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B. F. Wangs is a Chinese chain restaurant, a parody of P.F. Chang's. It was mentioned in the episode Who Did It to Trina? when Cat says that they sell "Bang Bang Noodles." André was supposed to meet his date Keeko there while the gang was being investigated to find out who had caused Trina's accident during a play. It was also mentioned in the episode Wanko's Warehouse, when the security guard asks the other security guard if he wants to go there, and the security guard says that he could go for some "wang wings."

The restaurant was also mentioned in one of Dan Schneider's other Nickelodeon shows, iCarly, in the episode iStage an Invention. (Carly and Sam announced on their web show that whoever could find Sasha Striker would receive a survival knife, a picture of a pregnant guy, and a $10 gift certificate to B. F. Wangs.) B.F. Wangs was also mentioned in Dan Schneider's show Drake and Josh. This is one of the television shows where B.F. Wangs actually appears (in the episode "Steered Straight"). B.F. Wangs makes its second appearance in One Thousand Berry Balls; it is shown in the background of the mall where Yotally Togurt is located.

Known Menu Items

  • Wang Wings (Most likely chicken wings)
  • Bang Bang Noodles
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