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Beck Oliver wrote two blogs on TheSlap. He says he only blogs when he has something important to say or he's bored. His first blog was about Jade because she told him that she had to blog about her.

Blog #1: Jade Hates Compliments[1]


Beck says he's blogging about his lovely girlfriend because she told him he had to. He explains that dating her isn't very easy, because she takes every compliment the wrong way. He then explains that he was extra nice to her all week, and recorded her reactions. Here are the results:

"Hey it's me Beck. Thought I'd take a moment to blog about my lovely girlfriend Jade. (She told me if I blog on TheSlap, I HAVE to blog about HER... So this one's for you, Jade.)

Let's just say that dating Jade isn't exactly a picnic all of the time. See, most girls love when you compliment them and go out of your way to make them happy. But with Jade, it's a little more complicated. She takes every compliment the wrong way. So, for fun I've been super nice to her all week just to see her reaction. Here are the results.

Me: "Wow. Jade you look really pretty today."
Her: "So what?! Most days I look hideous?! Is that what you're trying to tell me? Why do you even date me if I disgust you so much?"

Me: "I like that outfit you're wearing."
Her: "Oh cuz it's got a little pink in it?! Well sorry if I'm not super-girly like all the other ditzes who walk around wearing bows and flowers and tacky pink dresses. I'm not your little dress-up doll. Ugh!"

Me: "Hey thanks for getting me a cup of coffee."
Her: "You say that like I never do anything for you! I feel so unappreciated!"

Me: "Here, let me carry that bag for you."
Her: "Don't use that tone of voice to me. Yeah, don't deny it! There was a tone!"

Friday: Me: "Hi, baby."
Her: "So you don't even say my name anymore? Did you forget it? Why are you being shady?"

— Beck Oliver

Blog #2: The Stories of Our Lives[2]

Beck posted this blog showing different book covers of all his friends. He said when they get famous, they'll have their own books:

"Sup guys. So you know how when anyone gets famous, there's always a tell-all book or biography written about them?

That got me thinking, when one of us makes it big, what will be the title of our books? Here's what I'm thinking....

Little Man, Big Dreams: Rex Powers

Buy my Book or I'll Hurt You: Jade West

The Sikowitz Memoirs: I Don't Remember Anything, Sorry.

How to Make It without Talent: The Trina Vega Story

Cat Valentine: Yay for Words!

Yeah, these probably won't be the biggest sellers. Oh well. "
— Beck Oliver


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