Brain Squeezers
This page is about the game show. You may be looking for the episode with the same name.

Brain Squeezers is a game show featured in the episode of the same name. The concept of the show is to answer a trivia question, and if you get it right, your team earns 100 points. If you get the question wrong, the other team gets the points and you receive a "doink," or a harsh punishment. The doinks get worse every time a question is answered wrong. Tori got to be a team captain, but seems to have a hard time three of her friends to be on her team. Jade checks in as Tori minutes before the real Tori does, therefore getting to captain the other team. The game show is hosted by Dave, played by Jonathan Chase.

The Blue Team consisted of Tori, Trina, Cat, and Sinjin, and the Yellow Team consisted of Jade, Robbie, Andre, and Beck.

Some of the known doinks include:

  • The Gut Whack (given to Beck)
  • A-Salt and Battery (given to Jade and Andre)
  • Pus Blast (given to Robbie)
  • Nuts and Bolts (given to Trina)
  • Punching Glove/Double Doink (given to Cat)
  • Toilet Drop (not an actual doink; given to Sinjin)
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Known questions

Question Contestant Topic Wrong answer Correct answer
How many toes on a camel's hoof? Robbie Animals "I've never actually counted a camel's toes before, but my grandpa has 5 toes on his foot so I'm gonna say 5." 2
How many laces on a football? Trina Sports "The answer, who cares?" 1 straight lace and 8 cross laces
What United States President used to take baths with his mother's dog? Beck History "I'll pass." "You can't pass." "Pass." "Not an option." "I don't want this question." "You're only making it worse." Calvin Coolidge
What is the only number that is both even and odd? Cat Math "Ninety-four-three" No such answer (2 in English)
In the movie The Scissoring, how many times is the word "sissors" spoken? Jade Unknown, presumably movies "I don't know! Who would know that?!" Unknown
What kind of spider likes to eat dead, rotting flesh? Sinjin Bugs "Easy. It's the northern spec..." (got hit by a toilet) No species determined
Which state is a series of tropical islands, and is known as the Aloha State? Cat US states Hawaii (given as "Haway-eye-eye")


  • This game show featured many illegal actions.
  • Sinjin's doink was an accident.
  • At one point the Yellow team had a 200 point lead over the blue team meaning either a question was worth double the points or the Yellow team got a question right. The Blue team later filled the gap meaning they got 2  questions right
  • Tori's doink turned out to be completely harmless, so it may not be considered a doink since she never got hurt or anything, and the other characters doinks were extremely painful.
  • Throughout the game show, some doinks occured that were never seen by the viewers. Exactly what happened is unknown, but we can see what happened to the players (minus Tori) after their doinks.
    • Andre was seen with shredded clothes.
    • Jade was seen with bodily damage and some missing teeth.
    • Beck was seen with red spots all over his body (similar to enlarged chicken pox) and stripped down to just boxers and shoes
    • Cat was seen with her face and "upper half" covered with soot/ash.
    • Robbie was seen walking with a limp and a black eye, along with pus residue from his previous doink.
    • Trina was seen with multi-colored feathers all over her body.
    • Sinjin was seen with bandages and an arm sling, possibly from his previous doink.
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