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People who like Bibble

Cat Valentine, André Harris, Tori Vega, Jade West, Mason Thornesmith, Oliver

People who have bibble problems

Cat Valentine, Oliver

Bibble is a British snack that was mentioned and the subject of the subplot in the episode Tori Goes Platinum. The product itself consists of popcorn and food coloring, and it looks somewhat like lightly shaded colorful popcorn. Bibble has appeared in 2 episodes, Tori Goes Platinum and Robbie Sells Rex, which was its last appearance in Victorious. It has also appeared in two episodes of Sam & Cat.



Tori Goes Platinum

Bibble makes its first appearance in the episode Tori Goes Platinum. Cat became addicted to it after trying it in Mason Thornesmith's office. Tori, Jade, and André also have sampled it but did not become as addicted as Cat. Cat's addiction to it was a running gag throughout the episode, as well as the subplot of the episode. She acted very selfish and childish about her bibble, and became so addicted to the point of her parents having to hire a "bibble guard" named Oliver to make sure she didn't eat any more. By the end of this episode, Cat and Oliver can be seen secretly eating bibble behind a dumpster outside of the building.

Somebody bibble me!

Robbie Sells Rex

Bibble was mentioned in Robbie Sells Rex by Cat when she and Robbie went to Mason's office. Cat also asked Mason's son if he could breath on her for the "bibble breath".

Sam & Cat

Bibble appeared in the Sam & Cat episode #TheBritBrats where Sam mentions that British people love bibble, and Cat mentions she's banned from buying bibble at the local store.

Bibble also appeared in the episode #RevengeOfTheBritBrats, where a can of bibble is given to Cat by Gwen and Ruby, and subsequently stolen back by them as part of their revenge plot for what happened in the earlier episode.

Quotes About Bibble

Cat: Hello? somebody bibble me!!

Cat: I'm ready for bibble!

Cat: Can I just have a little bibble?

Cat: Bibble!

Cat: No!! I need more bibble NOW!!

Cat: Bring me some bibble. You're my only hope!

Cat: Why can't you just let me smell some bibble?

Cat: Does anyone have any bibble?!

Cat: But it hurts!!

Cat: Mmm, that's bibble breath.


  • Ariana Grande (Cat) said "It tastes like caramel popcorn with chocolate and sprinkles and vanilla and pink stuff on it! I don't know what the pink stuff is but it's truly delicious.. I couldn't stop eating it while we were filming... I had a real life bibble addiction as well as a fake one."
  • Bibble has the characteristics of a drug, as Cat was seen experiencing withdrawal symptoms such as foul mood, and chewing gum so she didn't crave bibble.
  • Bibble is mentioned in the Game Shakers episode "MeGo the Freakish Robot."
  • Many similar foods to Bibble exist in real life, but there is no known brand of Bibble-like food that is actually called Bibble.