Parody Parody of First mention or appearance
TheSlap and TwitFlash Facebook/Twitter/MySpace Pilot
Pear Company Apple Incorporated Pilot, seen as most of the series technology, i.e.: the cutaway with Tori's Blue PearPhone XT (Season 1 Pink PearPhone 2G), that she updates her Slap profile and the computers (used in most of Dan Schneider's series since he loves to parody stuff, has parodied over 50 things, and will easily parody things other TV creators would not dare/bother parody).
Wahoo Punch Hawaiian Punch Pilot
Powerade Gatorade/Powerade/Lucozade Seen on a vending machine in Robarazzi.
Grizzly Glue Gorilla Glue Tori the Zombie
Sky Store Sky Mall Robarazzi
SkyStore Magazine Sky Mall Magazine Robarazzi
Robarazzi TMZ/Paparazzi Robarazzi
Jet Brew Starbucks Seen as the coffee brand Jade gave to Tori Vega that was found in the trash in The Birthweek Song and seen multiple times in the background of the series and TheSlap segments.
Fat Biscuit Fat Joe A rapper briefly seen in Survival of the Hottest.
F-Mobile T-Mobile Mentioned by André Harris in Survival of the Hottest, used for Jade's phone.
PearChat ooVoo/Skype/FaceTime The Birthweek Song and used mainly in Wi-Fi in the Sky.
Low-Carb-a-Robbie Hungry Girl Robarazzi.
Freezy Queen Dairy Queen Tori the Zombie.
Olive Grove, Olive Bargain Olive Garden Trina's Open Letters.
Aloft Airlines Virgin Atlantic/Virgin America Wi-Fi in the Sky.
PearTunes iTunes Wi-Fi in the Sky. (Beck was seen listening to music on it.)
Inside Out Burger In-N-Out Burger Frequent parody in Schneider's Bakery Shows.
Rock Demon Guitar Hero, Rock Band The Great Ping Pong Scam.
Hawaiian Punch Seen on a vending machine in The Great Ping Pong Scam
Heckman's Hellmann's Mayonnaise The mayonnaise Robbie uses when having a nightmare in Beck's Big Break.
Dr. Rhapsody Dr. Dre Driving Tori Crazy
Fast & the Fabulous The Fast & the Furious The Slap. (Specifically, the "Words with letter S" segment.)
Wanko's Warehouse IKEA The Gangs Pull an All-nighters at Wanko's Warehouse. It is their first time going there.
The Real Girls of North Ridge The Real Housewives franchise TheSlap, mentioned on Rex's profile as his favorite show.

Crystal Waters

Crystal Geyser In Beck's Big Break, Tori pretended to Crystal Waters based on a water brand she saw.
Jupiter Boots Moon Shoes In Jade Gets Crushed, Cat wears them throughout the episode.
Lichter's Ice Cream Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream for Ke$ha
Joke-A-Cola Coca-Cola In How Trina Got In, the teachers were all drinking it during Trina's audition when she gassed them before filling in their admission slips.
SplashFace YouTube The Diddly-Bops
Paradise Drinks Tropicana

Wi-Fi in the Sky

American Voice

American Idol/The Voice

In Victori-Yes, Tori mentions how she didn't catch the finale of American Voice and told everyone not to tell her who won.

Boomerang Theater Staples Center In Tori Goes Platinum, the opening of the Platinum Music Awards were being preformed there.
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