André Harris
Andrë Harris
Algemene Informatie
Geslacht: Man
Leeftijd: 17
Haar Kleur: Bruin
Oog Kleur: Bruin
Lengte: 173 cm
Bezigheid/Bezigheden: Student
Serie Informatie
Eerste verschijning: Pilot
Laatste verschijning: Victori-Yes

Andre Harris is the multi-musical talented friend of Tori Vega. He entered the series in the pilot episode as Trina Vega's partner, who she complained about because he was a tenth grader. When he met Tori, they were almost instantly friends. Andre volenteered Tori Vega, when Trina couldn't perform, and convinced her to attend Hollywood Arts when offered by the principle. When Tori was going to quit on the school, he tried to convince her to stay, claiming she was special and she belonged at the school. He loves to play for his friends but has some stage fright issues