Sinjin Van Cleef

es un estudiante muy extraño y espeluznante de Hollywood Arts High School, quien es el que ayuda a los chicos cada vez que necesitan de su ayuda. A lo largo de la serie demuestra tener interes por Tori Vega, Trina Vega, Cat Valentine y Jade West, de la que se declara enamorado.

Es interpretado por el actor Michael Eric Reid.

Sinjin Van Cleef
Información General
Género: Masculino



Color de Ojos:

Color de Cabello:

5 de marzo de 1994

6'1" (186 cm)


Castaño Rubio

Residencia : Los Ángeles, California

Estudiante, Efectos Especiales, Hackeo

Sobrenombres: Jinsin (DirectorEikner)

Nancy (

Familia y Amigos

Sr. Van Cheef (padre)Sra.Van Cleef (madre)Courtney Van Cleef (hermana)


Cat Valentine (ex-novia, ex posible enamoramiento)        Tori Vega (posible enamoramiento)       Trina Vega (posible enamoramiento)       Jade West(enamoramiento, obsesión)                   Las Chicas de Northridge [Lane Moorefield(posible enamoramiento)


André Harris

Beck Oliver

Burf (mejor amigo)

Cat Valentine

Tori Vega

Trina Vega (a veces)

Robbie Shapiro

Rex Powers


Jade West

Trina Vega  (a veces)

Información Adicional

Efectos Especiales
Titeres de Calsetín
Dientes de los familiares de los ex-presidentes Comida no digerida

Educación: Hollywood Arts

Efectos Especiales

Vunerabilidad: Chicas, él mismo
Información de Producción
Primera Aparición: Piloto
Actor: Michael Eric Reid

n goes as far as breaking into her house (). He also says that he is back-up ("rebound") when she and Beck break up. It is unknown how he got into Hollywood Arts, most likely because he does a lot of background work on all of the school's productions and performances, such as audio, lighting, set dressing, and making props, though it is possible he got in for acting or scriptwriting, since in Jade says the reason the tent in the theater was there was because

 Sinjin needed it for his play. Sinjin is also shown to have a liking for moss (). He is aware of his eccentric manner and does not care that much what other people think (in, he found it self-explanatory that his pants were unzipped). Sinjin is usually friendly but easily creeps people out. He would go out with an

y girl; Sinjin

might get categorized as desperate.

Origin and Appearance FactsEditar

Sinjin Van Cleef's name is a reference to the popular online game World of Warcraft, the name comes from the boss named Edwin Van Cleef and the Horde city c

alled Sen'jin Village. He appears in almost every episode of the series. He does not app

ear in . Sinjin is portrayed by.

It is mentioned in the show that Sinjin's parents want him to be "normal like other kids." (see: ).

He is a nerd who has very few friends. He is also friends with , who texts him when he finds weird chiz in the garba

ge. He also seems to be friends with even though they don't interact much.


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