Beck and Alyssa

Alyssa Vaughn is a rich and famous socialite, featured in Jade Dumps Beck. She is played by Desiree Anderson and is friends with Beck; they met in a yoga class. They briefly dated, when Jade and Beck broke up. Apparently, she is very rich and critically acclaimed.

Character Description

Beck and Alyssa Vaughn

Alyssa Vaughn drops Beck off at school in her Lamborghini.


Alyssa is supposedly quite attractive. Her father is very rich, as said by numerous characters on the show. She also drives a yellow Lamborghini car. Tori and lots of other Hollywood Arts students are huge fans, as made obvious as she gets excited when seeing and hearing of her. André seemed to be one of the biggest fans. According to André she is very "hot." She is a close friend of Beck's, seeing that he has been in her car and they have text message conversations. She also takes yoga. Not much else is known of her.


  • She might be a parody of Kim Kardashian.
  • Jade also might think that Alyssa is pretty (as she told Beck that he can't be friends with pretty girls).
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