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General Information
Shipped Characters Beck Oliver and Tori Vega
Length of Relationship March 2010-present
Status Close Friends/Possible Love Interests
Rivals Bade

"Tori: (flirtatiously) I know what will make you feel better.
Beck: Jumping jacks? (smiles slightly)
Tori: Kiss me!
Beck: Little weird, let's do it. [leans in and kisses Tori]
Tori: Man, I love this school!"
— An exchange between Tori and Beck in Pilot.

Bori is the pairing of Beck and Tori (B/eck and T/ori). It is sometimes referred to as Teck (T/ori and B/eck), Beri (Be/ck and To/ri), Toreck (Tor/i and B/eck), or Beckori (Beck and T/ori) by some of its fans, although these terms are rarely used. Beck is seen in the show as trying to welcome Tori to Hollywood Arts and becoming close friends with her, causing Jade to become jealous of their interactions, especially considering that Beck always seems to go to Tori for advice on his problems or confides in her. In Tori Goes Platinum, it is suggested that Beck has been harboring romantic feelings for Tori, and they almost kissed. After Victorious, Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia starred in the 2017 film The Outcasts as love interests. Bori has many loyal fans and shippers.

See Vavan for the real-life pairing of the characters' actors, Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia, who are best friends off-screen.

*Tori spills coffee on Beck's shirt*

Oh, sorry!
Nah, it's cool.
Uh, here. I think it's coming out.
That's sweet, but you might be making it worse.
~Beck & Tori

Refresh for another Bori Quote <3

Bori Moments

Season 1


Http makeagif

First Bori moment.

Bnori kiss
  • When Tori accidentally spills coffee on Beck's shirt, he doesn't seem to mind much.
  • When Tori tries to rub the coffee off of Beck's shirt, he looks into her eyes and smiles.
  • Beck and Tori kiss at the end of the episode.
  • Beck calls Tori sweet while she tries to get the stain out of his shirt but points out that she was probably making it worse.
  • Though Beck tells Tori that rubbing the coffee stain is only making it worse, he doesn't tell her to stop nor does he ever say that he has a girlfriend.
  • When Tori walks into the room during class, Beck checks her out and smiles to himself.
  • Beck asks Jade if the "dog" (Tori) can sleep in their room.
  • Beck gets mad at Jade for pouring coffee on Tori's head.
  • Beck smiles proudly when Tori comes to class on her second day.
  • In the Alphabetical Improv, when Jade tells Tori that it is unbelievable that she is at Hollywood Arts, Beck defends Tori by telling Jade that it is very immature for her to say that.
  • When Tori says that Beck should kiss her, he does not reject her. In fact, he seems eager.
  • After Tori kisses Beck, she says, "Man, I love this school!" (Probably implying that she enjoyed the kiss with Beck and still continued with the alphabet improv exercise.)
  • During the alphabet improv, when Beck falls on the ground because his character couldn't breathe the earth air, Tori grabs onto his arm just before he falls.
  • After Tori says, "Man I love this school!" she glances back up at Beck and then looks down and smiles excitedly.
  • After they kiss, Beck runs his hand through his hair with a satisfied expression and smiles as well.
  • When Jade kisses Beck, Tori looks disgusted.
  • Beck is very nice to Tori throughout the whole episode.
  • Before Tori asks Beck to kiss her, she smiles at him.
  • When Tori and Beck are about to kiss, Beck smiles widely.
Beck and tori

The Bird Scene

  • Beck asks Tori if she wants to go to lunch with him.
  • When Sikowitz tells Tori to stay by throwing a ball at her, Beck tells Tori to protect her face (showing that he cares about her face getting hurt).
  • When Tori is upset that her friends would not help her with The Bird Scene, Beck cares enough to explain to her that no one is allowed to help her with the Bird Scene.
  • Beck tells Tori that she is supposed to decorate her locker herself.
  • Beck asks Tori if she is ready to do the Bird Scene on her second attempt.
  • When Tori says that she got Sikowitz two coconuts, she held them near her chest and Beck says, "Those are good ones!"
  • When Tori angrily throws her books into her locker, Beck asks her, "What'ya doing?" Here he implies the fact that he's concerned for Tori many times.
  • When Tori is unsure how to decorate her locker, Beck suggests that she do something creative and deep and, for help and creative ideas, shows Tori his locker.
  • Tori mentions that Beck's locker is creative and deep though this may be faux-politeness.
  • When Tori asks Beck about the Bird Scene, he pats her head and says, "Later."
  • Beck slightly winces when Tori asks Sikowitz if she did the scene right after her second attempt (because he felt bad as he knew she had failed).
  • Beck, along with everyone else, is very impressed with Tori's third and final attempt at the Bird Scene.
  • When everyone is clapping for Tori, Beck claps and nods for her as well.
  • When Beck tells Tori to come with him and the others to lunch, she smiles and nods, running up to him in response.

Stage Fighting

Tumblr m50nfhr5cq1qh3yvfo4 r1 250

Beck stopping Jade from hurting Tori

Beckf smiling at troi
  • When Beck was practicing stage fighting with Russ, Tori jumped on his back to protect Beck, not knowing they were just stage fighting.
  • Beck is not too irritated after Tori attacked Russ, he calmly explains to her what they were doing. Tori then feels a little bad that she interrupted it.
  • Jade asks why Tori cared so much about Beck getting hurt, and she said that she figures that he suffers enough pain dating her.
    • This makes Jade angry, and when she's about to yell at Tori, Beck takes her away and gave Tori an apologetic look. Before Jade lunges at Tori, Beck seems amused by Tori's joke.
  • Beck laughed at Tori's character's joke about bingo.
  • After the fight scene partners were announced, while everyone was leaving, Beck looks over at Tori.
  • When Tori and Jade are called up to fight, Beck looked over to Tori.
  • When Tori saw Beck and Russ stage fighting, she went to help Beck because she didn't want him to get hurt.
  • Beck was looking at Jade talk to Tori after they were announced partners, and when she said, "Can't wait for our fight" *pause* "scene." Beck rolls his eyes.
  • After Beck explains to Tori that he and Russ were stage fighting, Beck smirks at her.

Jade Dumps Beck

1x05-Tori and Beck freaking out outside Beck's RV
  • Tori was the first one to ask Beck about the picture of him and Alyssa Vaughn. It's hinted that both find her to be attractive.
  • When Beck called Tori over to ask her a question to end the fight, he starts the question, "If you were my girlfriend..." Tori grins a little but then rolls her eyes when Jade laughs at the idea.
  • Beck seems shocked that Tori doesn't agree with him in his fight with Jade.
  • Even though Tori is more sympathetic to Jade's side of the argument, she concedes Beck's point that Jade should trust him.
  • Beck tells Tori to stay during his argument with Jade. While Jade had to physically drag Tori back into the argument, Tori willingly walks back when Beck requests her to.
  • Tori visited Beck's RV to try to get him to get back together with Jade, but he says he does not want to.
  • Beck smiled when he saw that Tori was visiting him, treating like a great prize and honor.
  • When Tori asked if Beck lived in an RV, he hesitantly answered and runs his hand through his hair as if he is worried about her reaction.
  • Beck is very pleased to have Tori over, showing off his RV to her and, as seen to the right, tries very hard to act cool in front of her.
  • Beck enjoyed Tori's generic boy voice. (Specifically, he says, "I like it, do more.")
  • When Beck asked Tori if she thinks that he should return to Jade, she makes a really fake smile and nods. (Clearly showing that she doesn't want them to get back together.)
  • Though Tori hasn't known for Beck for very long, she already knows that it was recently his birthday.
  • Both agree that a can of lemonade is a terrible birthday gift. Given this and the above, it's likely that Tori got Beck a good birthday present.
  • When Tori and Jade think that the dog is attacking Beck, Tori is very worried.
  • Tori was more worried about Beck being attacked by the dog than his and Jade's relationship.
  • Beck stood next to Tori when he and Tori start to panic to see if his dad is okay.
  • Tori and Beck were hitting on the same window at the end, and when his dad came into view, they both backed up and screamed at the same time, causing them to get closer.
  • As confirmed on Slap posts, neither Beck nor his family blame Tori for the accident, placing the blame fully on Jade.

Tori the Zombie

1287629314 1143 full

Tori and Beck in Tori the Zombie

  • Tori and Beck have lead roles in the school play. Their characters fell in love with each other.
  • Tori and Beck have physical contact in this episode.
  • When Beck said "I love you" in the play, he looks like he really meant it.
  • When Beck said "You're beautiful because I love you," Tori responded by saying "Whoa." in a dreamy and shocked way.
  • Tori and Beck danced together and looked into each other's eyes numerous times throughout the performance.
  • While Beck is putting Tori down, he looks at her with a flirty smile.
  • In this picture with Beck and Tori at the end of Finally Falling, you can see Beck's eyes closing and his lips kind of reaching out.
  • When Finally Falling ends, Tori and Beck got close to kissing. (Specifically, before looking into his eyes, Tori looks at Beck's lips, maybe implying that she wants to kiss him, or maybe that she wants him to kiss her.)
  • Beck slowly puts Tori down after he lifts her up (possibly showing he did not want to let her go).
  • After Finally Falling ends, Beck and Tori gaze into each other's eyes and smile.
  • Tori and Beck dance along to Sinjin's disco dance music, Beck booty-bumps Tori playfully.
  • Beck points to Trina and Cat after he touches Tori's arm, showing her that they have the mask removal stuff. (This possibly shows that he wants her to look normal; possibly because he thinks she's attractive.)
  • While everyone is crowding around and talking to Sofia Michelle, Beck stands really close behind Tori. While the playwright is dismissive of Jade and Robbie's performances, she praises Tori and Beck.


Tori's pimple
  • Beck and Tori (along with André and Jade) watched Robarazzi.
  • Beck talks about Tori's pimple shrinking or growing.
  • After Robbie said "Are Beck and Jade going to break up?" Beck looked down and smiled.
  • Beck reached over to touch Tori's pimple.
  • Tori smacked Beck's hand away by shouting out, "Don't touch it!"
  • When Jade said "Beck and I are not Splitsville", Beck said, "Well..." Right when Beck said that, Tori immediately turned and looked at him. (Maybe hoping he was being serious.)
  • Whenever Tori was watching Robarazzi, if you look at the right corner, you will see Finally Falling with Tori and Beck looking at each other. (Maybe she was watching it before?)
  • When Tori saw the Beck and Jade car segment on Robarazzi while she is at home she closes her laptop with an upset look after the scene.
  • When Jade blames Tori for what happened, Beck rolls his eyes (basically taking Tori's side).

Survival of the Hottest

  • When Robbie tells them how hot it is, they both groan at the same time and groan again when Robbie tells them the heat-wave will continue all week.
  • Beck laughed when Tori said, "My arm feels like warm wet ham."
  • Beck continued to laugh if you look at his face when Cat and Jade come.
  • Tori and Beck have a cute little argument when Beck tried to open the RV door but was unsuccessful.
  • Beck tells Tori that her tiny electric fan "Isn't big" and Tori seems offended.
  • Beck lies on his bed while Tori was sitting next to it while leaning on it where Beck's head was, while they were waiting for Cat.
  • When Tori discovers that the expression was "Thank you, Captain Obvious" and not "Thank you, Catherine Obvious," Beck asks Tori, "Who would Catherine be?" Tori responds, "Catherine could be a captain," in a sad voice.
  • Beck seems very interested in Tori and Trina's catfight.
  • Tori asked Beck, "What do we do?" and he responds, "I don't know."
  • When Beck kisses Cat on the forehead after she saves them from being trapped in his RV, Tori puts her hands on his back.
  • Tori tells Beck to "use all his man strength" to push the RV door open. This implies that Tori thinks he's strong.
  • After Tori says she needs a cold drink Beck is the first to reply with "me too".

Wi-Fi in the Sky

  • Tori seems jealous when Jade and Beck are arguing and says that she needs Beck to finish the script.
  • Beck encourages Tori to continue writing the script after Cat and André leave.
  • When Jade yells at Tori to say out of their argument and is about to exit the chat, Beck has an upset look on his face and rolls his eyes.
  • Beck tells Tori how to spell evil. (Specifically, "EVIIIILLL".)
  • Beck helps Tori to write the script with Cat and André for their group project.
  • Beck calls Tori a lady.
  • Beck and Tori are the last ones video chatting.
  • Beck isn't happy that Tori caused Cat to log off but doesn't seem to think that Tori was unreasonable in calling out her procrastination.
  • Tori teases Jade about Beck's neighbor being competition to which he smiles and laughs.
  • Tori asks Beck if Jade is at the door after she knocks.

Beck's Big Break

Bori hug
Tumblr lr42g1oaxi1r1hpwxo1 400

Look at where his hand is ;)

  • Beck calls Tori (and André) to sit by him (and Jade).
  • When Jade and Beck are about to sit with Tori and André, Jade asks Beck that if they could go eat somewhere else but he said no, implying that he didn't mind sitting with Tori and/or André.
  • Beck told Tori about landing the movie role first.
  • Beck has a shy smile on his face when Tori gives him a congratulatory push for getting the role.
  • Beck took Tori's piccolo after she tried to celebrate him getting the role with it and puts it in his bag.
  • Tori stands up for Beck after he was hassled by Melinda Murray.
  • Tori goes to great extents to get Beck his role back since she was the reason he lost it, and she felt bad about it.
  • Tori and Beck hug for a long time, and it didn't seem like either of them wanted to let go of each other, but Jade told them to and started to count down. (This is the first time we've ever seen them hug.)
  • Beck does not blame Tori after she got him fired. This shows that he cares more about Tori feeling guilty than him getting fired from the movie.
  • Beck jokes about Tori being Crystal Waters.
  • Tori put her hand on Beck's chest after they are told to stop hugging.
  • Beck smiled while hugging Tori.
  • Tori is very happy for Beck when he says he got the role and also when he got it back after being fired.
  • When Jade tells Tori and Beck to stop hugging by the time she got to three and approaches Beck, Tori gives her an angry and jealous look.
  • Beck seems likewise annoyed that the hug was interrupted.
  • During Melinda's scene, Beck is around the table where Jade, Cat, and Tori sat, and while he walked to Melinda, he touches Tori's arm.
  • Beck and Tori were the only ones who were fired in the movie.
  • When the two were hugging tightly at the end, Beck had his hand around Tori's waist and was slightly touching her bare skin, which could be seen when Beck and Tori turned to see who was interrupting their hug.

The Great Ping Pong Scam

  • Beck does not ask for his dollar back when he inserted it into the fake vending machine Tori was spying in.
  • Beck (and André) help Tori out of the fake vending machine.
  • Beck seems confused when Jade says that Tori didn't make the team.
  • Tori plays ping pong against Beck first, annoying him with her smugness at her easy victory.
  • Beck tells Jade that Tori should know about how they formed the ping pong team.
  • Along with Cat, Beck is the most eager for Tori to join them on the team.
  • Tori stands in front of Beck after Sikowitz introduced her as the new ping pong member.
  • When Beck says "to Ping Pong", he looks at Tori.
  • Beck seems very disappointed in Jade not telling Tori to bring a fancy dress.
  • While Tori (and André) are performing their song, Beck only once takes his eyes off Tori (when Sikowitz snuck back in).
  • Beck didn't even glance at Jade while she was wearing the dress but seems unable to look away from Tori wearing it.

Cat's New Boyfriend

  • Every time Jade made comments about Tori and Daniel to make them feel awkward, Beck would apologize for her behavior.
  • Beck (and Jade) go to find Tori after she sprayed the hot cheese on Cat and Daniel. He and Jade both watch her run into the Blackbox Theater as well.
  • When Jade wanted to tell Cat about Tori and Danny's past, Beck quickly said, "No you won't." (Defending Tori.)
  • When Beck finds out that Daniel was Tori's ex-boyfriend, he immediately asked what was he doing at Hollywood Arts, instantly assuming a defensive stance for his friend's sake.
  • Tori sits with Beck at lunch (along with Cat, Danny, and Jade).
  • When Tori brought up that everyone at the table could be mature except Jade, Beck looked at Jade for a moment before he agreed.
  • Both Beck and Tori ask Daniel, "What are you doing here?"
  • Tori looks up at Beck when he was apologizing.
  • Beck asked Tori how Cat's brownie was.
  • Beck watched Tori get up and walk off.
  • Beck watched Tori leave the Blackbox Theater.
  • Beck walks up to Tori while she was exiting the tent.
  • Beck was very understanding when Tori was explaining why she sprayed cheese on Cat and Daniel.
  • When Tori says that she normally does not get jealous, Beck has a longing and wistful look on his face as if to say "That would be a lovely change of pace." before eyeing Jade critically.
  • After Beck apologizes, Tori watches him leave.
  • Beck calls out Tori's name 5 times.
  • Unlike Jade, Beck isn't angry that Tori is ignoring him, understanding that she values making amends with Cat and that he's only being ignored because of his proximity to Jade.

Freak the Freak Out

  • When Tori says she couldn't go to Karaoke Dokie, Beck is the first to ask why.
  • When class was done with Sikowitz, Tori and Beck are talking to each other.
  • Tori calls Jade a gank in class. Beck later agrees with this sentiment when André reiterates it.
  • When Tori went to go open the door and saw the guys, Beck looks like he wants to look good for her.
  • When Tori grouchily asked Beck, André, and Robbie why they were there, he says, "Nice to see you, too," in a sarcastic way.
  • Beck wants to know what was on Tori's arm.
  • When Beck finds out that André's text message was from Tori, he immediately wants to know what she said in her text message.
  • When Tori comes back, Beck shouts happily, "There she is!".
  • Beck asked Tori who was the special friend that would be performing at Karaoke Dokie.
  • When everyone was going in for the group hug, Beck and Tori are next to each other.
  • When Tori called Jade a "Gank", Beck smirked.

Rex Dies

  • Beck and Tori perform a scene as a couple at the beginning of the episode.
  • During the scene, Beck and Tori have a cute little argument about spaghetti and "spaghettini".
  • Beck giggles when Tori puts the shirt that Sinjin gave her into the Turblow Jet.
  • Beck seems happy that Tori goes over to him to play with the Turblow Jet.
  • Tori stands really close to Beck when she goes over to play with the Turblow Jet.
  • When Tori accidentally flips the Turblow Jet's switch into reverse, Beck rushes to her to help turn it off.
  • After Robbie asks where Rex was, Beck goes in front of the Turblow Jet, trying to hide the damaged Rex and potentially protect Tori.
  • As soon as Tori says she would take Rex to the hospital, Beck is the first to say that he would drive her there.
  • Tori nods her head first at Beck, then at the door to show they should leave to go to the hospital.
  • Beck tells Tori that the Turblow Jet sucks and blows.
  • Tori and Beck both try to get Rex out of the Turblow Jet.
  • Beck smiles at Tori's reaction when she saw Lendle's photo.
  • Tori looks behind her to stare at Beck during the hospital visit.
  • Beck stands behind Tori while they are at the hospital.
  • Tori stares at Beck while he was talking to the doctor.
  • When Tori is on her phone, Beck asks who texted her.

The Diddly-Bops

B T diddly bops
  • Beck sits next to Tori on her couch.
  • Beck sits up when Tori goes to sit next to him.
  • Beck gets closer to Tori when she is using her laptop.
  • Beck stares at Tori when she told him to not feel bad for André.
  • Beck stands behind Tori when Trina runs in.
  • Beck sits beside Tori when Trina gets up.
  • Beck stands beside Tori at the end of the performance.
  • Tori gives Beck her laptop when André calls her over to him.
  • Beck watches Tori go to André.
  • Whenever there is a line in the dance sequence, Tori would stand in front of Beck.
  • They both refuse to perform as The Diddly Bops again when Cat books them another gig at the mall.
  • Beck and Tori back up each other's reasons for joining the group to Trina.

Wok Star

  • Tori asks Beck if he wants to come to Wok Star with her.
  • When asking, she nearly drops her laptop, possibly out of nervousness, something which Beck finds adorable.
  • Beck never turns down the offer, and seems quite interested in joining, but says that he's currently looking for Jade.
  • Until Jade glares at him, it looks like Beck did not believe that Tori had offered to help Jade.
  • Tori asks Beck and Robbie if they want to give her $3,000 for Jade's play. They don't.

The Wood

Tumblr lhk76nUU9O1qf7phso1 500
The Wood phone call
  • After Trina makes Beck sniff her arm, Beck gives Tori a questionable look, and Tori says, "I have to live with her!".
  • When "The Wood" is going on, the announcer asks if Beck is getting tired of the same old thing, which he then answered by shrugging his shoulders. (Possibly hinting that he may want to go out with Tori.)
  • Tori asks Beck if he wants to try out for the reality show, which they then have a conversation as to why Beck didn't want to be on a reality TV show.
  • Tori makes Beck lemonade, knowing that he likes it (Jade Dumps Beck).
  • Beck and Tori have a fairly short conversation about pink lemonade and why it was pink.
  • Tori tells Beck to shut up, in a cute way.
  • Beck tries to get Jade away from Tori while André tries to get Tori away from Jade.
  • During the above fight, while the girls are spinning, Beck holds his hands out to Tori.
  • Beck laughs when Tori yells, "Nerd down!"
  • Beck is not denying that the phone call happened between him and Tori, until Jade put him on blast about it.
  • The producers set up a fake flirty phone call between Beck and Tori:
    • Beck: Hey, it's Beck.
    • Tori: Hi, baby!
    • Beck: 'Sup?
    • Tori: My parents aren't home.
    • Beck: Ooh, that sounds pretty good!
    • Tori: I know, I feel like I haven't seen you in forever!
    • Beck: So, guess what I want!?
    • Tori: Aww, you want me to tickle your tummy?
    • Beck: Yeah, sure!
    • Tori: You should come over!
    • Beck: Yeah, my girlfriend's not going to like that.
    • Tori: I won't tell her!
    • Beck: Okay, I'll be there soon.
    • Tori: Alright. Love you, miss you!
    • Beck: You make me happy!
    • (Tori kisses into the phone.)
    • Beck: Bye!
    • Tori: Later!
  • As indicated by the above conversation, the producers may think Beck and Tori would make a good couple.
  • Neither think that Beck having his tummy tickled is a deep, personal secret of Beck and Jade's relationship as they think it's something everyone likes.

A Film by Dale Squires

  • Beck looks back at Tori during the beginning of the episode.
  • Tori said that she wants Beck on the couch... for the scene.
  • Beck tells Tori that he would give up his foot for the internet.
  • When Tori asks Jade what time it is and Jade doesn't tell her, Beck rolls his eyes and tells her the time instead.
  • Beck encourages Tori to confront Dale about the movie.

Sleepover at Sikowitz's

  • Beck and Tori are the last two standing in the method acting challenge.
  • Beck breaks character when he and Tori wake up.
  • Beck does not seem to be mad at Tori when she was the one who didn't break character. In fact, he's amused by how adorable Tori is acting.
  • Beck laughs at Tori when she is showing off that she is "Victorious."
  • Both Beck and Tori bother Sikowitz so badly that it causes him to leave the room.
  • When Beck is in his character and is supposed to be invading everyone's personal space, he grabs Tori's face so that they almost kiss, but then Jade interrupts and says if he does, something very bad might happen to him.
  • Tori (Officer Pedesco) pats Beck (Malcolm) on his back after the "sweet" threat from Jade (Betty-Sue).
  • Beck smiles at Tori when she pours Raisin Bran all over him.
  • Beck's character (Malcolm) gets really close to Tori's character (Officer Pedesco) more so than with the other characters, during the whole method acting challenge.
  • Beck allows Tori to shove Raisin Bran in his mouth.
  • Both are mildly concerned for Jade's burnt hand.
  • Beck and Tori both fall asleep in one room together.
  • Beck allows Tori to pour Raisin Bran on him.
  • When André (Pregnant Man) gets kicked out, Beck (Malcolm) goes near Tori (Officer Pedesco) and said that he wants to eat more Raisin Bran. (Maybe he wanted Tori to feed him again?)
  • When Jade (Betty-Sue) asks in a sarcastic way that if Tori (Officer Pedesco) and Beck (Malcom) are having fun eating Raisin Bran together, Beck agrees to liking eating cereal with Tori.

Season 2

Beggin' on Your Knees

  • After Tori says she wouldn't sing with Ryder, Beck says, "Good", as if he is jealous that they are dating.
  • Beck stands up for Tori when Jade calls her stupid.
  • Beck defends Tori by telling Jade to go sit on the steps.
  • Beck (and Robbie) stop Ryder from leaving the stage by blocking and holding him back while Tori sings.
  • Beck looks back at Tori while she sings and smiles, while he runs his hand through his hair after he and Robbie hold Ryder back.
  • When Tori sings the verse "Oh mister player, do you feel like the man now?!" Beck smiles at her.
  • When the gang is at Tori's house and tell her Ryder is just using her to get a good grade, Beck looks really sorry for her.

Beck Falls for Tori

  • The title of the episode focuses on Bori and may be meant to lead the audience.
  • Beck touches Tori's forehead and asks if she was sweating.
  • While Cat is slapping Beck in their scene in the beginning, Tori is worried.
  • Beck looks surprised when Sikowitz says that Tori isn't a good singer. He almost looks ready to call him out until he revealed that he was kidding.
  • Beck looks a little surprised when Jade kicks Tori off the chair.
  • Beck imitates Tori's voice.
  • Tori thinks that Beck looks good running away.
  • Tori tries to run away like Beck.
  • Beck is glad when Tori finally decides to do the stunt.
  • Beck is not too amused by Jade's imitation of Tori.
  • Beck wants to know what stunt Tori is going to be doing.
  • Beck tells Tori she shouldn't tell the movie director that she didn't want to do the stunt.
  • Beck doesn't look up from the script, although he was seen laughing at it, and only looks up when Jade remarks about Tori, "That's not a pretty face."
  • Beck does not seem as annoyed as André and Jade did when Tori tells them what stunt she is doing.
  • Tori shows Beck (and the rest of the gang) her resume.
  • Beck tells Tori that it was okay and that he's got this.
  • Beck does Tori's stunt for her, wearing a dress and falling forty feet, possibly repaying her for getting him his role back in Miss Fire in Beck's Big Break.

Ice Cream for Ke$ha

  • When Beck holds Tori back from attacking Robbie, he keeps on holding onto her, even after she calms down.
  • Beck feels bad that Trina is giving Tori a hard time.
  • Beck tells Jade that she doesn't have to help Tori find the letters for the contest.
  • Beck is standing next to Tori when Cat is showing her the video on the contest being back on.
  • Beck goes to buy some more ice cream for Tori.
  • Beck looks at Tori and asks her sympathetically, "Trina giving you a rough time?"
  • When Ke$ha sings the verse "No VIP sleaze," Tori looks at Beck and laughs/smiles while he runs his hand through his hair and grins back at her. Then they share a moment looking into each other's eyes.
  • Beck gives Tori the same look and running hand through hair motion as in Beggin' on Your Knees when she was performing.
  • Beck smiles when he found out that the contest was back on because Tori has another chance of winning and to stop being Trina's assistant.
  • Beck is bummed when the contest is supposedly over.
  • When Tori is on the phone with Lendle, Beck stares at her.

Locked Up!

Beck and Tori doesnt like Yerba
  • Beck goes to Tori to ask if he (and Jade) could come to Yerba with her and the rest of the gang.
  • Beck smiles flirtatiously at Tori and crosses his arms when she asks him to go to Yerba with her. Tori also smiles back at Beck in a very cute way.
  • Beck wants to go to Yerba with Tori (and the rest of the gang).
  • Beck tries the hardest to save Tori when she is being pulled away by the guards.
  • Beck sits next to Tori in the duck truck, while they are escaping.
  • Beck helps Tori get in the duck truck.
    Beck and Tori
  • Beck smiles at Tori while Tori and Jade are hugging.
    Beck tori
  • Beck is annoyed when Trina says that Tori isn't the perfect sister, isn't the most talented, or prettiest person. He asks, "How is this helping anything?"
  • When Trina says that Tori isn't the prettiest or most talented girl, Beck gives her a face of disbelief and annoyance, later silencing her when she's gone from defending Tori to boosting herself, showing his focus on saving his friend.
  • Beck stands beside Tori when she is at the hotel manager's desk.
  • They dance next to each other throughout most of the "I Want You Back" performance.
  • Beck had his mouth open in shock when it was announced Tori was going to prison and seems the most shocked.
  • Tori places her hand on Beck's leg while everyone is seated in the duck truck.
  • Beck stays on stage with Tori, (along with Trina, Cat, and Robbie) while Jade and André flee.
  • When Tori's shoe hits the chancellor in his eye, Beck looks worried for her.
  • Tori and Beck both tell the hotel manager that they want to go home.
  • While Sikowitz drives off with everyone in the duck truck, Tori has her hand on Beck's back.
  • Beck shouts, "NO!", in concern as the guards are taking Tori away and tries to pull her away from them.
  • After Sikowitz says "That's a promise they're gonna have to break," Beck and Tori both give the hotel manager at the same look.
  • Beck, along with Robbie and Sikowitz, try to get Tori's parents, lawyers, and the American ambassadors on the phone to get Tori out of prison.
  • After Jade says "Well, we tried," Beck said, "No," and pulls her back, wanting to keep trying to get Tori out of prison.
  • Beck thanks the chancellor when he said they would let Tori go.
  • Beck says, "We'll take her and go" (wanting to get Tori out of prison).
  • Tori asks Beck what André was saying.
  • When Beck says "Our friend is hallucinating," Tori looks at him.

Helen Back Again

Screen shot 2011-10-08 at 2.47
Tumblr lsdn3b4Kfk1qdgk7io1 500
  • When Tori is turning off her "Make it Shine" locker's lights after being told she has to leave Hollywood Arts, Beck is standing next to her and he looks really sad.
  • When Tori says she is going home, the audience said "Awww," sadly, and Beck pulls her back and said, "No you're not leaving this school." He looks like he really means it and didn't want Tori to leave.
  • Beck is the one to tell Helen about Tori, saying that she shouldn't be kicked out.
  • When Jade said that Tori has to leave Hollywood Arts, Beck frowns at her.
  • After Beck is done talking to Helen, he gestures for Tori to go up to her while she is walking up to her.
  • When Jade says that she wants some gum, Beck, for once, doesn't go with her. He stays with Tori, (and Cat, André, Rex, and Robbie).
  • Beck, along with Cat, André, Robbie, and Rex, go to find Helen to talk to her about Tori leaving.
  • While the gang are talking to Helen, Tori stands next to Beck.
  • When André tells Tori "You get to stay!", Beck says, "How awesome is that?"
  • Tori asks Beck, (and Cat, André, Rex, and Robbie) about whether Trina should be able to stay at Hollywood Arts or not.
  • If Beck hadn't decided to talk to Helen about Tori leaving, she may have had to leave Hollywood Arts.

Tori Tortures Teacher

  • Beck and Tori do a scene together where they have the same line to say: "Life is pain."
  • Beck and Tori smile at the same time.
  • Beck looks at Tori when everyone finds out "Bunny" is in fact a cat and not a bunny.
  • Beck helps Tori with her plan in making Sikowitz happy again after missing his ex-girlfriend's bunny.
  • Beck tells Tori "no" when she wants to come up with a new plan.

Jade Gets Crushed

Jade gets crushed bori hug13
  • Beck and Tori hug at the end of the performance of 365 Days.
  • Before Tori stretches her arms out to Beck, he looks in her direction, smiles and runs his hand through his hair, seemingly his tell that he's nervous and/or attracted to someone.
  • When André tells Tori that Jade was Beck's girlfriend and that he can't love Jade, she frowns.
  • When Tori sings the verse, "To get to you, you, you, you, you baby," she looks in Beck's direction.
  • Beck smiles during Tori's performance.
  • When Tori sings "All to myself", she smiles at Beck.
  • When Robbie pats Tori's head, she says, "Don't touch my head," but when Beck did this in The Bird Scene and Beck's Big Break, Tori did not mind.

Terror on Cupcake Street


Bori glances :)

  • When Tori asks what was in the sack, Beck looks around.
  • Tori chooses Beck to drive, showing that she trusts him.
  • Beck sings along with Tori when she sings, "The wheels on the cupcake go round and round."
  • Beck is the only one who notices that Tori is missing.
  • Beck is, by his standards, furious that Jade let Tori leave the cupcake and asks if anyone even tried to stop her.
  • Tori is concerned about Beck (and André) so she leaves to look for them.
  • After Tori offers for the guys to leave and get help Beck convinces André to go with him after Jade insists Tori on leaving.
  • Tori does not make fun of Beck in the pajamas.
  • Beck and Tori glance at each other at the same time while working on the cupcake.
  • When Jade tells Tori to go out and get help, Beck says that he and André should go like Tori suggested.
  • Tori smiles cutely at Beck when she saw him in his candy jammies.
  • Tori asks Beck where Sikowitz is, and he says he doesn't know.
  • While Beck is ostensibly fearless, Tori is the only one who isn't afraid of the thugs she recruited, something Beck is stunned at.

A Christmas Tori

  • When Beck is sleeping in class, Tori smiles at him.
  • Beck starts snapping his fingers when Tori begins to sing.
  • When Tori, Jade, and Cat come down the stairs, Tori dances next to Beck.
  • When Tori gives André, his microphone, Beck smiles at her.
  • Beck tells Jade to deal with the fact of having Tori as her Secret Santa.
  • When Jade tells Tori to shut up, Beck looks very annoyed.
  • When Beck says that there is a stupid cricket in his RV and that he can't sleep, Tori looks very worried for him.

Season 3

The Breakfast Bunch

Tumblr lyjdfwVcom1qh08ryo1 500
  • When the gang slide down the hallway and quickly turn around and runs away, Beck grabs Tori's arm.
  • When Tori tells the gang that she has a weird talent, Beck seems interested in knowing what it is.
  • When Jade seems to not be impressed with Tori's foot archery, Beck asks if he missed something.
  • Beck possibly likes Tori's foot archery.
  • When Tori is going over to Cat and Jade, Beck watches her as she steps on the chair and walks towards the girls.
  • Beck smiles and nods slightly at Tori when she shows everyone the tacos. Tori smiles back at him as well.
  • Beck wants to know how Tori would get Vice Principal Dickers's attention.
  • When Tori runs off while singing off-key on purpose, Beck watches her go.
  • Tori playfully puts her hand on Beck's head, while he is playing with the card
  • When the gang is running from the vice principal and they had to go the other direction, Beck grabs Tori's arm.
  • Beck tells everyone to give Robbie a break, and Tori agrees, saying it wasn't his fault he has a petite throat.
  • Beck is the most consistent analogue to Bender while Tori takes on the role of Claire. The two characters ultimately ended up together in The Breakfast Club.

The Gorilla Club

  • During the game of poker, Beck helps Tori by saying she's still in the game.
    IMG 1331
  • Beck and Tori sit next to each other while playing poker.
  • While playing poker, Tori sits closer to Beck than she does Cat.
  • Beck explains to Tori why she needs to take risks as an actress.
  • Beck warns Tori about the Gorilla Club.
  • Beck gives Tori a pep talk before she tries the challenges.
  • During Tori's first attempt at the "Balls Of Pain," she gets knocked off by the balls so Beck runs up to her and helps her up.
  • Beck rubs Tori's back and asks her if she is all right.
    Fullscreen capture 252012 54946 PM
  • Beck picks out dirt from Tori's hair when she falls.
  • Beck refers to Tori as a "nice and sweet" girl.
  • Beck stays with Tori while André and Cat go to the bunny.
  • Beck is by Tori's side at each challenge.
  • Beck helps Tori rehearse for her audition.
    Fullscreen capture 252012 54239 PM
  • Beck (and Cat) pick Tori up when she gets thrown into the crowd. He tells her she can't go back.
  • Beck massages Tori's shoulders and pumps her up for her competition.
  • When Tori makes it through the "Balls of Pain", they high-five. He also calls her a risk-taker and a rock star.
  • After Tori and Beck high-five and put their hands down, if you look closely, Beck still holds Tori's hands for a little more.
  • Beck looks annoyed and walks away when Jade insults Tori.
  • Beck is impressed with Tori's "Hammer Dance" and claps when she beats the gorilla.
  • For Tori's safety, Beck tells her she does not have to go through the competitions.
  • When Tori trips over the sack, Beck goes to catch her.
  • Beck is protective of Tori throughout the whole episode.
  • When Tori goes back in to beat the Gorilla, she had Beck look away for a second and then she runs back into the gorilla pit.
  • Beck calls Tori a nice, sweet girl while Tori smiles and Beck cared about her.
  • When Tori wants to try the "Balls Of Pain," Beck holds her back and tells her that it's going to hurt badly if she gets hit.
  • Beck cheers for Tori in the "Balls of Pain."
  • Beck acts with Tori to show Sikowitz how good she is and Tori did her best acting with him.
  • Beck helps Tori rehearse for three days in a row.

The Worst Couple

  • When Jade makes her usual comments about Tori's phone, Beck tells her to leave Tori alone.
  • When Beck tells Tori to get a new phone it makes Jade jealous.
  • Tori outright says that she feels bad about not inviting Beck to play cards with them.
  • Tori doesn't tell Beck (or Jade) about them playing poker because she probably doesn't want to hurt Beck (or Jade's) feelings.
  • Beck asks Tori to explain to Jade how hated their relationship is, showing he knows how well Tori can read his and Jade's coupling.
  • Beck keeps looking at Tori while she is talking to André about her getting a new PearPhone.
  • After Beck says "Let's play cards," Tori responds "Yeah, let's play."
  • Beck keeps looking at Tori when she was trying to end her phone call with her mom.
  • Tori is really concerned about how Beck is feeling.

André's Horrible Girl

IMG 1820
  • Beck says that Robbie shouldn't have bet that Tori couldn't blow up a balloon with her nose, showing that Beck knows that Tori can do anything.
  • Neither Beck or Tori like André's girlfriend.

Car, Rain & Fire

  • Beck and Tori both ask each other if they have seen the person they were looking for (Tori looking for Cat and Beck looking for Trina) when they cross each other's paths.
  • Beck and Tori are saying the same things at the same time.
  • This the first time the A and B plots of the episode intersect and the only time Tori talks to one of the guys in the episode.

Tori & Jade's Play Date

  • Beck plays Tori's son in the play.
  • In the deleted scene, when Jade tilts Tori back on her chair, Beck is seen watching her.

April Fools' Blank

  • Beck looks jealous when Drake Bell is lifting Tori onto her chair.
  • In the opening credits, Tori falls on top of Beck in the corridor.
  • When Robbie and Tori are about to kiss, Beck comes and interrupts them.
  • When Robbie keeps saying reasons for him and Tori to kiss, Beck keeps coming up with different suggestions.
  • Beck laughs when the lobster starts beating up Tori.
  • Beck calls out Tori's name so she wouldn't kiss Robbie.
  • Beck calls Tori 'darling' in The Match Game.
  • During the performance, Tori dances with Beck (and André) in the back.
  • During the performance, Beck watches Tori for most of the performance
  • During the performance, Tori puts her arm around Beck (and André).
  • Tori wraps her arms around Beck's (and André's) neck's and pulls them close to her during the performance.
  • Near the end of the episode, Tori grabs Beck's chin and he air kisses her.
  • At the end of the episode, Beck picks Tori up to hug her, and she wraps her legs around his waist and laughs.
  • During the ending performance of Shut Up N' Dance, when Tori sings "...Well shut up and dance if you're into me..." she leans her head towards Beck and puts her hand behind his head to pull their heads together. As Beck leans his head down, he looks down and gives Tori a flirty smile.

Driving Tori Crazy

Tumblr m2hwreOOQL1qh08ryo1 400

Beck singing to Tori

  • When Beck offers Tori a lift to school, she agrees in a very excited way.
  • Beck asks Tori if she swam to school.
  • Tori shakes her hair sweat at Beck (and André).
  • When Tori tells Beck about her drive to school, it looks like Beck feels sorry for her.
  • Beck is the first person out of everyone to ask Tori if she wants a ride.
  • When Tori is in Beck's car, she begins to attack a girl who is in there as well, possibly because she was jealous or she simply didn't like the girl.
  • Tori says Beck is sweet like candy. (They have both called each other sweet, Beck calling Tori sweet in The Gorilla Club and in the Pilot when Tori was trying to get the coffee stain off of Beck's shirt.)
  • Beck asks Tori if she is going to Nozu after school.
  • Tori looks very annoyed and jealous when the Northridge girls keep flirting with Beck in his car.
  • Beck smiles when Tori is attacking the Northridge girls, looking very impressed, and rather aroused, that she's winning the four-on-one fight.
  • Beck and Tori are sitting next to each other most of the time on the party bus.
  • Beck pats Tori's arm and smiles at her when she says she was glad her friends were on the party bus with her.
  • Tori chases Beck (along with André) when she is shaking her head with sweat on them.
  • Beck gives Tori a flirty look when he sings to her and she smiles back at him.
  • Beck knows where Tori lives and how long it takes.
  • Tori looks like she wants to be alone with Beck in his car.
  • Beck looks at Tori while she is talking to Cat.
  • When Tori looks over at everyone, Beck raises his eyebrows and smiles at her.
  • Beck does not seem to want to go out with the four girls that flirt with him in his car while he is driving Tori to school.
  • Beck is wearing the same shirt as when he and Tori kissed in the Pilot.
  • Beck motions to Tori and gives her a flirty smile when he sings, "Arghh, so move it in close!"

How Trina Got In

  • Beck glances over at Tori when she enters the classroom.
  • When Tori comes into the classroom and says "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry I'm late!" Beck tells her "It's cool."
  • Beck looks at Tori when Tori says she doesn't know how Trina got into Hollywood Arts.
  • When Tori says "Cat. That's mean. And true, how did she get in?", Beck looks at her and explains to her (like everyone else) how she got in.
  • When Beck explains to Tori how Trina got in, he motioned karate moves to her.
  • Beck glances over at Tori when she says that Trina got in because Sikowitz drank from spoiled coconut milk.
  • Beck (along with everyone else) stares at Tori when she yells out that it smells like squid.

Tori Goes Platinum


"The world needs to see who you really are…cause you're awesome"
Beck to Tori

"Kissing someone's ex-boyfriend? I can't do that to a friend."
— Tori Vega

"Just tell Mason Thornesmith that you don't want to play his little game anymore."
— Beck Oliver

Snapshot - 4

Bori <3

Vic gif just lean
  • Tori and Beck almost kiss twice at Tori's house in this episode: the first time, they are interrupted when Mrs. Vega opens the door; the second time, Tori says she would kiss Beck, but because of Jade, she couldn't.
  • When Sinjin announces the news about the Platinum Music Awards, Tori turns around, and Beck looks over at her.
  • While Tori and Beck are leaning in to kiss, Beck closes his eyes and raises his hand to put it on her chin.
  • When the video was done, Beck went over to Tori (and André).
  • After the video when Sikowitz told everyone to sit down, Beck glanced at Tori.
  • Tori touched Beck's arm to get his attention.
  • Beck and Tori were hanging out at her locker.
  • Beck asks Tori what was wrong.
  • When Tori says she didn't eat dinner or breakfast, Beck offers her his sandwich.
  • When Beck gives Tori his hoagie, he laughs when she starts stuffing it in her mouth.
  • When Tori stands up for herself to Mason, Beck stares at her and gives her a flirty smirk, showing he is proud of her.
  • When Tori says she is dying from not eating dinner or breakfast, Beck tells her that dying isn't cool.
  • Beck looks like he wanted to defend Tori when the crowd walks towards them.
  • When Tori couldn't talk because of the sandwich in her mouth, Beck tells her to spit it into his hands.
  • Beck says that Tori's sandwich was warm.
  • Beck is happy when Tori wins the contest.
  • Beck calls out Tori's name out 4 times to get her attention to tell her that she's won.
  • Tori jumps on Beck, and he hugs her back, surprised.
  • When Beck asks Tori if she wants her sandwich back, she ignores his question and smacks the hoagie out of his hand, and jumps into his arms again.
  • Tori and Beck both shout "Whoo!" when they hug for the second time.
  • Tori sits next to Beck in Sikowitz's classroom.
  • When the students in Sikowitz's class are watching the video about Tori at the restaurant, Beck has a confused expression on his face.
  • Beck asked Tori why she dressed like that, referring to the weird outfit she was forced to wear.
  • Beck comes to visit Tori at her house.
  • Beck yells from the door that it's him, and Tori opens the door for him.
  • Beck sits next to Tori on her couch.
  • Beck knows Tori isn't happy, and he wants to know why.
  • Tori wants to tell Beck why she is not happy but can't.
  • Beck knew that the producers from the Platinum Music Awards were making Tori change the way she looked and acted, proving that he knows her really well, possibly better than André and Trina who weren't fazed at all by her shift in behavior.
  • Tori is relieved when Beck already knows what was happening with her.
  • While everyone wrote Tori off due to her diva act, and later abandoned her to watch Jade rehearse, Beck stood by Tori through every second of it.
  • Beck tells Tori to stop dressing and acting the way she is.
  • Beck puts his hand on Tori's shoulder but then takes it away.
  • Beck tells Tori that she's awesome, and then shyly looks down for a bit.
  • After Beck tells Tori she is awesome, the audience says "awwww," and he smiles at her and she smiles back at him.
  • Before Tori and Beck lean in to kiss, Tori smiles at him and they look lovingly into each other's eyes.
  • Beck looks very meaningful when he gives Tori advice.
  • Tori and Beck quickly pull away from kissing when Tori's mom enters.
  • When Beck says "I'd better go," quickly after Tori's mother comes in, and Tori replies, "Later!"
  • Tori looks a bit excited when she is going upstairs after Beck leaves.
  • Beck is with Tori when she is going to stand up for herself to Mason.
  • When Tori tells Beck that she is super nervous, Beck tells her to stop.
  • Beck puts his hand on Tori's back and arm.
  • Beck checks Tori out when Mason tells her she looks like a "pre-turd."

    Cute! <3

  • Beck stands up to Mason for Tori.
  • Beck nods when Tori stands up for herself.
  • Beck gave Tori a shake on the shoulder.
  • Beck was shocked when Tori got fired.
  • Beck is the only one who stays with Tori after the crowd leaves.
  • Beck came to Tori's house, and Beck brought a plant for Tori.
  • Beck says "Thanks" when Tori lets him (and Robbie) in.
  • Beck puts away the annoying dog in the freezer for Tori.
  • Beck tells Tori it's his fault she got fired, but she says it's okay. (Like in Beck's Big Break, when Tori says it is her fault Beck got fired, but he said it was alright).
  • Beck tries to cheer Tori up.
  • Beck leans in closer to Tori and says "So..."
  • The only reason that Tori gives for why she didn't want Beck to kiss her is that it would be a problem to her and Jade (who seem to have become friends), not because she doesn't want to.
  • Tori and Beck both lean in to kiss, but Tori stops.
  • When Tori explains why she can't kiss Beck to not hurt Jade's feelings, he argues back by saying Jade is mean to her and that they broke up.
  • At the Awards, when Tori shows up, he asks if that's Tori.
  • Beck smiles at Tori when seeing her on stage.
  • Tori smiles at Beck (and the others) while performing.
  • Beck smiles, claps, and dances when Tori's performing.
  • Beck sticks his hand out when Tori sticks her hand out on stage.
  • Beck cheers for her throughout the performance and when she's done.
  • Beck (and the others) stand up and go to Tori when she's done performing.
  • Beck rubbed Tori's back on stage.
  • Both Beck and Tori high-five each other and hold hands for a bit.
  • Beck tries to hug her but he can't because everyone was blocking.
  • There was a free seat next to Beck (in the Platinum Music Awards) which shows that Tori was going to sit next to Beck before she knew she could perform again.
  • Tori yells, "Beck!" when Mason said that she's not going to perform at the Platinum Music Awards.
  • Before Tori's mom opened the door, Tori and Beck's lips touch a little, but they break apart when she comes home.
  • Beck and Tori hugged twice.
  • They were about to hug when Tori was done performing but it was cut short.
  • Beck gives a little smile when Tori said to Mason that she doesn't want to be his puppet anymore.
  • When Mason invited Jade to sing in Platinum Musical Awards, Beck says "No way," because he wants Tori to sing at the Platinum Music Awards, not Jade.
  • Tori grabs onto Beck and shakes him in a happy way when he figures out the truth.
  • When Jade said Tori was in the restaurant with André, Beck immediately lifts up his eyes, as if he was interested in hearing the story.
  • After Beck tried to kiss Tori, they smiled at each other, and she gave him a cute little punch.
  • Beck gives Tori a flirty smile when he says he has a hoagie in his backpack.
  • Beck says Tori is chewing her hoagie like it is her job.
  • When Tori and Beck are about to kiss, Beck runs his hand through Tori's hair.
  • While Tori is performing at the Platinum Music Awards, Beck says to André, "She's great."

Crazy Ponnie


Sweet :)

  • When Tori looks all tired and awful, Beck says, "I'm not agreeing that you're tired and awful," trying to reassure her that she looks fine.
  • When Rex says, "Is it just me or is Tori a lot hotter now that she's crazy?" Beck nods his head in agreement (along with André and Robbie).
  • Beck and Tori are sitting together on the couch at her house (along with André).
  • Tori shows Ponnie to Beck (along with André and Robbie).
  • Tori and Beck glance at each other when she shows him Ponnie (along with André and Robbie).
  • Tori and Beck's legs touch.
    IMG 7699


  • Beck tries to make Tori calm down saying "Shhh," and shows her some magazines while stroking her hair.
  • When Tori brings the mask to her face and said "See?", Beck says "Hey you look better!" and smirks.
  • When Tori comes back inside her house and freaks out again, Beck tries to catch her and calm her down.
  • Tori comes for lunch and says, "You guys, hi everyone..." and puts her hand on Beck's back and he looks up at her.
  • When Tori says, "...Ponnie, she was right behind me," Beck looks at Tori.
  • When Tori playfully dances, Beck watches her.
  • Beck smiles lightly at Tori when he brings her magazines because he just wants her to relax.
  • When Tori says, "This isn't making me feel less crazy," Beck looks at her, smiles at her and nods a little.
  • When Tori runs and says "It's her, it's her," she touches Beck's shoulder (as well as Robbie and André's).
  • When Tori comes back into the house with the noodles in her hair, Beck is trying to put his hand on her shoulder and trying to reach his hand out to her.
  • Tori seems a little jealous when Beck calls Ponnie "Linda."
  • Tori kicks Beck out of her house after he, André, and Robbie insist Linda isn't Ponnie.
  • Beck is only one out of the gang to not make fun of Tori thinking that there is a Ponnie.
  • Tori puts her arm around Beck's neck during lunch.
  • Tori grabs Beck's hand (along with Robbie and André's) when she wants them to see Ponnie in disguise.
  • Though Beck, like everyone else, is skeptical of Ponnie's existence, he seems the most willing to believe her, seeming rather unamused by André making fun of her.

The Blonde Squad

  • Beck casts Tori, (Cat and Jade) to play the main roles in his semester film "The Blonde Squad."
  • After André scares Tori, Beck says "Was that necessary?!"
  • When the audience laughs during a funny scene in the short film, Beck looks to the side on the audience where Tori is.
  • When Tori leaves the Blackbox Theater, Beck puts his hands on his head.

Season 4

Wanko's Warehouse


Tori watches Beck.

  • Tori smiles in Beck's direction when he and Robbie walk up to the gang.
  • When Trina is telling the gang about the sale at Wanko's, Beck stands next to Tori.
  • Beck stands behind Tori as they arrive at Wanko's and get out of the car.
  • When Tori freaks out because Trina was confused about Wanko's Warehouse's sale start time, Beck tells her to relax.
  • Beck touches Tori's shoulder when the alarm turns on and she panics.
  • Beck asks Tori "What we doin'?" as they both go on the floor measuring the height of the laser beam with Tori's PearPhone (he followed her).
  • Beck tells Jade to let Tori measure the laser beam.
  • Tori calls Beck over to help her.
  • After the gang decide to hang out at Wanko's, Tori turns to Beck and said, "Oh and we can play with your-"
  • Beck looked annoyed when Jade begins to blame Tori for getting them locked in.
  • Beck looked jealous when Tori talks to Burf and Sinjin.

The Hambone King

  • Beck defends Tori when one of the boys walks up to her.
  • Beck touches Tori's back lightly.
  • Beck stands beside Tori when the hamboning is about to begin.
  • Beck (and André) give Tori a queen chair when she wins the title of "Hambone King" (Queen).
  • When Beck (and André) lift Tori up, her hand is on Beck's shoulder.
  • Beck is angry when one of the boys walks up to Tori.
  • When Robbie hugs Tori and kisses her cheek, Beck is watching them and looks down.
  • When Trina sits on Beck's lap and begins talking, Beck says 'shhhhhh' because he wants to listen to Tori.
  • Beck looks sad when Tori begins to cry.

Opposite Date

  • Though Beck seems to acknowledge that Tori doesn't return his feelings, he still wants to be friends with her, inviting her onto the opposite date to make her feel better.
  • Beck and Tori technically go out together, and their "opposite date" is the focus of the entire episode.
  • Beck and Tori sit next to each other when discussing the plans to go to the museum (with André and Robbie).
  • Tori and Beck decide to go on an "opposite date" during which they do things that people would not normally do on a real date.
  • Both think Jade isn't mature enough not to freak out at the idea of the two of them alone.
  • Tori and Beck smile at each other during the "opposite date" and seem to be having a great time together.
  • Beck touches Tori's back when taking her to the food truck.
  • Beck and Tori sit beside each other eating the food from the truck.
  • Both take sips of their drinks, rinse out their mouths, and spit it out.
  • Beck looks at Tori when she asks Cat on the phone if she told anyone about them being out together.
  • Beck and Tori smile and laugh when they tell Jade, pretending to be Cat, that they aren't having too much fun on their "opposite date".
  • Tori and Beck both go to the vet to pick up Beck's aunt's dog which she does not mind helping out with.
  • Beck and Tori both smile at each other while driving to the PetMergency clinic to pick up Beck's aunt's dog.
  • They keep saying that they are having a great time.
  • Beck punches Tori in the arm playfully, and Tori punches Beck back.
  • While at the animal hospital, Beck and Tori call each other a baby.
  • The people in the waiting room think that since Beck and Tori are so close, that they must either be dating or be brother and sister. In both scenarios, this seems due to their similar personalities and appearances.
  • Tori and Beck are both scared when Jade comes into the vet's office.
  • When Beck and Tori are asked if they have feelings for each other, they never deny it.
  • While sitting together in the PetMergency waiting room, Tori tells Beck that she's glad they decided to do their "little experiment" aka their opposite date without making things awkward between them, and he agrees.

Three Girls and a Moose

  • Along with André and Robbie, Beck looks very jealous when Tori flirts with Moose.
  • Tori looks very excited when Beck appears in the corridor.
  • Tori invites Beck to go to Nozu with her and everyone else.
  • Tori is the only one to go and apologize to Beck (and Moose) for the way she acted and for missing the rehearsals. (Though it was a trick.)
  • Tori really seems sorry for missing the rehearsals with Beck (and Robbie and André).
  • When Tori and Cat are singing 'LA Boyz', Tori walks closely around Beck and he watches her smiling flirtatiously and dancing around him, something he seems very eager about.
  • Beck's eyes seem to follow Tori's hips and butt around. In fact, most times that he's behind Tori, his eyes seem to drop down.
  • Tori puts her hand on Beck's shoulder when she is singing and he looks at her smiling.
  • When walking back to Beck while singing, Tori puts her arm around his shoulders.
  • Beck (and the boys) are happy Tori (and Cat) did a song for them.
  • This episode hints that Beck still has some feelings for Tori as he looks very jealous when Tori tells Moose that he is very kind and cute.
  • Beck rolls his eyes when Tori asks Moose if he likes her best.
  • When Tori is singing LA Boyz, Beck tries to hold Tori's hand.
  • While Tori is singing Beck was smiling at her.
  • As of this episode, Jade has tried to make both Beck and Tori jealous. Like Tori in Cat's New Boyfriend, Beck simply proceeds to ignore Jade and her antics when jealousy starts negatively influencing his personality.

Cell Block

  • Along with André, they watch Robbie, Jade and Cat's play.
  • Tori shows Beck something on her phone.
  • Beck nudges Tori asking her to send him a link to the video.
  • Beck leans towards Tori and her phone to see the horse video.
  • Beck and Tori sit next to each other at the lunch table.
  • Beck pats Tori on the back during their conversation at the lunch table.
  • Beck stands beside Tori as he rubs the egg off his coat after a girl threw it at him for not responding to her texts.
  • When Sikowitz asks if they want to take that bet, Tori turns around and looks at Beck for assurance and he does too.
  • When Beck and André try to take the phone from Robbie, Beck tells him, "There's no photo of Tori's butt on TheSlap!", having been already subject to the trick, implying that he'd very much like to see Tori's naked butt or definitely knows whether or not Tori has a fish-shaped mole on her butt.

Tori Fixes Beck and Jade

  • Beck grabs Tori's arm and pulls her into the Janitor's Closet.
  • They talk in the janitor closet alone.
  • Beck and Tori discuss Jade's hate towards Meredith in the Janitor's Closet.
  • Tori says to Beck "Heeey" in a flirty tone.
  • Beck and Tori both drink some juice together.
  • Tori tries to set up Beck with Meredith.
  • Tori is upset that Beck wouldn't date other people besides Jade because he is worried what Jade will think.
  • When Tori and André 'hug' in the closet, terrified of what Jade might do to them, Beck sees them and looks upset and jealous.
  • Beck and Tori both stand next to each other during the Full Moon Jam.
  • Tori tells Beck about Trina's pants exploding and he starts laughing.
  • Tori does a lot to make Beck happy.
  • When Beck is talking about not wanting an easy relationship Tori seems to have a hurt expression. This might be because she knows a relationship between the two of them would be easy. She is possibly disappointed.

One Thousand Berry Balls

Tumblr mes6lsjF0e1r0ih23o3 250
  • When Jade congratulates André on the performance, Tori only thanks Beck.
  • Beck nudges Tori in the arm and says 'good job' individually.
  • Tori grabs Beck's cup and drinks out of it even though he already drank out of it.
  • Beck lets Tori take his drink out of his hand.
  • Tori seems fine drinking out of Beck's cup.
  • Beck watches Tori when she is drinking his punch.
  • Beck explains to Tori about the punch having a weiner in it.
  • Beck smiles at Tori (along with André) while they are performing.

Robbie Sells Rex

  • Tori and Beck get floured together.
  • Tori and Beck are going to walk away and leave together without anyone else (to 'avoid' the flour thrower).
  • Beck and Tori both try to calm down André after the little girl says something mean to him.
  • Beck tells Tori they should get out of here because they could get floured too.
  • Beck and Tori stare at each other after they get floured.
  • Tori states to Beck "Maybe twice", referring that maybe the flour bomber struck twice today.
  • Beck and Tori stand next to each other while Sikowitz explains what that little girl did.

Brain Squeezers

  • Beck stands at Tori's locker.
  • Beck greets Tori.
  • Tori and Beck stand beside each other while Robbie is cleaning her locker and gives her $20.
  • Tori yells "No, no, no!" in Beck's face.
  • Tori pokes Beck.
  • Tori tells Beck (and the rest of the group) about being selected for Brain Squeezers.
  • Tori explains to Beck what it's about.
  • Beck asks Tori to be on her Brain Squeezers team.
  • Beck chases Tori to get an answer from her.
  • As Beck chases Tori, he puts a hand on her waist.
  • Beck says that he and Tori are (tight) good friends.
  • Tori originally picks Beck (André and Robbie) on her Brain Squeezers team.
  • Tori could see through Beck's "cool guy act."
  • Beck was the only one not wanting to irritate Tori so she would pick him.
  • Tori was worried about Beck getting doinked by a bowling ball to the gut.
  • Beck, along with Jade, is angry that Tori got through the game unharmed, though much less so than Jade, possibly acknowledging that he deserves such injuries for letting Jade take Tori's spot, even after she picked him.

The Slap Fight

  • When Tori is watching the video of Beck washing his car, she looks very interested.
  • When Sinjin tries to turn the video off, Tori doesn't let him because she wants to keep watching Beck.
  • Tori smiles flirtatiously at the video of Beck washing his car.
  • For their short film, Tori and Beck play a married couple.
    Tumblr mgxjcj1tOn1qh08ryo1 400
  • Tori snuggles up close to Beck in their short film.
  • When Jade says that she is prettier than Beck, Tori replies "Are you?" implying that she thinks Beck is prettier than Jade.
  • Beck walks up to Tori and explains to her that it's not important how many followers she or others have.
  • When the gang angers her, Beck looks terrified that Tori is going to turn their winning streak on them.

Star Spangled Tori

  • Beck says Tori is doing a great job while she is singing the national anthem.
  • Beck pats Tori on the back when he is leaving her house.
  • Beck puts the device that was inside the stuffed dog which was going to explode spaghetti on Tori under the host's chair.
  • Beck, along with André, go to support Tori during the talk show.
  • Beck looks offended and annoyed when Tori makes a hurtful comment about Canadians.
  • Beck allows two random women to feel him up for Tori's sake.
  • Beck enjoys Tori's song.


  • Beck tells Tori about his plan to trick Jade.
  • They talk in the hallway together.
  • Beck trusts Tori in not telling Jade about his plan.
  • Tori seems very amused that Beck is stuck with Sinjin.

Other Programs

iParty with Victorious

  • Tori and Beck do a scene together in which they were husband and wife.
  • When Sikowitz laughs uncontrollably, they both give a fake smile and back away together. Sikowitz later tries to scare them both.
  • Tori puts her hand on Beck's chin, and he leans in.
    Tumblr lmssjoJdTS1qbfppso1 500
  • When Tori and Beck are screaming in their scene, Beck wraps his arms around her.
  • At the lunch table, Tori is sitting next to Beck until Steven shows up.
  • When Steven joins the table at lunch, Beck looks pretty annoyed. (Maybe he was jealous of Tori and Steven's relationship?)
  • Beck tells Tori that the line of the song was "Shooting some B-Ball" and not "Chewing some meatballs."
  • Beck and Tori both glance at each other while they are at the party.
  • When Tori and Steven are flirting at the table, Beck looks jealous.
  • Unlike Jade, they're both horrified by Trina having put Mabel and Wilson on a leash.
  • At the end of the mash-up, there is going to be a hug between them, but it was cut short, Tori holds her arms out and Beck runs his hand through his hair with a smile on his face.
  • At the end of the mash-up, Beck looks a few times at Tori before she comes up to him and gives him a hug.
  • They sing near each other at the end. Hints

  • In Cooking With Beck, Beck is in Tori's kitchen. She films the video in question and Beck teases her by saying if the viewers rewind, pause, and zoom in, they can see up Tori's nostril. She returns the favor by teasing him about how his soup has made Robbie attracted to him.
  • When Tori was new to TheSlap, Beck welcomed her:
    • Well hello there! I see you found You're learning Ms. Vega!:)
    • Jade: Well, hello boyfriend. I see you found Tori on already. Grreeeaatt (In a Sarcastic way).
  • On the photo of Beck dressed as a hot dog Tori comments "Yo Beck, you look hot, dog."
  • On a photo of Jade, Cat, and Tori, he comments "They got to be extras in the movie I was in. Hot stuff!" calling them all hot.
  • Beck writes "This adorable pic was taken moments before that crazy dog (which Jade bought me as a present) mauled my dad. Luckily, he's okay." On a picture of Tori and the rottweiler.
  • Beck writes on Tori's wall:
    • Beck: Hahahahahaha. Still thinking about Catherine Obvious!
    • Tori: Oh yeah??? Wasn't it you who said "The early bird gets the perm"?
    • Beck: Hahahahaha. Okay, you got me.
    • Tori: Why would a bird need a perm???
    • Jade: Well, hate to break up your little flirt-texting session but Beck... I need you to come rub my feet.
    • Beck: L8r Tori. :(
  • Jade tweets something mean about Tori, then Beck said "I thought we talked about you not being mean to Tori on TheSlap anymore."
  • On a photo of Tori and Beck, André writes on the picture he took: "Love this pic. Tori and my boy, Beck. They look so good together. (Sorry, Jade!) Haha." This fits with the idea that everyone believes Beck and Tori would be a perfect couple.
  • Tori's update says, "Lemonade for Beck."
  • The most popular pics are of Beck and Tori.
    Tumblr l79ztzg1Hw1qdnri5o1 500
Tumblr lyjdfwVcom1qh08ryo1 500
  • In a clip of "Beck Falls for Tori" Tori mentions how sweet Beck is... and pretty.
  • When Beck wrote in his wall that his girlfriend was going to sing Tori wrote "What, no love for Louise Nordorf?"
  • In the "Tori Takes Requests: Hamburger" video, Beck sits real close to Tori.
  • Beck moves all the way from where he was sitting just to go sit by Tori.
  • In the hamburger video, Beck also puts his arm behind Tori.
  • In the "Tori Takes Requests: Hamburger" video Tori says "Look Beck's here!" when he sits next to her.
  • Also in the video, Beck makes Tori into a hamburger.
  • When Beck puts lettuce on Tori's stomach, he pats her stomach a little bit, and she shouts, "Don't push so hard!" He replies, "I didn't push!"
  • Beck adds a condiment (ketchup) to the 'Tori' hamburger, even though she shouts, "No condiments!"
  • Beck posts the video of him and Tori singing "Finally Falling" and he puts the caption as "Tori didn't want me to post us singing 'Finally Falling'...but I did anyway!"
    Bori goofing at Jade's back
  • André posted a pic of Tori and Beck in his RV.
  • They use the same smileys in their status updates during Mustache week.
  • Beck stands up for Tori when Jade was being mean to her about getting expelled from Hollywood Arts on TheSlap.
  • Tori says that Beck's statue wants to straighten his hair to look like Beck's, and doesn't know how it would work. Tori decides not to judge Beck for it, because she has a friend with a talking puppet (Robbie).
  • Tori uploaded a photo with her and Beck on The Slap and the caption was "If you look to the left, you see Jade is standing behind Beck and me. It is a Christmas miracle she did not turn around while Beck and I were goofing off." The photo was called "Beck and Tori Get Close."
  • Tori and Beck Adorable -3

    Awww really adorable

    Tori posted an update on TheSlap and Beck replied to her:
    • Tori: Any time I drive down a street in Hollywood that's been mentioned in a song, I start singing it. I'm currently on Santa Monica Blvd.
    • Beck: Sounds like you're having fun!
  • Beck posted an update on TheSlap. His mood was helpful with a winking smiley.
    • Beck: Hangin' with Tori at the Gorilla Club, teaching her how to be a risk taker. She hasn't died yet. I think we're off to a good start.
  • Tori posted a picture of Beck saying "How does Beck look good in every decade? It's not fair." (Implying that she thinks he's attractive.)
  • Most of the pictures on the Party Bus that Cat posted were of Beck and Tori sitting together in different backgrounds.
  • In a video where Tori prank calls Sikowitz, Beck (along with Robbie and Cat) was at Tori's house doing a school project at 1:30 in the morning.
  • In the video "Pranking Sikowitz, they kept glancing at each other and talking to each other.
  • Beck made a status saying, "No the rumors aren't true, I DID NOT kiss Tori. She DID spit a chewed-up hoagie into my hand though."
  • Beck posted a picture of himself and Tori which said "Man, I have good hair. Tori's kinda cute too."
  • Beck posted this picture on TheSlap of him and Tori with the caption,[1]After I gave Tori MY sandwich, she thanked me by spitting a chewed wad of it into my hand. I am a very good friend.
  • In one of Cat's and Tori's Funny Nuggets show wear they are dressed like men, the button-up she wore looked similar to one of Beck's.
  • In the gallery of "Crazy Ponnie Pics" made by Tori one of the photos shows Beck with a basketball on his finger with the caption "The hardest part about taking this picture was gluing the basketball to Beck's finger."
  • In the clips of "Tori's Performances" made by Tori it shows a photo of her from Beck Falls for Tori with the caption "Nah.. not "falls" like "in love". "Falls" as in "does a RIDICULOUS stunt-dive off a building"! Beck's so sweet... and pretty!" Stating that Tori thinks Beck is sweet and pretty.
  • In this clip (, Tori combs Beck's hair in many different ways and tries to make his hair look ugly but eventually does and Tori says that Beck looks good in a very quiet way right at the end.
  • In the video Tori Takes Requests - Beck's Hair, Beck asks Tori if they can go to the beach together. Not with the rest of the gang, just them two.
  • In the Hollywood Arts Flashback album, Tori said "In three years, Beck still hasn't learned the purpose of a button. The kid never buttons his shirts!"
  • In the Public Service Announcements People Who Wear Glasses But Don't Really Need To Video, Tori and Beck are seen talking and having fun while putting on glasses and wearing them.
  • In The Slap Fight gallery, Tori said that she knew that Beck was washing his car even though it was already clean, after she watched it 7 times.

Bori Hints from Nickelodeon Promos


Bori, from the promo for TGP


Is supporting Bori?

  • In the promo for the Pilot of Victorious, they mentioned will Tori Vega falling hard and showed scenes of her with Beck.
  • In a promo for "Beck Falls for Tori," it said that Beck was "falling hard" for Tori. The title of the episode also implied that he was "falling for her" as well.
  • In the promo for Tori Goes Platinum, it is shows Tori and Beck leaning in to kiss.
  • In the website, it shows the clip of their almost-kiss in Tori Goes Platinum.[1]
  • Nick is letting the fans vote to choose if Tori and Beck should go out, or if Jade and Beck should reunite in Nick Celebrity News and most of the comments are of Bori shippers saying Tori and Beck make the perfect couple.[2]
  • On the website they posted a video/picture saying this:

Bori Trivia

  • Beck and Tori are seen laughing together in the opening sequence for Season 1.
  • Beck is seen playing the guitar beside Tori in the Season 1's opening sequence.
  • Beck and Tori are seen laughing together again when Beck is lying down in Jade's lap.
  • Along with André and Jade, Beck is the most popular person shipped with Tori.
  • Beck and Tori both wear purple (dresses) (the previous Bori color) together in "Beck Falls for Tori".
  • Both Beck and Tori truly care about each other. (This is proven in "Beck's Big Break" and "Helen Back Again".) Tori went to great extents to ensure that Beck got his role back and Beck went to great extents to ensure that Tori was able to stay at Hollywood Arts. (Note: This shows that they care about each other in a friendly way.)
  • In the opening sequence for Season 3, when the gang slides down the hallway, Beck grabs Tori by the arm and they run off.
  • In the Victorious: Time To Shine game, Beck says Tori is really talented and that you should learn a lot from her.[3]
  • Beck and Tori were goofing off behind Jade's back.
  • Both think that the other is "sweet." Beck calls Tori sweet in The Gorilla Club and in the pilot when Tori was trying to get the coffee stain off of Beck's shirt, and Tori says that Beck is sweet like candy in Driving Tori Crazy.
  • Both have a running gag constantly mentioned based on their appearance: Tori's cheekbones and Beck's hair.
  • Beck and Tori have hugged four times in full character; once in Beck's Big Break, once in Jade Gets Crushed, and twice in Tori Goes Platinum.
  • They might have crushes on each other, as seen in Tori Goes Platinum, though Beck's seems more prominent.
  • They have kissed each other before and have attempted to a couple of times afterwards.
  • They didn't let it get awkward between them after the attempted kisses.
  • also shows strong signs of supporting Bori. Likewise, most of Hollywood Arts, seemingly including Jade, think that Beck and Tori would be a perfect couple.
  • While Beck doesn't seem scared of things, he has been scared for Tori several times. He was nervous about her zombie mask (Tori the Zombie), her safety doing the stunt (Beck Falls for Tori), when she out on the abandoned street alone (Terror on Cupcake Street), her image and state of mind (Tori Goes Platinum and Crazy Ponnie), and her reputation (Star Spangled Tori). The only other time Beck has been scared for anyone was for Cat in André's Horrible Girl.
  • Both have made a malapropism. Tori thought "Captain Obvious" was "Catherine Obvious" and Beck thought the phrase was, "the early bird gets the perm" instead of "worm."
  • Starting in Season 2, Tori became the tallest girl while Beck was always the tallest guy.
  • Victoria Justice confirmed in an interview with MTV that there was another Bori kiss planned besides the method acting one they shared in the Pilot, but Dan Schneider edited it out.[4]

Episodes with a Bori Main Plot or Subplot

  • Pilot: Tori kisses a very receptive and eager Beck as a way to get back at Jade.
  • Tori the Zombie: Beck and Tori have lead roles in the school play and their characters fall in love with each other.
  • Beck's Big Break: Tori helps to get Beck his role back after she accidentally got him fired.
  • Beck Falls for Tori: Beck does Tori's stunt for her.
  • The Gorilla Club: Beck teaches Tori how to be a risk taker.
  • Tori Goes Platinum: After Mason Thornesmith forces Tori to reinvent herself, Beck is the only one who stands by her side and helps her through it all, twice coming close to kissing her, hinting that he may be romantically attracted to her.
  • Opposite Date: Tori and Beck go on a date where they do things not normally done on a date to do away with any lingering tension and prove that they can remain friends no matter what.

Bori Songs

  • BORI
    Finally Falling - Victoria Justice ft. Avan Jogia (Official Bori Song)
  • Bottom Dollar - D-Pryde
  • Yo (Excuse Me Miss) - Chris Brown
  • Ain't No Way (You Won't Love Me) - Chris Brown
  • No Guidance - Chris Brown
  • Early 2K - Chris Brown
  • Come Together - Chris Brown
  • Temporary Lover - Chris Brown
  • New Girl - New Boyz
  • Fall for Your Type - Jamie Foxx
  • Perfect Two - Auburn
  • Dream Girl - Kolohe Kai
  • Will You Be Mine - Kolohe Kai
  • Heartstrings - Kolohe Kai
  • Genuine Love - Kolohe Kai
  • Should've Kissed You - Chris Brown
  • Long Shot - Kelly Clarkson
  • Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne
  • Sparks - Cover Drive
  • Free Fall - Illenium
  • Crawl Outta Love - Illenium
  • Sad Songs - Illenium
  • In Your Wake - Illenium
  • First Time - Seven Lions
  • Rush Over Me - Seven Lions
  • Worlds Apart - Seven Lions
  • Silent Skies - Seven Lions
  • Only Now - Seven Lions
  • Petals from a Rose - Yetep
  • Clarity - Zedd
  • I Want You to Know - Zedd ft. Selena Gomez
  • What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction
  • I Should've Kissed You - One Direction
  • One Thing - One Direction
  • Daydream - Miranda Cosgrove
  • BAM - Miranda Cosgrove
  • About You Now - Miranda Cosgrove
  • Never Let You Go - Justin Bieber
  • Jealous - Nick Jonas
  • Love Story - Taylor Swift
  • Butterflies - Kolohe Kai
  • I'm Not Okay - My Chemical Romance
  • Paralyzed - Big Time Rush
  • You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
  • Forever - Chris Brown
  • Denial - Sugababes
  • Ultraviolet - Stiff Dylans
  • I Wanna Know You - David Archuleta
  • Brighter - Paramore
  • Hold It Against Me - Britney Spears
  • CrushCrushCrush - Paramore
  • You and I - Anarbor
  • Round And Round - Selena Gomez
  • Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
  • I Want You To Want Me - Cheap Trick
  • Boys With Girlfriends - Meiko
  • Crazy 4 U - R5
  • Misery Business - Paramore
  • All I Wanted - Paramore
  • Just the Girl - The Click Five
  • Everywhere - Michelle Branch
  • DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again - Usher
  • Your Love Is My Drug - Ke$ha
  • Not Your Cinderella- Payton Rae
  • Rhythm Of Love - Plain White T's
  • Love Like Woe - The Ready Set
  • She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
  • Safe With Me - JoJo
  • The Hardest Thing - 98 Degrees
  • If You're Not The One - Daniel Beddingfield
  • Lips Of An Angel - Hinder
  • With You - Chris Brown
  • Dirty Little Secret - The All American Rejects
    Picnik collage
  • Yours to Hold - Skillet
  • Secret Smile - Semisonic
  • Dare You To Move - Switchfoot
  • Catch Me - Demi Lovato
  • Every Time We Touch - Cascada
  • Your Love Is A Song - Switchfoot
  • Jump Then Fall - Taylor Swift
  • Can't Stand It - NeverShoutNever
  • Trouble - NeverShoutNever
  • Crush - Ciara
  • Can't Find The Words - Karina Pasian
  • Why Can't I - Liz Phair
  • Stick Around - Ariana Grande & Graham Phillips
  • I Think I'm In Love With You - Jessica Simpson
  • Ashes and Wine - A Fine Frenzy
  • My Boo - Usher ft. Alicia Keys
  • Quiet - LIGHTS
  • I'd Lie - Taylor Swift
  • Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer
  • The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson
  • Never Change - Chase Coy
  • Rocketeer - Far East Movement
  • I Wouldn't Mind - He Is We
  • Smile - Avril Lavigne
  • The Little Things - Colbie Caillat
  • Nothing Even Matters - Big Time Rush
  • The Nicest Thing - Kate Nash
  • Someone Like You - The Summer Set
  • Someone Like Me - Atomic Kitten
  • Don't Let Go - En Vogue
  • Think About Love - Indiana Evans
  • You're The Reason - Victoria Justice
  • The Girl With Everything - Indiana Evans
  • Dilemma - Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland
  • Gone - Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland
  • Into Your Arms - The Maine
  • So Contagious - Acceptance
  • Bori
    If I Had You - Adam Lambert
  • All I Ever Wanted - Basshunter
  • Forever Baby - Matt Bennett and Jake Farrow
  • Super Bass - Nicki Minaj
  • Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney
  • In Your Arms - Stanfour
  • Shakespeare - Miranda Cosgrove
  • She Ain't You - Chris Brown
  • U Smile - Justin Bieber
  • Use Somebody by Kings Of Leon
  • You'll Never Know - VersaEmerge
  • Falling In Love In A Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg
  • Super Cute - NeverShoutNever
  • Her Eyes - Pat Monahan
  • Sick Inside - Hope Partlow
  • Dancing On My Own - Robyn
  • Call Your Girlfriend - Robyn
  • Assassin - John Mayer
  • Anymore - Travis Tritt
  • RobynFriends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk - Plan White T's
  • Stuck In The Moment - Justin Bieber
  • Just So You Know - Jesse McCartney
  • To Be With You - David Archuleta
  • Until You're Mine - Demi Lovato
  • I Do - Colbie Caillat
  • Take Me Away - Keyshia Cole
  • You're My Favorite Song - Demi Lovato
  • Blame It On The Rain - He Is We
  • Lightweight - Demi Lovato
  • You Make Me Feel - Cobra Starship ft. Sabi
  • I'm Falling Even More In Love With You - Lifehouse
  • Alive - Leona Lewis
  • Drop In The Ocean - Ron Pope
  • Call Me - Robbie Nevil
  • Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine
  • Just Say Yes - Snow Patrol
  • Teardrops On My Guitar - Taylor Swift
  • You Make Me Wanna... - Usher
  • Kiss Me - Jason Walker
  • I Love You - Avril Lavigne
  • You'll Be In My Heart - Phil Collins
  • Hello - Lionel Richie
  • Easy - Rascal Flatts ft. Natasha Bedingfield
  • Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
  • Here Without You - 3 Doors Down
  • A Whole New World - Brad Kane&Lea Salonga
  • Cheer Me Up - Natasha Bedingfield
  • Radar Detector - Darwin Deez
  • Kiss The Girl - Ashley Tisdale
  • Ever Ever After - Carrie Underwood
  • Need You Now - Lady Antellbellum
  • We Are - Joy Williams
  • Just A Kiss - Lady Antellbellum
  • Dancin' Away with My Heart - Lady Antebellum
  • Hurt - Christina Aguilera
  • Die In Your Arms - Justin Bieber
  • Boyfriend - Justin Bieber
  • I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know - NeverShoutNever
  • Young Love - JEDWARD
  • A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
  • Don't You Remember - Adele
  • Someone Like You - Adele
  • Down - Jason Walker
  • Holding On and Letting Go - Ross Copperman
  • Skinny Love - Birdy
  • Almost Paradise - Victoria Justice ft. Hunter Hayes
  • I Know You Know - Big Time Rush feat. Cymphonique
  • Tonight I Wanna Cry - Keith Urban
  • Faint Not - Jenny and Taylor
  • Exceptional - JoJo
  • Bless The Broken Road - Rascal Flatts
  • The Reason - Hoobastank
  • These Words - Natasha Bedingfield
  • The Reason - Westlife
  • Unwritted - Natasha Bedingfield
  • I Don't Wanna Wait - Paula Cole
  • Bad Boys - Victorious Cast feat. Victoria Justice
  • Faster Than The Boyz - Victorious Cast feat. Victoria Justice
  • Oath - Cher Lloyd feat. Becky G.
  • Someone Like You - Adele
  • You're The Reason - Victoria Justice
  • All That Really Matters - Kendall Schmidt and Sean Michael Bey
  • Boyfriend - Big Time Rush
  • Count On You - Big Time Rush
  • All Your Love - Lulu Antariksa and Daniel Durston
  • Only Hope - Mandy Moore
  • Crush - Mandy Moore
  • Cry - Mandy Moore
  • Need You Now - Lady Antebellum
  • Rhythm Of Love - Plain White T's
  • Right Here Waiting For You - Richard Marx
  • Kiss You - One Direction
  • Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran
  • Heart Skips A Beat - Olly Murs
  • I Would - One Direction
  • Look After You - The Fray
  • Autumn Leaves - Ed Sheeran
  • Drops Of Jupiter - Train
  • Lucy - Skillet
  • The Power Of Love - Gabrielle Aplin
  • Butterfly Fly Away - Miley Cyrus
  • Crush - David Archuleta
  • One Kiss - Calvin Harris with Dua Lipa
  • I Like Me Better- Lauv
  • Last First Kiss- One Direction
  • Arms- Christina Perri
  • Teenage Dream- Katy Perry
  • Falling- Tyler Ward and Alex G
  • Blue Ain't Your Color - Keith Urban
  • Crush - Jennifer Page
  • Lips of an Angel - Hinder

Bori Fan Representation

Tumblr ljvhoveICM1qabsiwo1 500

Gif of Beck in Beck Falls for Tori.


Official Song: Finally Falling by Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia, because the two sang this song together in the sixth episode "Tori The Zombie." The two gazed into each other's eyes and smiled at each other numerous times throughout the performance. They seemed to have a real connection when they were singing this song together. The song also sort of does describe their current relationship on the show. They seem to fall for each other more and more every day, and they're finally realizing that.

Official Game: Alphabetical Improv, because Tori and Beck had their first kiss during this game in the "Pilot" episode.

Official Number: 10, because they kissed in the first episode for exactly 10 seconds.



Official Color: Blue, because blue represents Beck's laid-back, go with the flow personality and Tori's kind, care-free personality.

Official Food: Hamburgers, because of the following video. Tori the Hamburger

Official Drink: Pink Lemonade, because of the cute little conversation they had about why the lemonade is pink in "The Wood".

Official Mascot: Zombies, because Tori was wearing a zombie mask in "Tori The Zombie" when her and Beck first sang together during the play.

Official Romantic Spot: Sikowitz' Classroom, because that is where they first met, where they shared their first kiss, and where they have played a couple in many acting scenes.

Official Website: Bori Wiki



Bori Fanfiction

Note: If you read any of these fanfictions, please write a review telling the author what you thought and to inform them that you discovered their work through this wiki. Thanks!

Bori Quotes


~ The very first Bori moment ~

(Tori bumps into Beck and spills his coffee on his shirt)

Beck: Whoa, hey.

Tori: Oh my gosh.

(Beck looks at Tori and smiles)

Beck: Uh... it's cool.

Tori: No, I spilled coffee on your... ugh, here... I think it's coming out.

(Tries to get the stain out of Beck's shirt by rubbing it in)

Beck: Seriously, it's okay. You're.. you're sweet, but you might be making it worse actually.

(Tori and Beck stare at each other for a long moment, before Jade walks in) (Pilot)


Tori: I know what'll make you feel better.

Beck: Jumping jacks?

Tori: Kiss me.

Beck: Little weird... Let's do it.

(They kiss)

Tori: Man I love this school! (Pilot)


Beck: I better go hose her down.

Tori: I'm so sorry!

Beck: (Pats her on the head) Stop saying that! (Beck's Big Break)


Tori: Hi Beck.

Beck: Tori Vega?

Tori: That's me!

Beck: Are you sure you aren't Crystal Waters?

Tori: You got the call?!

Beck: I'm back on the movie!

Tori: Yay!

(They hug each other until Jade walks over and counts down) (Beck's Big Break)


Beck: Hey, why is it pink?

Tori: It's pink lemonade.

Beck: I've never seen any pink lemons.

Tori: There are no pink lemons.

Beck:... So what makes it pink?

Tori: Well... you know, it's... shut up! (The Wood)


Tori: Beck... Beck... Beck (While looking around for him)

Beck: Yes? (In a girly voice.)

Tori: Beck?!

Beck: I'm not Beck, I'm you! (While walking up to Tori)

Tori: Wait, wait... how did you... where, where did you get that dress?

Beck: Cat made it! (While swinging the bottom of the dress from side to side and smiling) Are you sweating?

(Touches Tori's forehead with his hand to see if she's sweating)

Tori: Yeah. I think I'm having an anxiety attack. I don't wanna do the stunt. I'm scared!

Beck: It's okay. I got this. (While taking of her sunglasses)

Tori: What are, what are you? (While Beck puts the sunglasses on and fixes 'his' hair)

Beck: Shhh... wait here. (Runs off to do the stunt)

Tori: Do I look that good running away? (Tori pretends to run away) (Beck Falls for Tori)


Tori (as unnamed character): There's something you wanna tell me. I can feel it.

Beck (as unnamed character): What can a man tell his wife only minutes before the world ends. (While Beck stops leaning on the black box and walks closer to Tori.)

Tori: (as unnamed character): That there's hope?

Beck: (as unnamed character): When all hope is gone, what can we hope for?

(Tori reaches out to touch Beck's chin)

(Beck leans in)

(Tori touches Beck's chin)

Tori (as unnamed character): More hope.

(Sikowitz yells, "And the comet hits!")

(They hold onto each other.)

Beck and Tori (as unnamed characters): AHHHH! (iParty with Victorious)


Penny (Tori): I don't know!

Bellhop (Beck): It's okay that you don't know.

Penny (Tori): But you deserve an answer!

Bellhop (Beck): I can wait, for you I would wait a thousand years.

Penny (Tori): But that's so many!

Bellhop (Beck): I know I'm poor, I know I don't have much to offer, but I do love you.

(Penny (Tori) turns around and begins to walk away.)

Penny (Tori): Because I'm beautiful?

Bellhop (Beck): I don't love you because you're beautiful, (While walking up behind her)

(Bellhop (Beck) reaches out and grabs her shoulder and turns her around)

Bellhop (Beck): You're beautiful because I love you.

Penny (Tori): Whoa. (Tori the Zombie)


Beck: What'cha doing?

Tori: Angrily throwing books into my locker can't you tell?

(Tori slams her locker)

Beck: Have you figured out how to decorate it yet?

Tori: Yes, look I put a stripe on it, can't you see the stripe?

Beck: I see the stripe.

Tori: I don't know what to do.

Beck: Why don't you do something.... you know.... creative and deep?

Tori: What'd you do to yours?

Beck: Come on!

(Beck nods in the direction of his locker and takes Tori to his locker and shows it to her)

Tori: Clear?

Beck: Transparent... I've got no secrets... and neither does my locker.

Tori: But...Oh that is creative and deep!

Beck: Yeah.

Tori: So... anyways, about the Bird Scene...

Beck: (Smiles, then pats her on the head) Later!

(Beck walks off) (The Bird Scene)


Beck: Hey, you wanna come to lunch with us?

Tori: Sure, just let me... (Sikowitz throws a ball at her)

Tori: AHH!


Beck: Protect your face.

(Beck walks out.) (The Bird Scene)


Beck: Come with?

Tori: Sure! (While nodding and smiling)

(They all walk off, but Beck waits for Tori and then they both walk off together) (The Bird Scene)


Tori: Okay, if you had to give up the internet or one of your feet?

Beck: Say a foot.

Tori: Really, you would all give up a foot to keep the internet?

Beck: Totally.

Tori: I know, but my foot's a part of my body and the internet is, yeah my foot. (A Film by Dale Squires)


Tori: Okay, ugh... let's start the first shot. Beck!

Beck: Yeah?

Tori: Let me have you on the couch...

(Jade says,"Girl!" in a warning tone.)

Tori:... for the shot! (A Film by Dale Squires)


Beck: Hey, it's Beck.

Tori: Hi, baby!

Beck: Sup?

Tori: My parents aren't home.

Beck: Ooh, that sounds pretty good!

Tori: I know, I feel like I haven't seen you in forever.

Beck: So, guess what I want!?

Tori: Aww, do you want me to tickle your tummy?

Beck: Yeah, sure!

Tori: You should come over!

Beck: Yeah, my girlfriend's not going to like that.

Tori: I won't tell her!

Beck: Okay, I'll be there soon.

Tori: Alright. Love you, miss you!

Beck:You make me happy! (Tori kisses into the phone)

Beck: Bye!

Tori: Later! (The Wood)

Note: This conversation is staged and in reality it did not happen between Tori and Beck.


Tori (Officer Pedesco): I need to see your license and registration!

Beck (Malcolm): Oh! Sorry for that constable.(Grabbing her face.) I don't have a car so I have no such documents in my trouser pockets.

(Jade (Betty-Sue) turns looking at Tori & Beck (Officer Pedesco and Malcolm) with a jealous/angry face)

Tori: (Officer Pedesco): Why don't you stop invading my personal space?! And how about a little of this Raisin Bran?

Beck: (Malcolm): I'm game, so why don't you pop a dabble into my mouth?

(Tori begins to shove some Raisin Bran in Beck's mouth) (Sleepover at Sikowitz's)


Beck (Malcolm): Have you ever seen a carnivorous wilder beast rubbing about Dan Schneider? (While poking Tori (Officer Pedesco) repeatedly)

Tori (Officer Pedesco): I am a police officer!

Beck (Malcolm): I'll back off then. (Stops poking her) (Sleepover at Sikowitz's)


Beck (Malcolm): Hey, what time is it?

Tori (Officer Pedesco): Ah, ah, you broke character, you lost, I am a police officer and I am "victorious!" (While getting up, pointing in Beck's (Malcolm's) face)

(Beck (Malcolm) smiles)

Tori (Officer Pedesco): Enjoy some Raisin Bran, you freakish brit! (While picking up the Raisin Bran and pouring it on Beck (Malcolm) who is smiling and not stopping her)

Tori (Officer Pedesco): This is Officer Pedesco, code 3, (insert siren noise here) HA! (Sleepover at Sikowitz's)


Tori: What's going on?

Beck: My aunt says we can't go to Cancun.

Tori: Aw... how come?

Beck: She found out I was bringing Jade.

(Sikowitz says "HA!") (Locked Up!)


Beck: So, I heard some of you guys are gong to Yerba.

Tori: Yes, yes we are. Would you like to come to Yerba with us Beck?

Beck: Oh, that'd be great, thanks! (Locked Up!)


Beck: Tori!...Yo Tori!


Beck: Tori!...Tori!...Yo Tori!

(After Jade throws the broom at the tent)

Tori: OW!

(After Jade says "Come out to play!")

Tori: Leave me alone!

Beck: What up with the hot cheese attack on Cat?

(Tori gets up out of the tent while Beck walks towards her)

Tori: I don't know. I mean I'm so not the jealous type. I've never ever done anything like this before but seeing my ex-boyfriend make out with Cat, I guess I just... I just lost it for a second and next thing I knew my hand was on the cheese valve. Uh, I have to go apologize to them.

(Tori walks off and Beck and Jade watch Tori leave and put down the sausage) (Cat's New Boyfriend)


Tori: Okay, well I'm going home now, forever.

Beck: No, you're not leaving this school. (While pulling her back)


Beck: I mean, we're all going to talk to Helen about this right now.


Beck: Come on, let's go find Helen. (Beck, Tori, Cat, André and Robbie walk off to go find Helen) (Helen Back Again)


Beck: Who would Catherine be?

Tori: Catherine could be a captain! (Survival of the Hottest)


Tori: What do we do?

Beck: I don't know. (Survival of the Hottest)


Tori: Life is pain.

Beck: Life is pain. (Tori Tortures Teacher)


Beck: Who's a rockstar?!

Tori: Me!

(They high five each other) (The Gorilla Club)


Beck: Okay, I'll tell you what.

Tori: What?

Beck: Tomorrow I will give you a ride to school.

Tori: (Excitedly) Really?

Beck: Sure! (Driving Tori Crazy)


Beck: Hey, hey, hey, hey! You did it!

Tori: I did it! (Jumps into Beck's arms and they hug) I'm gonna sing at the Platinum Music Awards!

Beck: I know!... Do you want your sandwich back? (Tori Goes Platinum)


Beck: Now why don't you just stop?

Tori: Cause if I don't keep acting like a 'bad girl obnoxious rock star' they might drop me from the show!

Beck: The show is in two days, they can't fire you.

Tori: I dunno, I'm scared.

Beck: Listen, just tell Mason Thornesmith that you're not gonna play his little game anymore.

Tori: But...

Beck: The world needs to see who you really are..... cause you're awesome.

(The audience says awwww and Tori and Beck look lovingly into each other's eyes and romantic music plays and lean in to kiss) (Tori Goes Platinum)


Beck: Shhh... (Stroking Tori's hair to calm her down) (Crazy Ponnie)


Tori: Hey, (Motions Beck to join her) come here! (Pulls out her phone and they both lie down to the laser beam)

Beck: (Moves closer to Tori) What are we doin'?

Tori: Measuring to see how high this beam is, from the floor.

Jade: (From a distance) Eight inches.

Beck: Would you let her measure it, please?

(Both Tori and Beck rise from the floor, and Tori checks her phone)

Beck: Well?

Tori: Eight inches. (Wanko's Warehouse)


Beck:So, tomorrow night, I guess it's just you and me.

Tori: If it's just the two of us, than I guess it's like...

Beck: (motioning to Tori to continue)

Tori: A DATE!

Beck: We'll do the opposite of a date.

Tori: An OPPOSITE date!

Beck: It's NOT a date, it's just us hanging out!

Tori: I am NOT looking forward to it! (giggles while looking at Beck and walking away) (Opposite Date)


Beck: Yeah, in fact when I take you home later, I'm gonna punch you in the arm! Like.. (punches her lightly on the arm)

Tori: Oww, too hard (rubs her arm and laughs)

Beck: Awww, you baby! (pinches her arm)

Tori: You're a baby!

Beck: Mmm

Tori: You're a baby...

Beck: Alright!

Tori: With... lots of hair! (messes his hair up)

Beck: No I'm not!

(both laughing and messing with each other) (Opposite Date)


Guy with a Fish Tank: Uh, I think we're ignoring the obvious question....(Tori and Beck look at each other confused) Do you two have feelings for each other?

(everyone leans in to listen to their answers)

(Tori and Beck look at each other)

Tori: Hey, is our dog ointment readyyyyy?! (shouts behind as they both smile nervously trying to change the subject) (Opposite Date)


Tori: (Walks down Beck's driveway looking apologetic and waves)

Beck: Uh oh, here comes trouble.

Tori: Stop... I came here to say I'm sorry.

Beck: To which one of us?

Tori: To both of you... (Points at Beck) You first, um... I know how important Tinkle-Aid is to you and André and Robbie--

Beck: And all the guys at Hollywood Arts?

Tori: I know, and so... I feel awful and embarrassed that I let you guys down.

Beck: Okay (Smiles) (Three Girls And A Moose)


Beck: Hey.

Tori: Heyy! So, you and Meredith huh, you guys gonna snoodle?

Beck: There will be no snoodling.

Tori: What?! After everything I've done?! I was almost attacked with toilet paper!

Beck: Look, Meredith is... nice, too nice. I think I've learned something about myself.

Tori: That you're ungrateful to your friend who tried to fix you up with a cute girl?

Beck: No, I just think I like dating a girl who you know, fights back.

Tori: You--

Beck: I mean a girl who's got strong opinions, you know, and a big mouth.

Tori: Why?

Beck: Cause it's not easy. Easy is boring.

Tori: (looks upset) Okay. I get that. So, who's NOT boring? (Tori Fixes Beck and Jade)


Jade: Hey, great song... André. (spoken pointedly at Tori)

Tori: Thanks... Beck! (sarcastically aimed towards Jade)

Beck: Good job! (rubs Tori's arm before she takes his punch)

Beck: Uhh--

Tori: Mmm! *gasps* A weiner?! (takes hotdog sausage out of cup)

Beck:... It comes with the punch!

Tori: (looks around, looks at sausage, shrugs, puts it back in the cup, and continues drinking to punch) (One Thousand Berry Balls)


Beck: We better get out of here before we get flour bombed.

Tori: Relax! Everyone knows the flour bomber only strikes once a day.

(Both turn around to walk away when flour bomber comes and throws flour at both of their faces)

Tori: Sometimes twice! (Robbie Sells Rex)


Beck: Oh hey.

Tori: Oh my God! No, no, noooo!

Beck: Wow, never heard that from a girl before.

Tori: I haven't decided yet who's going to be on my Brain Squeezers team, so if you wanna be on then, you're gonna have to--

Beck: Wow, wow, wow, wow. I was just standing here, and I said "hey".

Tori: I'm sorry. It's just everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has been bugging me today.

(Both stop talking and turn around to see Robbie cleaning Tori's locker)

Robbie: Oh hey!

Tori: Why are you cleaning my locker..?

Robbie: 'Cause we're friends and I uh, want things to be nice. Yep, just uh, gonna Make It Shine! Ok, off to class, but first, for ye!

Tori: Why are you giving me $20?

Robbie: 'Cause I think you're neat! And, 'cause we're super friends!

Tori: I'm not promising that I'll pick you to be on my Brain Squeezers team.

(Robbie takes the $20 out of her hand and throws dirt at her locker, then Cat comes around)


Beck: Wow, I guess people are pretty desperate to be on a game show.

Tori: I guess but-- (looks at Beck suspiciously) I see through your little plan!

Beck: What's my plan?

Tori: Oh you know, to play it all cool and act like you don't care about being on my Brain Squeezers team! Just mess with my head and make me wanna ask you to be on it!

Beck: You know what, that's really insulting... Can I be on your team?

Tori: I knew it!

(Both start walking away arguing) (Brain Squeezers)


Jade: (About Beck) Because I am prettier than him!

Tori: Are you? (The Slap Fight)

Bori in Real Life


Even though Tori and Beck have tons of chemistry on the show, their chemistry in real life is even bigger and better. Victoria and Avan are actually best friends in real life. They tend to hang out almost all the time. They have many adventures, two being a trip to London and New York. If you see a picture or a video with these two, there's a 95% chance they're next to each other. If they're not hanging out, they're often talking on Twitter. (See: Vavan)


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