissed and Beck said he liked her, but it was just a trick to teach Trina not to lie because Trina had spread a rumor that they were going out. Beck seems to be irritated by Trina often, like the others, but seems to tolerate her anyway. Brina has it's own Brina Wiki.

This ship has a small fan base given that most people ship Beck with the other girls, such as Jade or Tori. Recently however, Brina has gained popularity as a side pairing to Jori.

For the real-life pairing of the actors Avan Jogia and Daniella Monet, see Davan.                                                            

Brina Moments

Season 1

The Bird Scene

  • Beck and Trina are standing close together while Tori shows everyone how she decorated her locker.
  • When Beck says that Tori has finally learned the lesson of the bird scene, Trina smiles, and she glances back at him.

Survival of the Hottest

  • Beck and Trina talk to each other for the first time in this episode.
  • Trina suggested the gang use the back door, but Beck informs her there isn't one.
  • Trina tells Beck that his RV is 'cool'.
  • Beck thanks her and smiles.
  • Trina asks questions about Beck's RV and Beck answers them and smiles.
  • Beck is really angry that Trina invited herself to the beach with the rest of the gang.
  • Beck doesn't get offended when Trina says, "We've got to get out of this STUPID RV!"
  • Beck is staring at Trina when she gets into a fight with Tori for not sharing her water with everyone.

Wi-Fi in the Sky

  • Beck is terrified when he sees Trina's butt on Tori's screen.

Cat's New Boyfriend

  • Trina allows Beck to use her pooka fish to smooth his feet as well.
  • Beck insists Trina to tell the doctor the reason why Andre, Jade, Robbie, Trina, and Beck are at the hospital.

Freak the Freak Out

  • Beck along with the other guys helps take care of Trina.
  • Trina attacks Beck by trying to hit him with a pillow.
  • Unwillingly, Beck (along with André) massages Trina's gums.
  • Trina has her legs on Beck's while he (and André) massages her mouth (although he attempts to push them away).
  • Beck (along with Robbie and André) try to release Trina when she was tied up and asleep.

The Diddly-Bops

  • Beck tries to stop Trina from joining the second group.
  • Beck suggests that Trina should wear the hamburger (originally, Jade had worn the hamburger).

The Wood

  • Trina sits next to Beck at the Asphalt Café.
  • Trina shoves her arm in front of Beck's nose and tells Beck to smell it.
  • Beck does sniff her arm.
  • When Trina tells Beck to sniff her arm Beck doesn't seem to mind or push her arm away.
  • Trina tells Beck that's her 'natural scent', and smiles.
  • When the Producer from "The Wood" says Trina "reeks of desperation", Beck teases her by saying that's her 'natural scent'.
  • Beck auditioned to be in the reality show right after Trina's audition.

Season 2

Locked Up!

Beck and Trina
  • In Yerba, Beck and Trina stood near each other to look at the picture that Sgrodis was showing the gang.
  • Beck and Trina were both very worried and shocked when the soldiers arrested Tori.
  • Trina and Beck both grab onto Tori in order to keep her from being dragged away from the soldiers.
  • Beck asked Trina how her little speech about Tori was helping.
  • Beck and Trina were both shocked when their bellman was dragged out by Yerbanian Soldiers.
  • Beck and Trina both wanted to leave the hotel more then anyone.

Terror on Cupcake Street

Pic of Beck and Trina
  • Beck and the others screamed and didn't like that Trina came when they found her under the blanket sneaking into the cupcake.

Season 3

The Gorilla Club

  • When Trina comes back home after falling while jogging in her 10 inch heels, Beck makes a sympathetic/sarcastic "aww" sound.
  • Trina told Beck that two little Canadian boys laughed at her when she fell down. She most likely only told Beck this because he is Canadian.

The Worst Couple

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  • Trina is seen laying her head on Beck's shoulder.
  • Beck does not try to get her off his shoulder even though he is clearly upset and/or angry.
  • After Beck gets in a fight with Jade, Trina tells him she's not dating anyone and strokes his hair, saying she would never fight with him.
  • Beck doesn't stop Trina from stroking his hair.
  • Trina wants Jade and Beck to get break up so she could go out with Beck.
  • When Beck goes outside to make up with Jade, Trina tackles Beck and is literally is on top of him, and the whole gang has to get her off of him.
  • Trina says that she always thought that her and Beck would make a great couple.
  • Trina is very happy when Beck doesn't go outside to be with Jade.
  • When Beck is about to go outside to make up with Jade, Trina winks at him and makes a kissy face.
  • Trina tells Beck that she is a fun girl, but he says that she's not. She then says he's very good looking.
  • Trina seems to have a crush on Beck in this episode.

Car, Rain & Fire

Tumblr lzz9fiJeXL1r7cyulo1 400

Second Brina kiss- click for gif

  • Beck and Trina kissed twice in this episode.
  • Trina spreads rumors that Beck asked her out.
  • Trina says to Beck, "Hey pretty boy."
  • Trina kisses Beck in the hallway and bites his lip, and when Beck says she did, she says she tried to bite both.
  • Trina works hard to cook dinner for Beck even if it was unfinished and she bought the wrong kind of meat.
  • Trina asks her dad for help to cook dinner for her and Beck.
  • Trina was furious that her turkey was still frozen as she really wanted to impress Beck.
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  • Beck teaches Trina a lesson by making her think that he likes her with the help of Robbie and Andre.
  • Beck even kisses Trina in order to do this.
  • Beck was the only one of the three guys that kissed Trina to get her back, possibly showing that he chose to kiss her, even though he didn't have to.
  • After Beck kisses Trina and he walks away he strokes her cheek
  • Trina was concerned when and after they kissed
  • Trina tries to stroke him back but he walks away.
  • Cr&f brina
    When André was going to hit Robbie with the teapot Beck grabbed Trina and held her for a few moments.
  • Beck knew where Trina's class was.
  • When Trina saw Beck in her class she was concerned and asked him what he was doing there.
  • Beck holded Trina's hand
  • Trina gasped when Beck holded her hand.
  • When Beck said that he liked her Trina was concerned and confused.
  • Trina was worried about the kiss with Beck and asked whether it was the onions.

April Fools' Blank

  • Beck and Trina are sitting side by side on the 70's Game Show.
  • Trina rests her head on Beck's shoulder and puts her hand on his chest during the 70's Game Sho

Driving Tori Crazy

  • They sit next to each other on the party bus.

Tori Goes Platinum

  • Trina panics when she realizes Beck comes because she wants to look good in front of him.
  • Beck tells Trina she has Avocado all over her face.
  • Trina seems embarrassed when Beck sees her with Avocado on her face.

Crazy Ponnie

  • Trina stands next to Beck when she blows her nose in the hallway.

Season 4

Wanko's Warehouse

  • Despite her crush on him, Trina doesn't intially trust Beck (or anyone else) with the Wanko sale, only letting them know when Tori insists she does.
  • Beck seems nervous when Trina stands next to him.

The Hambone King


Trina sits on Becks lap.

  • Trina sits down on Beck's lap.
  • When Trina sat on his lap Beck seemed annoyed, but he didn't tell her to get off of him, possibly meaning that he didn't mind it too much.
  • Trina gently stroked Beck's chest, and even though he looked slightly uncomfortable, he didn't try to stop her.

Brain Squeezers

  • Trina looks concerned after Beck gets whacked with the bowling ball.


  • Trina "bragged" to Beck about her role on Divertisimo. Hints:

  • Beck posted a status update about Trina's singing. His mood was "help." Beck: I wish I could use a remote control to put Trina on mute. She's trying to sing an Adele song. TRYING.
  • Trina said in an update that her and Beck would be the perfect couple and that she has to get her some of that hotness. Her mood was "In Love."
  • Trina wrote in an up date and Beck replied. Trina: Do any guys want to come over and make some ice for me? All the beverages are warm and all the ice trays are empty. (Her mood was hopeful). Beck: This is truly a new low in laziness.
  • On the Cooking With Beck video, Trina seems excited/happy that Beck is cooking at her (and Tori's) house.
  • When she ate the cereal and milk that Beck made she said Beck was the best cook ever.

Episodes with a Brina Plot/Sub-plot

  • Car, Rain & Fire- Beck pretends to like Trina and they kiss twice in this episode.



Beck's book cover of Trina.

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