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General Information
Shipped Characters Beck Oliver and Jade West
Length of Relationship 2008-February 11th, 2012

December 1st, 2012-present

Status Dating/Good Friends
Rivals Bori

"Beck: I've missed you.
Jade: So what are you gonna do about it?
Beck: [leans to Jade and kisses her] "
— An exchange between Beck and Jade in Tori Fixes Beck and Jade.

Bade is the pairing of Beck and Jade (B/eck and J/ade) as boyfriend and girlfriend. Another name used for this ship is Jeck (J/ade and B/eck), although that term is rarely used. Though Bade was once the most popular pairing on the show, its popularity began to wane significantly starting in Season 2 (as Beck and Jade were given less focus), especially following The Worst Couple before it experienced a resurgence in popularity in Tori Fixes Beck and Jade though nowhere near the extent that it had been in Season 1. Nonetheless, it remains one of the more popular ships on the show, being without a doubt the most vocally defended in the fandom.

The couple dated for a couple of years but ended their relationship in The Worst Couple. However, they got back together in Tori Fixes Beck and Jade.

See Elavan for the real-life pairing of the characters actors, Elizabeth Gillies and Avan Jogia, who are also close friends off-screen.

She scares me.

Jade scares you?!
~André & Beck about Jade

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Relationship Dynamic

Beck's character is mysterious and down-to-earth, whereas Jade's character is dark and edgy. The pair's dynamic involves jealousy and possession. Beck loves to playfully make Jade jealous whenever he can. When Jade says they aren't about to break up, Beck sometimes replies with a questioning "Well..." (such as in Robarazzi), and in Wi-Fi in the Sky, he purposefully (though, he may not have been given the chance by Jade to explain) left out the fact that the cheerleader next door was nine years old to make her jealous. She argues with him that he loves making her jealous and pushing her buttons. He also once posted on TheSlap that he got in a water fight with a bunch of girls in bikinis, and when Jade freaked out, he said "HA. Just kidding." Jade is shown to be extremely possessive of him throughout the series in almost every episode. This attitude may be Jade's way of showing affection since she is not very emotionally articulate. Jade has never shown to be as irritable towards Beck as she was towards the other characters.

It seems that Beck has a lot of authority and control over Jade, usually being able to tame her contrarian tendencies and petty impulses. For instance, in Cat's New Boyfriend, he told her she couldn't tell Cat something and she was instantly silent; in Beggin' on Your Knees, he told her to go to timeout for insulting Tori, and she obediently went to sit on the steps; when he told her that she had to stop making Jade with Tots videos, she followed suit. Indeed, Jade often appears to try and gain Beck's approval. This is seen a few times throughout the series, when she denies doing something or is reluctant to tell him she has done something bad because she's worried about his reaction, such as not telling him that she encouraged Tori to leave the float in Terror on Cupcake Street). Conversely, Jade seems to dictate and control much of Beck's actions, as he almost seems to hesitate to act without her approval with their being a multitude of instances (The Great Ping Pong Scam, The Wood, Ice Cream for Ke$ha) where Beck enables Jade's terrible behavior or doesn't call her out on it.

Jade usually tones down her hostility when she is alone with Beck. For example, in their Drive-by-Acting Exercise, they were arguing a little, however then Jade asked in a sweet voice "Say you love me?" and even said "please" when he told her to. They also seem to act more romantic when they aren't in public. In one of their videos when they were alone, Beck told Jade he loves her, causing Jade's heart to melt, say "awww" and climb into his lap, and they started kissing. Although he is not very possessive of Jade, Beck gets very protective of her when they are in a dangerous situation. For example, in the Pilot, when Sikowitz told them there was a fire, Beck grabbed Jade and led her to the door. In Survival of the Hottest, he gives her water before getting one for himself. Also, in Locked Up!, when the soldiers came, Beck grabbed Jade and pushed her away from them, then wrapped his arms around her, and held onto her until they left. They dated for around 3 years, but it is still unknown how or when exactly their relationship started.


Matching! <3

  • To this day, it is still unknown exactly when/how they started dating or how they stayed together so long given that seem to frequently need Tori to get them through their major arguments.
  • It can be assumed that they spent the majority of their spare time together because in Prom Wrecker, Jade says she has nothing to do while Beck is in Canada and she often seemed alone and lonely when they were broken up.
  • They both seem to be more interested in acting than any other vocation (Beck has only sung on a few occasions, and Jade often says her dream is to become an actress/scriptwriter). Though they seem to think very highly of their abilities, as do their friends, Sikowitz doesn't as he seems to prefer casting Tori, André, and Robbie in his plays.
  • Beck is the only one who can calm Jade down and make her act (somewhat) polite. Liz Gillies said in an interview that Beck can control Jade, and she respects and obeys him.
  • Beck has probably made coffee for Jade a lot because he said he knew what to do (in order to make her coffee the way she likes it) in Stage Fighting.
  • Jade knows Beck's log-in on He either gave it to her, or she found out, but he seems to be okay with her knowing so far.
  • They bicker sometimes (as seen in Ice Cream for Ke$ha and some videos on Usually their arguing ended with them making up by kissing.
  • They say a lot of people come to them for relationship advice and have a relationship advice segment on TheSlap (although, in their videos, they do not actually answer any relationship questions). This means that they are probably a popular, highly respected couple at Hollywood Arts or at least believe themselves to be. The one question read out involves breaking bad news to a girl, suggesting the series may be frequented by those who need Beck's advice in dealing with people as emotionally unstable as Jade.
  • Beck and Jade seem to have similar fashion styles. Both wear dark clothing, boots, and lots of jewelry. Also, they have very similar flannel/plaid shirts. They have both been seen wearing the same necklaces in Survival of the Hottest.
  • It is likely that Jade only hung out with Tori and the rest of the gang because of Beck. When she briefly broke up with him in Jade Dumps Beck, she was sitting all alone at lunch. She also often sits all alone in the classroom when he was absent (this was reduced in Seasons 3 and 4 as Jade became much closer to the rest of the group).
  • Beck seems to be the only one who isn't scared of Jade, with the possible exceptions of Tori and Trina. He had to hold in laughter when André admitted to him that Jade scares him. That said, Beck then visibly flinched when Jade threw his scissors and in Tori Fixes Beck and Jade outright said to Tori that he planned to spend the rest of life living in fear of Jade's psychosis.
  • Beck's family doesn't seem to get along very well with Jade. He said that his father wanted him to break up with her as a father's day gift because of the dog attack in Jade Dumps Beck, his aunt would not let him come to Cancun with the rest of their family in Locked Up! when she found he intended to bring Jade along, and he mentioned on the Trending Now! blog that he made the mistake of letting Jade say grace at Thanksgiving and it made his whole family cry.
  • They seem to fight over text messaging a lot. They did so throughout the first half of the episode Tori Tortures Teacher and on Beck's TheSlap page, he said if he didn't say he was thankful for Jade on Thanksgiving, she'd text-harass him all night.
  • They have matching necklaces that they are often seen wearing (a gold circle on a black string). Beck also wears a necklace with the letter "J" for Jade on it. They wore them after they break up.
  • According to TheSlap, Jade spends Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve with Beck.
  • Jade seems to look up to Beck a lot. In her profile video, she said that most guys aren't cool enough to hang out with him. In Beggin' on Your Knees, it is implied that she thinks he is "hot and perfect" and in iParty with Victorious, she shows that she thinks of him as a good actor.

    Their ring-necklace <3

  • "Babe" seems to be Beck's pet name for Jade, and she infrequently calls him "Sweetie."
  • They often make videos on TheSlap and three times had to end them, because they got "distracted", twice with kissing, and once with Beck giving Jade noogies.
  • According to recent social media posts by Liz Gillies and Avan Jogia, Beck and Jade are now married and living in Beck's trailer, owing to their inability to afford a house, with a child of their own. An earlier post by Victoria Justice however, stated that they broke up after high school for the sake of their careers, possibly signifying that both failed to make it in Hollywood and got back together after that.
  • Neither has shown the ability to play a musical instrument though it is presumed that they are able to given Hollywood Arts' rules.
  • They're the only two who had a significant other who appeared for more than one episode. Though Tori and Cat dated Steven Carson and Daniel, respectively, for more than the events of their introductory episode, their boyfriends only appeared in those episodes.
  • They don't seem to like other couples very much, seeming rather jealous at Tori/Steven, Cat/Daniel, and even André's girlfriends. This could be out of jealousy that no one likes their coupling.
  • Both seem to very much enjoy musical performances by Tori and André.
  • They interact in every episode (not counting Beck's absences) except for "Car, Rain & Fire".

Bade Moments

Season 1


  • It is revealed that Jade and Beck are dating.
    Tumblr m9wj3vQJNV1qka4t0o4 250.gif
  • Jade gets very mad at Tori for "rubbing" Beck when Tori accidentally spilled her coffee on him.
  • Beck attempts to calm her down by giving her a kiss on the cheek.
  • This is the first kiss of the series.
  • When Sikowitz runs in screaming, "Fire!" Jade clutches Beck's arm.
  • Beck has his arm around Jade and is directing them to the door during the "fire".
  • Jade chose Beck to be in her group for improv, saying his name in a sweeter voice than the others in the group. "Cat, Eli, Beck, and Tori.".
  • In Jade's improv, Beck and Jade play the roles of a married couple with two children. Sikowitz didn't give them roles to play; they just chose to be a married couple.
  • During the improv game, Beck asks Jade if the dog (Tori) could sleep in their room, and Jade gets an angry look on her face and says, "No, honey, it can't" through gritted teeth.
  • Beck frowned at Jade for being needlessly cruel to Tori.
  • After Tori ran out of the room, Jade smiled proudly at Beck, as if she wanted him to be proud of her for "getting rid" of Tori. His frown only deepened.
  • When Jade and Beck are called by Tori to participate in the Alphabet Improv, they walk up onto the stage together, where Jade kisses Beck before they begin their exercise.
  • Sikowitz tells Jade to kiss her boyfriend on her own time and she looks at Beck while replying, "Oh, I will."
  • Beck did not object to their public display of affection but seemed annoyed that it was only being used to display superiority over Tori, someone who was only considered a rival to their coupling by Jade's own insecurities. Indeed, Tori does not even seem to be jealous of the kiss, openly rolling her eyes at the couple.
  • During the Alphabet Improv, Jade attempts to further humiliate Tori, and Beck tries to get her to quit.
  • When Beck tells Jade she's being very immature, she looks at him with a confused, hurt expression.
  • When Tori tells Beck to kiss her he looks confused and begins with, "Little weird...." but ultimately does it, suggesting that he felt that Jade deserved to be punished for pouring coffee on Tori's head.
  • When Beck and Tori kiss, Jade sits up and glares at them with an enraged expression.
  • When Beck tells Tori and Jade to relax, he has his hand on Jade's shoulder.
  • Beck has never brought up his kiss with Tori, maybe because he didn't think much of it or he wanted Jade to know that he only likes her.
  • Oddly enough, despite Jade's jealousy being her defining feature, neither André (after Tori touches Beck) or Trina (when she shows her sister around) thought to warn Tori about how overprotective she is of Beck, possibly hinting that Bade was on the rocks when the series began.

The Bird Scene

  • Beck and Jade are seen holding hands while everyone is arguing with Tori about the Bird Scene.
  • Beck holds his hand out for Jade to take before they walk away from the group.
    Jeck smile.png
  • When Jade pulls Beck along with her after telling Tori she isn't her friend, she is holding his hand and the two talk in private.
  • When Jade walks into the classroom, she puts her arm around Beck's shoulders.
  • When Tori is talking to Beck and Robbie, you can see Jade's hand on Beck's shoulder.
  • When Beck and Jade finished talking privately together, they both did the same pose, by leaning against the lockers.
  • When Robbie and André ask Beck if he wanted to go join ballet class with them, he denies saying that he already signed up with Jade for salsa.
  • When they finish the drive-by acting exercise of acting like angry British people, Sikowitz tells them to go back to their seats, and before doing so, Beck goes over to Jade, looks at her, and playfully wags his finger at her.
  • Jade sends Beck a withering glare for inviting Tori to eat with them. Beck doesn't react to it.

Stage Fighting

Beck is very concerned when Jade is 'whacked' by Tori.

  • When the stage fight between Beck and Russ is over and everyone's telling Tori that the stage fight she thought was an actual fight was fake, Jade has her arm looped through Beck's.
  • Jade seemed upset that Tori cared so much about Beck being hurt and asked why she cared.
  • When Tori says that Beck suffers enough dating Jade, something that Beck seems mildly amused by, Beck holds Jade back when she gets angry and leads her to their chairs.
  • They sit next to each other.
  • During Russ and Cat's demonstration Beck's arm is around Jade's chair.
  • When Jade is talking to Tori about their 'stage fight,' Beck is seen watching them and appears to be waiting for Jade. He doesn't leave the class until Jade does.
  • They are sitting together outside at lunch, away from the others.
  • When Tori "hits" Jade, Beck hurries over and is worried about her. He was the first one to get up and go to her.
  • Beck asks Jade if she is okay, and holds her chin so he can see.
  • When Tori gets a chair for Jade, Beck is holding onto her arms and guiding her to the chair.
  • When Jade asks someone to call her mom, Beck volunteers to do it. When Tori tells him not to call Jade's mom, he insists that he must.
  • When they are leaving to go to the nurse, Beck is carrying Jade's bag.
  • If you look closely, you can see that Beck is holding Jade's hand, and helping her direct an ice pack to her eye.
  • After Tori "hits" Jade, she exclaims, "Ow," and leans slightly on Beck.
  • After she gets hit, you can see Beck has a hand on Jade's back.
  • When Jade says to Tori, "I thought we were just starting to be friends," Beck turns around and glares at Tori, like he was angry with her for hurting Jade.
  • At lunch, Beck asks how Jade is feeling, while she responds that her eye hurts. As a joke he asks, "Which one?" She chuckles sarcastically and says, "Cute."
    Tumblr me4drzS1201rozziho1 500.png
  • When she asks for coffee, he asks her to say the magic word. She says, "Get me some coffee...?" as a response. He stares at her with a determined expression, until she finally gives in and says "Please?" in a sweet tone. This is possibly the first time she has ever been polite on the show. Beck corrects her and says the real magic word was "lotion" but he'll accept it since she has a "boo-boo eye."
  • When Beck heads off to get Jade her coffee, she calls out, "Two sugars," then is interrupted when he says he knows what to do, showing he has gotten her coffee many times before.
  • Jade doesn't want Beck to know she faked a black eye, likely fearing how petty he'd think of her as.

Jade Dumps Beck

  • When Tori asks how Jade had responded to the picture of him with Alyssa Vaughn, Beck initially defends Jade saying she was cool with it, but then after Tori stares at him he admits that she was jealous and threw a rock at him.
  • Jade becomes very irritated that Beck is friends with Alyssa, saying she doesn't want him hanging out with a pretty, rich girl who texts him a lot.
  • Jade knows exactly how many times Alyssa has texted Beck (6), as if she was with him the whole day, or looks at his phone a lot. Then his phone rings again, and she angrily says "Seven..."
  • When Beck realizes it's Alyssa texting him, he tries to distract Jade so she won't get upset, asking her what her favorite tropical fruit is.
  • After this exchange, Beck looks done with the conversation.
  • Beck seems quite confused and annoyed that Jade will only let him be friends with "ugly girls."
  • When Beck asked Tori for her opinion, he said, "If you were my girlfriend..." and Jade got upset that he started the question like that.
  • She proceeds to break up with him because, in her eyes, he wasn't being considerate and didn't understand where she was coming from.
  • Beck tries to reason with her and tells her she is being ridiculous for breaking up with him.
  • Jade sits alone at lunch the next day, until Tori persuades André to join her. This shows that Beck is the only one she really has, and often only sits with the group because Beck chooses to.
  • When she sees him in Alyssa's car, she gets mad and squishes her burrito, even though she claims she's not jealous.
  • Jade states that if Beck wants to date 'that', she hopes he has 'tons of fun with it' ('that' and 'it' in reference to Alyssa).
  • Later, Jade wants Beck back as her boyfriend, and he turns her down on the basis that she never does anything nice for him. This causes her to come to Tori's house with a broken kite, comparing the broken kite to her relationship, saying she found a broken kite that needs to be fixed.
  • Jade is desperate enough to go to Tori for help, even though she states that she doesn't like Tori.
  • Jade sobs so hard about losing Beck that she gets makeup all over Tori's pillow.
  • Beck tells Tori that he's glad that he and Jade broke up.
  • When Tori goes to ask Beck to get back with Jade, he says for his birthday that Jade got him a can of lemonade. This is actually a nice gift from Jade, since she hates everyone and says he likes lemonade. That said, Beck (along with Tori) views it as a sign of Jade not putting enough effort into their relationship, outright saying that he can't recall a single instance, over the past two years, where Jade did a single nice thing for him.
  • Jade looks terrified at the thought of forgetting about Beck, so she drags Tori into the janitor's closet to cry and beg her for help.
  • Jade comes up with an idea to get Beck something he's been wanting for a while, a rottweiler. Despite her good intentions, the dog ends up attacking Beck's father who was sleeping.
  • Jade thinks Beck is the one getting attacked by the dog, and she seems terrified, screaming "Are you okay?!" and pounding on the window. This may be the first time she has openly shown fear on the show.
  • Jade gets jealous and grabs Beck's arm when the paramedic hits on him, even though they were broken up.
  • When the paramedic hit on him, Beck leaned away from her and towards Jade, and didn't object to her hand on his arm.
  • When the ambulance drives away, Jade keeps looking up at Beck with a worried, guilty expression and she seems upset when he walks away from her, following him and accusing Tori of getting the dog.
  • When she frantically apologizes, Beck kisses her. Surprised, she says, "You love me again." He replies with: "Who said I stopped?" They then continue to kiss.
  • When Tori asks Jade to drive her home, Beck doesn't interfere when Jade says no, suggesting that he wanted Jade to stay.
  • Tori tells Jade and Beck to "Try not to swallow each other" because they were so deeply involved in kissing.
  • Even after Tori walks away, the couple are still kissing and don't even seem to notice Tori leaving.

Tori the Zombie

  • Jade rolls her eyes twice while Tori and Beck are rehearsing.
  • Jade doesn't like that Tori and Beck have a romantic part together in the play.
  • After Tori wonders aloud who Sofia Michelle is, Jade grabs Beck by the hand and goes to sit down.
  • Beck stands behind Jade (where she sits) and massages her shoulders after she sits down.
  • After they rehearse the Finally Falling performance, Beck rubs Jade's arm and she smiles.
  • Jade points to Beck during the song and they are positioned close to each other throughout the Finally Falling scene.
  • They both pose in similar positions at the end of the song.


  • When Robbie makes up a rumor that Jade and Beck are breaking up again on a Robarazzi episode, Jade looks disturbed and then gets upset and quickly denies it. Given that most of Robbie's rumors have grains of truth in them, André's ketchup problem being the exception, this seems the first hint that the rest of the gang doesn't think too highly of the couple.
  • Beck then teases her each time she says the rumor isn't true by saying "Well...." She looks at him, obviously upset, and he calms her down by saying that he was only kidding.
  • When Jade tells Robbie to his face that she and Beck aren't breaking up, Beck teases her once more by saying "Well..." to which she spins around and exclaims, "Is there something you want to talk about?!" He then assures her he's still only kidding. He has a fun, flirty smile on his face as he says this.
  • As he tells her that he is kidding, he gently touches/strokes her arm to calm her down. (see gif)
  • Jade and Beck are in his car arguing lightheartedly about their plans before discovering a Robarazzi member is spying on them.
  • While in Beck's car, Jade is whining to Beck about how she doesn't feel like going wherever he wants her to go with him, but he stays calm and patiently talks to her, instead of yelling or trying to pick a fight. It is unknown what Beck was talking to Jade about, but it is subtly implied that he wanted them to have sex in the car.
  • Beck and Jade sit next to each other at both lunch scenes.

Survival of the Hottest

SOTH .png
  • When Jade is telling Tori that she doesn't sweat, Beck backs her up when Tori doesn't believe her. He seemed to find it amusing.
  • Beck laughs at Tori and Rex calling Jade "cold-blooded."
  • Both Beck and Jade stated that they hate sweating.
  • Jade and Beck drive in the cab of the truck together to the beach, while the rest of the gang rides in the RV.
  • When they get out of the pick-up truck Beck smiles at Jade as she walks towards him.
  • Jade seems to be the only one who knows that Beck's dad bought the RV from a rapper, and she helps Beck explain why the windows don't open. This means she's spent a lot of time in the RV before.
  • Jade and Beck sit together as soon as they realize they are trapped in the RV. During a commercial break, they then move towards the door with Beck lying on the bed and Jade sitting on the floor next to him until Tori brings out her fan.
  • Beck is sitting right behind Jade when they are next to the fan.
  • Jade pats Beck on the back to get his attention.
  • When Beck and Jade are by his fish tank, considering drinking the water, Jade is smiling at Beck and holding onto his arm.
  • After the fan dies and they realize they can't drink from the fish tank, Beck moves to the couch with Jade sitting at his feet.
  • When everyone is rushing towards Trina when they figured out she has water, Beck grabs Jade's arm.
  • Beck has his arm around Jade while they wait for a "tongue dip."
  • When Jade moves over to the couch, defeated, after Robbie drank the last of the water. Beck looks back at her as if to see if she is okay or even simply just to see where she went.
  • When Jade states that something is dripping on her, he worryingly goes over to check on her.
  • When Jade is in denial about sweating, he grabs her arms and tells her to look at him. Jade refuses to, and he yells at her. When she finally does, he says to her in a serious tone, "You're sweating." She finally believes it and breaks down crying into him.
  • When Jade crawls onto the floor after being in denial about sweating, Beck joins her on the floor.
  • Jade and Beck lie together on Beck's bed, and Beck has his arm draped on top of Jade's leg.
  • As soon as they get out of the RV, Beck immediately runs to the water and gives Jade a bottle before himself or anyone else showing that he puts her before himself.
  • Beck and Jade are wearing matching necklaces.

Wi-Fi in the Sky

Your Girlfriend Pretty WFITS.png
  • Jade wants to join their video chat, and Beck allows it. He is also apparently the only one who knows her screen-name (showing they have video chatted many times before).
  • When the screen of Beck's laptop is shown, Jade is first on his list of contacts (showing they video chat a lot).
  • When Beck says he was at home doing homework, Jade says, "So you want to break up with me?" Beck says, "No, no! Why would you think I want to break up with you!?"
  • Jade gets jealous of Beck watching over the dog of his next-door neighbor, who is a cheerleader, and decides to go over to Beck's house to check up on him.
  • Jade manages to kick open the door of Beck's RV when he refuses to let her in, something Beck seems resigned to.
  • When Jade says, "I'll wait for her," Beck replies with, "Whatever you want," with a smirk.
  • Beck doesn't care that Sinjin was in Jade's house.
  • Beck smugly introduces Jade as his girlfriend to Allie, the next-door cheerleader who turns out to be nine years old.
  • Jade looks sheepish that the cheerleader was only a nine-year-old girl and that she didn't trust Beck.
  • When Beck introduces the little girl to Jade, the cheerleader whispers to Beck that his girlfriend is pretty. Beck replies back with a smile, "I know *smiles*."
  • After Allie leaves, Jade gets up to sit next to Beck and he playfully nudges Jade's arm and says in a flirty tone, "You gonna say you're sorry?" He does not show anger towards Jade for not trusting him, but seems to find it cute.
  • Jade and Beck argue playfully and seem to enjoy doing so with each other. When Tori tries to make them stop, Jade tells her to stay out of it and they continued to argue. Beck is smiling as he and Jade exchange words.
  • During this playful argument, Jade complains that he always likes to get her jealous and push her buttons (just before she disconnects the chat).

Beck's Big Break

  • In the very first scene, while the camera is panning Asphalt Café before cutting to Tori, you can see Beck and Jade sitting at a table with two other people. Jade is whispering in his ear and he's grinning.
  • When Jade says she doesn't want Tori and André sitting with them, Beck looks at her and gestures with his hand for her to calm down.
  • Beck backs her up when she was being grouchy to Tori, telling her that Jade got stung by a bee.
  • Beck knew that Jade had gotten stung by a bee.
  • Jade is smiling proudly at Beck as he explains his role to Tori and André. She is clearly proud that her boyfriend got a role in a movie.
  • When Beck comes in, Jade looks at him with a flirty expression.
  • When Beck mentions that a costume designer was in his dressing room, Jade says, "The costume designer was in your dressing room? Was she cute?" Which indicated that she was scared that her boyfriend might get stolen by another girl. He responds "HE was adorable," to quell her jealousy, and Jade smiles.
  • When everyone runs up to Beck, he looks at Jade and gives her a flirty smile.
  • Right before they start shooting Beck's scene, Jade proudly announces that he is her boyfriend to the annoyance and confusion of everyone else.
  • Jade does not want to sit at the same table as André and Tori, and asks Beck if they can sit somewhere else. When he tells her no and sits down, Jade gives up arguing, showing that she listens to him and would put up with Tori to sit with Beck.
  • Jade gets mad at Tori for costing Beck the part in the movie. Despite this, she does absolutely nothing to even try and get Beck his role back.
  • When Jade leaves the lunch table angrily, Beck goes after her rather than staying with the group.
  • After Jade counts to three so that Beck and Tori will stop hugging, Beck puts his arm around Jade. Jade doesn't want anyone getting too close to her boyfriend.
  • In a picture of André, Cat, Beck, Jade, and Tori in the movie set-up while sitting on a table (as Beck dressed in his waiter costume), Jade is leaning a lot towards Beck and he has his arm around her.

The Great Ping Pong Scam

  • Beck is shocked that Jade denied Tori admittance to the team but doesn't call her out on it.
  • When the gang is playing a parody of Twister, as they collapse, Beck is leaning slightly on Jade.
  • Jade suggests rocking the vending machine to help Beck when his soda gets stuck.
  • When Tori comes out of the vending machine, Beck and Jade look at each other as if to say "What?!"
  • Jade brushes against Beck's back on her way to the back of the soda machine.
  • When André suggests telling Tori their secret and Jade argues against it, Beck snaps at Jade to include Tori, his patience at her antics and jealousy seemingly exhausted.
  • When Jade says, "Fine, tell her," she grabs Beck's arm and they sit on the couch closely next to each other.
  • When they are next to each other on the couch, Beck puts his arm around Jade.
  • In the flashback (two years ago), Beck was the first to agree to Jade's idea about making a fake ping pong team and they seem very close.
  • It is unknown whether or not they are dating in the flashback, although if not, they would be soon.
  • When Sikowitz is announcing the new member of the ping pong team, Jade and Beck are standing very close to each other.
  • At the restaurant Beck and Jade are both wearing purple, they probably planned this.
  • In the restaurant, Beck and Jade sat next to each other and are occasionally whispering and smiling as they do so.
  • When Robbie is shown eating his food, you can see Jade leaning towards Beck and hear a faint giggling from her.
  • When Beck sees that Tori is wearing her ping pong outfit to the fancy restaurant, he tells Jade, "I thought you told everyone to bring nice clothes," to which she replies, "I did," not wanting to admit to him that she sabotaged Tori, knowing he would be disappointed in her. Putting two and two together, Beck is annoyed at Jade's pettiness.
  • Beck has no reaction at all to Tori demanding Jade's dress.
  • Beck and Jade sit close together as André goes against Tori.
  • Beck seems like he's about to laugh when Tori touches Jade on the shoulder when she is singing, and when Jade gets a bit annoyed by it.
  • Beck and Jade are wearing their matching necklaces in this episode.
  • When they make a toast Jade and Beck clink their glasses together at the end. (If you look close enough)

Cat's New Boyfriend

  • Jade and Beck walk up to Tori together.
  • Beck pats Jade on her shoulder.
  • Jade and Beck both laugh at the same time at the fact that Cat is dating Tori's ex-boyfriend, Daniel.
  • When Jade is guessing the relationship between Tori and Daniel, Beck tries to keep her in check by saying "Jade."
  • Jade volunteers to tell Cat that Daniel and Tori used to date, but Beck says, "No you won't," and she listens to him, affirming that Beck is one of the only people who Jade will listen to.
  • After Jade leaves Tori, Cat, and Daniel, and Beck says, "I apologize for... her" even though shortly after he follows her and they are seen making out by the lockers. Much of his role in the episode is damage control for Jade's antics.
    Tumblr m9qejcGV621rokj5lo2 250.gif
  • When Tori walks away, in the background you can see Beck and Jade still making out, leaning against the lockers.
  • Beck smiles and looks back at Jade when Daniel is surprising Cat.
  • Jade seems a little upset when Cat guesses Beck came up behind her and tried to surprise her.
  • When Tori says Jade can't be mature, Beck seems to consider this for a moment before non-verbally agreeing.
  • Beck and Jade hang out together at the Hollywood Arts Kick Back.
  • When Beck asks Jade to feel André's foot, she complies.
  • Beck and Jade sit next to each other at lunch.
  • Although they are sitting next to each other (based on the scene and camera cuts) Beck slides even closer to Jade until they are side by side.
  • At lunch, Beck has his arm around Jade and their fingers are intertwined.
  • Beck and Jade both go looking for Tori after she sprays Daniel and Cat with cheese.
  • They stand next to each other while confronting Tori about her actions.
  • When Tori says that she does not usually get jealous, Beck gets a wistful look before shooting a critical look at Jade as if wishing that she was more like Tori in that respect.
  • Beck and Jade get their feet "smoothed" by the fish together.
  • Beck looks confused and concerned when Jade expresses her disappointment that the fish won't hurt her.
  • As Jade continues to try and egg on Tori's jealousy, Tori begins ignoring the couple. Beck doesn't mind, understanding that Tori has bigger issues, but Jade is furious.
  • They both enjoyed the experience, grinning at each other.
  • Beck and Jade are both lying next to each other in the hospital.
  • While in the hospital Jade is curled up in a ball facing Beck.
  • In the hospital, Beck briefly holds Jade's arm even if it appears she pushes him away (this could be the result of her not feeling well or a bad scene cut).
  • They are together throughout the entire episode.

Freak the Freak Out

  • They sit next to each other at the beginning of the episode in Sikowitz's class.
  • When Cat asks everyone to guess what she and Jade are doing that weekend, you see Jade and Beck sitting very close together and Beck has his arm around her.
  • Jade gets jealous when Beck asks Tori why she can't come to Karaoke Dokie.
  • When Sikowitz says that Jade is a "gank" and is lucky to have Beck, Beck smiles.
  • Beck tells André that Jade is more ganky that he could possibly know, finding such a term to be underplaying Jade's behavior.
  • Beck seems uncomfortable when Hayley is rubbing his hair, touching his hand, etc., and he moves her hand away from him but does not say he has a girlfriend.
  • Jade is prepared to fight Hayley to show that Beck is her boyfriend.
  • Seeing Jade does not deter Hayley from flirting with Beck. If anything, it seems to reinforce to Hayley that she has a chance.
  • Beck tries to break up the fight between Hayley and Jade, proving to Jade that she doesn't need to fight for him.
  • As Jade gets up to perform, Beck pats her on the back.
  • When Cat and Jade are singing onstage, he cheers quite loudly and even stands up, clapping, halfway through. He later posted on TheSlap that "his girl" was incredibly hot when she was singing.
  • Jade goes over to the side of the stage where Beck is sitting and dances flirtatiously in front of him with a smile on her face, as if she knows he's enjoying watching her.
  • After Jade and Cat are finished performing, she comes off-stage and kisses him.
  • Beck stands up and exclaims, "Come on, man!" in outrage when Hayley and Tara are chosen as the karaoke winners over Jade and Cat because he knows that Jade and Cat were better.
  • After Hayley and Tara's number, Jade says, "Yeah! We're clapping 'cause it's over!" and Beck makes a shushing gesture but then laughs and then touches her arm.
  • When the host says "Two girls really stood out", Beck rubs Jade's arm.
  • Jade calls Beck "babe" in her text message to him.
  • Jade knows where Beck's car keys are and Beck doesn't seem surprised or angry when Jade steals them.
  • When Jade and Cat challenge Hayley and Tara with a bet, Cat suggests that if Hayley and Tara win the audience over, Hayley can make out with Beck. Jade, surprised, exclaims, "WHAT?!?" to which Cat replies, "She likes his hair." Jade then says, "So do I!" in an indignant tone.
  • Jade doesn't like the idea of Hayley kissing Beck even though she knows she won't get to.
  • During Sikowitz's number, they're standing very close and Jade repeatedly touches his arm and puts her arm around him.

Rex Dies

  • They sit next to each other in class.
  • Beck and Jade stand next to each other in the hallway.
  • Beck and Jade are holding hands when they are in the hallway.
  • When they are in the hallway with Tori, Cat, and a mangled Rex, Beck takes Jade's side when she says that letting go of Rex would be a good thing for Robbie.
  • Jade holds Beck's arm for a few moments.
  • Jade seems a bit mad and disturbed at the doctor for calling Beck handsome.
  • When Jade was holding and looking at the jar of fat, Beck was smiling at her as if he was a bit amused.
  • In the hospital Beck asks Jade why she would want to have the jar with the fat lump in it, and they lightly argue about it.
  • In the lunch scene, Beck and Jade are the only two main characters who do not appear, implying that they were probably somewhere alone together.
  • Beck smirks and when Jade is stuck doing the lighting for the play.

The Diddly-Bops

  • At the beginning when Sikowitz tells them about the children's gig, Beck puts his arm around Jade, and their fingers are intertwined. Later, when he takes his arm off of her, she looks disappointed, and he puts it back around her. At one point, Beck has both arms around Jade's body.

    Beck has his arms around Jade

  • Neither Beck or Jade want to sing for the children.
  • When Jade says that they won't sing and starts to leave, she is holding Beck's hand.
  • Beck is right behind Jade when they get on stage.
  • Jade and Beck's outfits for the Diddly Bops (hamburger and hot dog respectfully) are similar, since both are greasy foods.
  • Jade and Beck are dancing close together throughout most of the song Favorite Foods and, at the end of the song, stand right next to each other.
    Tumblr mgsi10SA161rj5bldo3 250 (1).gif
  • If you look closely at the very start of André's performance of Song2You, Beck has his arm around Jade until he starts clapping.
  • Not long after André starts singing, Beck wraps his arm around Jade and the two of them smile at each other.
  • Towards the end of André and Tori's duet, Beck turns Jade's head to his and kisses her.
  • He then kisses the side of her head and she smiles, leaning on him.
  • They are wearing their matching necklaces.

Wok Star

  • Beck looks frantically for Jade at the beginning of the episode.
  • Beck seems really worried about Jade.
  • Beck tells Tori that he might go to the restaurant with the gang, but only if he can find Jade.
  • Beck knows Jade blew off two of her classes, which may imply he knows her schedule, walks her to class, or has multiple classes with her.
  • Beck explains to everyone why Jade is upset. He seems to be the only one who really knows why.
  • Beck never ends up going to the restaurant with the group, probably because he knows Jade is still upset. It's possible that he was with her instead.
  • Beck says "Hey, whatcha doing?" in a flirty voice to Jade. (The same tone used by Isabella from Disney Channel's Phineas and Ferb.)
  • When Jade points her scissors at Beck and Robbie, Beck looks alarmed for a moment, but then smiles.
  • Beck goes with Jade to see the theater where Jade's play is going to be put on for the first time.
  • As they enter the theater Beck opens the door for Jade.
  • Jade introduces Beck as her boyfriend to Mrs. Lee, and he then smiles and replies, "I am the boyfriend."
  • Until Mrs. Lee begins making script changes, Beck does nothing to help put on the play.
  • Beck helps in the scheme of trying to make things perfect for the opening night of Jade's play.
  • Before Beck leaves the theater, he smiles at Jade.
  • When Mrs. Lee says she has a couple of notes on Jade's play, Beck looks confused and worried, likely knowing what Jade's reaction will be.
  • Beck looks happy that Tori agreed to find the money for Jade's play. However, when Tori asked Beck if he wanted to be the one to put up the money, he passionately denied.
  • Beck and Jade wear their matching necklaces when they were at the theater.

The Wood

  • Jade is smiling while watching Beck's audition for the reality show, until the girl from the crew asks if he has a girlfriend.
  • Jade looks disturbed when Katie, the girl from The Wood crew, hits on Beck. Jade later posts on TheSlap that she got this girl fired.
  • Beck answers, "Yeah, I do," when Katie asks if he has a girlfriend, though he seems to look at Jade for confirmation of this before answering.
  • Jade and Beck sit close together at lunch.
  • When the director guy said that Trina reeked of desperation, Beck says, "That's her natural scent," to which Jade smiles.
  • Beck didn't care when Tori was bumped off the couch by Jade, and he puts his arm around her and rests his hand on her thigh.
  • Beck and Jade are smiling at each other and kiss in the showing of "The Wood."
  • Beck tells Jade she looks great in the video when Jade says "Ugh, yeah shoot me from that angle." (Even though Jade says she knows.)
  • Beck knows Jade is already at Tori's house with them, while Tori does not.
  • Jade knows Beck likes to have his tummy tickled, which probably means she has tickled his tummy.
  • Beck tries to break up the fight between Jade and Tori.
  • Beck catches Jade after André pulls her off of Tori.
  • Jade seems to slightly calm down after Beck catches her.
  • After Beck catches Jade, she tries to pull away, but Beck keeps holding her.
  • Beck is near yelling when he explains to Jade that the phone conversation between him and Tori did not happen, which may imply he thinks Jade's reaction that he might be cheating on her with Tori is crazy.
  • Beck seems embarrassed that Jade thinks him liking having his tummy tickled is a deep, intimate secret between the two as opposed to something everyone likes, looking at Tori as if to say "Is she [Jade] serious?".

A Film by Dale Squires

AFBDS 005 Fxbr.png
  • At the beginning of the episode, in the Blackbox Theater, Beck and Jade are sitting together.
  • Jade's legs are draped across Beck's lap and Beck's arm is over her legs, the two sharing an unusually high amount of physical contact.
  • When Tori is telling the story about Trina, Beck is playing with Jade's fingers.
  • Beck and Jade are grinning at each other in an amused way when Tori says that Trina peed on Santa Claus.
  • When Tori is moving away from Damian, Beck moves towards Jade.
  • When Jade hits Rex, Beck looks at her and opens his mouth as if he's about to say something to her, but the teacher starts talking to him so he doesn't.
  • When Dale talks about the actress getting sick, Jade and Beck look at each other and laugh.
  • While filming the movie, Jade gets angry when Tori says, "Beck, let me have you on the couch." Tori then quickly adds, "For the shot!"
  • At the premiere of the movie Tori directed, Beck and Jade dress accordingly.
  • Beck has his arm around Jade when they are watching the film, and you can see him playing absentmindedly with a strand of her hair.
  • While Tori is arguing with Dale Squires for not giving them credit for the film, Jade has her hand on Beck's shoulder.
  • Jade seems proud that the play Beck wrote became successful, and was upset when Dale took claim of writing it. That said, as with Miss Fire, she didn't care enough to do anything.

Sleepover at Sikowitz's

S A S B.png
  • They are sitting next to each other in Sikowitz's class.
  • Beck puts his arm around Jade at the beginning of the episode.
  • Beck looks confused as to why Jade wants to have a sleepover at Sikowitz's house.
  • Beck and Jade arrive together at Sikowitz's house, likely indicating that they drove there together.
  • Jade gets angry when Tori is feeding Beck Raisin Bran and tells him he better not continue with this behavior or terrible things might happen to him. She seems particularly angry that the flirting was instigated by Beck.
  • When André leaves, Beck is next to Jade, stroking her chin with his fingers.
  • Beck looks somewhat concerned about Jade when she burns her hand but ultimately does nothing.

Season 2

Beggin' On Your Knees

B O Y N B J.png
  • Beck and Jade are laughing together about something against the lockers before Robbie approaches the group.
  • When Cat gets another call from someone in a car accident, Jade and Beck exchange a look.
  • Both laugh when Tori asks if Robbie is looking for one reason that stands out over all the other reasons for why girls won't go out with him.
  • Beck doesn't get jealous when Jade says that Ryder is "that hot and that perfect."
  • Beck smiles nervously at Jade after asking what she thinks he was hiding from her.
  • Jade gets angry at Beck for not telling her that he was born in Canada.
  • When Jade walks away, Beck goes after her and says that the fact that he was born in Canada wasn't a secret.
  • Beck and Jade are standing together when the gang shows up to tell Tori that Ryder is using her.
  • Jade looks at Beck three times before she says to Tori, "You must feel pretty stupid right now," to see his reaction about her statement.
  • When Jade says that Tori "must feel pretty stupid," she looks at Beck with a slight smile, then, seeing Beck's expression, quickly puts her head down, as if she knows she's in trouble.
  • Beck gives Jade a "time out" and she complies, showing that he is the only one who can boss her around (that she'll listen to).
    B O Y N J B.png
  • Jade tries to argue with Beck when he tells her she's getting a timeout, but he cuts her off, telling her to go sit on the steps, and she doesn't question him again.
  • Jade pouts at Beck before she walks away to go sit on the stairs, probably feeling a bit betrayed.
  • If you look closely, while the quartet is singing at the Full Moon Jam, Jade and Beck are sitting close together in the audience and Jade's head is on Beck's shoulder.
  • They are wearing their matching necklaces.

Beck Falls for Tori

B F F T J B.png
  • When Beck walks offstage during Sikowitz's class and sits down next to Jade, he puts his arm around her.
  • In the background, you can see that Jade's head is resting on Beck's shoulder.
  • In one of the shots in Sikowitz's class, Jade is playing with the bracelets around Beck's wrist.
  • Beck is the first to take his backpack off the floor, but he waits for Jade even so.
  • Beck and Jade laugh and exchange looks when Rex jokes about the monkeys.
  • Beck is holding Jade around the waist and her arms are wrapped around his when they are waiting for Tori to fall. He looks at her in confusion (as if he wants her to come back to him) when she walks away.
  • Jade walks over to sit next to Beck when they were having lunch.
  • Beck and Jade are sitting by each other in Sikowitz's classroom when Tori is complaining about the stunt.
  • Beck and Jade are standing close together by the lockers.
  • Even though Tori gave both Beck and Jade a copy of her résumé, Beck and Jade are both seen looking at the same one.
  • When Jade was complaining about no one believing her about Tori always being stupid, Beck looks at her.
  • When Jade was telling Tori that she should never lie on her résumé, Beck is laughing quietly, and when Jade says, "That's not a pretty face," Beck looks at her, still smiling.

Ice Cream for Ke$ha

  • Beck and Jade are dancing next to each other during Ke$ha's performance.
  • At school, Beck and Jade walk over to Tori, holding hands with their fingers intertwined for a brief moment.
  • Beck and Jade were sitting next to each other on Tori's couch when the group is going through the pints of ice-cream.
  • Beck grins when Jade tells Trina to never touch her.
  • Beck tells Jade she doesn't have to help them look for the letters, his first veiled insult to have her leave, to which Jade gets irritated.
  • Beck touches Jade's arm before they follow Tori when she goes over to where Sinjin and Cat are standing.
  • Jade pulls Beck by the hand when they follow Tori over to where Sinjin and Cat are standing.
  • While Beck and Jade are standing with Tori and the rest of the group looking at Sinjin's PearBook, Jade has her arm around Beck and then puts her hand on his shoulder.
  • Beck looks at Jade and they are both smiling when Sinjin tells Tori to "run home."
  • They argue about whether Robbie should give out free ice-cream to some children playing at the park, and Beck gives in to Jade (who wants to let Robbie go through with the plan).
  • Beck denounces Jade as a terrible influence.
  • When Beck comes back from the store, he walks over to stand next to Jade.
  • Beck and Jade are the only ones not with the gang in the first scene (Asphalt Café) and are presumably together.
  • Beck and Jade fight over whether or not Robbie should be allowed to give out free ice cream to kids, Beck gives up, saying, "Have fun!" to Robbie.
  • As they're searching for the letters, Jade's ego and self-centered attitude begins to grate on Beck's nerves and he not-so-subtly invites her to leave the Vegas' House. As a result of their bickering, they're the least helpful of the group.

Tori Gets Stuck

  • Jade wears her necklace that matches the one that Beck has, meaning that he might be wearing his too while he is away, or that she is wearing it to feel closer to him because she misses him.
  • Jade was much meaner in this episode and Prom Wrecker than she was in other episodes, which might mean that Beck is the one who usually levels her down and prevents her from taking things too far, as seen in iParty with Victorious, when she was much nicer with Beck back with her.
  • Without Beck, literally no one is on Jade's side, reinforcing that Tori, André, Cat, and Robbie are Beck's friends and he brings Jade along with him.

Prom Wrecker

  • Jade mentions that she has nothing to do because Beck was in Canada, implying that she would probably be with him instead if he was there.

Locked Up!

  • Beck and Jade were originally planning to go on vacation together with Beck's family. When Beck's Aunt found that he intended to bring Jade along, she revoked the invitation. Notably, Beck's Aunt never said that Beck couldn't come, she just said that he couldn't bring Jade along, yet he chose to stick by her.
  • Jade seems very excited to go to Cancun with Beck and brags to the others about it.
    Tumblr m9wj3vQJNV1qka4t0o7 250.gif
  • Jade doesn't want to ask Tori about going to Yerba, so Beck has to force her, and he literally drags her into Sikowitz's classroom despite her protests.
  • Beck knows that Jade is uncomfortable with asking Tori, so he tells her that they will ask Tori about going to Yerba together.
  • Jade rolls her eyes when Beck explains why they can't go to Cancun, meaning she's probably a little hurt at how much Beck's family despises her.
  • After Tori tells Beck he can come to Yerba, he crosses his arms and looks at Jade with a firm expression, waiting for her to ask Tori if she can come. Jade stares back at him and then asks Tori.
  • When Tori asks Jade for a hug, Jade looks at Beck and he nods over to Tori, telling her to do it.
  • Beck obviously really wants Jade to come to Yerba with the gang, because he was willing to drag her into the classroom and force her to ask Tori about it.
  • Jade enters the hotel right after Beck.
  • While Tori is talking to the manager of the hotel, Beck and Jade are talking to each other privately.
  • When the manager smells Tori's hand, Beck and Jade stand close to each other and Beck has his arm around Jade's shoulders.
  • When the manager introduces himself, Beck turns to look at Jade.
  • When Jade tells the manager the hotel is disgusting, Beck cringes, but does not seem upset or surprised that she did it.
  • Beck and Jade both leaned close to each other to see the picture.
  • When the manager states that he doesn't know where the place in the picture is located, Jade looks at Beck.
  • When Beck walks over to the manager's desk, Jade follows him and she seems to be looking around nervously and standing slightly behind him.
  • They are standing very close together by the manager's desk.
  • When the soldiers come running in, Jade immediately turns around to face Beck and leans against him
  • After she turns to him, Beck quickly pushes Jade behind the others (Tori, Robbie, Cat, Trina, etc.) so she will be safer.
  • Jade then grabs onto Beck, and he wraps his arms around her and holds her tightly, protecting her from the officers.
  • When Jade is yelling and leaning towards the officers, you can see Beck pull her back and hold her closer to him.
  • He continues to hold her and comfort her for a while even after the officers have left.
  • Beck looked uncomfortable when the Yerbanian girls were playing with his hair and asked them to stop.
  • When Jade saw the two girls playing Beck's hair, she stared at Beck as if expecting him to say something but he remains silent.
  • Jade goes over and yells possessively to the girls, "Hey! Get your hands off my boyfriend's head!"
  • She then hisses at them to scare them away and stands beside/behind the couch he is sitting on.
  • When Jade says that she found a lizard on her chest, she turns around to look at Beck and he stares back at her.
  • When Jade was touching the lump on André's neck, Beck looked at her and gestured for her to stop.
  • When Sikowitz says they will have to break their promise and the soldiers come, Jade starts to move towards Beck.
  • Beck looks at Jade when she runs offstage, probably making sure she is safe before helping Tori.
  • When they all go to the Chancellor's office, Jade wants to walk away saying "We tried", but Beck grabs her and makes a "nu-uh!" noise, scolding her.
  • He then holds her by the arm and the waist until he's sure she will stay with him.
  • They are standing very close together in the Chancellor's office.
  • When Robbie kills the Chancellor's octopus, Beck and Jade do the exact same moves (what psychology says what happens when two people are in sync)
  • Before the performance of I Want You Back, Jade quickly looks at Beck.
  • After Jade sings her line, Beck comes up next to her and dances next to her.
  • Beck holds the door open for Jade (and the others) and lets all of them (except for Tori and Sikowitz) get in the truck before him.
  • When they get in the truck, he seems to be looking over in Jade's direction, making sure she is okay.

Helen Back Again

  • Beck and Jade were sitting next to each other, both in the classroom and at the Asphalt Café.
  • Beck stared at Jade when Principal Eikner said he won't be the principal anymore.
  • Jade was jealous when Beck said that he wanted Tori to stay, and when he said she couldn't leave Hollywood Arts, she told him, "She has to!" to which he glared at her, hugely disappointed.
    Bade in Helen Back Again.png
  • When Jade and Beck were sitting next to each other, before Jade went on stage for her scene, Beck was holding Jade's hand, playing with her fingers and tickling the palm of her hand.
  • When Sikowitz called Jade up to perform, Beck didn't let go of Jade's hand until she finally pulled away.
  • When Jade said she wouldn't care if Tori left, Beck looked at her, and she quickly corrected herself, saying she actually felt bad, probably wanting to please Beck and not wanting him to be mad at her.
  • Before Sikowitz was waving his hand in the beginning, Beck and Jade were sitting at the table near each other and you can see Jade's arm reach out towards Beck's. When she got up to tell everybody to "Shut up!" you could see that Beck's arms/hands was also spread out to Jade, implying they were holding hands for a short moment.

Tori Tortures Teacher

  • When Sikowitz makes the comment about not wearing underwear, Beck looks at Jade and laughs.
  • Jade and Beck sit next to each other in both classroom scenes, and Beck keeps looking at Jade while she is talking to Tori.
  • Beck and Jade are "text fighting" each other throughout the first half of the episode. One of them types a message, and the other one is surprised and offended, saying, "What? Really?"
  • Beck and Jade both yelled at Tori and told her to stay out of their fight.
  • Beck and Jade are sitting next to each other while watching the play.
  • Before Beck gets up to go on stage, Jade pats his leg.
  • After Sikowitz went out through the window, Beck sits back beside Jade instead of staying with Tori and trying to help Sikowitz.
  • When the group is talking to Sikowitz and the bunny, Beck's arm is around Jade's waist.
  • In the same scene, Jade can be seen wearing a necklace that looks like a lock, while Beck is wearing one with a key. It is likely that these are another pair of matching necklaces.
  • When Tori tried to tell the gang her third plan, Beck gently pushed Jade up the stairs and they walked away together.

Jade Gets Crushed

  • Beck knows that Jade was working on a song with André and comes into the room looking for her.
  • Beck seems very confused when André says that he doesn't think that Jade is the right girl for the song and asks him why.
  • When André says he thinks Jade is scary, Beck seems to have trouble holding in his laughter. This shows that he sees a different side of Jade and doesn't consider her creepy or scary like most people. That said, when Jade threw her scissors, Beck visibly flinched and seemed rather eager to leave the room after that.
  • Jade runs into the room to tell Beck that she's angry and that she's "going to kill Sinjin."
  • Beck calmly asks Jade what happened, and she explains to him that Sinjin sat on her new scissors and he bent them.
    Tumblr me28iuTHar1rokj5lo4 250.gif
  • Beck wasn't upset by Jade's yelling, he just patiently told her in a gentle voice, "Okay, okay, calm down."
  • Beck moves closer to Jade and touches her arm, trying to calm her down.
  • Instead of getting mad at Jade, Beck nods calmly, showing that he understands why she's upset even though it may seem stupid to other people.
  • Beck sees that Jade is upset and doesn't want to make her angrier, so he decides to leave, but quickly kisses her on the cheek before going
  • When Beck goes in to kiss Jade's cheek, Jade opens her mouth and goes for his lips, like she wanted a real kiss, then looks disappointed and pouts a little when it was only on the cheek.
  • If you look closely, right after Beck kisses Jade on the cheek, he spies a glance at her cleavage before leaving.
  • Jade seems to calm down a little after Beck kisses her, and acts much
    Tumblr m8m996U91F1qka4t0o12 250.gif
    nicer to André after that.
  • When they are walking together, they are both talking to each other quietly, looking at something on Jade's phone and smiling at each other.
  • Beck backs Jade up, saying she should get to listen to the song with André.
  • Beck and Jade walk away from André together.
  • Beck and Jade exchange a glance before walking away and have a little conversation about André's strange behavior, both questioning the fact he said "via the internet".
  • While everyone else is standing up and dancing at André's performance, Beck and Jade are sitting together in the back of his truck.
  • Throughout the song they look at each other, at one point it looks like Beck signals Jade to start clapping.
  • They both clap together at the same time and move their hands in the same direction like they had planned it.
  • It seems that the two very much enjoy musical performances by Tori and André.
  • At the end of the song, Beck puts his arm around Jade and she's smiling, leaning on him, and holding onto his arm.
  • When Beck and Jade are clapping after the song, Beck wraps both of him arms around her shoulders and neck, and claps like that, as if he doesn't want to move away from her for even one minute even to clap for André.

Terror on Cupcake Street

  • Beck is the only one to tell Jade about the opportunity to get on national TV.
  • When Sikowitz enters the cupcake, Beck sits down and Jade keeps moving closer to him as if wanting to sit on his lap or hug him.
  • When they are working on the cupcake float, Jade is talking to Beck, and then she touches his shoulder and they smile at each other.
  • When Jade stands by Beck when they are working on the float, Beck is checking her out.
  • Beck stands near Jade and then sits on the stairs in front of her
  • As soon as Beck sits down, Jade moves to make room for him and leans on him.
  • When Beck sits down, Jade moves closer to Beck and rubs her leg against him.
  • She also rubs against his leg with her knee.
  • Jade puts her hand on Beck's shoulder when they sit on the stairs.
  • Beck is holding Jade's hand when they are sitting on the stairs.
  • When Rex is yelling at Robbie about Batman, Jade rests her hand on Beck's head and then lays her chin on Beck's head.
  • Jade suggests that Tori go outside instead of Beck, so he (and André) won't get hurt.
  • When Beck comes back, Jade turns towards him and looks at him eagerly.
  • Jade seems worried and surprised when Beck comes back and tells her that six guys jumped them.
  • When Beck runs to turn the confetti cannons on, Jade lays her hand on his back and lets it slowly slide down.
  • When Beck asks if they even tried to stop Tori, he looks directly at Jade, knowing that she was probably the one to let her go. When she says no, he doesn't seem surprised at all, and even though he is annoyed, he doesn't yell at her or scold her.
  • When Beck asks her if she tried to stop Tori, Jade looks around nervously, and then said that "in a way" she tried to stop Tori. This shows that she values Beck's approval and doesn't want to upset him by admitting that she did something wrong.
  • When the cupcake starts shaking, Jade grabs onto Beck's arm.
  • Jade suggests that Beck fire the confetti canon, and he immediately agrees with her.
  • After he fires the canon, Beck sits down next to Jade.
  • Beck and Jade stand very close together when the tire on the float is being changed.
  • Beck looks at Jade when he sees the thug with his arm around her then he focuses on the road again.
  • They are both wearing red "candy jammies."
  • Despite ostensibly being the bravest characters, both are visibly terrified of the thugs that Tori recruited and are stunned that she isn't.

A Christmas Tori

Bade ACT.jpg
  • Beck came into the classroom right after Jade, meaning they may have been together before they came in.
  • Jade was sitting next to Beck, who was sleeping, in the classroom.
  • When Beck got annoyed at Jade for waking him up, she looked at him and then down at her coffee, and she seemed disappointed that he scolded her.
  • Jade told Beck he should call a "bug murderer" so he could sleep better.
  • Beck told Jade that Sikowitz wasn't going to change that she was Tori's Secret Santa, so she should just deal with it. After he said that, Jade looked at him in confusion. Possibly foreshadowing their break-up, it seems that moments of high adrenaline, in this case large amounts of caffeine, cause Beck to become more readily annoyed with Jade and less tolerant of her immaturity.
  • Jade said the cricket that was keeping Beck awake is stupid.
  • Jade explained Beck's situation to Sikowitz.
  • In the scene where Beck gives Robbie his Secret Santa gift, he is wearing a necklace with J on it.

    Beck wearing a 'J' necklace

  • Beck was staring at Jade, and she grabbed his arm and led him away, telling him to stop bouncing.
  • Jade got Beck a large cup (7 cups) of coffee so he could stay awake. This shows that she is able to do nice things for him and take care of him, even though it's usually the opposite.
  • When Jade walks up to Beck with the coffee, she smiles at him briefly.
  • Jade knew that the cricket had been keeping Beck awake for over a month and seemed worried about him.
  • Beck was standing beside Jade in front of her locker before Cat came over to deliver Jade's gift.
  • When Jade got her gift, Beck was looking at her and smiling.
  • Beck looked at Jade and said "Scissors" in a happy voice when she opened her present. He knew that she was happy about getting scissors.
  • Jade was mad at Beck because he didn't know that the scissors she got were special. She yelled at him and he said "Okay" in a calm voice and didn't get upset with her.
  • Beck knew that Jade was going to say something mean to Tori. He said, "I bet [the two words] won't be helpful," and when Jade said, "Your problem," Beck said, "I was right," showing that he knows Jade well.
  • When Jade was performing, and they sang the line "To spend this Christmas time with you," she walked over to Beck, stood across from him, and was dancing flirtatiously in front of him, and he was also dancing across from her and looking at her.
  • She also pointed at him as she said "you."

Season 3

The Breakfast Bunch

Bade tbb.png
  • Though Beck is the most consistent analogue to Bender, Jade does not portray Bender's love interest, Claire, that role is given to Tori. Jade, though occasionally a stand-in for Allison, shares the role of Bender with him, suggesting that, despite all evidence to the contrary, that they do have some similarities.
  • They stand next to each other while they are in the hallway.
  • Beck and Jade both have matching coffee mugs.
  • Beck and Jade sit next to each other while in detention.
  • When Beck gives his phone to Mr. Dickers, he is leaning against Jade and reaches around her.
  • When Mr. Dickers says that she's getting another detention next Saturday, Beck looks disapprovingly at Jade.
  • When Jade is cutting a snowflake, she looks at Beck through it and he looks at her and clacks his teeth at her playfully.
  • Beck tells Jade to knock it off when she is talking to Cat, but after that, he doesn't seem to care and lets her keep going.
  • When they are coming down the stairs, Beck and Jade are holding hands.
  • When they are on the stairs, Beck puts his arm out in front of Jade, probably trying to protect her from having the principal see her. They are also standing very close together.
  • Jade also has her arm around Beck and her hand on his back when they are walking through the hall.
  • When the gang is running through the hallway and they turn around to go the other way, Beck and Jade try to grab each other's hands.
  • When they are running down the hallway, Beck has his arm around Jade and is guiding her through the hall.
  • When they come to a stop when they see the wet floor, Beck is holding onto Jade's right arm. He seems to be protecting her because he stands in front of her when they come to the stop.
  • When they are sitting on the couch, Beck is sitting next to Jade and has his arm resting behind her.
  • When Jade starts harassing Cat and Robbie about being vegans, Beck is constantly looking at her, but he never tells her to stop.
  • Jade has her legs over Beck's lap.
  • Jade nudges Beck's arm and tells him to give Cat hot sauce, knowing that he had some in his jacket.
  • While André is run-dancing, Jade and Beck are standing together and at one point look at each other and smile while holding each other's arms.
  • While they're sitting on the floor talking, Beck has his arm around Jade and she's sitting very close to him.
  • Beck agrees with Jade that "When you get old, your butt sags" by adding "And you can't find your pants" to which Jade agrees by nodding her head.
  • When Jade starts complaining about her dad, Beck says, "I'm sorry, did I miss something?"
  • Jade starts laughing right after Beck.
  • When they start laughing, Beck leans against Jade and nearly pushes her over.
  • Beck has his arm around Jade and she was holding onto his hand when they walk down the hallway to leave detention and when they are all walking outside.
  • Beck and Jade arrive and leave the school together.

The Gorilla Club

  • Beck and Jade both agree that Tori needs to take more risks.
  • Beck and Jade have an awkward exchange during the card game and glare at each other. Jade even mocks Beck when he talks about acting to his exasperation, possibly foreshadowing their upcoming breakup.
  • Jade storms into Tori's house and gets angry and jealous that Beck is there.
  • Jade knows that Beck was at Tori's house and that he has gone there the past few nights.
    Tumblr m9wj3vQJNV1qka4t0o2 250.gif
  • Jade tells André and Robbie to move and goes to stand next to Beck.

The Worst Couple

  • They sit next to each other in Sikowitz's classroom.
  • Jade jealously snaps at Beck, telling him not to give Tori advice.
  • As the group discusses Tori's malfunctioning phone, Jade asks that someone take her to a car so that she can slam her tongue in the door. Beck reminds her that he has a car. Jade is deeply offended.
  • When Sinjin is asking the gang to be on his show, Beck has his arm around Jade and their fingers are locked.
  • They sit next to each other in the crowd at Sinjin's game show.
  • Beck and Jade compete as a couple on the show, and sit with each other on a heart-shaped chair.
  • When Sinjin runs into the crowd to talk to Tori after telling his contestants to leave, Beck wraps his arm around Jade's shoulder and pulls her close as if trying to keep her away from him.
  • In one of the shots, you can see Beck leaning forward in his seat looking at the Northridge girls when they are plugging in Tori's phone and Jade looks jealous and annoyed.
    Tumblr mg4q7pPYgJ1qls1d0o3 250.gif
  • Beck knows what happened to Jade when she was in third grade and went into the ocean. That said, he doesn't consider it a good enough reason for Jade not to answer a hypothetical question.
  • When Beck snaps saying "I'm not happy with our relationship!" in Sinjin's show, Jade looks shocked and quite hurt.
  • Though Candré and Rori were not real couples, the audience found Bade to be the worst of the lot, something that seems to personally offend Beck.
  • Beck grabs Jade's hand and pulls her down the hallway and into the Janitor's Closet.
  • Jade says girls always stare at Beck and he could look worse if he wanted to, meaning she thinks he is very attractive.
  • Beck is annoyed that Jade manages to twist everything he says into an expression of her insecurities (in this case, Jade interpreted Beck calling out her uncontrollable jealousy as Beck saying she was ugly).
  • They both try asking Cat to help with their relationship problems (which fails because Cat faints during an argument).
  • Jade claims that Beck never listens to her.
  • Jade tells Beck that Cat thinks they are a perfect couple, trying to make him believe that they should stay together and doesn't want Cat to actually say whether or not they are a perfect couple, implying that she is afraid of hearing someone vocalize that they're not.
  • Beck and Jade are so caught up in their fight that they don't see how worried Cat is, and they ignore her.
  • Jade runs away from Beck after Cat faints, even though he is calling to her, seeming to be in complete denial that their relationship is in trouble, probably because she's afraid they'll break up if they keep talking about their problems.
  • Their arguments have reached the point where their friends are actively excluding them from their activities.
  • André said they couldn't invite Beck to cards because then he'd bring Jade, insinuating not only that this has happened before but that whenever Beck is invited to something, he will bring Jade along because he doesn't want her to feel left out.
  • Beck and Jade show up at Tori's house together, totally uninvited, and don't seem to care that they are acting inappropriately by dragging all their friends into their arguments.
  • Beck says that he doesn't want to be Jade's boyfriend if they are going to fight all the time. Jade asks if this means he wants to break up, and he says, "No, I didn't say that, I'm just saying.." as he moves closer to Jade.
  • When Trina starts hitting on Beck, Jade throws a pillow at her and threatens that next time she'll throw a hammer.
  • When Jade walks out, Beck heads towards the door to get her.
    Beck jade door.gif
  • After Trina is pulled off him, Beck seems about to open the door but hesitates as if remembering all of the arguments and Jade's myriad of insecurities.
  • When Beck doesn't come out, Jade goes to the door but then stops, realizing he's not coming, and walks slowly away from the door.
  • Beck acts very depressed after Jade leaves, he doesn't even try to get Trina to leave him alone and he doesn't talk to anyone.
  • Beck and Jade are the only ones not in the hallway at school the next day, implying they were upset by the breakup and wanted some space, or they didn't even come to school that day.

André's Horrible Girl

  • Jade denies that she had nothing to do on Saturday night; she was probably embarrassed because Beck was the only person she actually did things with.
  • Jade has no plans on Saturday because of her breakup with Beck. This means that Beck and Jade used to spend their Saturday nights together.
  • Jade invites herself to hang out with Cat because she was lonely without Beck to hang out with.
  • Beck said, "Hey" to Jade when she walked passed him, and she awkwardly responds, "Yeah, hey" with some attitude and walks away without looking at him.
  • Beck looks confused with her attitude.
  • Beck eyes follow Jade as she walks upstairs after saying hi to him.
  • Jade and Beck are both uncomfortable that they were together at Cat's mom's boss' house.
  • When Beck arrives to Cat's mom's boss's house and sees Jade, he bitterly reminds her that she said she had a date that night, implying that he actually is jealous.
  • Jade then asks Beck why he was stalking her slap page.
  • Beck does not deny it when Jade accused him of stalking her slap page.
  • While arguing they start walking towards each other gradually standing closer together.
  • When the earthquake was over Beck looked to see if Jade (and possibly Robbie) to make sure she was okay.
  • After the earthquake passes Beck starts to walk over to Jade, but is interrupted when Cat's mom's boss arrives.
  • When Jade was implying to Cat that they should just tell her mom's boss that the earthquake caused all the damage, she is looking at Beck and he catches on right away, and starts agreeing with her.
  • Jade askes Cat, "Why'd you invite Beck?", while Beck says to Robbie, "You didn't tell me Jade was gonna be here," proving both of them are still not completely over each other.

Car, Rain & Fire

  • Beck seems annoyed when he finds out that Trina has been telling people he asked her out, meaning he doesn't want a new relationship yet. This likely means that he isn't fully over Jade.
  • This is the only episode that Beck appears in that he doesn't interact with Jade.

Tori & Jade's Play Date

  • When Tanner comes into Sikowitz's classroom, Beck turns around four times (possibly) to look at/in Jade's direction, since the last time Jade is staring back at him.
  • Beck plays Jade's son in the play.
  • Jade does not seem upset that Beck plays her son, even though she is angry that Tori plays her husband.
  • Jade holds onto Beck's arms during the play while she's talking to him.
  • Beck grabs Jade's apron and she says, "Don't touch Mommy," showing that Beck may still have feelings for Jade/wants to be friends with her or that Beck still causes an emotional reaction in Jade that interferes with her acting.
    Tumblr mg268sLD301rj5bldo6 250.png
  • When Tori falls asleep on the couch and Beck backs away, Jade touches his arms.
  • In the deleted scene, Beck is seen laughing when Jade causes Robbie to wet himself in fear.

April Fools' Blank

  • Beck appears to be talking to Jade at the beginning of the episode.
  • Beck and Jade are sitting next to each other in the classroom.
  • When Mr. Belding is teaching, Beck agrees with what he is saying, and Jade smiles at him and nods in agreement.

Driving Tori Crazy

  • Although they share a scene together, Beck and Jade don't directly speak to each other.
  • Going by all the girls in his car, Beck seems to be very much enjoying the freedom that comes from not being subject to Jade's possessiveness.
  • When everyone else is singing and dancing, Beck and Jade watch each other dance.
  • Beck does his Five Fingaz To the Face dance to Jade.
  • When Dr. Rhapsody asks what version of his song the gang wants to hear, Beck looks at Jade.
  • When Beck stands up and dance, he keeps looking over at Jade.
  • Beck glances multiple times in Jade's direction in the end scene, and a couple of times she smiles back at him.
  • During the song, when Jade says they stop and stare, Beck looks at her for a moment.
  • When Jade is dancing, she crouches down, and Beck glances at her butt.
  • They dance next to each other during the song.
  • When Beck stands up to say the next line, Jade smiles up at him.

How Trina Got In

  • Beck and Jade agree that André's story is not true.
  • Jade gets angry and tells Beck that he doesn't know how to keep a girlfriend happy, showing she hasn't gotten over their breakup.
    Images (2).jpeg
  • Beck says she hates being happy, which shows that he not only believes that he was a good boyfriend during their relationship but also shows he thinks he still knows her very well.
  • When Jade is telling her version on how Trina got to Hollywood Arts, she's looking at Beck.
  • Beck sarcastically tells Jade her story was fantastic.
  • In the classroom where everyone was arguing about how Trina got in to Hollywood Arts, Beck and Jade are seen talking to each other.

Tori Goes Platinum

  • Jade and Beck are sitting close to each other in Sikowitz's classroom.
  • When Beck and Tori hug, Jade looks really upset and jealous.
  • Jade slammed her locker when she saw Tori and Beck hug and looked angry.
  • Beck laughs when Jade insults Tori's outfit.
  • Beck knew that Jade rubbed Tori's hamburger on her foot, but he didn't tell Tori at the time.
  • Jade was very upset when Beck tried to kiss Tori, which shows she still has feelings for Beck. She then turns off the webcam and can barely speak. So eager was Beck to kiss Tori that he smeared Jade's name and tried to convince her that she and Jade weren't friends.
  • When Jade sits down at the awards, Beck smiles at her as if he is happy she is there and proud of what she has done for Tori, being very impressed by her maturity.
  • Jade and Beck are sitting next to each other at the awards show where Tori is performing.
  • Jade leans over and whispers something to Beck during the awards show.
  • They dance in their seats together during Tori's performance.
  • This episode marks the first time Jade and Beck have smiled at each other (in a good-intentioned, tension-free fashion) since their break-up.
  • Though Beck often complained that Jade didn't trust him, this episode shows that she did have a tiny amount of faith in him, which by Jade standards is a huge concession. She had always assumed that it was Tori who instigated the Bori flirting and that she was crushing on Beck, seemingly never considering that it was in fact the other way 'round.

Crazy Ponnie

Tumblr m5dcio4dfO1qdpmv5o2 250.gif
  • Beck (and André) look concerned when they see Jade's eyebrows are gone.
  • Jade might have been mad at Cat because she did not want to be eyebrow-less in front of Beck.
  • Beck and Jade are sitting at the same lunch table.
  • Beck (and André) attach Jade to the table with handcuffs.
  • Beck laughed at Jade's joke about Ponnie being "Plonde".
  • Beck nods in agreement when Jade says that there's no Ponnie at Hollywood Arts.
  • When Jade comes out of the window, she bumps into Beck.
  • Beck carries Jade off of Cat and keeps her in his arms until he is sure that she has calmed down.
  • Beck has his arms around her waist when he pulls her off Cat.
  • Beck leads Jade to sit down.
  • They sit next to each other in the classroom.
  • Jade could have sat anywhere in the classroom and decided to sit near Beck.
  • Jade's seat is positioned towards Beck.
  • Both times that Jade talked about Ponnie not being real (in the classroom), Beck looks behind him to look at her.
  • When Jade asked Tori where she could get a doll like the one Tori was holding, Beck glances at Jade.
  • Beck and Jade walk out of the classroom side by side.
  • As they are walking to Tori's locker, Jade glances at Beck.
  • They are standing very close to each other when Tori is showing them her locker.
  • When Beck nodded when Rex mentioned Tori being hotter, Jade gave Beck a glare, implying that she was somewhat jealous.
  • Beck looks worried for his own hair after finding out what happened to Cat, implying he doesn't want to get Jade mad.
  • This is the second time Beck pulled Jade off of someone when fighting, the first being in the episode "The Wood" when Jade is fighting with Tori.
  • When Beck pulls Jade off of Cat and put his arms around her, she rests her one hand on his arm and wrist.

The Blonde Squad

  • Despite their issues, Beck casts Jade as one of the leads in his short film, alongside Cat and Tori.
  • At the moment Jade's character accidentally shot herself, Beck leaned closer to the scene on the TV.
  • When Jade asked Beck why she had to play the dumb one in the film, Beck shushed her and shrugged.
  • When the audience laughed during a funny scene in the short film, Beck looked to the side on the audience that Jade was on.
  • When the gang ran out of the Blackbox Theater, Beck and Jade were the only ones that stayed.

Season 4

Wanko's Warehouse

  • Jade and Beck are both in the back half of the car.
  • While Tori is talking to Sinjin, Jade walks close to Beck and it seems like she is talking to him. They are still standing very close to each other while Tori tells them what time the store really opens.
  • Jade looks at Beck when he talks about coming back to Wanko's and their eyes eventually meet.
  • Jade listens to Beck as he tries to calm down the gang even if she still looks upset.
  • Beck is the first one to (blindly) follow Jade into Wanko's.
  • Beck defends Jade's plan to André, showing he agrees with her plan.
  • Jade starts to walk over to Beck as they are celebrating but stops as one of the managers comes in.
  • Jade and Beck are hiding in bins next to each other.
  • If you look at the corner of the screen Beck puts his arm between Tori and Jade to stop them from fighting.
  • When Cat tries to lick the lasers Beck and Jade are standing away from everyone else.
  • They are leaning towards each other while Robbie is talking.
  • Beck tells Jade to "let Tori measure it" and when he realizes he's wrong, he doesn't say anything and Jade doesn't rub it in his face (she smugly smiles but he can't see it).
  • Beck quickly and uncomfortably looks away from Jade when Cat says, "So who's the flattest?", the angle of his eyes suggesting that he may have been looking at Jade's (or Trina's or both) bosom.
  • Jade is standing next to Beck when he is sliding Robbie under the lasers with André.
  • Both Beck and Jade walk away from Trina in disgust.
  • This is the most they have interacted with each other since they broke up.
  • Jade gives Beck an "I told you so" smile after Tori announces that the laser is eight inches from the ground, as she had predicted. As his back is to Jade, he doesn't see it.
  • Beck is, at first, on board with Jade's plan, seeming to be the first one to accept it.
  • Beck approaches Jade and says sarcastically, "So, what's the plan now, Jade?", which she takes offense to, replying, "Don't give me attitude," and proceeds to blame it all on Tori.

The Hambone King

  • When Beck comes to see if Robbie is okay Jade asks him why he is at Tori's, showing she is still fairly uncomfortable around him.
  • Beck explained to Jade why he came and smiled.
  • Jade looks somewhat annoyed when Trina is in Beck's lap.
  • Beck and Jade are both at Nozu when Robbie competes with Gerold Arnpeg.
  • Beck and Jade are talking in a small group (with Cat and André).
  • They are standing close together with Cat and André.
  • When Robbie starts to Hambone-off with Gerold, Beck walks over to stand next to Jade but then Cat stands in between them after kissing Robbie on the cheek.

Opposite Date

  • Beck does not trust Jade not to freak out at the idea of him and Tori hanging out alone. He is proven right very quickly showing that he can still predict her actions.
  • Jade is upset about Beck and Tori going out, and does everything she can to find them.
  • When confronted with the idea that Jade may still have feelings for him, Beck says that Jade walked out on him, meaning he does not think he was the one who ended the relationship or that she still "had feelings" for him.
  • Beck gets defensive when the people in the doctor's office ask him "why he let Jade go" and denies the fact that he let her go.
  • When accused of being the reason for the break-up, Beck replies, "You know what? I really don't want to talk about this here."
  • The other people think "he's afraid to face his feelings" and Beck defensively responds:
    • Beck: "No! Okay? Look. I will always love Jade as... as a friend."
    • The pause could be significant as a sign of his conflicted feelings towards her as he then goes on an impressive tangent but never says that he loves, or loved, her as a girlfriend.
  • The little girl and the elderly woman explain to Beck why Jade freaked out, saying that she was scared inside and he looks pensive.
  • Beck looks guilty when reminded that he and Tori did not tell Jade that they were hanging out.
  • Beck stands up when Jade enters the room and feels the need to explain himself to her. He says Jade's name in a guilty/apologetic way when she comes in.
  • Beck is adamant throughout the entire episode that he was not out on a date with Tori, especially when Jade is in the room.
  • Jade and Beck stare at each other when the people in the Animal Hospital are asking questions.
  • When the little girl asks who he thinks is prettier, Beck looks at Jade (but when Jade looks at him looks away). That said, he doesn't vocalize which girl he thinks is prettier.
  • Jade tells Beck he can hang out with whoever he wants.
  • By Jade giving her blessing to Beck and Tori, she is showing that she wants him to be happy.
  • Beck walked over to Jade and stood very close to her.
  • Beck asked Jade if she was really okay. She said she was and he told her that was pretty cool.
  • They smiled at each other for a long time, before being interrupted by the vet.
  • Jade stares after Beck as he gets the ointment.
  • Beck and Jade both show sadness or sympathy over Cat's brother's turtle's condition.
  • This has marked the second time Jade and Beck smile at each other since they broke up, first being the moment at the Platinum Music Awards in Tori Goes Platinum.
  • When Cat tells Jade that Tori and Beck are going out, Jade says "WHAT!" in a very jealous way, once again showing her fear that Tori is a better match for Beck.

Three Girls And A Moose

Tumblr mdc0cndGvR1rokj5lo8 250.gif
  • Jade says "Hi" to Beck when he walks up to the group in the hallway.
  • Jade makes fun of the way they say kindergarten in Canada, similar to the way she did when they were dating in Beggin' on Your Knees.
  • Beck seems rather confused, and somewhat jealous, by the way Jade acts around Moose.
  • When Jade runs to go sit with Moose at Karaoke Dokie she pushes him on his back.
  • Beck and Jade are sitting next to each other at Karaoke Dokie.
  • Beck looks at Jade a lot when she's sitting with himself and André.
  • When Beck was talking to the girls about skipping rehearsals he looks at Jade occasionally.
  • Jade looks sad when Beck (plus Robbie and André) are talking about them missing the rehearsals and looks like she feels bad about what she did.
  • Beck called Jade a "freak." Though he is lumping her alongside Tori and Cat, it is clear from the context that the insult is meant for Jade.
  • Knowing Jade, it is likely she kissed Moose to make Beck jealous. By all indications, however, this was unsuccessful.
  • In this episode they seemed more like friends than exes.
  • As of this episode, both prove morally inferior to their Tandré counterparts. Beck smeared Jade's name to try and get Tori to kiss him and Jade forced herself onto Moose in a failed attempt to make Beck jealous. By contrast, André found simply having feelings for Jade to be evil, and Tori claimed that she couldn't kiss a friend's ex-boyfriend.

Cell Block

  • Beck and Jade are both grossed out by the melted cheese in Robbie's shirt pocket.
  • After Beck explains the reason for his injuries Jade seems satisfied (like she thinks he deserved Jessica's response) which may indicate jealousy or is simply her sadism.
  • Beck has a "wow that must of hurt" face when Cat kicks Jade in the stomach.
  • Beck and Jade consistently look at each other when the girls find out that the boys won.
  • Beck goes up to Jade and starts tickling her stomach.
  • Jade then pushes Beck's hands away.

Tori Fixes Beck and Jade

Tumblr mec82rhgjc1rqy6q8o1 250.gif
  • Beck and Jade get back together in this episode.
  • Beck doesn't know whether he should go out with Meredith because of Jade.
  • Beck, without the tiniest bit of shame, tells Tori that his plan is to be scared of Jade for the rest of his life.
  • Beck says that when he and Jade were dating, two years back, he was in a play with Meredith which made Jade extremely jealous.
  • They are standing next to each other in the janitor's closet.
  • Jade is jealous when she finds out that Beck is considering asking out Meredith.
  • This is the second time Beck and Jade are arguing in the janitor's closet. The first time was in The Worst Couple, which, ironically, was the episode where Beck and Jade break up.
  • Tori and André try to get Jade to date in order to keep her from getting upset about Beck dating someone else.
  • Beck knew, probably from his own experiences, that the janitor's closet was a bad place to hide from Jade.
  • When Beck told Jade to put the toilet paper down, rather like a master commanding a misbehaving dog, she listened.
  • After Jade puts the toilet paper down, Beck pats her arm.
  • Jade gives Beck her blessing to date another girl.
  • Beck and Jade glance at each other several times when they are in the janitor's closet.
  • When Jade finds out it was Meredith who was interested in Beck, she gets angry and starts talking about their past.
  • Beck says he wants to date a girl who fights back and is a challenge because he thinks "easy" is boring.
  • Jade sings to Beck.
  • Beck describes Jade perfectly when he tells Tori what kind of girl he wants to date.
  • Beck seems to have a wide variety of emotions, while he watches Jade sing to him. He has a poker face at first, but then starts to walk towards the scene, smiling, glancing at Jade shyly and in a kinda awkward and guilty way, especially when she sings the part "And the longer that you stay, the ice is melting". He also seems mesmerized by her voice and proud of her singing like that to him in front of the whole school.
  • While Jade is singing, Beck smiles and claps.
  • Beck looks happy when André announces that Jade is performing next.
  • Beck tells Jade he missed her, and she asks what he is going to do about it.
  • Jade smiles after Beck tells her he missed her.
  • Both of them look extremely happy when they kiss.
  • It seems Beck is so focused on Jade that he forgets about Meredith.
  • TheSlap states that Beck and Jade quit smooching long enough to sing a song together. They got all the way to the first chorus before they started kissing again.
  • They both make statuses on TheSlap about getting back together.

One Thousand Berry Balls

  • They kiss twice in this episode.
  • When Jade enters Sikowitz's classroom, Beck smiles at her.
  • Jade picks what Beck was going to wear to Cow Wow, showing that she knows his measurements.
  • To show how back to normal they are, Jade starts an argument over a ridiculously petty issue (in this case, Beck not really caring what he wears to the Cow Wow) and Beck doesn't react to her anger at all.
  • Jade mentions that this is their first dance since they broke up.
  • Jade and Beck are both confused when Cat explains why she's jealous.
  • Jade has her arm around Beck when Cat is dancing with Sinjin.
  • Beck thanks Jade for getting him punch.
  • Jade said "sure" to Beck after he thanked her for the punch.
  • When Lane is checking on Cat, Beck has his arm around Jade's waist.
  • Jade holds onto his hand that's around her waist, then strokes it.


  • When Beck and Jade talked to Cat about Robbie at the table, they finished each other's sentences.
  • Beck and Jade walk away together when Lane says to give Cat air.
  • They have their arms around each other while Tori and André are performing.
  • After the song, they walked up to the stage together.
  • Jade looks jealous when Tori says "thanks" to Beck much to his amusement.
  • In a video leaked online July 13 by Dan Schneider, Beck and Jade dance playfully and then kiss in a scene similar to their kiss in The Diddly-Bops.
  • In another video leaked, Beck puts his arm around Jade.
  • While Beck puts his arm around they are both seen smiling at each other.
  • They dance together when Tori and André sing "Here's to Us."
  • During Tori and André's performance they can be seen kissing twice: once near the beginning in a wide crowd shot and one up-close shot.
  • Jade gets Beck a cup of punch at the Cow Wow.
  • When Tori says to hold onto "anything else you want to hold on to," Jade puts her arm around Beck.
  • This is the second episode where you can see Beck and Jade kissing during a song by Tori and André, the first time being The Diddly-Bops.
  • Throughout the whole episode, Jade is very annoyed that Beck seemingly doesn't care about all the effort she's putting into rekindling their relationship.
  • Throughout the episode, Jade tries to get an unresponsive Beck to comment on Cabbie's relationship drama.

Robbie Sells Rex

  • Beck says the flour throwing guy would probably like having Jade wrestle him down, meaning that maybe Beck would like it.

    They get pushed of Sikowitz together GIF

  • When Jade said she's going to wrestle the flour throwing guy to the ground Beck says "He might like that" with a jealous, and somewhat confused, look, meaning that he wouldn't like Jade wrestling another guy down and doesn't think they would either.
  • When Jade came down the stairs Beck said: "There's my girl just blending in with the crowd".
  • When André says that he'd like it if Jade wrestled him, Beck looks at him quite jealous and annoyed.
  • Beck and Jade both look at André weirdly.
  • When André walks up to Cat, Robbie, and Tori, Jade and Beck can no longer be seen in the background inferring they walked away somewhere.
  • They then re-enter with their arms around each other.
  • Beck and Jade hold each other for a long time.
  • Beck laughs about Jade's joke of Tori's stupid monster purse.
  • They both continue to hold on to each other even when Sikowitz pushes them.
  • Beck calls Jade 'his girl', and she doesn't appear to mind.

The Bad Roommate

  • When Jade and Beck are at the top of the stairs Beck has his arm around her waist.
  • They both look at each other when Jade enters.
  • Beck puts his arm around her waist and she puts her arm on his back.
  • When Beck says, "Hey, is that us?", his face gets very close to hers.
  • They were both at the Asphalt Café when the picture outside was taken (the first time when Jade was "picking" her nose).
  • Jade seems embarrassed when Beck takes his arm off of her waist.
  • Jade looks at Beck and tells him she was not picking her nose.
  • When Jade says she was just scratching the side of her nose, Beck nods at her as if to say "Sure you were."
  • Beck says he won't tell anyone about what they found on Pear Maps.
  • Beck gets says "come on" to Cat when she says Jade was picking her nose.
  • Beck watches Jade as she walks away from them.
  • When Jade walks away, Beck laughs at the picture probably not wanting to hurt her feelings.
  • Also when Jade looks back, Beck acts like he wasn't laughing so she wouldn't get mad.
  • Beck calls Jade "babe."
  • He claims he told nobody about Jade "picking" her nose on Pear maps.
  • As Jade is about to attack Cat, Beck has his hands out waiting to grab her. This shows that he knows her well and what she does when she's angry.
    Beck and Jade qweertyyuohydrd.jpeg
  • This is marked as the third time Beck has grabbed Jade from hurting another person. (The first time being in The Wood, the second time in Crazy Ponnie.)
  • Beck grabs Jade when she is about to attack Cat and tells Jade to "be calm."
  • Beck keeps his hold on Jade even when she squirming in his arms.
  • Beck tells her to "settle."
  • He shushes Jade and strokes her hair.
  • After Beck tells Jade to "settle" she becomes quieter. That means that Beck can clam Jade down very well.
  • When Jade becomes calm in the hallway, they start to sink to the floor.
  • Jade and Beck are very close on the ground and are almost laying on top of each other.
  • Beck is in Sikowitz's classroom with Jade trying to help her take the picture down with Sinjin.
  • Beck tells Jade she "has to work on her people skills."
  • After the above, Jade tells Beck that he is a "Sinjin" and not people.
  • When Jade starts to say why she is making Cat eat bush peas, Beck finishes her sentence and Jade screams at him.
  • Beck holds his hands up in defense. (Meaning he probably didn't want to start a fight with her.)
  • Jade is leaning over Beck (and Sinjin) while they try to get the pear maps picture down with her hands on his chair.
  • Beck asks Robbie when they will be taking a new picture maybe because he wanted to get the picture down as fast as possible.
  • Beck asks Jade what the plan is.
  • Beck looks at Jade when she starts to explain the plan and she looks back at him.
  • Jade tells Beck (and Robbie) that she is going to look hot when it takes the picture.
  • Beck is outside with the others, telling Jade when the camera is going to be taken.
  • Beck looks over at Jade and tells her, "It's going to take the picture in 17 seconds."
  • Throughout the episode, Beck, while sympathetic to Jade's goal, does not seem to approve of how hard she's being on those that are trying only to help her.

Brain Squeezers

  • Beck agrees with André that Jade's fake ID looks real and seems impressed with it.
  • They are on the same team. Knowing their relationship, Beck is likely how Jade managed to convince André and Robbie to let her take Tori's spot.
  • Beck yells at the host for dropping batteries on Jade, although does not stand up for André, who had the same doink.
  • Beck feels bad when Jade gets a car battery dropped on her head because he sarcastically offered it.
  • When the host asked Jade who will take the next question Jade said Beck even though Beck shook his head and didn't want to answer the next question.
  • Jade cringed at Beck's doink.
  • Beck shuts up immediately when his sarcastic comment ends up getting a car battery dropped on Jade's head.
  • Beck, in a moment of Jade-like hypocrisy and entitlement, is the only one who is angry, alongside Jade, at Tori not being doinked, the others seeming more annoyed but somewhat pleased their friend is alright while being aware that she didn't know all the risks. That said, Beck is nowhere near as angry as Jade.
  • Beck appears to be extremely angry with Jade's doink, an emotion very out-of-character for him.
  • Both are physically injured by the doinks, possibly taking the worst of them.

The Slap Fight

  • Jade and Beck are sitting close together in the Blackbox Theater.
  • Beck has his arm around Jade when they are sitting.
  • While watching Sinjin's short film, Beck puts his arm around Jade and kisses her head.
    Images (2)bade.jpeg
  • Beck looks mad at Sinjin when he asked Jade, "What does it mean to be a woman?"
  • Beck said to Jade it's not important how many followers someone has before she left.
  • Both are upset that they have fewer followers than Trina.
  • Jade believes she is "prettier" than Beck is. Tori, to Jade's visible fury, disagrees.
  • Jade said that in the pictures Beck was posting he looks hot.
  • Jade asks why Beck and André are fighting.
  • Jade looks at Beck when he's fighting with André.
  • Beck sits next to Jade when he is fighting with André.
    Images (1) hs ysb.jpeg
  • Jade agrees with Beck that André having someone else tweet for him was wrong.
  • They both look upset about how the short film turned out, glancing at each other through-out.
  • Jade looks embarrassed when they watch their short film because Beck keeps looking at her.

Star Spangled Tori

  • Beck and Jade are both at Tori's house to watch her perform.
  • Beck looks to Jade when he said Tori is doing great.
  • Beck and Jade sit together to watch Tori perform with Beck's hand behind Jade.
  • They both looked shocked when Tori fell on the floor and was dragged by the dog.
  • Jade looks to Beck after Tori stopped singing.
  • When Jade mocks Tori about the incident, Beck seems exasperated as if saying "Not this again." Perhaps, as a result, Beck doesn't spend any more time with Jade, needing a break from her abrasiveness.


  • Beck frowns disapprovingly when Jade spoils a show for Tori.
  • They both stood up and walked to Robbie to see the video, standing close to each other throughout it.
  • They hold hands when Sikowitz was talking about the scene in a bus
  • Beck is seen shaking his head "no" when Rex asks Jade to kiss him.
  • Tori looked uncomfortable when Beck hadn't fully explained what he wanted Jade to say "yes" to, implying that she thought Beck wanted to do something intimate with Jade.
  • Beck said to Tori that Jade never wants to go drag racing meaning that he asked her that often.
  • Jade was secretly listening to what Beck and Tori were talking about, and rolls her eyes when Beck explains that turns him down when he asks her to come to a race.
  • When Jade comes to Beck and Tori he looked at her while she was talking.

    holding hands <3

  • Beck wanted to ask Jade to go watch drag racing with him but Jade replied with, "I already have plans."
  • While Jade was walking away she smiled to Beck.
  • Beck seemed sad when he said, "Now I have to go drag racing by myself," meaning that he really wanted to go watch drag racing with Jade.

Other Programs/Crossovers

iParty with Victorious

  • Beck & Jade are in most of the subplot scenes.
  • When Sikowitz tells Beck and Tori that their acting was terrible, Jade says, "Beck was good."
  • Jade and Beck are sitting next to each other at lunch.
  • Jade has both of her hands and a bit of her elbow draped on Beck's shoulder in the Asphalt Café scene.
  • In the lunch scene just after André told them they were all invited to the
    party, Beck and Jade turn to each other to talk together privately before Steven shows up.
  • In some of the lunch shots, Beck has his arm around Jade.
  • When Jade has her odd moments at lunch, André, Robbie, and Tori all turn to a semi-embarrassed Beck as if questioning why he's with Jade.
  • When Tori messes up Steven's hair, Jade gets a bit annoyed (she widens her eyes and shakes her head while sipping her drink) and Beck smirks at her.
  • The two seem the least amused by Tori and Steven's flirtations, possibly out of jealousy that Tori/Steven is beloved by everyone but that their much longer coupling is unpopular.
  • Beck goes searching for a Jacuzzi for him and Jade to hang out in, supposedly alone.
  • Beck knows that Jade loves Jacuzzis.
  • Jade takes Beck's hand to lead him out to change into their bathing suits.
  • While André is talking to Robbie and Rex at the party, you can see Jade and Beck standing close together, talking into each other's ears in the background. Jade holds Beck's arm in this scene.
  • Beck and Jade are in a Jacuzzi next to each other (along with Sikowitz and Spencer) and are seen in the intro, both holding corn dogs.
  • Jade wants Spencer to leave so she can be alone with Beck.
  • Jade turns to look at Beck occasionally while they're in the Jacuzzi together.
  • When Beck and Jade enter the party together from the Jacuzzi, Jade is wearing Beck's plaid shirt.

    When Jade and Beck return from the Jacuzzi, Jade wears the shirt Beck was wearing under his jacket before they went .

  • At the very start of the Mash-Up Scene, Jade turns to look at Beck and raises her hand a bit in his direction but it was cut-off.
  • After the Mash-Up Scene (Leave It All To Shine), when Jade goes over to
    Tumblr m9wj3vQJNV1qka4t0o3 250.gif
    hug Spencer, Beck pats Jade on the back.
  • Jade and Beck re-enter the room a few minutes after Sikowitz and Sinjin, implying that they spent some time getting changed back into their clothes together.
  • Beck backs Jade up when she and Tori are arguing about the lyrics to a song.
  • Beck knows that Jade will argue with Tori and wants to walk away and not get involved, but Jade wants him to stay so he does.
  • When Jade takes her turn in the improv game, Beck is smiling at her.
  • Jade's relative niceness to Tori may be the result of her dating Steven, hinting again that Jade values her relationship with Beck and fears how compatible he seems with Tori.


  • Jade confirms to Nona that she is still dating Beck though she seems rather annoyed when she says so. Whether this is annoyance at Nona or that Bade is once again having relationship trouble is unclear. Moments

  • In a photo André uploaded of himself, Trina, Beck, Tori, and Robbie, the caption says: "We were all having fun, then Jade showed up and told Tori, "Never pose next to my boyfriend again." Awkward"
  • In one of Jade's posts on TheSlap, she says, "Happy Valentine's Day, to Beck only." He responds with "Thanks, babe, movies tonight?" She says he knows how much she loves the dark, so she'll see him there.
  • Tori thanked Beck for welcoming her to TheSlap and Jade replied that she was not allowed to post on Beck's board. Beck, for once, didn't defend Tori. Tori, however, continued to post on Beck's board and Beck had no issue responding.
  • Tori and Beck were talking, or "flirt-texting" as Jade put it, and Jade interrupted them, saying she needed Beck to come rub her feet much to his disappointment.
  • When Beck first joined TheSlap, Jade hassles him by posting on his wall and texting/calling him nonstop, forcing him to delete his account. He then reactivated it after she promised to stop badgering him constantly, which she has refrained from doing ever since.
  • Sinjin wrote Jade poems on his slap page and she gets mad that Beck never writes her poetry, meaning that she likes it when he does romantic things for her. This was the conversation:
    • Jade: I can't believe this creep wrote poems about me and my own boyfriend NEVER has!
    • Beck: Wait, someone writes you a creepy poem and you get mad at me?!?!? EXPLAIN THAT!
  • In a post on The Slap, Beck says that he's working on his car engine. Jade comments on it. The conversation goes as follows:
    • Jade: Tell me that you love me.
    • Beck: I love you.
    • Jade: Okay. Resume your manly activities.
    • Beck: Thanks, babe.
    • Jade: Hot.
  • Beck posts about a party in Hermosa and the first person he thinks to invite is Jade, but unfortunately, she can't attend.
  • There is a screenshot from 'Jade Dumps Beck' that shows them kissing. Beck's caption is, "Kiss Kiss! Awwww, a happy ending. Love you, Jade!"
  • Beck posted a picture of him and Jade titled "The Happy Couple."
  • Beck bought Jade flowers but forgot she hates them. He then said he's starting a list of all her dislikes.
  • One of Beck's updates was, "Happy Veteran's Day! I'm dating Jade so I know exactly what they've been through." His mood was thankful.
  • In the caption of a photo of Alyssa Vaughn's car, Beck says he wouldn't give Jade up for anything in the world. He also calls her "sweetie."
  • Beck said that Jade broke down his RV door because she thought she heard a girl in there, but it was only an iCarly episode.
  • In a picture that Tori posted of Beck and Jade, Tori states that Jade hates it when Beck takes a picture without her.
  • Beck posted "Did you hear my girl singing at the Karaoke Dokie? Talk about hot." Jade commented "You better have meant me," and he reassured that he did. After that, Tori also commented, saying "No love for Louise?" Beck never responded to Tori, probably not wanting to upset Jade.
  • Rex posted "Ya know that mean green guy who hates Christmas? We should set him up with Jade. Sorry, Beck." to which, amused by the suggestion, Beck replied. The conversation goes as follows:
    • Beck: Ahh.... they do have a lot in common.
    • Jade: BECK!!!!???
  • In one of Rex's photo galleries ("Rex Dies"), there's a photo of Jade holding a jar of fat. Rex says in the caption that Jade loves lumps of fat almost as much as she loves Beck.
  • Jade and Beck went to the park together.
  • Beck posted "Was invited on a private yacht with an all-girl band. Jade said no. Now, we're watching a chick flick together. Yay." His mood was listed as 'amused.'
  • In Jade's profile video, she says: "If you're a guy, you're probably not cool enough to hang out with Beck. If you're a girl, STAY AWAY FROM BECK."
  • Jade asked Beck to be in her video profile, but he was unavailable.
  • Beck posted, "The best thing about dating Jade is not having to buy any Valentine's day gifts. Saves me, like, 35 bucks." His mood was thankful. Jade replied, "You were only going to spend 35 bucks on me?!!!!! That's it. I want flowers and jewelry, NOW!"
  • Beck then bought Jade flowers, to which Jade posted: "The flowers Beck bought me for Valentine's Day are ALMOST dead. Woo hoo!"
  • In the game "Beck and Jade's RV Racer", Beck and Jade are supposed to race the rest of the cast.
  • Beck's status was "If I was stuck on a deserted island and could only bring one thing, I'd bring my Pear pad with me." Jade replied with "I'd rethink that answer if I were you," implying that he should bring her.
  • There is a picture on TheSlap of Beck (in a dress) and Jade hugging him.
  • Jade posted her status as "I'm so sick of ice cream. Just hearing the words 'ice cream' makes me want to puke." Beck, along with Cat and Robbie, are the only ones who didn't reply with "ice cream" to annoy her. (André, Tori, and Rex replied and Jade tells them she hates them all.)
  • Beck posted on The Slap "Will someone please tell Jade that ordering her a salad doesn't mean I think she's fat?" meaning that he doesn't have a problem with the way she looks. His mood is listed as 'desperate.' This means that Beck and Jade went out to eat together. The Slap conversation follows as:

    Awww! Jade in Beck's shirt!

    • Jade: "I still can't believe you did that."
    • Beck: "You wouldn't tell me what you wanted!"
    • Jade: "You should be able to read my mind!"
  • Beck made one of his profile pictures an image of him and Jade together.
    • He said that Jade made him change his picture to one of them together to show other girls that they were dating again.
  • There is a post where Jade said that Beck wouldn't let her sharpen her fingernails into points, even though she promised she wouldn't claw him up... too much.
  • One of Jade's posts states "MY boyfriend Beck is starring in a new movie! Yes, jealousy is what you should be feeling right now." The responses go as followed:
    • Beck: "I'm not really starring in it, I only have one line."
    • Jade: "Say the line for me."
    • Beck: "I'm sorry, the chicken breast isn't available today."
    • Jade: "<3"
  • André asked Beck where he's been. Beck replied that he's sick and that Jade was taking care of him. In fact, it was Jade who was posting on TheSlap for Beck.
  • Beck said he was helping a friend move to the valley on Saturday, and Jade was upset because he would miss "her" play, even though she was only the understudy.
  • Beck post on TheSlap that he's "UN-SCARE-ABLE" and nothing frightens him except Jade. He then adds "Ha, JK sweetie."
  • Beck posted, "Asked my dad what he wants for Father's Day. He said, 'For you to break up with Jade.' He's still mad about the whole dog attack thing." His mood was 'whatever'. Since he has not broken up with Jade, this means he cares more about her than what his dad thinks.
  • Jade posted that she wanted a Hawaiian-themed wedding meaning she probably actually does want to get married to Beck. She also said that if anyone objects, she'd throw them into a volcano. Her mood was 'Awesome.'
  • Jade logged in into Beck's profile and wrote this: "Jade is the best girlfriend. Jade is beautiful. Jade is better than everyone else." The mood was: In love. The actual Beck commented "Guess who logged onto my account and wrote this?" however, he did not seem that mad.
  • Jade writes on her profile that she is sunburned, and when Beck comments that he told her to wear sunscreen, she writes that he should know that she never does anything anyone tells her to do.
  • There is a picture of Beck and Jade with Spencer from iCarly, and Jade is wearing Beck's shirt over her bikini.
  • Beck wrote a blog about Jade:

Jade Hates Compliments
Hey it's me Beck. Thought I'd take a moment to blog about my lovely girlfriend Jade. (She told me if I blog on TheSlap, I HAVE to blog about her... So this one's for you, Jade)
Let's just say dating Jade isn't exactly a picnic all of the time. See, most girls love when you compliment them and go out of your way to make them happy. But with Jade, it's a little more complicated. She takes everyone the wrong way. So, for fun I've been super nice to her all week just to see her reaction.
Here are the results.
Me: "Wow. Jade you look really pretty today."
Her: "So what?! Most days I look hideous?! Is that what you're trying to tell me? Why do you even date me if I disgust you so much?"
Me: "I like that outfit you're wearing."
Her: "Oh 'cause it's got a little pink in it?! Well sorry if I'm not super-girly like all the other ditzes who walk around wearing bows and flowers and tacky pink dresses. I'm not your dress-up doll. Ugh!"
Me: "Hey thanks for getting me a cup of coffee."
Her: "You say that like I never do anything for you! I feel so unappreciated!"
Me: "Here, let me carry that bag for you."
Her: "Don't use that tone of voice to me. Yeah, don't deny it! There was a tone!"
Me: "Hi, baby."
Her: "So you don't even say my name anymore? Did you forget it? Why are you being shady?"

  • She chose to make her point by using herself and Beck. This is the post:
    • Jade: Grammar lesson! It's not "Look, it's a pic of Beck and I" it's "Look, it's a pic of Beck and me"! Get it right, people.
  • There is a picture of Beck and Jade that is captioned "Beck sings for Jade."
    Beck jade play, tori and jades play date.jpg
  • There is a picture of Beck and Jade biting a trophy, and it says because of their break up, it will be their last meal together. Sinjin says that he will now be making meals for Jade. This implies that Beck used to cook for Jade.
  • After their break up, Beck says on TheSlap "Single. Yup." His mood is "Whatever" and he uses a sad icon.
  • After their break up, Jade tries to change the subject on TheSlap, after Tori makes clear that she's fooling no one by acting like she's not hurt by the breakup.
  • Sinjin says he would like to think Beck and Jade broke up because of their relationship, not because of his game show hosting skills, possibly hinting that, while Beck and Jade would have broken up, Sinjin was a catalyst.
  • Jade said in all caps "I HAVE A DATE TONIGHT. I HOPE THIS DOESN'T MAKE BECK JEALOUS!" But Cat revealed that she was only lying to make him jealous.
  • Jade posted a picture of Beck kissing Trina on the cheek and said she might have to bruise a certain brunette, meaning she was jealous even though she and Beck broke up.
  • Tori posted a Bade picture ironing an outfit on The Slap, and it said on the description: "Beck photo-bombed this picture just to annoy Jade. It worked."
  • In the video "Pranking Sikowitz," Beck is wearing his necklace that says "J" even though he and Jade are broken up.
  • Beck slapped Jade in a photo titled "Defiant Jade," and he said in the description "When Jade saw the 'Quiet Please' sign behind her, she started screaming at it. She doesn't like when signs tell her what to do," showing he still knows her very well.
  • Beck and Jade still "Slap" each other on photos after breaking up implying they are still close even if only friends at the moment.
  • Cat added a gallery on TheSlap called "Hollywood Fruits" (where she edited her friends faces onto fruits), and in it, she said Jade would be the lemon and Beck the strawberry because she likes strawberry lemonade, and she wants Beck and Jade to get back together and that hopefully they would see it and realize they were made for each other.
  • Tori posted "In family portraits, Nancy always slightly turns her head and faces her favorite twin." referring to Jade and Beck's break up and how it still might affect Jade.
  • On a short TheSlap segment called Hollywood Arts Interviews where Robbie gives out random interviews to Jade, Cat, and Trina, one of the questions asked was "Last person you called and why:" Jade's answer was "Beck, to make sure he wasn't with a girl." This shows that Jade still has feelings for Beck and still gets jealous of other girls.
  • Beck posted a picture of Jade chopping Cat's roses, the title was: "Jade Hates Roses", and he said in the description: "Cat looks surprised but this is NOT the first time Jade's chopped her roses. She also did it that one time Cat was in the hospital for a day", this implies that he still knows her very well.
  • Beck posted: "My first Halloween without Jade. Guess I won't have to watch 31 horror movies this month", that shows he still thinking about her and their activities when they were dating.
  • The description for Tori Fixes Beck and Jade Promo says: "Will Jade find herself a new guy or she will fall for Beck again? Find out on the next all-new

    Tori Fixes Beck and Jade promo on TheSlap

    Victorious! Saturday at 8 PM on Nick!". And the name of the video is "Jade and Beck?!"
  • Jade posted: "1) Beck and I are back together again. 2) All girls must stay at least 30 feet away from him at all times. 3) I'm not kidding."
  • Beck posted: "Dating Jade's not easy. But it's worth it. Besides, easy is boring." His mood was excited.

Beck and Jade updated their relationship statuses to dating again.

Tumblr medo87LBBq1qbhvqdo1 1280.png
  • Tori posted a picture of Beck and Jade on TheSlap and the description was: "Hey look! Beck and Jade quit smooching long enough to sing a song together. They got all the way to the first ch
    Tumblr meee5eMT001qdbd86o1 1280.png
    orus before they started kissing again." The photo's name was "Duet".
  • Another Bade photo in Tori Fixes Beck and Jade gallery has the following description: "Yay! Jade and Beck are back together and everyone's happy again! Well, except maybe Beck's date, Meredith, who no longer offers me free cupcakes." Which means that everyone was happy because they knew that they should get back together.
  • In the One Thousand Berry Balls gallery, Cat posts a picture of Beck and Jade in the cardboard bodies. Beck is in the woman's body and Jade is in the man's. In the description, she writes, "Beck asked if he could be the man. Jade said no."
  • In the The Slap Fight gallery, Tori posted a picture of her, Beck, and Jade sitting on a couch in Tori's house. Jade and Beck are sitting close together and Beck's hand is on Jade's leg. Video Moments

What is

  • Everyone else did their interviews for the video alone, but Beck and Jade were together.
  • Jade was sitting with her legs draped over Beck's lap.
  • When Jade asked if they could be done at the end, Beck told her to patient, and when she started getting irritable, he apologized to the cameraman for her.

Beck's Profile Video

  • When Beck is trying to shoot his video profile, Jade interrupts, making herself at home, and even drinking some of his coffee.
  • Jade says she wants to be included in the video, since she is Beck's girlfriend and wants everyone on TheSlap to know that.
  • She grabs Beck's arm and puts it around her.
  • When Beck tries to talk to the viewers, she constantly interrupts, commenting on their relationship and smiling at Beck, eventually causing him to accuse her of making the video all about her.
  • They argue for a while, but make-up, and in the end they are kissing twice before the video cuts.

Beck & Jade's Drive by Acting

  • In this video, they were both laying down and Jade had her cheek resting on top of Beck's cheek.
  • Jade was arguing with Beck about the camera, he turned out to be right, and she seemed to be worried that he was annoyed with her, so she asked him in a sweet voice "Say you love me?" He told her to say the magic word and she did. When he told her he loved her, she smiled and said "Kay," as if she was relieved.
  • Beck and Jade didn't want to do the drive-by-acting exercise at first because they were supposed to be going somewhere together.
  • In their drive-by-acting exercise, Jade was supposed to play a weird man. She decided to make her character attracted to Beck, and kept commenting on how gorgeous his abs were.

Relationship Advice #1

  • In this video, Jade had her leg over Beck's and was practically in his lap. Beck had his arm wrapped tightly around her and his hand was resting on her thigh.
    Images (1) hi.jpeg
  • They tried to give relationship advice to other couples, but they kept arguing. Beck told Jade if she didn't calm down, he wouldn't talk to her for a whole day, and she quickly calmed down.
  • They worked out their arguments, but they never got to give advice because the laptop battery died.

Relationship Advice #2

  • In this video, Jade had one of her legs on Beck's lap. He kept putting his hand on her leg and rubbing it, and he also had his arm around her.
  • He called her "the little woman" and said she was a good cook, which Jade got offended by.
  • He also told her he's "so lucky" to have her as his girlfriend.
    T S D C H J B R A 2 0 2.png
  • When Jade starts to argue with him, he told her he just wanted to have a nice time with her.
  • She talked about how on her last birthday, he didn't call her until two in the afternoon, which she was very upset by, and never let go after seven months.
  • In the end, Beck gave Jade noogies, and they were both rolling around the floor and Jade was in his lap. She kept protesting and threatening to bite him, but he wouldn't stop. He said her hair was "so soft" and told her, "If you resist it only makes it worse!" They both seemed to enjoy the noogies.

Jade With Tots (And Beck)

Tots bade.png
  • Beck interrupts Jade's video to tell her that what's she's doing isn't right. This means he knew that she was making a video at that time. He kneels down to her level, speaks softly to her and rubs her arm.
  • Jade tries to tell Beck that she's not doing anything wrong, but he firmly tells her that she is being too hard on little kids.
  • Jade listens to him and decides to interview him instead.
  • Jade asks Beck what he likes and he says "Like, or love?" She shrugs and says "Love."
  • Beck gives her a flirty smile and says, "You."
  • Jade's heart melts and she runs over to him, climbs into his lap, and they wrap their arms around each other and start kissing.
  • Jade quickly grabs the remote and presses stop, just after they start making out more intensely.
  • As the kiss becomes more intense Beck puts his hand behind Jade's neck to pull her closer.
    Images (2) hi.jpeg
  • After she grabs the remote Beck lifts his hand and appears to bring it towards Jade's chest, but he pulls it back and sits his hand on her leg instead.
  • When the video was posted on TheSlap, the caption was "Jade with Tots is back and there's only one person who can stop the madness....her boyfriend, Beck. He's a brave guy."

Bade Fan Representation

Jade and beck kiss.jpg

Bade's official symbols and representation.

  • Official Color: Black, because they are both dark in personality and dress accordingly. Also, Jade's hair is black in Season 2, making them both have hair that's
  • Mascot: A heart, as they love each other the most in the show, and are the first couple to say so. A circle could also be considered a mascot. One because Beck and Jade wear matching necklaces with a ring on it. A circle also represents never-ending and eternal, which could also describe Beck and Jade's never ending love for each other.
  • Number: 23 because as of Jade Dumps Beck they dated continuously for a year and 11 months (which is 23 months) before briefly breaking up. Also, 143 can be one of their represented numbers, mainly because when they get back together in the episode & they're kissing, Beck's RV has '143' beside his door. Another reason is that Dan Schneider says on his blog that '143' stands for 'I Love You' since 'I' is one letter, 'Love' has four, and 'You' has three.
  • Animal: Rottweiler Puppy because when Jade Dumps Beck she tried to win him back by getting him the dog he wanted, and in Wi-Fi in the Sky, Beck watches over his cheerleader neighbor's puppy which makes Jade jealous.
  • Romantic Spot: The Silver Streak because it's where Beck and Jade got back together and the first time they really showed they loved each other, as seen in Jade Dumps Beck. Also because it's frequently mentioned in most Bade fanfiction stories.
  • Song: The official song is You Don't Know Me by Elizabeth Gillies, because that was the song Jade sang to Beck in Tori Fixes Beck and Jade, and the song describe their relationship perfectly from Jade's point of view. Other songs are: She's Killing Me by A Rocket To The Moon, because the song tells the story of a couple who's always fighting, even though they love each other. Don't Trust Me by 3OH!3 because despite their love Jade finds it hard to trust Beck. And Every Other Time by LFO. Because no matter what Jade does and how mean she gets, he still loves her. Also, Perfect by Hedley, because Jade & Beck aren't perfect, but they still love each other, and Taught Me To Breathe by Allie Trimm & Telly Leung. Tell Me That You Love Me by Victoria Justice and Leon Thomas because it's about a couple that loves each other and want to work despite the risks and because Jade often tells Beck to tell her he loves her. Right Where You Want Me by Jesse McCartney because Beck mostly lets Jade have her way in their relationship and they know they will have each other right where they want them. Another is Mine by Taylor Swift coming from both sides of the relationship, mainly Jade's side though, showing how they love each other and are very grateful for each other, through Jade's difficult times, Beck will always be there. Only Now by Seven Lions because through Beck's Side, he shows that Jade will always be by his side no matter what happens. Petals from a Rose by Yetep is another major song because Jade and Beck went through a lot of things in their relationship and have thought about breaking up or staying together.
  • Symbol: Yin and Yang, because it represents them very well, seeing as Jade is negative and Beck is positive (as far as viewers know).
  • Drink: Coffee, because both of them drink coffee a lot and Beck often gets coffee for Jade. (Jade also gets it for Beck sometimes, according to TheSlap.) Also, in Beck's Profile Video, Jade drank some of Beck's coffee.
    • Another secondary Bade drink is Strawberry Lemonade, because in Cat's Hollywood Fruits gallery she made Beck into a strawberry and made Jade into a lemon, and said she did it because she wants them to get back together and she likes strawberry lemonade. It is not to be confused with Bori's official drink, which is pink lemonade.

Episodes with a Bade Plot/Subplot

  • Jade Dumps Beck: Jade breaks up with Beck when he starts spending time with a rich, hot socialite. But she quickly regrets it and recruits Tori to get Beck back.
  • Tori Tortures Teacher: Beck and Jade text-fight through the first half of the episode. (Even though this is not the official subplot, it can be considered a second sub-plot or a mini sub-plot.)
  • The Worst Couple: Beck and Jade help Sinjin with his game show by competing as a couple on it, but their arguing earns them the title of 'The Worst Couple'. Upon learning that their friends no longer want to hang out with them due to their arguing, Beck and Jade break up.
  • Tori Goes Platinum: Jade is jealous over Beck and Tori's relationship throughout the episode. Beck is proud of Jade's sacrifice.
  • Opposite Date: Jade is trying to find out whether or not Tori and Beck are just friends by finding out where they are going and following them. In the end Jade realises that there was nothing going on and that they should all be allowed to hang out with whoever they want.
  • Tori Fixes Beck and Jade: Beck asks a new girl on a date, but as the date progresses, Beck realises that he doesn't want a girl who goes along with everything he says; he wants a girl who can challenge him. So after Jade's performance in the Full Moon Jam, he goes onstage and kisses her, and they get back together.

Bade Kisses

  • Pilot - Beck kisses Jade on the cheek to calm her down when she thinks Tori is flirting with him. Later, when Jade and Beck are called by Tori to participate in the Alphabet Improv, they walk up onto the stage together, where Jade kisses Beck before they begin their exercise.
  • Jade Dumps Beck - When Jade frantically apologizes, Beck kisses her. Even though Tori interrupts them twice, they continue to kiss even after she leaves.
    Tumblr mec82rhgjc1rqy6q8o6 r1 250.gif
  • Cat's New Boyfriend - After Jade and Beck both leave Tori, they are seen making out passionately by the lockers.
  • Freak the Freak Out - After Jade and Cat are finished performing, she walks offstage and kisses Beck.
  • The Diddly-Bops - Towards the end of André and Tori's duet, Beck turns Jade's head to his and kisses her. He then kisses the side of her head and she smiles, leaning on him.
  • The Wood - Beck and Jade are smiling at each other and kiss in the showing of "The Wood."
  • Jade Gets Crushed - Beck sees that Jade is upset and doesn't want to make her more angry, so he decides to leave, but quickly kisses her on the cheek before going.
  • Beck's Profile Video - They argue throughout the video, but at the end they make up, and are seen kissing twice before it cuts.
  • Jade with Tots#3 - Beck says he loves Jade and she quickly says "awww" and climbs on his lap and they start to make out before the camera is cut.
  • Tori Fixes Beck and Jade - After Jade's performance, Beck walks onstage and admits that he has missed her before kissing her in front of everyone.
  • One Thousand Berry Balls - They kiss twice. The first one before the song and the second one during the song of Tori and André.
  • The Slap Fight - When they are sitting together in the Blackbox Theater watching Sinjin's short film Jade lifts her head up off of Beck's shoulder then Beck kisses Jade's head. She then puts her head back on his shoulder in a different position and giggles.

Bade Hints Outside the Show


Dan Schneider's Hints

  • A fan commented on Dan Schneider's blog that they like how Beck protected Jade in Locked Up!. Dan replied, "A good boyfriend SHOULD protect his girl :)."
  • Some fans were complaining about how they didn't want Beck and Jade to break up, and DanWarp responded to this on his Twitter page by saying, "Sometimes when TV couples break up, 'it's temporary. Then, it's all kinds of fun when they get back together. 'Don't you think?" Dan tweeted this twice, to two different fans. Also, when a fan tweeted back to him that he made their night by saying that, he replied with a heart.
  • After fans trended Beck and Jade forever on twitter, Dan Schneider said: "I'll say it again: Sometimes when couples break up, it's FUN to see how they get back together later. RIGHT? #Relaaaax :)"
  • A fan tweeted that if Beck and Jade didn't get back together, she would slowly glare Dan to death. Dan replied: "Ok, I'll get them back together if you PROMISE not to glare me to death!"

    Costume designer about Bade's necklaces.

  • Dan responded to a fan on Twitter complaining about the lack of Bade in Season 3 with "@LoveArianaLizGx Try to be patient. I can't do *everything* in 1 episode... takes time to give everyone everything they want. Patience ;)"
  • When a fan asked on Twitter if they would get back together, Dan replied @StayWithAri Yes, there is a chance that Beck and Jade might get back together. Do you think they should??"
  • Dan had this conversation on twitter with a fan:
    • @KellyLovesU2 sorry about my angry outbursts. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings :( I just REALLY REALLY want Bade back and got emotional :( <3
    • @DanWarp relax. you're going to get what you want. just wait a few episodes. you'll be happy. k?
  • In one of Dan's videos (that has now been taken down), he gives a sneak peek of an episode. In the sneak peek, Jade & Beck are standing at a table together, and Beck puts his arm around Jade's waist.
  • On twitter a fan tweeted Dan:@DanWarp can we have a Beck and Jade spin-off? Dan answered by tweeting this:@canadianfatcake That would be AWESOME! Might be better
    Tumblr medm29wRrk1qf8b9ho2 1280.png
    for Nick At Night -- more of an older teen audience? Hmmm. What do you think?? :)
  • A fan on Twitter asked Dan how Beck and Jade started dating. He replied by saying, "Jade pushed Beck's former girlfriend into a pond, and then she kissed him, and they've been dating (on/off) ever since!"
  • A fan asked Dan if they would ever see jealous Beck and he replied saying "I planned an ep. where Jade dates a new guy & Beck pretends to be ok with it, but SNAPS, Sadly Victorious ended before I made it." A fan ask if he was going to break them up again and he replied saying "They were going to break up temporarily over a misunderstanding, then get back together. I wish I could have made those epis! :("
  • A fan asked Dan on Twitter when Beck and Jade gonna get married and Dan replied: "March 29th, 2014 -right after KCA's".
  • A fan tweeted Dan that if they do make a Victorious finale and Bade is broken up or breaks up, he/she will haunt him forever and Dan replied that "I would never break them up! Their kids would be too cute!"

Hints from the Actors

  • Avan Jogia said in an interview,"Beck knows how to deal with Jade and put her in her proper that's fun, it's really nice playing a character who has a respect for his girlfriend, but also understands that she can get a little crazy sometimes."
    LIzAvan Freak and greeks.png
  • Elizabeth Gillies said in one interview, "Beck has a cute dynamic with Jade that they're exploring where he

    I hope it gives a episodes about there past

    kind of has his dominance over her in a certain way and reclaims his authority.....she respects him and she obeys him, and it's really, really cute. Their relationship just gets cuter and cuter this season."
  • Liz Gillies and Avan Jogia often tweet each other about Bade and fan-made Bade videos.
  • Liz said in and interview,"The dynamic is really cute between Jade and Beck and there's lots more to come for them, some stuff fans want and will be surprised about, a lot of things are happening with that couple, so fans will be very excited." Matt Bennett was also in this interview and said Beck and Jade will have a lot of "adventures."
  • In another interview, Liz Gillies said "Jade and Beck have a really fantastic relationship, you know, he accepts all of her, and the parts that everyone else hates, he kinda embraces them."
  • At the Halo awards, someone asked Avan and Liz if Beck and Jade were ever going to break up. They said that they didn't know, and Liz asked why he would want them to break up. The interviewer said he might like to see Jade with someone closer to her personality, and Avan said "I have to even her out!"
  • Avan Jogia tweeted a fan-made picture of Beck and Jade as Bella and Edward from Twilight and said the person who made it did a nice job. Liz Gillies also re-tweeted this picture.
  • Liz Gillies talked about Beck's control over Jade in one interview. She said that he can calm her down without being too controlling or aggressive, and added that even though a lot of people think Jade wears the pants in the relationship, Beck is really the one in charge.
  • In this interview, Liz and Avan say they would like Beck and Jade to argue more on the show, and also take a trip together on the show. They also said they have talked about doing something like that for a while, but it hasn't happened yet. They said Jade and Beck need a weekend by themselves to get away from all the other kids at the school.
    Tumblr lut1vuvhII1qci7q4o1 250.gif
  • In this interview, Liz Gillies says "There are lot of cute moments between Beck and Jade…he shows his dominance over her and his authority and it's kind of cute. He can silence her and he puts her in timeouts and it's a very cute relationship....I really like it."
  • In this video, the interviewer told Avan that Beck was the ladies man on the show, and he replied, "It's funny, he's a ladies man, but he's the one in the committed relationship on the show."
  • Liz Gilles re-tweeted a post that said "OMG. Have you guys seen the new video on TheSlap? SO FREAKING ADORABLE. BADE!!!" Meaning that Liz also thinks the video is adorable and likes Bade. Avan Jogia also tweeted the video.
  • Ariana Grande said on Twitter that it breaks her heart to watch Beck and Jade break up.
  • The cast uploaded a video of them hanging out on set and there was a picture of Beck and Jade hanging up on the bulletin board.
  • Liz and Avan hosted the Victorious Heartbreak Weekend on Nickelodeon UK. When talking about iParty with Victorious, they had this conversation:
Avan:Dating two girls at the same time, Beck would never do that to Jade.
Liz: And I know why. Pure love.
Avan: And fear. Pure, unadulterated fear.
  • Liz tweeted a fan-made video of Beck and Jade and said "Ahh I love this! This is so cute!"
  • In this interview from 2011 Avan was asked what Beck is like and he said "He's interesting. He cares for his girlfriend a lot, despite how crazy she may be."
  • In this interview Avan said that Season 3 has breakups and "maybe makeups." Liz said that Jade is lonely without Beck and both of them jokingly said they "play it like they are still dating and are very funny with each other."
  • In this interview Liz and Ariana were taking about Beck and Jade's break up and they said:
    • Liz: Jade is single now, Beck and Jade broke up.
    • Ariana: Oh I hate that. I really don't like that.
    • Liz: I know, none of us like that.
  • On Twitter, Ariana posted a video that had been secretly recorded. At first, it shows Ariana and a guy looking at her phone and they are both smiling. The second part shows Beck and Jade in between the crowd. Both are shown enjoying the dancing and then Beck kisses Jade, smiling as they do so.
  • In this interview Liz said "The fans are going to die because they were so upset when we broke up, so they're going to love it." hinting that in Tori Fixes Beck and Jade Beck and Jade will get back together.
  • In an interview someone asked Liz: "Beck & Jade's relationship is one of the most controversial topics in the fandom - what's your opinion on the couple?" And Liz answered:" I love their relationship. I think Beck needs Jade and Jade needs Beck. They level each other off. We were all surprised when we first read “The Worst Couple.” It happened really early on in the 3rd season & lasted way too long. I'm happy they got back together in time for the end of the show. I wouldn't have liked it if they were apart for the final episodes. I think it was important for them to leave off on a good note."
  • On Twitter, a fan tweeted:"@ATJogia I'm sure you still find this hilarious ..." and Avan replied:"@creeptoria ...A classic."
  • Liz Gillies celebrated Beck and Jade's 3rd anniversary with fans on her twitter in 2017.[1]
  • When Victorious went on Netflix in 2019, Liz Gillies retweeted Bade edit saying "Thank god they're back" and "Bade hit Netflix.🔥🔥"[2]
  • Liz retweeted a post for the eight anniversary of Tori Fixes Beck and Jade.[3]

Nickelodeon's hints

  • In most of the Victorious promotional pictures, Jade and Beck are standing close to each other, and Beck often has his arm around Jade.
  • On the official Nick website, there is a description of all the Victorious characters. On Beck's page, the first sentence is "Beck belongs to Jade." It later says that Beck is Jade's to claim.
  • On, a picture was posted of Jade with her arms resting on Beck's shoulders. The caption read: "The holidays are about being with the ones you love. And for Jade, that means her bf Beck!"
  • The official Nickelodeon Twitter account tweeted: Do you think Jade's lonely without Beck? Should they get back together? cc @Victorious
  • The official Nickelodeon twitter tweeted a picture of Beck and Trina, and said: Beck does NOT look happy! Maybe all of Trina's affection is making him reconsider his break-up?
  • posted a picture of Jade ironing for Beck, and captioned it "Chores are never fun. Unless you're doing them for your oh-so-cute bf :)." They later realized their mistake and changed it to "the oh-so-cute Beck." The picture is titled "Labor of Love.".
  • Nickelodeon tweeted:"Beck and Jade are still dating!!! Life is good :) #Bade #TheKillerTunaJump"


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Bade Songs

You Don't Know Me by Elizabeth Gillies (Official Bade Song)


From Beck's POV

From Jade's POV


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