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Beckowitz (Beck and Si/kowitz) is the friendship pairing of Beck and Sikowitz (a student-teacher relationship). The pairing will never happen romantically on the show because of the large age difference.

This page is for friendship speculation only.


Season 1


  • Sikowitz tells only Jade specifically to not kiss Beck in class, even though Beck doesn't do anything to push her away.
  • When Beck mentions that he is an alien during alphabet improv, Sikowitz exclaims, "Ooh, a twist!", showing that he was impressed.
  • Sikowitz asks Beck to give an example of alphabet improv in order to explain the concept to the class.

The Bird Scene

  • Sikowitz leans to Beck and says, "You see the bird too, right?" to which Beck responds, "I do."

Beck's Big Break

Sikowitz has his arm around Beck in this photo.

  • Sikowitz was not impressed because Beck was late.
  • Beck apologized to Sikowitz for being late.
  • Sikowitz had Beck tell the group about what it's like to work on a real movie, stopping class (and his rant on robots) to do so.

Rex Dies

  • Sikowitz has Beck be in charge of acquiring the Turblow Jet.
  • Sikowitz has Beck (and Tori) perform a scene at the beginning of class.
  • When Sikowitz asks where his coconut milk is, Beck reminds him that he is drinking it.
  • Sikowitz allows Beck to go to the hospital along with Jade, Cat, Tori, and Rex.

The Great Ping Pong Scam

Beck smiles and cheers for Sikowitz's performance.

  • Beck and Sikowitz are both involved in the scam.
  • When Sikowitz returns to the restaurant when Tori and André are performing, he sat next to Beck.
  • Beck gives Sikowitz a weird look when he sits next to him.
  • In pictures for the episode, Sikowitz has his arm around Beck.

Freak the Freak Out

1asleepover sikowitz.jpg
  • Beck clapped and cheered during Sikowitz's performance.
  • Sikowitz tells Jade to stop being such a gank to Beck and says that she is very lucky to have him for her boyfriend.
  • Beck runs to hug Sikowitz after he sings Number One along with the rest of his friends.

Sleepover at Sikowitz's

  • Sikowitz invites Beck to his house for his Method Acting activity. 
  • While acting as Malcom, a man who invades people's personal space, Beck grabbed Sikowitz and rubbed his earlobes, complimenting them.

Season 2

Beck Falls for Tori

  • Sikowitz had Beck (along with Cat and André) perform a scene for the class.

Locked Up!

  • Sikowitz laughed when Beck says that his aunt wouldn't let them come to Cancun when she found out he was bringing Jade.
  • Sikowitz stands with Beck (and Robbie) during the performance of All I Want Is Everything.
  • During this number, Beck turns and smiles at Sikowitz.

Tori Tortures Teacher

  • Beck stood up in his chair and tries to look when Sikowitz is checking to see if he's wearing underwear.
  • Beck smiles when Sikowitz announces that he forgot to wear some.
  • Beck pats Sikowitz's shoulder.
  • Sikowitz called Beck "Elvis".

Terror on Cupcake Street

  • Sikowitz had Beck be a part of the parade team even though he was not in his class when he made the announcement.
  • Sikowitz laughed immensely and does a funny dance when he sees Beck (and André) in a pair of candy jammies.
  • Beck helped drive the float because Sikowitz had a semi-suspended driver's license.
  • Beck along with André is concerned about where Sikowitz is, after he leaves the cupcake.

A Christmas Tori

  • Sikowitz sarcastically tells Beck that he should hate that anything would keep Beck awake in his class.
  • Sikowitz doesn't get mad at Beck for sleeping in his class.
  • Beck thanks Sikowitz and resumes sleeping.
  • Sikowitz texts Beck his 'Secret Santa' assignment (Meaning Sikowitz has his cell phone number/ along with the rest of the class)
  • Sikowitz asks Beck if he can have his cricket, and Beck agrees.
  • Beck tells Sikowitz he's "the best".
  • Sikowitz calls his student "Becky".
  • Sikowitz holds Beck in his arms, commenting that his heart is vibrating.

Season 3

Tori & Jade's Play Date

  • Sikowitz lets Beck choose a role for his play.
  • Sikowitz lets Beck take a break during rehearsal because he is satisfied with his performance.
  • When everyone is arguing about getting a role, you can hear Beck tell Sikowitz he is fine with whatever part he gives him.

April Fools Blank

  • When everyone was hugging each other at the end, Beck went to hug Sikowitz.
  • Beck looked surprised when Sikowitz exploded.

Season 4

Tori Fixes Beck and Jade

  • When Meredith asks Beck who his favorite teacher is, he answers, "Easy, Sikowitz."

Other Programs

IParty with Victorious

Beck's book cover of Sikowitz

  • Sikowitz has Beck (and Tori) perform a scene for the class.
  • Sikowitz gives Beck advice on how to convey believable terror because he wants him to improve his acting.
  • Sikowitz attempts to scare Beck multiple times throughout the episode.
  • Beck does not get scared by Sikowitz.
  • Sikowitz and Beck enjoy the hot tub together (along with Jade and Spencer).
  • Sikowitz congratulates Beck in the hot tub for not getting scared.
  • After he scares Tori, Sikowitz puts his arms around Beck and shakes him in a friendly fashion.

TheSlap Hints

  • Beck slaps Sikowitz in the video of the students at his home.
  • Beck tells Sikowitz that it is Friday, not Sunday and that he has missed 4 classes so far.
  • Sikowitz slapped Beck in the video of himself performing 'My World'.
  • Beck lets him know that he has missed 21/2 days of school while recovering from reggae night.
  • Sikowitz forces Beck to do a drive-by acting exercise for him (with Jade).
  • Beck makes a book cover of Sikowitz in his blog.
  • Beck posts "Pro Tip: Compliment Sikowitz on his cologne today and he'll give you 5 bonus points on today's test." and Sikowitz responds, "It's true! I will!".


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