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    i new

    December 12, 2018 by Shopkinsloveablepinkness

    Hey so right now it dark it 9 something and I not tried so I doing this on my laptop even know I have a big day I have a Christmas event to go to and I have to go to Scholl isn't that great lucky me not yeah well I am new and I dont know what to do

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  • Rucasshipper0614


    December 8, 2018 by Rucasshipper0614

    My childhood is over. no longer exists. It's only The pages and games aren't there. What am I supposed to do with my life?

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  • ArianaCatGrande87

    Hi Everyone

    October 24, 2018 by ArianaCatGrande87

    Hi! How are you? I am so bored..

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  • MoonlightGalaxy

    Hi guys

    October 18, 2018 by MoonlightGalaxy

    Hi everyone! idk what to say lol

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  • ColorQueen


    August 13, 2018 by ColorQueen

    it sucks how movies are not realistic. Escpecially in the mornings, :(

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  • Envious2

    what is this

    August 3, 2018 by Envious2

    how did i get on this wiki

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    sexy baby

    April 20, 2018 by Sexy baby


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  • Stephanierobert
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  • SkylaBarfoot


    April 16, 2018 by SkylaBarfoot

    Hi Guys,

    today i am going to be writing a quick blog my name is skyla x yayyyyy so cool website i picked my team its me and a couple of friends (may know them) "where is cat" -jade west star stambelged tori 

    Felling: sticky 14:03, April 16, 2018 (UTC)14:03, April 16, 2018 (UTC)14:03, April 16, 2018 (UTC)14:03, April 16, 2018 (UTC)14:03, April 16, 2018 (UTC)SkylaBarfoot (talk)xxxxoooooooxoooooxxxxxx

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  • Gebrown22


    March 31, 2018 by Gebrown22

    hello everone from victorious cast my name is georgia 

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  • Izzybel7897

    Hello im new to this web padge ill try and post everyday and see if i get some followers if i dont its fine but if i do it would be amazing.Now getting into victorious i love the show it is my fav show.I NEVER STOP WATCHING IT.Victorious is amazing as u guys know.

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  • Thepersonwhoedits123

    1. Beck Falls For Tori    201

    2. Helen Back Again      202

    3. and 4. Locked Up!                203-204

    5. Tori Gets Stuck                     205

    6. Tori Tortrues Teacher            206

    7. Jade Gets Crushed               207

    8. Who Did It To Trina?              208

    9. Beggin On Your Knees          209

    10. Ice Cream For Ke$ha          210

    11. Prom Wrecker                      211

    12. Terror on Cupcake Street     212

    13. Blooptorious                         213

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  • Chloenept19


    February 10, 2018 by Chloenept19
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  • Chloenept19

    Today is such a good day and soooo relaxing!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!

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  • Hermione-The-Cutie-Pup


    December 28, 2017 by Hermione-The-Cutie-Pup

    Thanks I figured out how to lower text and shit 

    HεrmiοnεCμtiερμρ 21:08, December 28, 2017 (UTC)

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  • PinkTrinaCat101

    I have it

    December 28, 2017 by PinkTrinaCat101

    I finally have it! A new signature because my old one was boring

    PinkTrinacat101 21:01, December 28, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Hanisha kumar

    Hanisha kumar

    November 12, 2017 by Hanisha kumar

    like do like not promise me like not how do not and can’t how hey okay X Hanisha kumar

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  • DiamondPuppy33


    Beck was furious if Trina wouldn't have tricked Tori this wouldn't have happened he wanted to punch Trina and take Tori for himself. He just sat there and watch the romantic kissing between the too he hated this new Trina he wanted the old "Anti-Tori" Trina back. He hated the fact Trina stole his most prized possession, his girlfriend. He started to rage and all the suden he screamed "TRINAAAAAAAAAAAA YOU LITTLE WAZZBAG". Instead of being to normal Tori thought back with Beck and told him to keep away from her girl and to find your own girlfriend. This made Beck furious. He wanted to murder Trina but knew he couldn't. He could feel this bitter emotion sinking down his body and into his vains

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  • DiamondPuppy33


    "Ok come on Trina are you joking?" asked Tori. Trina looked seriously "No!" yelled Trina. Then before Tori could answer Trina pulled Tori closer by the shirt and yelled in her face "When a women tells you her feelings you must take them SERIOUSLY. Don't you toy with my emotions Tori DO YOU UNDERSTAND?". "Y-yeah" Gulped Tori slowly backing away. Beck stared at the conversation with a confused look on his face will the confusing conversation continued. Tori looked at Trina "Well No were sisters thats just creepy incest" she said. Trina looked at her and said "But" but got cut off by Tori "Incest is wrong Trina". Trina sighed. "But to be honest I have HOTS for you too...." said Tori. Trina was happy "Real…

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  • DiamondPuppy33

    The poice handcuffed Jade and lured her outside. "Alright watch that bitter head of yours" said the first officer. Luring her into the car Jade growled. The poice got in and looked at Jade the first one stared at her "Alright you have the right to remain silent, Missy" he said. Jade then exspoled with anger as she started to scream "Why you little Bi-" before being cut off by the second officer. 

                                       ""Meanwhile with Tori and Beck""

    After a while Tori and Beck had perfect home to live in. "Now Jade will never find us" said Beck. Tori smiled "Yep thats true" she replied Then all the sudden Tori got a call from Trina asking her to meet up with her. Tori said yes and had Beck drive her home. "Ok Trina what gives" …

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  • PinkTrinaCat101


    "Oh My God" gasped Tori. "Mom dad... You can't be serious. Your joking right?". The mom gigled. "No" why would we joke about this" he replied. "I can't believe it" squealed Tori "I'm finally going to Hollywood!'. The mom smiled and looked at the dad and he smiled back. "I'll finally see my BFF, Jade!" said Tori. The mom looked at Tori and asked on question "Jade?". Tori looked confused "Yes Jade my BFF! She moved to Hollywood". 

    ​Flash Back

    Tori: Are you really moving you should stay here and live with me and Trina!

    Jade: I'm sorry but my mom got this promotion and she could be rich...

    Tori: Awww crud. I'm going to miss you.

    Jade: I know me too! We have to call everyday!

    Tori: Yes


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  • PinkTrinaCat101

    Tori Vega User Boxes

    September 18, 2017 by PinkTrinaCat101
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  • PinkTrinaCat101

    Trina User boxes

    September 18, 2017 by PinkTrinaCat101




    Template: TrinaHair


    Template: Trina!



    Template: TrinaAwesome

    Template: TrinaShow



    Template: TrinaVega


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  • PoppyAndFluffyXoxo


    September 4, 2017 by PoppyAndFluffyXoxo

    Cat knocked at Tori's door.


    Tori: *Opens door* Hey Cat come in

    Cat: So Wanna go to the beach I asked Jade and she said no

    Tori: Sure... Why not

    Cat: Yay

    Tori: *thinks without talking: She's so beautifal and sweet I love her..*

    Cat: Tori you OK

    Tori: *snaps out of thought* Oh yeah


    Cat and Tori: *Sit down on the beach* 

    Tori: nice veiw isn't it Cat

    Cat: Yeah it is.

    This user ships Cori

    To Be Countinued

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  • DiamondPuppy33

    Verionica: Do you like Victorious? Do you like drama and romantic? Well watch "Bori" only on Victorious Wiki! 


          Bori new episode right now on Victorious Wiki 

    "W-what" asked Tori. "We have to move" said Beck very seriously. "But what about Hollywood Arts and all our friends?" asked Tori. "Were  stay but move to another house" said Beck. Tori cried "Okay but my parents, Trina!" she said. "Trina?" asked Beck "I thought you hated Trina" . "I do she's really mean to me but were sisters in our DNA" said Tori. "Ok. It's ether we stay and Jade kills us when she gets out of jail or we leave and Jade won't find us" said Beck "It's Jade Or Trina but please notice that if you choose Trina we will die". "Jade she wont find us if we move" said T…

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  • DiamondPuppy33

    Jade started to cry. "Now now." said Cat in her grandma voice "Calm down baby". .Jade frowned "Cat were not doing this anymore" Said Jade. "Why not" asked Cat. "I'm done i'm just not in the mood" she ran away crying Cat chased after her and screamed "WAIIIITTT!". Jade cryed louder "NO I CAN'T!". Cat started to pity her. "Jade stop your gonna make me cry" said Cat. "I can't the only boy who ever loved me is cheating on me with th-th-th-at LOOOOOSERRRR" Jade said. "I know Tori is my friend but I feel bad for you cause I love you!" Said Cat. Jade wiped her tears "T-thanks".  


    Beck and Tori wondered why the boy cried like a girl and why the grandma sounded familiar but they didn't care. 

     The Next Day

    Beck and Tori were sleeping in bed t…

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  • DiamondPuppy33

    "Hey Tori wanna go out?" asked beck. Tori replys with "Yes wanna go to Nozu?" Beck smiles and says yes. Tori happily tweets 

    "Going to Nozu's with my Becky" 

    Mood: Pumped.


    Jade and Cat seen the tweet. They planed to go to Nozu's. "How about we go shopping for a disguise" said Jade. "Why?" askec Cat. Jade was so mad at that question that she sarcastically answered it. "So we can dance around and upload it to ..." said Jade sarcastically.

    "Was that sarcasm?" asked Cat. Jade shurgged "Maybe?". 

    They went to Wanko's Warhouse and bought a disguise

    Cat looked like an old lady and Jade looked like a man 

    And They did the steakout 

    Beck and Tori reached to kiss. Beck kissed Tori deep and Tori kissed deeper they were almo…

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  • DiamondPuppy33

    Bori Chapter 3 Jade

    August 29, 2017 by DiamondPuppy33

    Again! In the last  Chapter I've stated that this fanfiction is rated PG-13 due to mild language and volience. If your 12- (12- Meenx 12 Or Younger) Have parent/Gardyen read this before you!

    Cat walked to the school building it was already a monday morning it was beautiful. Jade walked by Cat. "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" said cat to Jade. "Oh hey" said Jade. "Wanna go to the beach tonight?" asked Cat. Jade sighed "Yeahhhhhhh". "Good just don't invite Tori" said cat. "Why?" asked Jade. Cat left "Byyyyeeeeee!". Jade sighed whatever.

         At Lunch

    Cat starts singing her Tori and Beck sitting in a tree kissing song as she sat down at a lunch table near Jade. Jade majory ignores Cat but this time her ears heard something pretty juicy. "CAAAATTTT" Shouted J…

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  • DiamondPuppy33


    So it starts out with then in Sikowitz class I always loved Sikowitz evn since I first seen him in the pilot. He is just so funny especially when Tori gave him $2 cause she thought he was homeless I laughed so hard anyway now back to the fanale! Sikowitz asked the kids to do some inprov acting on a bus they all didn't want to so he suggested  they do it underwater instead they all said no. Sikowitz suggested that they say yes to everything for a whole day. That ment André was forced to drink gross tomato juice and listen to a horrible singer sing bad country music and Tori and Jade had to hangout and Beck and…

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  • DiamondPuppy33

    What is your favorite Victorious episode????????? Mine is Robbarazi!

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  • DiamondPuppy33

    I Don't Own Victorious.  This Fanfiction Is Rated T For Teens In Other Words This Fanfiction Is 13+ If YOUR YOUNGER THEN 13 HAVE YOUR PARENTS READ THIS FIRST!!

    Tori sighed and grabbed her phone and stuffed in her pocket and moitioned twords the door Trina walked down stairs and seen her younger sister starting to leave and asked in utter shock "Were are you going baby sister?" she scratched her head "You said you'd Massage my feet!". Tori sighed and said in an anoyyed voice  "I said MAYBE I'd massage your feet cause that's just..... Well...... Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww". Trina made a face "Well you didn't mind massaging Robbie's-" Tori cut her off and yelled "BYE!" and shut the door. "I'LL GET YOU" Yelled Trina then all the sudden she got a text fr…

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  • DiamondPuppy33

    Bori Chapter1

    August 29, 2017 by DiamondPuppy33


    It was the weekend a perfect saturday and Tori was board. Sikowitz had no wacky in good way homework planned, Cat and Jade were on a "playdate", Robbie was alible but I don't really don't wanna hang out with him, André was failing to write a song while this went on

    • André: Thats the celling fan, grandma
    • Grandma: OK ANDRÉ!!

    I Didn't dare to hangout with Sinjin just ewwwwww. Beck was at home I didn't want to bother him I didn't know if he was busy or not. Then all the sudden... *RUMMBLE RUMBLE PUURRRRRR*  "MY PHONE!!!" I really didn't want to look cause it was probably just Trina's Gossip Vlog again but it wasn't it was just Beck I sighed in relief that It wasn't Trina and slowy …

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  • DiamondPuppy33


    Verionica: Are ya readYyyy fo' disssssshhhhh

    Me: Are ya' readYyyy fo' dishhhhh????

    André: *Blares paino music*

    Trina: *Sings Horriblely*

    Verionica: *Ahhhhh*

    André: U thought U were goNAH get a promotion BUT NUUU!!! Itz waz meh playin' da PEEano! 

    Trina: And meh siNGin'!!!

    Jade: Yeah datz meh chIZZ!

    Verionica: Ohhhh MaNNNNN!

    André: Yeah Verionica iz meh promotion budEE 

    Trina: And shez mine!

    Verionica: Wut iz dis?


    Verionica: Wutzzeezz?

    Trina: But dont wurEE ownLEE liek 3 milllein peepz R watchin' su itz nut liek ur hole life iz ohver oh waht it iz!

    André: YASSS!



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  • WizardLightning24

    Hey Victorious Fans,

    This blog to inform you that there's a new VIctorious movie on Youtube. Here's the link:

    Enjoy The Movie!

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  • Dave88777

    Everyone did you here that victorious is coming back i'm one of the first to know. All of the cast decided the show needed a proper ending so its happening Dan agreed to it. Go to to see the buzz

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  • Sweetlover2345


    February 19, 2017 by Sweetlover2345

    hey guys i am a victorious fan but thanks for watching for my own videos. but you can be my business email but i can do something to do it. because i will do it but you can come to my talk page. and do something about it.

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  • ButterflyKC


    January 24, 2017 by ButterflyKC
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  • 1254victoria

    Well after I left for a super long time and felt like I lost my account, time to say...

    I'm back!

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  • CatFromVictorious

    Plz, does anyone know why victorious was cancelled/ended? Im soooo sesperate to know right now :/ If you do know, I would be so grateful if you did leave a comment or something, thx :P

    Also, does anyone want to join me in writing transcripts for victorious episodes?

    I'm currently working on the breakfast bunch :/

    I was thinking of doing Gorilla club next :P

    heheh hammer time :D

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  • Arieldallas123

    ariel's world

    November 16, 2016 by Arieldallas123
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  • Cerusha Celestia

    What are the Victorious Fandom fans called? Victorians? And what Victoria's fans? 

    We have - 

    Arianators (Ariana's fans obviously)

    Gillians ( Liz gillies's fans)

    And...................... (tell me!)

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  • Gabbyrocks07


    October 13, 2016 by Gabbyrocks07

    up next its gonna be the love show 🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬

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  • Gabbyrocks07

    jade salf

    October 8, 2016 by Gabbyrocks07

    jade salf is a girl from the cirtckchat and her profile was blocked because it was her thats the plan

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  • Cabbiefan101

    Wow. Three years since I have posted a blog post. Soon, it's going to mark my 5th year anniversary of making this account and that's honestly just crazy to me. This feels ironic and awkward and weird but I still feel like I need to write something. So hi. It's me Cara (obviously). I was just watching Victorious because they constantly are playing re-runs on teennick, and I just let my thoughts wander. I've kept in touch with very few people from here, Sage is still one of my closest friends. Matt and Z I have talked to somewhat a bit over the years. Farah too. But before I continue my sob story, basically I just wanted to tell you guys (if anyone ever comes on here what the point of this blog is.

    It's pretty simple; basically i…

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  • Victoriouslywalkingdead

    Okay, so I created an account to ask this question. But are there any Victorious fans on here that watch The Walking Dead? I am planning on writing a Victorious and The Walking Dead crossover where Jade is in the apocalypse with the Atlanta survivors (season 1-2 characters) and she's related to someone. The question is who exactly should she be related to?

    The Grimes family which consists of Rick and Lori who got married too young and their 12 year old son Carl?

    The Greene family which consists of Hershel, a vet, Maggie, a 22 year old college student, and Beth a 17 year old?

    Or should she be the daughter of Andrea?

    Please comment! I could really use some opinions.

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  • ScottStephenJones

    My name is Scott Stephen Jones. I just joined this wiki. I am on lots of wikis and Victorious is one of my favorite shows. I am so interest in being on this wiki because this show is so inspiring. Please feel free to check out my page at anytime!

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  • Korn1994

    On December 12, 2015 Matt Bennett (who plays Robbie Shapiro) posted a photo with the crew together for Christmas on Instagram with the caption: "12/12/15 Off by a few days but we did it! Happy Holidays from the cast of Victorious. Can't wait for Season 5! Coming April 2017". Now, I know what you're thinking "ohhh but what if he was just kidding." Well, you're sadly mistaken my friend, and here's why: That same day, Avan Jogia ( Who plays Beck Oliver) posted the same picture with the caption: "The team is back again." Oh, and not ONLY that, Liz Gillies (who plays Jade West) has been seen spending a lot more time with the cast members (for example: She posted a picture of her and Ariana Grande *who plays Cat* spending time with her on New Ye…

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  • Victoriousislife


    February 27, 2016 by Victoriousislife

    HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, my names allison, I love victorious. Literally LOVE!! And i will never ever stop loving it

    About me:

    I'm nice, fun, rebellious, and i get quick to anger for some reason (I try to control it but it's so hard :( )

    My fave characters on Victorious are Cat, Tori, and Jade

    I have more of a jade personality but also slightly cat-ish.

    I like puppies, kittens, and my fave color is blue.

    I hope we all get along!!!![[File:Cat-7.png|thumb|Don't you just love her!!?!! and her room!!!

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  • Blu786


    February 21, 2016 by Blu786

    hi my name is laiba and im new to this if you can text ppl on here i dont mind texting u it wud be great if u wd like 2 be mates  urmmmmm not mch 4 me 2 write so ye.

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