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Avan and Matt

Shipped Cast:

Avan Jogia and Matt Bennett


Best Friends

Programs Together:

Straight But Not Narrow

Avatt is the real life pairing of Avan Jogia and Matt Bennett (Ava/n and Ma/tt). It can also be called Mavan (Ma/tt and A/van). Matt and Avan are close friends in real life. Avatt has nothing to do with Reck although some fans might think so.

Avatt Moments

  • In an interview, Avan has confirmed that Matt has lived with him for a year.
  • In the same interview, Avan jokes that he and Matt "broke up."
  • They are the only two out of the main cast who aren't professional singers.
  • On Twitter Avan tweeted people to vote for Matt for the UK KCA 2011.
  • Both Matt and Avan have appeared in the "Straight But Not Narrow" group.
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  • In one of Ariana's YouTube videos (osnapitzari's "a fun little video we made"), they are having a no laughing contest and when Avan makes Matt laugh, he pushes him over and smacks his leg.
  • On Avan's formspring, when a follower asked how old Matt is, he responds, "old enough. booyah!"
  • Avan likes to joke on formspring that Matt is 46 instead of 19, and Matt does nothing to dissuade him.
  • On the set of iCarly while filming iParty with Victorious, when Miranda hugs Matt and Avan, Matt reaches over and hugs Avan.
  • At the KCA 2011, they were sitting together, along with Liz and Ariana.
  • Both are huge fans of Tokyo Police Club.
  • Matt posted on Twitter: "Avan Jogia secret #1: he loves tea and hugs".
  • In an interview with Popstar, Elizabeth Gillies (Jade) mentioned that once when she was out she saw Matt and Avan shopping together.
  • One of the background actresses said on her Tumblr that on the set of Victorious, Matt was making the funniest jokes ever, and that they were about Avan's "package."
  • Avan and Matt hosted together about Nick UK when the cast went to Europe.
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  • In the UK Nickelodeon Christmas commercial, when Avan says that he doesn't have a lot of friends, Matt disagrees and gives Avan a hug.
  • Matt tried to pull down Avan's pants in this video , but failed because they were tight on him. Avan only gave him a glance for that, and possibly didn't mind.
  • In this Video, Avan is filming Liz and Matt. Matt is under Liz's chair so Avan tells him she needs help getting out of there and Matt, to which Liz says yes, so Avan grabs Matt's hand and helps him out then says in a nice way, "you know that deserves a timeout."
  • In the June 2012 video, Matt and Avan seems like them having a good time.
  • Avan tweeted about Matt's July 2012 video.
  • In this video here they had fun.
  • Avan tweeted: "So you miss one day on twitter and it's @MattBennett birthday. Happy belated man."
  • In a 2009 interview with Total Girl Philippines, Avan described Matt as "hilarious".
  • In 2017, Matt responded to Avan's tweet promoting The Outcasts, the two sharing a Bori joke.


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