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Asphalt Cafe - Opening Theme.JPG

Tori's computer model of the Asphalt Cafe in Prom Wrecker

The Asphalt Café is the name of the eatery at Hollywood Arts. This is typically where most students eat lunch and buy food from the school. There is an indoor eatery, but as confirmed on TheSlap, most students don't use it.

The Grub Truck is the only place to buy food, according to Festus' posts on TheSlap. Music is played overhead during lunch here, as shown in multiple episodes, with the same area being used for speeches or performances.

Scenes of The Asphalt Café are filmed in the Nickelodeon Sunset Studio parking lot. 

In the questionably canon April Fools' Blank, it is implied that there are at least 16 tables (as two kids are told to report to Table 16).

The Asphalt Café during the Kick-back.

A cup with the Asphalt Cafe logo on it.

Events Held

Kick Back

The Kick Back is a Saturday night party at Hollywood Arts, that the teachers let the students have once a semester in the Asphalt Café. It was only seen in Cat's New Boyfriend where it was the first Kick Back that Tori attended.

Full Moon Jam

The Full Moon Jam is a showcase that appeared in Beggin' On Your Knees and Tori Fixes Beck and Jade. It can be assumed, from the name, that it only occurs on nights with a full moon.


In Prom Wrecker, Tori held the first-ever Hollywood Arts "prome" in the Café which, despite Jade's petty sabotage and a freak shower, proved a rousing success. On the night it was held, Jade had wanted to put on her own production, Clowns Don't Bounce, only to find that Tori had taken the desired time slot before her.

Friday Night Concert

The Friday Night Concert is a concert held on Friday nights. One of these was seen in Jade Gets Crushed where Tori and André performed 365 Days.

Cow Wow

The Cow Wow is a Hawaiian/Western-themed dance that took place in the episode One Thousand Berry Balls. Tori and André performed their song Here's 2 Us at 9:00.

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