Beck Oliver's profile video on TheSlap shows the following:

Beck is shown recording his profile video for TheSlap. He starts off by talking about normal things, such as how much he loves acting, but in the middle of the video, his girlfriend Jade West, walks in. As he's talking, Jade constantly interrupts him, pointing out the flaws and good times in their relationship and saying that they've dated for two years.

Jade implies that he is popular and tells other girls to stay away from him. Beck gets frustrated, saying that she's trying to make the video all about her, and gets into an argument with her. He decides to make a new video some other time, but Jade is upset by that, and they agree to post the video even if it's mostly about them arguing.

They are seen kissing passionately twice at the end before the camera cuts.

Victorious The slap-Beck Video Profile

Victorious The slap-Beck Video Profile

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